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New Chevron bracelet from F21 that just arrived! Really like the bright colours but I’m scratching my head as to how I’m gonna match it :/ ! My loot has arrived, so obviously it’s time to trim stuff down. Room’s really overflowing >_< ! Should I join Public Garden this Weekend? Quite tempted! It’s gonna be held in a museum, but I already have a booth booked at Scape this Saturday so @_@. Let me know your thoughts! Which flea you will most likely drop by? Scape or Public Garden? Maybe .. I should do both LOL #moneyfaced

Check out the new collection that just freshly launched on :D ! The new T-bar frames are freakin’ gorgeous ^_^ ! Will be adding more faces in 3 week’s time, hopefully (: !

Also, how freakin’ AWESOME is that Zodiac print watch? Too freakin’ pretty, especially if you’re into horoscopes/astrology. The printing is super fine, you can seriously read every letter and see the outline of every symbol. Chio max.

Get them now only on ;) !

On a completely unrelated note, I had a massive argument with the bf on Sunday. It’s one of the worst we’d ever had and it didn’t help that this was the first one in months. At one point, it escalated to involve my friend’s parents, which honestly I just feel so ~urgh~ about. Nothing is worse than implicating other people in your own issues. It’s a truly horrible feeling; somewhere between shame & embarrassment with a liberal sprinkling of fuck-fuck-shit-fuck.

We’d been invited to dinner and it’s not like I could blow it off. In fact, dinner was held back because of it. 多么丢脸. I’m cringing so hard just thinking about it. As we sat next to each other in silence, he deboned a piece of chicken and gave me all it’s meat. It was a simply gesture, really, but it meant so much. He’d surrendered; dropped the issue like it was nothing, even when he (and I) knew it was (partially) my fault. Teared like mad and delved into my food in a bid to stop myself from bawling in front of everyone. He held my hand under the table and that was it. Sometimes he really is the sweetest :’)

On that note, I know I have an issue with pride. Sometimes I can’t see that I’m wrong and I’ll refuse to apologize. Really need to work on that. It’s like .. if I’m only maybe 10% wrong I won’t consider it my fault. Is that bad? Probably right? 10% is still a percentage after all. Damn.

Hmkay I gotta go, ttyl !

Check out our kick-ass new display :D !!!! Turned out way better than I’d expected; spent a bomb on these and I’m so freakin’ relieved that it came together in the end :’) ! Response at Public Garden was a lot better than I’d anticipated; to the readers that dropped by just to check out the new merchandise – thanks so very much T_T!! Special thanks to the super-nice Vanessa who actually went all the way to Macs to get me a drink cause I was alone at the booth. Fucking grateful, I have the best readers :’) !

Also, this was my first time at a Public Garden flea despite hearing so much about them. There was a fair amount of vendors but all their goods were pretty awesome! Lotsa vintage and I mean LOTS. Handmade dresses and tops and even painstakingly sourced vintage shoes and bags D: ! Plenty of local designers too with their handmade stationary; was pretty tempted to get a few handmade notebooks.

Another good thing about Public Garden Fleas is that they curate and screen vendors before they’re allowed to set up / are invited to set up at the fleas, so you can expect better quality and more uniqueness. Definitely a plus point. Do try to drop by their events, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see so many lovely things all in one place so I’m pretty sure you guys will like it too :D !

Tried out the Dottinghill tattoo from this post! Really good staying power, this is after about 30 hours of hard wear. I say hard because I was moving around and sweating and carrying lotsa shit, and still it stayed on throughout!

Quite impressed! Get them at Minikin shops or online at

Totally random, but I bought this fucking cute faux-grass-covered llama just after having my lunch. HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIT OMG LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FAT BUTT HAHAHAHA !!!!!! Gonna put this on my display at my upcoming booth at Scape to attract girls HAHAHAHA 95% sure that’ll work! Marketing ftw lol.

On a unrelated side note, I’m still editing the pics from the impromptu Foundry&Co Photoshoot, but I gotta say they turned out pretty freakin’ awesome! Stay tuned for more ;)!

Hmkay it’s a rainy Sunday here at Tampines, hoppe y’all are having a good weekend ^_^!

Drawstring Romper in Floral Blue

Drawstring Romper in Paisley Print

Some of the items from our Foundry & Co Preorder. How cute are these rompers?! Too bad the blue one I ordered was sold out in my size T_T.

More coming soon! Our preorders close every Thursday, so look out for some gorgeous new arrivals and place your order with us k ;) !

Candy Cane Maxi Dress

See y’all later at City Square Mall for the Public Garden Flea (1 til 7pm!) ! On a side note, my new displays looks really good but .. They’re damn hard to tote around @_@ ! Trying to figure out a way to bring them to flea without physically destroying them by accident T_T.

Hmkay ttyl ^_^

All these are more will be available at the flea tomorrow :D !!! How freakin FREAKIN’ CHIO are these new T-Bars?! Fucking nice la seriously I’m keeping one of each, just too pretty to pass up on these @_@! I’ve only limited quantities, because the factory I bought them from was closing down so they were just clearing stock. Only 100 pieces left leh damn scared no more @_@ ! Also, Lash is coming back in Petite. I’ve only 7 pieces and they’ll never be in stock again; that’s the problem with vintage stock T_T. Once gone it’s really gone forever T_T.

Do drop by k, we’ll be at City Square Mall and I’ll be bringing some Casios as well! I also recently spent a fucking BOMB on display shelves, hopefully tomorrow my booth will be beyond chio. See y’all tomorrow k!

P.S – Printed watches will only be $32, let me know you’re a reader for more discounts k ^_^ ! I’ll be accepting customizations starting next week, $40 each or $75 for a pair (: !

I’ve so so so much lined up for the coming months so as to keep Nakedglory as awesome and on the ball as possible, tell me what y’all are looking for and I’ll try my best! Have been searching high and low for square/rectangular faced watches, hopefully I’ll get my hands on some soon :D !

Customized this watch using @daintycastles‘s mega chio bear illustration as a surprise birthday present for her :D ! Turned out much better than I expected ^_^

(First picture credits to her instagram : @billybabybop)

New top I got on sale from Pull & Bear! Material seemed like the type that would fur pretty easily, and since they were on sale, I got 2 pieces! $11.90 each only leh WTF ! But one of them has furred like a mini rabbit already la kns >_< !


Black top from Thread Theory, Blue Overalls from The Tinsel Rack :D !

New shirt which I freakin’ ADORE! It’s super ex so I probably won’t open a preorder slot for it under Foundry & Co though T_T.

Oh and here’s a random loot post from over the past 2 or so weeks:

  • F21 Southwestern Stretchy Bracelet
  • F21 Double Buckled Hip Belt in Brown & Black
  • F21 Eyelet Georgette Shirt
  • F21 Striped Zippered Top
  • F21 Cutout 3/4 Sleeve Top
  • F21 Tribal Print High-Low Tank
  • F21 Essential Striped Tie-Front Top
  • F21 Tie-Back Chiffon Top in Black
  • F21 Zigzag Chiffon Tank
  • F21 Geo Star Print Shirt

Should be arriving within the next week, and most times I don’t keep whatever I buy so lmk if keen on anything :D !

New Look Minnie Wing Cross Body Bag – uber cute though, quality seems really cute but it has no sling so it can be a pain sometimes to keep hooking it at my elbow T_T.

I’m also having a flea at Public Garden this Saturday, do drop by and support k! In General, Public Garden fleas usually house a really interesting variety of things, here’s some from their instagram feed:

So drop by City Square Mall and come find us k :D ! I’ll also be at Scape for the next 2 subsequent saturdays as well. Will be launching LOT of new designs soon, so stay tuned okay cause they are BEYOND gorgeous ^_^ !

Here are some sneaks taken by Joyce

More sneaks will be out tomorrow morning so I’ll see ya’ll then ^_^

Random sashimi salad + the passable pictures from Shaun’s BBQ featuring a super bold peacock then wandered in and scavenged for leftovers.

On a completely unrelated note, I think the parentals are hell bent on driving us all mad. Not 5 fucking minutes ago my mom just told me to clear out my cupboard, which holds like 30% of my rubbish. And I was told to do so by tonight. CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE MORE WARNING ANOT AH WTF LA SRSLY how the fuck am I going to clear out so much crap by tonight? I have to fucking go get my stock + go to Jurong to top up the Miyoc shelf today leh SIAO AH DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE MASTERED THE ART OF TELEPORTATION!?!? I CAN’T EVEN?!?!?! WHERE IS THE LOGIC HERE WHERE ?!!?

Fuck la seriously tsk. Aiya anyway, I’ll be clearing out clothes this entire week, so here’s a sneak peek. Text me if you want anything!

Mishmash of Love Bonito, Thread Theory, Forever 21, Topshop, ASOS etc etc, more to come as I pack my room T_T. This is just a fractin of what’s going up. Most of the time, the items from my loot posts will go up for sale, so feel free to peruse them (CLICK HERE FOR LOOT POSTS) and let me know if you want to chop them first!Hmkay brb packing shit up!

Oh oh and how’d you like the new layout :D ? See the first little circle with the question mark above the ‘ABOUT’ section? Click it to refresh the page (since there’s no “home” button anymore lol. Will add archives and shit in time to come. Also really like the categories section; check out the hover effect when you place your cursor over it :D ! Feel free to suggest any more categories that you think I should put up on the sidebar. Rar i really gtg and pack ttyl!

Scape Bazaar
Right outside Gong Cha
12pm – 8pm

We’re going to be at Scape tomorrow! Find us right outside Gong Cha for watches at much much cheaper rates (: !

Here’s a sneak peek of a new series that’s coming out tomorrow:

The black T-bar ones will be out next week, so grab the cream-faced ones before they’re sold out :D !

Sushi Tei with my bro-hoes. I love love LOVE this freakin Golden Roll. Deep fried king prawn wrapped in rice and topped with thin slices of luscious mango. Super moreish, I’ve had it 3 days in a row (thank God for Sushi Tei at Tampines 1 T_T)! I can’t stop thinking about!?! Also love the super crisp Ebi Tempura, too bad it’s rather pricey ($10 for 4 pieces). Try the Golden Roll if you can k, totally worth it!

Also, try this Salted Caramel Cream Puff from Starbucks! It’s SUPER good. $5.50 and it’s CHOCKFUL of sinful awesomeness. The salted caramel + the cream inside = Lush perfection. Sinful as hell, but damn near perfect.

New rings :D ! I haven’t bought rings in MONTHS after I realized I just buy them cause’ they’re .. pretty. I rarely wear them as I’ve to remove them each time I’m on the computer, which is basically 24/7. Couldn’t resist these though! $7.90 for 6 rings. Faves are the Chevron shaped ones :D !

Also, some printable packaging that I’ll be giving away the printables to. They’re super adorable, although I did slice my thumb open while cutting them up T_T.

hahavomitha T_T. Bled like fucking crazy! And I know what you’re thinking, wtf bleeding still take pictures you siao ah?! But oh well, can’t waste a chance to guilt my bf into being extra nice to me ^_^ !

Okay I gotta start packing now, see y’all at the flea tomorrow :D

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

#01-16, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel : +65 62528780

Built our own burger and it was pretty damned good.

The combo :

Brioche Bun
Beef patty
Caramelized Onions
Swiss Cheese
Tomato slices
Bleu Cheese sauce

Patty was really juice and moreish and really filling to boot! Filled my gigantic rugby-playing friend Edward, so that’s REALLY saying something. Only cost $14 @_@! Bring your bf and let him weep with thanks LOL.

Wasabi Tei Japanese Cuisine

#05-70, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 62388216

Have been hearing rave reviews from my friends about this place but I wasn’t really impressed. I was told I didn’t order the right things, so I’ll be going back to give it another shot. Salmon belly was $15 for this tiny portion, I saw someone order the normal Salmon Sashimi and the portion was approximately twice as much as mine -____- . Cost $60 for a beef set + and a smattering of dishes of average portion sizes. Will review again if I do go back, but for now it’s not bad, but not too good either.

Some images from the iphone:

The day before the bf’s bday. Brought him to Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice ( the one at East Cost Road) and almost wept from how good everything was. Chicken was soft, boneless and the sauce was freakin’ nice!! Plus, check out how generous they were with the chives @_@! The chicken rice was basically good on it’s own, so the combo basically slayed me. Also ordered Fish Maw Soup ($12) which was freakin’ fantastic as well. Tasted like shark fin; same consistency and all. Definitely going back again, try it if you have the chance k! Amounted to only $45+ if I recall correctly (inclusive of chicken + soup + veg + pork dish). Totally worth it T_T!

He keeps freakin’ smoking! Feel like smashing all his cigarettes ):< !! Also, forced him to wear the elmo eyes/ testicle headband for just for fun. We went to USS on Wednesday, and it was MAD crowded. Seriously, it was freakin’ crazy!? I went on a Saturday a few weeks back and it was basically a ghost town. Queues to the rides were like 5 minutes each, and on WEDNESDAY it was like 40 mins per ride DAFUQ ):< ?!?! Only sat each ride once before he wanted to leave tsk how annoying.

Went to watch Stomp after USS, and it was pretty awesome (: ! I wouldn’t say it was worth the $300 ($150/pax for seats really near the front), but it was still pretty good. Starting stoning halfway through cause we were so tired from the entire day at USS @_@. Hmkay no more pics from his bday LOL


Shaun’s bday was 4 days after, and it was during the crazy haze. On Friday, the haze was at a record high, but we’d already booked the chalet and purchased $250 worth of meat @_@, so we couldn’t quite cancel. Managed to upgrade from a Kampung to an actual room at Coasta Sands Sentosa, cause’ a lot of people had cancelled due to the haze. The weather, however, was freakin’ beautiful. No haze, no scent of burning, crystal clear sky. Amazeballs or what?! Heng to the max pls?!?! So we continued our BBQ and ate like crazy. Check out this brazen peacock crashing the BBQ lol!

Waiting for the pics from the DSLR, so will update in awhile. Obviously $250 was way too much food, ending up playing stupid games with food as the forfeit. Almost exploded from too much meat LOL. Also threw the birthday boy in the pool after failing once, he wriggles like a worm on fire wtf.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of what’s launching tonight on Nakedglory:

See y’all there at 8pm :D !

Also, here’s the website I did for Andrea Chong :D !

Super love how everything turned out, check it out on (: ! She’s also giving away 10 H&M vouchers, so be sure to drop by a leave a comment to stand a chance to win :D !

Also launching some lovely goodies on Foundry & Co tonight <3! See you there at 8pm :D !