Custom printed watches are coming to you on the 1st of April and no, that’s not a joke. Can I just say that they turned out so much better than I dreamed them up to be? Seriously, I teared up a little the first time I saw the outcome; they were so gorgeous T_T.

We’ve just hit 2.4k likes! That’s like likes over the span of what, a little over 2 weeks?? I’m so very grateful for everyone’s support, so I’ve started up the ‘Like & Share’ contest once more on our facebook page. 3 lucky winners will get their very own custom watches! You can choose any image you’d like. The possibilities are endless and so is our gratitude for the amazing support you’ve given us :’) !

Head over to our facebook page to like and share the album, and win your very own (and not to mention, completely customized if you so choose) printed watch from us (: !

P.S – We’re also giving away free iphone wall papers for some of the designs hehe so do stay tuned <3 !

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