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Hi guys, this is what I could find from my stock pics for now, will try to search for more if possible! As per usual, whatsapp 96716946 to confirm!

Nego for multiple items, please don’t be afraid to ask! But of course don’t ask for like $10 off 2 items la -_- . Pick up available at Citylink mall this entire weekend (sat & Sun, 1-10pm). Meetups available at Tampines as well. Priority given to those who opt for meetups/self collection and/or multiple purchases.

I’m going to knock out right now, will reply whatsapps tomorrow! Happy shoppinggg! Oh and if some prices and sizes are missing, it’s cause I can’t remember if I already sold them or not so I’ll have to check once I get home tomorrow :D! Support support support! Will try to update with more bottoms and footwear tomorrow!

F21 Aloha Print Dolphin Shorts in Black $15
Size 28, fits UK8-10

F21 Frayed Denim Cutoffs – $15
Fits uk6-8 best

F21 Striped Peplum Top – $18
Strpes are navy

F21 High-Low Rose Print Shirt – $15

F21 Strapless Peplum Top in Coral, White and Black – $20 each
Really good material, tagged size M

Bershka striped faux leather Tank – $18
Tagged L, very unique material

Mango Textured Bodycon Dress

Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print

CWC Leigh One Shoulder Top – $12
Tagged L, fits UK10

UO Pins And Needles Tapestry Cropped Tank Top $25
Tagged M, fits uk8 -10 best

F21 Sleeveless Static Print Shirt – $17
Tagged Medium

F21 Polka Dot Chiffon Top – $15
Tagged M

F21 Gorilla Tank – $12
Tagged M

F21 Fade-Out Tropical Bodysuit -$16
Tagged Large

New Look Cameo Rose Black Layered Strappy Cami – $18
Tagged UK10

New Look Black Metallic Zigzag High Neck Cami – $18
Tagged uk12

New Look Dark Purple Textured High Neck Longline Cami – $18
Tagged uk12

ASOS Tapestry Corset with Peplum – $35
Tagged uk10, fits UK8 best

F21 Pineapple Print Romper – $26
Tagged Medium

F21 Open Back Sailboat Romper – $24
Tagged M

F21 Desert Queen Cactus Romper – $24
Tagged M

ASOS Bodycon Playsuit – $24
Tagged uk12

Nastygal Slice Of Heaven Dress – $22
Tagged M, fits uk8-10 best

Wal G One Shoulder Dress – $20
Size M, Fits uk8 and up

ASOS Halter Bodycon Dress With Scallop Detail in Black – $20
Tagged uk10

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mini Dress In Aztec Print – $20
Tagged UK12

Oasis Detail Back Dress – $40
Tagged UK 10, fits 8-small 10 best

Sparkle & Fade One-Shoulder Maxi Dress – $15
Not really a maxi anymore, cut it to 2″ above the knee, so it’s now a short dress.

UO Urban Renewal Little Black Dress $18
Cut to 2″ above the knee

UO Cooperative Glow In The Dark Summer Sundress Taupe
Size M, $26

UO Insight Secret Garden Dress $24
Tagged M

Topshop Heart Back Rib Prom Dress – $25
UK 10, 1 button missing from the back, cutting runs small so fits uk8 best

Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress – $30
Tagged L, fits uk10-12

Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress – $25
Tagged M, fits uk10

LoveBonito Dahlia Dress Brown – $24
Tagged M

F21 Sweetheart Floral Chambray Dress $24
Tagged M, fits uk8 – small 10 best

F21 Sketched Floral Dress – $24
Tagged M

F21 Essential Watercolor Sheath Dress – $24
Tagged M

F21 Cutout Geo Dress – $15
Tagged L

F21 Abstract High-Low Dress – $22
Tagged S

F21 A-Line Geo Print Dress – $22
Size M

F21 Boho Print Georgette Dress – $24
Tagged M

ASOS 90s Strappy Bodycon Dress – $18
tagged uk12

ASOS Mini Dress With Neon Necklace Trim – $28
Tagged 10

ASOS Mini Sleeveless Square Back Dress – $25
Tagged UK10

Glamorous Maxi Dress with Plunge V Back – $26
Tagged UK12

ASOS Simple Shift Dress – $25
Tagged UK12

ASOS Shift Dress With Asymmetric Hem – $25
Tagged UK10

Box Chain Bracelet Set Turquoise – $6

Box Chain Bracelet Set Red Blue – $6

F21 Jeweled Retractable Makeup Brush – $5

F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Gold & Silver – $8

F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold – $8

F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Silver – $8

F21 Triangle Charm Necklace – $8

500XL Earpphones $35
Brand new, opened to try.

The Animal RABBIT Shot Glass in White $20
Brand new, via Karmaloop

Paul Frank The Knitted Pink Printed Monkey $12


UO Twin Bell Alarm Clock $15
Brand new in box. V cute!

As per usual, whatsapp 96716946 to confirm!


I’m just going to crawl into a corner and die right now bye

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.
– Thomas Szasz

Earrings: some old, some new. Big fan of ear studs, and I take special interest in animal earrings for some reason. I just like em’ ! I have a tiger, bear, bulldog , bee, crab, shark, jaguar, fox and a ram. If you see any cute ones do let me know :D !

Stack of post-its that came in a pack of 5. Really like the bright colours, they are ALL lovely! You know how some packs have some nice colours and some shitty ones so you have no choice to but to buy the entire pack just so you can get the nice ones? This time ALL the pretty colours were in one pack! Happy camper is I. Got these from Urban Write (Tampines 1 basement). $8+ I think, can’t quite recall.

Mabelline Color Show polish (Ladies Night 006). I think it was $5.90 or $6.90, got this from SASA at Tampines 1. It’s freaking fastastic! SUPER SUPER SUPER pigmented, a single coat covered my entire nail, there was no need to do multiple layers to get the exact colour in the bottle. One freakin’ coat, I couldn’t believe it! There’s a buy-3-get-1-free deal going on right now, probably gonna head down and grab a few more. Highly recommend this, the solo nail I painted (didn’t have time to finish the rest HAHAHA) is still chip free even after the shit-tonne of hands-on work I do (packing 70 parcels in 2 days, not to mention cooking and all that jazz). CHIP FREE EVEN UP TIL NOW LEH! Mega impressed!

Hugeass calender, magnetic to boot! Has a memo bar on the side, plus a little cork section where I can pin stuff. $31.95, also from Urban Write. Have been looking for something like this for the longest time, it’s extremely useful! Urban Write has a good variety (half magnetic, half chalk board for example. Really big range so you’ll most probably find one that you that suits you best), do check it out if you’ve been looking for a erasable calender. Even comes with adhesive stickers for you to mount it on your wall!

My awesome Kate Spade Saturday Inside Out Pocket Bag. Love it to bits! My fave part is the iphone and card slot in front. I never have to dig deep through the black hole that is my bag anymore! Right up front with all the important stuff. As you can see, my pocket flap is super skewed, it’s been driving me nuts but I didn’t check before I left the store because I was too excited to leave with it in my possession. TSK WAY TO GO YOKO. Still, a really good-sized and useful everyday bag. $150 from the Ion Branch :D !

And yes yes yes I know 100000 years since I said I’d post the selling post. Soon soon soon, I promise :x ! Hmkay ttyl I have to finish up more freelance :D

I turn 25 this year and so I starting to feel a little old, a little withered. I’ve been working my ass off on Nakedglory non-stop, so I’m taking a short break and am flying to Los Angeles from 30th April – 14th May. Freakin’ excited, to say the least! Going to see shows and eat awesome food, hopefully I’ll be able to keep a proper travel log while I’m there. The tickets I got at a steal, approx $1.7k to and fro (Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines) :D !

Might also be heading to Boracay with friends in June. Hopefully this year will be an awesome with lots of intermittent travel and good times.

Holy shitttttt I got my Kate Spade Inside-Out-Pocket Tote bag!!! It was completely sold out at the Ion Branch, so I left my contact number and the sales assistant told me that someone who had reserved it previously had backed out! YES LAAAAAAAA !!! I was initially going to buy it only but it was $130USD which is something like $165SGD excluding shipping. It’s retailing at only $150 at ION! Happy like one dog omg lol. Dropped by Ion yesterday and I finally finally have it, will take pics soonish :D !

On a random note, I’m gonna start clearing my clothes so do look out for the selling post. Too lazy to take selling post pics so I’m just gonna stick to stock images k :D ! You can pick em’ up at the Public Garden Flea at the National Library, 1pm-7pm this Saturday & Sunday <3 ! Okay BRB need to go PO LOL

It’s been a really mixed week for me. Check out this monster of a bruise, courtesy of my lovely sister. I was sitting on a stool in my room, listening to music / wondering why Justin Beiber is popular / doing my work, when I heard a few knocks on the door. I yelled out a very courteous, “YA?!” but received no reply.

Pushed my stool back (okay technically it’s just a cube on wheels, with no back) so I could stand up, but the edge got jammed against my bed and it basically flipped. Something like this:

But only about 400 bloody times faster. I flailed (gracefully, of course) and one of the edges of the cube gouged my leg on the way down. YAY! At that point of time, it only showed a little nicked skin, but I already knew it was gonna be one hell of bruiser in a day or two, mostly because my calf was already smarting like a little bitch.

Let’s get back to the knocks on the door, shall we? I struggled to my feet while swearing my ass off, yanked the door open .. to no one at all. My sister’s room is just next door, so obviously she’s the most likely culprit, no?? I knocked on her door and yelled, “OI YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR IZZIT?!“. Her reply?

“Hehehe did you hear my morse code? I was knocking on the wall to see if you could hear me!”


I did it. I withdrew from school, and now I feel 50% regret and 50% sweet sweet relief. Beyond that, I am just fucking tired.

On a side note, someone stole a watch from me at the three blind mice flea. It really left a sour taste in my mouth. I work fucking hard for my business so it was basically like stealing my blood/sweat/tears. I don’t know who you are but I hate you on principal.

On a parting note, I just want to lie in bed and sleep for an entire fucking week, just to catch up on all the sleep that I’ve lost / didn’t get to have while pushing work/school/freelance.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

Too freakin’ cute. They’re light and not too big, really quite wearable.

On a side note, I just got home after a super long day out running errands, could not make it to the post office so I’m quite pissed about it. Am back home right now sitting in a giant pile of parcels to be mailed out tomorrow *pulls face*.

What are your plans for the new year? For the past few years we’ve been pyros and made long-exposure pictures, but now I feel like maybe we’re too old for that lol. Just gonna chill out, knock back a few cold ones and bask in awesome company. 2013 has been one hell of a hectic year, remember my to-do list last year?

  Hit 3000 Likes on the Nakedglory Fb Page
  Revamp the Nakedglory website
  Save at least $5k at the end of the year
  Get my accounts in order
  Stop swearing Swear less
  Possibly start schooling again
  Learn to poach an egg (LOL)
Okay la I think managed to finish most of my resolutions; not too bad if I do say so myself ;P . Here’s to better goals for the next year, will come up with the list tomorrow when my brain isn’t crying from exhaustion. Have a good night y’all :D !