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Last Updated : 24th May 10 A.M


#1 – The Editor’s Market Rosette Chiffon Blouse – $16 SOLD
#2 – The Editor’s Market Light Denim Button Down Shirt – $17 – PENDING
#3 – ASOS Sailor Vest (UK12) – $21
#4 – H&M Nautical Bag SOLD
#5 – New Look Horse Print Sheer Tank, Tagged uk12 – $20
#6 – Cotton On Triangle Print Openback Minidress/Tunic – $18
#7 – Cotton On Gold Foil Spotted Shirt (Tagged M or L i think) – $22
#8 – Topshop Burgundy Peplum (uk10) – $18 SOLD
#9 – ASOS Pussybow Playsuit (UK10) – $24
#10 – F21 Parrot Print Tie-Front Romper (Size L) – $22 SOLD
#11 – Static Fumes Cut Out Maxi in Blue – $20
#12 – Kimchi Blue Libby Strapless Woven Dress (Tagged M) – $25
#13 – Hollyhoque Top in Blue – $16
#14 – Hollyhoque Top in Coral – $16
#15 – Cassis Room Tribal Peplum – $22 PENDING
#16 – Cassis Room Grid Peplum – $22
#17 – UO Tropical Printed Blazer – $28 SOLD
#18 – Cotton On Porcelain Print Blazer – $28
Lined with printed Satin, retailed for $49.95 D:
#19 – Foundry & Co Studded Utility Shirt in Oatmeal – $16
One button is defective so can only be worn as outerwear. Sorry it’s so crumpled LOL
#20A – River Island Studded Dress (Uk12) – it’s damn gorgeous, still with tag but the person who tried it before me got makeup on the neckline, not obvious when worn. Bought this for $129, feel free to quote a price. Nothing below $35 though


#20B –  Batwing Buttondown (Freesized)  – $20
– Freesized
– Cloth-covered buttons

#20C – ASOS Textured Bandeau Dress with Tulip Skirt – $18
-Tagged UK10
-Has cut out back with button & zip closures
#21 ASOS Petite Cut Out Crop Top – $14 PENDING
#22 – ASOS Halter Bodycon Dress With Scallop Detail (UK12) – $24
#23 – ASOS ASOS Top With Keyhole Neck And Contrast Trim UK10 – $20
#24 – BNWT ASOS Vila Scoop Neck Top Tagged UK10 – $16
#25 – ASOS PETITE Exclusive Corset Playsuit With Peplum UK12 with a spoilt zipper – $10
#26 – ASOS PETITE Exclusive Corset Playsuit With Peplum UK14 – $26
#27 – ASOS Bodycon Playsuit (uk12) – $22
#27A – ASOS Bird Print Romper (UK12) – I cut the sleeves off LOL $26 SOLD
#28 – ASOS Wal G Toga – $23
Tagged uk10
#29 – Nastygal Slice of Heaven Dress (tagged M) in Emerald (SOLD) and Purple – $26/each
#30 – Cooperative Glow In The Dark Summer Sundress (tagged M) – $26
#31 – UO Urban Renewal Dress (Tagged M) – $26, hem shortened to fit midgety me
#32 – Topshop Heart Back Rib Prom Dress (UK10) – $65 (Retailed for $129)
#33 – BNWT F21 Tiger Graphic Maxi Dress (Tagged M) – $21 SOLD
#34 – BNWT F21 Knit Skinny Pants Size 28 – $22
#35 – PearlMilkTea Blue Rose Romper – $22
#36 – Amber Avenue Geometric Playsuit (Size M) – $27 SOLD
#37 – BNIB UO Interchangeable Strap Watch – $21 SOLD
#38 – Studded Faux Suede Bucket Bag in Blue – $20 SOLD
#39 – Studded Faux Suede Bucket Bag in Black – $20 SOLD
#40 – Studded Faux Suede Bucket Bag in Camel – $20 SOLD
#41 – Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Abstract Duffel Bag – $20
#42 – BNWT Diva Hipster Necklace lol – $8 PENDING
#43 – Set of 2 Geo Necklaces – $8
#44 – Newlook Rope Necklace – $15
#45 – F21 Legend Necklace in Silver – $8



Btw paiseh this is a scheduled post, so I’ll be out running while you’re reading this. Do give me some time to reply once I get back ok (: ! Thank you all for your support (:

Check out these gorgeous claw earrings! They’re made up of 2 separate parts + a stopper and are basically super chio @_@! Went for dinner with my bf and when I tucked my hair behind my ear, he actually went, “WOAH NICE!”! Which is super rare lol cause’ he rarely notices these things.

Bought extra pairs cause’ I’m kiasu, going for $8 each (I have one pair in gold and 2 pairs in silver so text me at 96716946 if keen :D ) ALL PENDING THANKS GUYS :D !

That said, keep a looking for tonight’s selling post, going up at 9pm just to be safe la haha see y’all back here later :D

On an unrelated note, I went down to SIM yesterday and basically finished up my enrollment. Looks like I’m going to SIM in September! If anyone has any pointers or helpful tips on how to freakin travel from Tampines to SIM (T_T), I’d appreciate it! Else nice places to get food would be nice too HAHAHA sorry but food is totally my priority lol.

Hope y’all are having a good Tuesday! Oh and also, I’ve just discovered the magic that is Orange Yakult from Eskimo. It’s my new favourite – and not to mention, healthy – drink! Trying my best to avoid all the soft drinks that I love so much, so was really glad to find a drink that I can guzzle without diabetes as a result lol. 50% sweetness is perfect, plus they seriously squeeze a freakin’ orange for my drink. How hardworking?!?! Totally awesome please!

I also tried their Milk Tea (just a little, not sure how healthy that can be lol), and it was pretty good too! It had this really creamy feel to it, y’all should try it out :D ! I’m gonna try their Silky Teas soon – basically tea but they add milk to it – hope those will be good too.

ALSO, did I mention that Tampines is basically bubble tea heaven? Each A Cup at Tampines 1, Gong Cha at the MRT Station AND at B1 of Tampines Mall, Sweet Talk at the interchange. And the best part? KOI + Eskimo literally across the road from my house MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay la that’s not the best part. The actual best part would be that I can just call ahead to avoid the queues! I walk up to the register like a boss while the queue is like 10pax long MUAHAHAHAHAHA DAMN SHIOK PLS!

Okay I’m actually getting a little hungry, am probably gonna grill some chicken or have some cereal for lunch. Gonna run later lol hope I won’t die in the process. Weather looks incredibly hazy though; please don’t rain T_T. Okay really going now see ya’ll back here later at 9pm for the selling post :D

Just updated Nakedglory with a shitload of stocks that deadbuyers had “reserved”. They then proceeded to die in a corner somewhere whilst I grew a beard waiting for them tsk. So anyway, MASSIVE restocks! Get them here :

Most of them have 1 or 2 pieces left due to said scumbaggy deadbuyers tsk. Also, selling post will be up tomorrow so keep an eye out for it :D !

Swam yesterday, knocked the fuck out and ran again this morning with my brother. Ran about 2.4 with minimal stopping (which is rare for someone with zero stamina), so am quite pleased. I’m really lucky to be able to coerce lotsa people to exercise with me; really helps to keep me motivated :D !

On that note, here’s a recent loot post, which, um .. also .. helps to keep me motivated HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS LIKE THE BEST EXCUSE TO SHOP EVER

Massive amount of printed rompers from (she bought a watch from Nakedglory and tagged me on her instagram, afterwhich I found her blogshop AND HAVE NOT STOPPED BUYING SINCE OMG HALP) and the super super super pretty floral dress from Lace & Ebony featured a few posts back. Please also note that she’s wearing Nakedglory watches HEHEHEHEHE *fist pump*


  • F21 Cutout Chevron Necklace in Gold & Silver
  • F21  Lasso Rings in Gold & Silver
  • F21 Charmed Wishbone Bracelet
  • F21 Essential Tie-Front Top
  • F21 LOVE21 Baroque Print A-line Dress
  • F21 Tribal-Inspired Sweetheart Dress in Mint
  • F21 Pleated Romper w: Bow-Shaped Belt in Navy

Gonna chop the dresses into tops as usual and my fave of the whole lot has got to be the Navy Pleated Romper. Looks damn adorable, hope it’ll fit well once it’s here :D ! I just shipped my crapload of parcels back from the U.S so it should reach me within 6-8 days!

MY EXACT EXPRESSION RIGHT NOW HAHAHA So excited! Is there any better feeling than the anticipation of your long awaited parcels and having them arrive on your doorstep?! Super love :D !

P.S – I’m sorry for all the healthy talk and shit, but frankly I feel like if I put it out there; if I SAY i’m going to run and I let the world know that I’m going to freakin run, then I’d better get my ass out that door and RUN. I’d rather run than run (excuse the pun HYUKHYUK) the risk of people telling me I don’t stick to my word, so that’s one of the ways I motivate myself into running :D !

Okay gonna get some healthy-ish jap food as a reward for all my effort :D !

I feel like an overcooked noodle. I’ve been expanding horizontally over the past 2 months without really realizing it, so I’m trying to start cutting back once again and if possible, try to lead a healthier lifestyle. Life’s going good as it is, I don’t wanna freakin’ keel over and die all of a sudden @_@. So long story short, I went running with a friend yesterday.

I know it’s a good thing but my body currently feels like it was sat on by 10 elephants. Usually I sprint and can’t maintain stamina for shit, and Edward told me it’s cause my pace is way too fast so I’m burning up too much energy (what?!?) so he MADE me jog really really really really really really really slowly. I was damn irritated like FUCK YOUUUUUUU WHY AM I MOVING SO SLOWLY but I realized that by going slow, I could actually finish a full round instead of sprinting half the round and walking the other. Also, he was 3 hours late to meet me and being the queen of kay kiang that I am, I went to do abs exercise to pass the time. Oh and we went to play badminton at night with Shaun and his gf Jasmine. TAKE NOTE THAT THIS WAS AFTER ZERO EXERCISE FOR MONTHS ON END. So I’m basically spineless today la knn help me I feel like I have to leopard crawl everywhere because breathing hurts omg lol.

Also, healthy lifestyle = healthy eating so I’m having a bowl of Special K cereal. This one’s vanilla flavoured and sprinkled with almonds and is pretty damned tasty! Supposed to go swimming today then running again tomorrow but I’m afraid the moment I slip into the pool I’m going to sink to the bottom and drown cause my muscles are so sore HAHAHAHAH LOUSY MAX.

Okay I’m just going to roll into a corner and die now lol hope y’all are having a good weekend :D

Vintage Magic, coming your way soon. Oh and perhaps a flash sale this weekend on Keep those eyes peeled!

P.S – Give the gif a change to load :D

Received my acceptance package. Mixed feelings when I saw it; 30% elation, 65% trepidation, 5% oh-god-what-the-fuck-did-i-just-do lol.

On a side note, check out Lace & Ebony! Get 10% off your order when you use the discount code ‘Nakedglory10’ :D !

Bought this dress off their website (not sponsored k), and I freakin’ love it! Plus, they have sizes, which completely rocks for a uk10/12 :D ! Contemplating trimming the hem just a little, and keeping it as a dress, which is a complete first for me lol. Super-like :D !

Ah okay random but here are more sneaks for the selling post:

Okay I have work to chiong ttyl !

Selling post sneaks for you? Just shot like 717 pictures within the last 4 hours. My brain might possibly be failing. Couldn’t finish taking them all, so I guess will have to find another day to finish off the 2nd half of the pictures. Stay tuned ;)

Bday OOTD : Tribal Printed Halter dress from F21 ( it’s actually Navy blue although it looks black here lol)

Got it off this app called Carousell. My friend is one of the founders of the app, it’s basically a selling platform that’s relatively similar to Instagram. You list your item, add the pictures and voila! Check it out HERE

Sometimes when I feel like shopping, I’ll just search for “f21” or “Forever 21” or “Topshop” in the app; there’s always good stuff to be found for damn cheap! That tribal dress cost me like $10 only leh I’m not even kidding lol! Really good condition too, not to mention it was crazy chio! So go download the app! It’s out on android too if I’m not wrong :D !

Oh and remember in the previous post I mentioned that I was smacked 24 times for my birthday? This is the extent of their violence and YES that is a whole fucking hand print!! Fuckers seriously treat me like I have my very own penis (which I am usually very thankful for save for this violent occasion). And because we were going to USS and I predicted it’d be hot as shit, I wore a freakin’ tube. How smart -_____- ! At one point, Daniel slapped my thigh when we were on the roller fucking coaster k?!?!!? I don’t know if it was cause’ of the adrenaline rush or what but I swear he hulked out because that smack smarted for the whole fucking day >:( ! I think a few blood vessels died or something ROAR! WATCH OUT ON YOUR BIRTHDAYS YOU BITCHES!!!!!! Okay end of rant lol.

ASOS Shirt With Broderie Panel which I really, really love; the details keep the shirt interesting! I paired it with denim shorts, boots and a dark brown crossbody sling bag. Pair with wayfarers and you’re all set for a hipster adventure HAHAHAHA okay la joking only stop judging me! Only downside about this top ? Stepping out of the house in this felt like I was basically cooking from the inside out omg the recent weather has seriously been atrocious. Would be great for a rainy day though (:

Okay that is all, I know I haven’t been posting OOTD cause .. very lazy to do so la whole day so freakin’ hot already still must take picture wah kao just thinking about it makes me die a little inside. Okay it’s 2.24, I’m off to my bf’s place to surprise him cause he’s ending work at 4am today and won’t be home til like 5am. Poor toad of mine. Trying to think of what I can do to make his sleep more comfy cause he’ll have to be up in about 2 hours again ): ! Okay ttyl!

我真的非常累. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how the hell we’re even related. How do things always escalate so quickly? From you being illogical to me losing my temper then BOOM black faces all around. I should learn to keep my mouth shut as much as I should learn never to expect reason and logic from you.

That said, I had a good but painful birthday. Freakin asshats gave me 24 smacks for 24 bdays and these guys don’t fucking give chance so I was seriously dying. THANKS AH TOADS!

Really excited for movies that’ll be coming out this month:

Seriously! How good does the ‘Now you see me’ trailer look?? /DEAD