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10% off storewide, inclusive of Casios, Vintage etc! 48 hours only so fastest fingers first :D !

Quilted Bunny Bags in Black & Green

Just received them yesterday and I just gotta say that I freakin’ LOVE them!! Really freakin’ good quality, comes with a zippered inner pocket, adjustable straps – what’s not to love?! Also, they’re damn adorable @_@ ?! My only gripe is that they are slightly too small to put my super long wallet in, but I just pop my cash and cards into a small pouch and I’m good to go!

Gets yours here:

Gonna pop by the Pasar Malam nearby for a much-needed kebab and will be verifying payments later tonight :D ! Also, going to update this post later on with a small selling post, so stay close :D

Selling the following, text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm! Self collection or meetups at Tampines is preferable, else postage is $1.50 for norm or $3.50 for reg.

1.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Gold – $5

2.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Silver – $5

3. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Gold – $5 PENDING

4. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Silver – $5

5. F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold – $7

6. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Gold – $7

7. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Silver – $7

8. F21 Southwestern Stretchy Bracelet – $5 PENDING

9. F21 Tribal Print High-Low Tank – Size M – $13

10. BNWT F21 Eyelet Georgette Shirt – Size M ($15)

11. BNWT F21 Striped Zippered Top – Size L ($15)

12. BNWT F21 Essential Striped Tie-Front Top – Tagged M – $15

13. F21 Tie-Back Chiffon Top in Black – Size M – $15

14. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in White- Size L – $15 

15. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in Mint – Size L – $15 

16. F21 Bejeweled Sleeveless Romper – Size L – $20

17. F21 Floral Romper – Medium – $25

18. F21 Ditsy Triangle Racerback Dress in Black – Size S – $15

19. F21 LOVE21 Baroque Print A-line Dress – Size L – $25

20. Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print –  M – $20

21. Oasis Detail Back Dress – UK10 – $45

22. ASOS Bodycon Playsuit  – UK10 – $25

23. ASOS Glamorous Leaf Print Tea Dress – Tagged UK10 – $15

24. ASOS Top With Keyhole Neck And Contrast Trim – UK10 – $15

25.  Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress – Size L ($40)

26. Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress – Size M – $25

27. Kimchi Blue Libby Strapless Woven Dress – Size M – $22

29. MNGO Zipper Bodycon Dress in Black – M – $25

30. PMT Navy Rose Romper – Fits UK 8-10 best – $15

31. TracyEinny Gorgeous Stellar Romper in Black – $20

32. Lovebonito Radolf Romper Black – Size M – $25

33. Megagamie Gich Zippy Playsuit In Midnight & Black – Size L – $25 each


34. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in White – Size L – $20


35. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in Black – Size L – $20


36. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper – Grey Purple – Size M – $20


37. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper – Pink Blue – Size M – $20


38. Tyra Floral Romper in Kaleidoscope Blue – Size M – $20

Ah okay that’s all I could find for today. Text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm ^_^ !

Some awesome new arrivals on Foundry & Co ! Also, remember these awesome bags?

They’ve arrived and are FREAKIN’ CUTE and of damn good quality! I’ll be taking some pics tomorrow if possible.

Also, having a flea this weekend at Public Garden, so drop by if y’all can because .. I’ll be selling my HUGE-ass pile of clothes, bags and a shittonne of accessories etc. Oh and watches too, of course. Readers get discounts so make sure you mention that you’re a reader k! Am going to post some partial selling posts tomorrow also, so please stay close as I really have a LOT to clear.

On an unrelated side note, I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging. I just feel so .. drained. School’s now a daily affair, and I’m having trouble adjusting. I never had to adhere to any schedule for the past year and a half so to have to wake up and travel across the island to get to an 8.30am class has been taxing, to say the least.

I made a few friends, which really helps when I’m late LOL. The moment you’re late, you miss out on important information. Needless to say this is amplified when the lesson you’re late for is math & arithmetics. DEAD. Heng laosai the friend I made in that class very kindly taught me whatever I’d missed. Thanks Jorim :D !

On another side note, I’ve been learning processing. You know, when I started this course, I was all like HELL YEAH I’M GONNA LEARN CODING AND MAKE HARDCORE WEBSITES!!!! Now I’m just cowering in the corner each time I boot up my damn macbook. Learning processing has shoved humble pie down my throat. I don’t know what I’m doing )’: ! Today, I just got so fucking lost I wanted to stand up and just throw the freakin’ monitor across the room. I usually have a good grasp on things; I pick things up fairly quickly so I was just utterly disappointed in myself that I was struggling so much. That’s not how I operate, damn it!!!! Am I slowly getting dumber as I grow older? Feeling utterly shitty right now. Nvm i’m just going to practice until I ace it, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m just focusing on clearing all my stuff right now. It’s getting much too much to handle. Also, please note that I’ve closed Hirecalling for awhile as i’m juggling 10 projects currently, don’t want it to affect my school work. Will update the fb page as slots open up (: !

Okay that’s about it, I’m going to chill out for awhile then clear orders. Do also look out for a sneaky flash sale on Nakedglory that’s also coming up tomorrow :D !

Another shoot with the lovely Lynnette! We shot at .. the Nex rooftop HAHAHA! More when I’m done with photoshopping. On a side note – school’s a real bitch to travel to. Tampines > SIM is no joke. It’s only the 2nd day of school and I’ve already .. cabbed there twice so as not to be late for lessons @_@. $29/trip leh !? Freakin’ ex omg /wrists.

Really need to work on waking up and planning my route proper. Hmkay I’m trying to clear emails right now, my general goal is to try and clear my inbox by tomorrow morning. Sorry if it’s taking a little long for me to reply your emails, do give me a little leeway!

Hmkay ttyl! The general plan for the next few hours is : Emails > Posting of Parcels > Dinner > Emails > Sleep > Emails > School. Also, freakin selling post is coming soon as well! There’s barely any space to walk in my room la – not acceptable T_T. Hmkay ttyl!

It’s the first day of school! I had my first class at 8.30am (/wrists) which, thankfully, was pretty fun. My lecturer is a pretty whacky fellow, so even though the content was drier than severely-permed hair, I still quite enjoyed myself.

My next lesson is at 3.30 which makes me want to stab myself. I’ve to wait for FOUR hours leh!!!!! Dying right now. I guess I’m just going to have to bring my laptop to stop me from offing myself in case I get too bored lol.

On a side note, I haven’t touched math in over 8 freakin’ years. Today, the lecturer did simple long division and my brain was just like :

HAHAHA fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk need to go harass someone to give me a refresher course LOL ! Hmkay ttyl I’m gonna watch a movie or something. On a side note, I caught Wreck It Ralph with the bf yesterday! It was MAD adorable!!! If you haven’t caught it, you totally should make a little time for it. No regrets.

Okay really going now ! Movie time ttyl ^_^

I really wish I could just open my fucking mouth and tell you guys exactly what kind of shitheads I’m dealing with but I can’t. It would be unprofessional of me but fuck la some people are just fucking retarded. People who spout bullshit, people who pass along the bullshit and hearsay as if it were the truth. Seriously. Fuck off la. You don’t know shit, how can you just fucking pass “info” along? Spastic child.

Aiya fucking hell I’ve been so fucking pissed off this entire fucking weekend that my head feels like it’s going to fucking explode. Stupid people should all be shot.

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School’s starting really soon D: ! Kinda excited and kinda nervous. Finalized all my loan stuff today and that’s when it really hit me – i’m freakin’ going back to school! Gonna be one of those old geezers la HAHAHA 24 years old leh omg. But no worries, I’ve been mistaken for a poly student / 18 years old so I can’t just pretend like I’m young la right? LOLOLOL

Been having a hectic few days. Spamming work and more work like never before. Also, a hoard of new Nakedglory madness is coming your way. I’ve so many plans but I feel like time is slowly slipping away from me :/ !

On a random note, check out these awesome quilted bunny bags! I saw them on ASOS for $40 and couldn’t bring myself to get them. $40 for something the size of an average prata leh?! I just couldn’t do it @_@. So I looked around and sourced for them and now they’re available for only $26 on Foundry & Co. I am a ninja, obviously.

Getting them in both colours, get yours here ! Can’t wait for them to arrive :D !!!

I’m also in the midst of replying all emails. Please note that we don’t read emails on weekends, so do give us some time to reply okay (: ? Thank you for your patience :D !

Hmkay ttyl tons of emails to reply T_T.

Having another flea today from 1-7pm, do drop by to get new designs again!

On a side note, I’m damn fucking tired. Starting to feel a little burnt out juggling so many projects at once. School’s starting on the 1st of Sept, so I’m going to try and stay home for the next few days in hopes of finishing all my side projects.

I’m also supposed to move back into my room when my grandma goes to stay at an uncle’s house. Honestly I really don’t want my grandma to go anywhere else but I really need the room :/ . Doesn’t help that my mom , who offered me the room in the first place, kept saying to me “is it okay if you just take aaron’s room?”. I mean, of course I’ll say okay la but why did you even have to dangle that carrot in front of me in the first place? After I said it’s fine, she said .. “Aiya but you need the room also. We just haven’t told her that we’re shifting her only.”.

THEN WHY EVEN TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS TO ME ZZZZ. Shouldn’t even have fucking told me that in the first place right? Make me feel guilty for you not being able to tell her what you’re supposed to in the first place zz?! My mom and I REALLY don’t get along and this is precisely why. I’m logically to a fault, she’s … not at all. I hate it when things don’t make sense, but she doesn’t seem to get that.

Even right now we’re feuding, she’s not talking to me and vice versa. Quite frankly, I prefer it that way. Less drama.

Aiya okay, enough family drama. On a final note, I’m pretty psyched for school to start :D ! Can’t wait to join a CCA most of all lol.

Okay last random note! I saw a girl on the train yesterday carrying a super chio bag T_T. I kept peeking at it, trying to discern where it was from. Saw the logo on the button and I managed to find it online! Pro or what man seriously HAHAHAHA But she kept catching my staring la; she must have thought I was some mega weirdo HAHAHAHA okay off to flea ttyl !