A smile at dawn.

A smile at dawn.

· Xana Gem Encrusted Necklace

· Wild Ones Geometric Pullover

· Olivia Pleated Shorts in Ebony Black

· Triangle Peterpan Collar Top

· Tribal Printed Dress

· Dia Necklace in Orange

· Bowler Bag in Monochrome

Kinda cranky and kinda pissed off right now at 12.07am. Some people really make me completely speechless with their lack of tact and shame.

PFft okay rant aside, I had a really good weekend. Sales were at a record high at the flea on Saturday, caught The Conjuring after, which quite frankly scared the shit out of me. Seriously. I had to sleep with the freakin’ light on LOLOLOL #fail. Spent Sunday cycling at East Coast, where Daniel had an epic fall which we will remember forever because it was just so amazing. The bike actually ended up on top of him LOL. This is how you know that your friends are indeed your best friends cause’ instead of being concerned, we just stood there and laughed so hard we almost pissed ourselves. After 3 hours of cycling, we ended up at Bedok 85 and just feasted like kings. Oyster Omelets, Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ba Chor Mee and porridge to boot! It was truly a food spam. Damn awesome :’) !

It was a good day and it honestly felt like a much-needed holiday; one where I could go a full few hours without thinking about debt, Nakedglory, Freelance and crappy home life. Carefree as fuck lol, hoping to have a another good one soon! We’re possibly going rock-climbing this Sunday; I’m anticipating a massive amount of sore muscles and body aches.

Hmkay if I’m aiming to pack all my parcels by 1 am, then some needed shut eye.


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