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Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Color Pen in Black. Which is not quite black, more of a super deep blue with shiny blue flecks – still pretty though! Formula was pretty smooth, one click was more than enough to cover each individual nail :D !

Check out these amazeballs Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens! I got them off qoo10 at approximately $6 a pop. Pretty sure this is my best buy this month :D

The Nail Art Pens come with a super ugly flower on the cap, but that’s just about their only flaw. You press the tip into a hard surface to dispense the polish, then go crazy on your nails. I learnt not to press the nib too hard into the nail as that will sorta dig a hole in your current polish layer. Lightly dispense a blob and drag said blob instead of scribbling like you would with a normal pen. Very easy to use! I mean, come on man ! Tribal nails in 15 minutes?!? Yes please!

Here’s a shot of an unused nib. Sharp enough to make precise patterns :D !

Tadah! Ninja tribal nails! Quite liked how they turned out; I started with the pinkie which is why it has like wonky polka dots HAHAHAHA Don’t judge me! I was just randomly making spots LOL #noplanning

Here’s the link I got them from! FREAKING SALE NOW OkAY Each one is like $3.99 -_- ?! Get, you won’t regret it!

Delivery is from the US, so it took a little long, I ordered on the 4th of August and JUST received it today. But I gotta say it’s worth the wait :D !

Hmkay I’m about to go out and run, but once I’m back I’ll update with details for the sneak peeks of the upcoming Vintage Collection below :

Wicked Claw Earrings in Gold / Silver

We’ve restocked these amazeballs earrings on Foundry & Co ! Grab them while they’re still available :D ! Self collection available at the flea this Saturday :D !

On a random note, Vintage week is coming your way. That’s right, all the vintage-y watch goodness you could possibly imagine. I managed to score a super skinny vintage Seiko, a vintage studded Casio Analog and a FREAKIN amazing Sanyo vintage digital watch. I’ve never seen anything like it – too chio T_T! This is one my biggest vintage hauls in a long time; please appreciate the time and effort I spent curating and sourcing for these beauties! Fresh batteries in them all, am just waiting now for a few more days to properly see if the watches are ticking smoothly.

Picture spam starts tomorrow, so stay close! Do also keep your eyes peeled for some lovely gold Casios – old school calculator / anadigital watches and a handful of new pastel ones! Exciting things are coming your way, hope y’all are having a lovely week :D !

On a side note; I passed my BTT today!!!!!! I now have a 45/50 chance of possibly knocking someone down on public roads HAHAHAHAHAHAHA don’t say I didn’t warn you! Hmkay I’ll be back tomorrow with tons more awesome; ttys !

There’s a Like+Share giveaway on the Nakedglory / Foundry & Co facebook page; stand a chance to win a Nakedglory watch AND an article of clothing from the Foundry & Co Preorder!

That said, we’ve also restocked the Claw Earrings and they’ll be going up on Monday. Limited pairs left, so stay close (: !

I’m having a flea today at Scape Bazaar (Between Gong Cha & Toast Box) AND at Public Garden (City Square Mall), so pop on by if you’re anywhere near :D ! 8 new designs and four NEW pastel CASIO watches ( the Casio watches will only be available at the Public Garden Flea), so see y’all later :D !

Like a fool for fire I fall, with my pride and all

Like a bomb before explosion; ticking by your call

You’re the wiser one, disguised from greed

And I’m just a child who belongs on her knees

Found this off tumblr (here) , and made icons out of it. Am a big, BIG fan of adventure time so I basically had a mini squeal-athon when I saw these! Cleaned up my desktop and here’s what it looks like now:

(Click to enlarge)

Cute not cute not?!!? I LOVE IT SO MUCH T_T !!! This is me right now:

On a completely unrelated side note, look out for all the new watch arrivals to be up on site tomorrow :D ! Will also be opening a preorder for the Mood Watches as well, so stay tuned ^_^ !

Tim Ho Wan with my toads before FOB! As usual, food spam when I’m with them. This was approximately half of what we ordered. A short while later, the table was so full that there wasn’t enough space to put all our dishes HAHAHA Damn shiok please! Faves are still the egg white spring rolls ^_^ !

Fall Out Boy afterwards!!!! I can now say that I’ve been to all three of their concerts here in Singapore. Totally worth it. The queue to get in was INSANE, and it was held at the shitty Fort Canning park arena with shitty acoustics and shit, but it was worth it just to hear them sing again T_T.

Perspired like MAD! We were jumping around and going abit siao but it was DAMN FUN. Also, can I just point out that the crowd was CRAZY CIVILIZED?! No mosh pit leh! How awesome?!!? Just a shitload of people, all enjoying music together. Sorta like a massive K-box session AHAHAHHAA

Just 2 short pointless videos just so you can hear Patrick sing and see the size of the crowd. We stood further back cause I’m too short to see if we went any nearer T_T.

I’m just so happy right now T_T

P.S – I apologize for the shitty quality of the pics. Based on experience, I knew I’d never be able to sneak my DSLR in so I brought my sister’s Canon Powershot instead! That said, it’s still a pretty good point-and-shoot camera though; super clear!

· Xana Gem Encrusted Necklace

· Wild Ones Geometric Pullover

· Olivia Pleated Shorts in Ebony Black

· Triangle Peterpan Collar Top

· Tribal Printed Dress

· Dia Necklace in Orange

· Bowler Bag in Monochrome

Kinda cranky and kinda pissed off right now at 12.07am. Some people really make me completely speechless with their lack of tact and shame.

PFft okay rant aside, I had a really good weekend. Sales were at a record high at the flea on Saturday, caught The Conjuring after, which quite frankly scared the shit out of me. Seriously. I had to sleep with the freakin’ light on LOLOLOL #fail. Spent Sunday cycling at East Coast, where Daniel had an epic fall which we will remember forever because it was just so amazing. The bike actually ended up on top of him LOL. This is how you know that your friends are indeed your best friends cause’ instead of being concerned, we just stood there and laughed so hard we almost pissed ourselves. After 3 hours of cycling, we ended up at Bedok 85 and just feasted like kings. Oyster Omelets, Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ba Chor Mee and porridge to boot! It was truly a food spam. Damn awesome :’) !

It was a good day and it honestly felt like a much-needed holiday; one where I could go a full few hours without thinking about debt, Nakedglory, Freelance and crappy home life. Carefree as fuck lol, hoping to have a another good one soon! We’re possibly going rock-climbing this Sunday; I’m anticipating a massive amount of sore muscles and body aches.

Hmkay if I’m aiming to pack all my parcels by 1 am, then some needed shut eye.