All that glitters.

All that glitters.

This is why I’m the best girlfriend ever. Partly because ASOS is a little bitch and keeps selling cheapish but awesome shirts lol. Can safely say that my bf is better dressed than I am. I got myself a pair jelly JuJu Sandals too! They look cute, hope they’ll be comfy :D ! Snakeskin crossover bag in blue reptile print, I really quite like the texture and color. I’m trying to add pops of colour to my mostly black/navy/blue/funeral-type outfits lol.

F21 everything; all day err’ day HAHAHA! Can’t wait for all of them to arrive!

Hmkay I know cheenapok new year is about to start, and I’ve yet to make my resolutions. This year, I will take my commitments more seriously than ever. Goals for the new year:

  Hit 6000 Likes on the Nakedglory Fb Page
  Hit 10000 Followers on the Nakedglory Instagram Account
  Save at least $xxxx for my US trip
  Try to get my license (wtf 25 years old still no license how can)
  Travel to at least 3 countries
Get my NG accounts in order (LOL)
Stop taking shit from irresponsible/stupid people

With regards to the last one, 2013 was just a tumultuous ride of shitty clients and shitty people to work with. I never imagined that people could be so irresponsible and just generally gross. I tried keeping quiet and pushing gently, but it didn’t work. It’s all work related, hence I tried to be as civil as possible. No fucking longer. I’m going to push as fucking hard as I can because I have other people, other clients and customers to answer to. I’m not going to just sit there passively anymore. I’m fucking 25 this year, I don’t have time for your irresponsible shit and attitude that makes me, my brand or my company look bad. Enough is enough.

Hmkay rant over. The rest of the goals seem relatively reachable. This past month has been quite good to me, I honestly can’t wait for mahjong and gambling this CNY! Super love to gamble, in a non–gambling-addict kinda way lol. Hmkay back to work, ttys!

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