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Yoko Yeap, 25, Professional Raisin


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Yoko Yeap, 25, Professional Raisin

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Hello there! I’m a human without a penis, I make dirty jokes, despise stupidity and inconsideration and am cranky most of the time (mostly due to aforementioned stupidity of inconsiderate people). I complain a lot, actively overuse the exclamation mark, cuss so much I can actually sing a song of only cusswords, but deep down inside I’m a nice person. Mostly. Kinda. Okay, not really.

I also own Nakedglory.com, which sells amazeballs watches / am ironically never punctual, despite selling timetellers (LOL) / co-own equally stylomilo Foundryandco.sg / design graphics, logos, and websites (see portfolio here) / shop an insane amount / eat like a cavewoman / burp excessively / have an unhealthy obsession with Pepsi (see previous point).

I shall end abruptly here because no one should really talk about themselves this much. If you need help with webdesign or graphic design, or if you simply just want to contact me to tell me that I’m awesome/psychotic/psychotically awesome, feel free to drop me an email at contact@yokoyeap.com.