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Some recent work for Lightning Cherry. They’re still deciding on the final one, but I’m biased towards the last few. The brand name sounds jovial and fun, but they wanted something a little classier so I went with thinner fonts and a soft coral pink.

On a side note, I’m experimenting with more stuff to sell on Nakedglory. So so so sick of people copying my business model. Someone actually fucking started commenting on photos that people tagged us in, trying to get exposure for their new watch shop THAT SELLS VINTAGE WATCHES. Stop being so gross la, you aunties. Have some business ethics. Stop following my followers to gain exposure, that’s just grossly unethical. GO AWAY.

So yeah, bringing in more uncommon goods, but I’m gonna go in the UrbanOufitters direction. Not sure what I mean? You’ll see soon enough :D ! Okay need to stop complaining about shitty businesspeople and their nonexistent morals. Back to work I go, ttys!

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Disneyland & USS, then to the Santa Monica Pier. Had a major major major major blast, but plans were cut short when my best friend suffered an unexpected and tragic loss, and had to fly back. What kind of shitty friend would I be if I didn’t come back with her? I hate to see her hurting; one of the worst feelings is seeing a loved one in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

Time once again for an abrupt ending; going to help support her in whatever small way that I can. Ttys

Picture stolen from Drea’s blog, taken by talented Amanda a.k.a beautifuladieu. Both blogs lovingly designed by yours truly, by the way :D!

Side note: how chio is this watch?? Vintage + spectacular please lol. Okay sorry I know I’m forever talking about watches I should just shut my mouth. Timetickers aside, I’m counting, counting, counting down the minutes! My flight is at 6am on Wednesday (WTF KIND OF TIMING) so I’ve been advised not to sleep on Tuesday night. Okay la good; that gives me more time to pack, which I (typically & obviously) have not started at all. Go me! I’m torn between packing parcels or packing my luggage right fucking now lol. I’ll probably go with parcels though, workaholic that I am.

Today I met several buyers, 80% of them were late. Just within these past 2 fucking weeks alone I think I’ve managed to lose at least an hour of my life just waiting for people. COME ON, LADIES! I could be home packings parcels, replying emails but NoooOoOoOoOooOoOo I have to stand there like a fool waiting for buyers who say they’re gonna be there at X time but would really only reach 10-15 minutes later. Worse still, were those who kept saying “I’m reaching very soon!” but would only arrive half an hour later. Like how the fuck??? DO YOU EVEN ENGLISH, BITCH??? Don’t you fucking know what ‘reaching soon’ means?! GOD DAMNIT!

Okay I need to calm my tits before I go on another virtual rampage tsk. Time to stop complaining now, gotta get my shit together. Ttyl!

P.S – In direct contrast to my digital rampage, here’s a gorgeously mellow and oddly calming song I’ve been listening to on replay:


P.P.S – I’ve updated my about page: see it here!

P.P.P.S – How do you guys like the new site :D

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I’m leaving in 3 days, and I’m having a really hard time trying to slow down all Nakedglory related stuff. It kinda feels like a (temporary) mercy kill LOL, like i’m smothering a loved one with a pillow or something. Up til’ now I’m still placing orders, still shipping stock back to me so that once I’m back I can kickstart and explode back online.

Miso tired, guys T_T. Can’t wait for a break. Yesterday I slept at 4am, woke up at 8am, started packing for the flea, concluded the flea at 7pm, got home at 8pm, knocked the fuck out at 9 and woke up again at 4am. What the fuck kind of bodyclock??? My eyebags are about to reach my chin, man!

So looking forward to this break, yet so fucking apprehensive to put Nakedglory on pause. FUCKING EXCITED THOUGH SERIOUSLY GUYS I CAN’T EVEN. I’ve to start packing, change money, activate overseas transactions on my card and get some fucking sleep before I collapse. It’s my first ever long-haul flight, I think it’s a 24 fucking hours long, my ass is totally going to be numb. Also, I’m flying on Malaysian Airlines so fingers crossed please ;P .

Okay gotta go prepping for the very last flea before the break, see you if I see you!

There’s honestly something refreshing about being able to post whatever the fuck I want without people reading and judging the shit out of me. Yesterday, my shopify system had a little hiccup, and as a result, one of my items showed a price of a whopping $0.00 . All 5 pieces were checked out in minutes, with people paying $1.50 or $2.74 for registered postage, and hence getting the watch absolutely free. No shame one ah? Seriously guys??? It happened before, but previous customers sent me an email to ask to top up as they knew it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t the actually price. Freakin’ opportunists much? Vom.

Refunded and cancelled every one of those orders. Puke.

On a random note, my room is now has an astounding resemblance to a post-hurricane scene. It may sound like a joke, but you can’t take 2 steps without, well, stepping on something. I need to get my shit together. There are watches on almost EVERY. FREAKIN. SURFACE. Not sure how I manage to sleep at night with everything tick-tick-tickin’ away to be honest lol.


Another random side note: my birthday is on mother’s day this year. WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT?!


I’m in my room right now, doing freelance work & Nakedglory work, and I love it. I’m on my own today, the boyfee is out attending a course. The room is messy, chaotically so, but quiet. I honestly do love days like these. Sometimes, you just wanna get away from all the hustle and bustle, all the talking and commotion. Just me, my work, some ice cream and lots of solitude. I like.

That being said, how do you guys like the new layout? It’s taking me ages to put my porfolio together -_- . Perhaps I should just launch without that portion? We’ll see. I’m leaving for the US in 15 days!!!!! Super excited, but still quite kanchiong cause I’m trying to settle everything before I fly off. Will update again soon, work’s acallin’.