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My new Small Flap Wallet from Kate Spade Saturday :D ! I JUST found out about the brand and I gotta say, I’m smitten *_* ! I adore all their bags man seriously too pretty! Check out their site here: A word of caution though, you will most probably not leave the site empty handed. I’m eyeing the Inside Out Pocket Bag, I saw it at only $150 at the Ion branch but they didn’t have black anymore I might be ordering so let me know if anyone is keen, I might be opening a spree :D !

This wallet is the perfect size to me. Small enough to fit in every single one of my bags, plus it has a TON of compartments. There are at least 6 slots where I can shove more cards in, not counting the 8 basic card slots you can see right up front. I also love the fact that the lining is in a different fabric (monochrome stars in my case). Super love. Also, damn soft! Got it for $120 at ION, but I just saw it online for like $75 USD *DEAD* but my colour is sold out so my heart/wallet is not crying THAT badly. Still, a really good buy though! I can see this going the distance :D !

New Titan series! Damn excited to launch, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Must see in IRL, not even kidding! No buckles of any kind, just embraces your wrist like a dear friend. LOL IS MY COPYWRITING GOOD OR WHAT HAHAHA #noshame. Anyway, please ignore the many many shots of my hairy arms, I just need to paste them here so I can download directly into my phone to instagram LOL.

Hmkay Imma continue wrapping parcels now, see you guys tomorrow at the flea :D !

Happy boxing day, guys! Hope y’all had a blast (: ! I personally had a peaceful, quiet xmas at home with the bf and friends. We cooked (not well, I might add), and just finally got to hang out like we used to. Good times.

Random ox ornament from Crate & Barrel at Ion. Cute but completely useless, as with most of my things LOL.

Bf got me the Kenzo Tiger Ring that I’d been eyeing! Not too sure if you can even call it a gift, since I bought it myself and told him how my wallet was crying, so he said to me in his most ah-beng voice, “NVM! LIMBEI PAY! XMAS GIFT!!“. So lomantic hor? How can I resist this boy, really *insert eyeroll here*.

I really do love the ring though! It was originally priced at $184, but was on 10% of xmas. Decided to give myself a treat, which turned out to be just another massive guilt trip on my part lol.

Dress from Factorie, fat toes inherited from my mother, super dope Leather Backpack from Pull & Bear. Really really love this, check out the surprising blast of neon pink when you open it!

Skinny Pizza at JEM. Squid Ink Paella was pretty good, so was the chocolate cake. Would definitely return again (: !

The mess that is my room.

Finally managed to get my cupboards up after approximately 5000 trips to Ikea and back. It was such a crazy, horrendous experience. I’d blog about it but I’m still so fucking pissed I think I might pop an artery if I do. Will save that story for another day.

My room is currently cut in half by these cupboards. I love that they’re white and pristine and are 3 by 3 in a perfect square. They also hide my sofa bed from view. I bought 2 pillows from Ikea which turned out to be completely horrendous. Bought a super fluffy quilt from the Isetan sale at Tampines, which came with 2 free just-as-fluffy pillows. The pillows were my main goal but the deal was too good to pass up. $99 for the whole set. Kinda makes me feel like I’m hugging little clouds. Too shiok!

My room is shaping up pretty nicely, but frankly I’ve spent a BOMB on it. I haven’t even managed to get a good table or chair. If you’ve noticed, most of my furniture is white or black. My table is currently wooden and brown and I kinda hate it lol. Really hope it’ll be done asap so my wallet can stop withering.

Hmkay that’s about all the updates I have for now. Ran out of blogging juice about 30 minutes into the post LOL.

On an unrelated note, I’m really not enjoying school at all. I feel like it’s a burden I could really do without, but I’m not sure how to break it to my parents. It’s not going to be a fun process, let me tell you that. As it is, I’m already about 10k in, and I know they’re gonna be cranky as fuck, but the truth is that I’m no longer happy. Also, my income has been cut in HALF, which is no joke. Not too sure how to broach the subject, but I do know it won’t end well.

Hmkay also, we’ll be at the three blind mice flea this weekend at the F1 Put Building, 11am-8pm! I get to give away a few expres passes, so stay close on our instagram (@nakedglory) for sneaks (: !

Hope you all had a good christmas, the new year is just around’ the corner so fingers crossed it’ll be a really good one :D !


Roarrr sorry I left my SD card with my toady boyfriend so I can’t post any pics. Skinny Pizza / Westgate exploration post coming soon :D ! In the meantime, please admire this gorgeous watch on my super-tanned boyfriend’s hand. I’m always giving him watches, but this is the first time he’s worn his non-stop. Here’s hoping it’s a long-time thing and not another phrase he’ll grow out of -_- .

Have a good weekend ahead guys! Imma be heading down to the Public Garden Flea in awhile :D ! See you guys there if possible k, tons and tons and TONS of awesome new arrivals today :D

Check out these awesome acrylic badges I got at the flea! They’re from a local pair of artist under the label Rox And Paper (facebook/carousell). All illustrated by them, and manufactured into solid acrylic badges. Mad hipster! Got these for a hipster friend of mine whom I KNOW will love these to death!

Free wrapping paper printed by Public Garden; this was distributed at the flea for people who popped by :D ! My favourite icon on this is the tent :D

My new iphone case :D ! Got this all the way from Slovenia, don’t play play k ! DAMN chio, I had a hard time choosing my favourite design; you can browse all the gorgeous cases here on their shop : Another Case. Seems pretty sturdy, and I really freakin’ love the shape of the cutout (for the camera slot). Extremely unique.

Did I mention I’m getting my iphone 5S tomorrow morning? I gave my mother my iphone 5, so we had to swap the phones earlier today so I’d be able to trade her shitty iphone 4 in. It’s terrible @_@. Lagging my freakin’ balls off, plus all the dimensions seem so wrong now that I’ve been on the iphone 5 for so long. Did I also mention the intense lag? My brain practically weeps each time I unlock the phone. I apologize in advance if my replies to messages/whatsapps are super slow today, promise they’ll be more timely tomorrow when I’m on a less shitty phone.

Sigh pie, had to delete a whole chunk of text again cause’ blogging about these things would be unprofessional. Can I just say that lousy customers make me so so so grateful for all the sweet ones? I read somewhere that to make your life happier, you shouldn’t hold people to the same standard as you would for yourself, cause’ it’s bound to disappoint you and/or piss you off. That really struck a chord with me. I’ve been so prickled by these asshats who have been copying me left/right and center. I’m really trying to let go of the grudge. They’re only imitating me cause’ they’re trying hard to catch up with me, so I guess I should just continue to work my butt off to get so far ahead they can’t even touch me.

Oh well. I really wish I could blog about more personal things, but now that everything is interlaced with work, I fear I really can’t ): . Hope y’all are having a better week than I’m having so far!

The mess that currently is my room. I’m trying to pack but I’ve so many things that it’s crazy overwhelming @_@.

Herschel Supply at our flea at Public Garden :D !

New arrivals go up at 8pm, 15% of all Casios as well, see you guys on

Finally tried the infamous Mee Hoon Kuay at Beauty World Center. Honestly I feel like it’s a little overrated, but it was still pretty good! $4 for this, worth at least one try though :D !

Mentaiko pasta from a random Japanese Cafe in Nex. Bad service, mediocre food. Not worth mentioning.

This is super backdated, but these are some progress shots from helping my sister set up her boyfee’s surprise party that was themed along the lines of the Blurred Lines Video by Robin Thicke! Had to venture into the massively ulu parts of Singapore to source for these silver balloons. The 20″ ones were WAY too expensive, so I searched high and low for the smaller 6″ ones :D ! Cute, functional and basically the perfect birthday party accessory. Let me know if you think I should open a preorder for these; they’d make an awesome addition to your xmas party decor :D !

Also, the massive amount of accessories we brought to the flea (: ! It sold so well, really grateful for all the support guys :’) ! Next batch of accessories is on it’s way and we’ll be bringing it to the next subsequent flea, so stay close k (: !

On one last note, new arrivals that JUST arrived. HOW CHIO ?! The burgundy one is really :’) ! Will be bringing these to the flea tomorrow, do drop by if y’all can :D !

This conversation literally just happened.

Sister: Have you heard of the asshole exhibition?

Me: WHAT?! NO?!?

Sister: Really?

Me: WTF? What is it??

Sister: Literally, an exhibition of assholes lor. Google it!

Me: NO?!

Sister: GOOGLE IT!


Sister: Facebook lor.

I proceed to google this against my better judgement. This is my current expression and will remain so for the next 48 hours I think.

Proceed with caution, friends.

Cute markers from Daiso. $2 for a pack of 3. Bought these for Pictionary Night at my place! Vintage easel + giant sheafs of paper ($6/pack from Popular) + markers ($2) + crazy people (f.o.c) = one hell of a night. Try it! Cheap and fun hangout idea :D ! I should have kept some of the pictures though, some were so ridiculous they should have been framed after lol. Don’t worry if you don’t have an easel; maybe try a clipboard or you can stick it the paper to the wall instead! Go crazy :D !

My favourite lip balm EVER. Isn’t sticky nor smelly, doesn’t have a weird taste and keeps my super-chapped lips soft. I’m not in the habit of guzzling water, so my lips are almost always cracking, peeling and bleeding even. Not after using this though ! The Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant/Sunscreen (LOL THE NAME SUPER STEP I CAN’T EVEN) is $14.95 from Guardian (sold out at Watsons, try the obscure branches of Watsons/Guardian! There are a few left at the Tampines Mall branch), worth every penny. As for the taste, it’s a bit like slightly-waxy candy. Doesn’t leave a sour taste, doesn’t coat your tongue either. Did I already mention how much I love it? Ok imma stop raving now lol. But get one okay!

My new printed leather pouch from Becausebecause ! This is my fourth one, shaped similarly to the Baggu pouches. Zipper closure; completely awesome. Every time i pass by their booth, my hands itch to get another one @_@. Too addictive. P.S – That’s a Vintage Titan, comes with 2 year warranty. Coming soon :D !

I feel like this is possibly my first non-commercial entry in a long long long long time. Just some updates : Schools’ been a pain, travelling back and forth is really no mean feat. Freelance’s been fun save for a few major hiccups that made me wanna punch people. Trying to resolve them amicably has taken all the tact and self-control that I never knew I had. In business, it’s not nice to blow up even when people are acting shitty so I’ve been biting my tongue and basically 打小人-ing at home LOL. I swear I’m nice in general but being around irresponsible/rude/shitty people has been nothing but trying. As for Nakedglory, I’ve been slogging day and night over the new website. I may have shed a few tears and stayed up til’ wee hours of the morning, but it’s going to be so freakin’ worth it when I’m done.

On a random note, I’ve brought in some gorgeous Herschel Supply satchels and backpacks, I want to display them at the flea but I can’t think of any way besides a hatstand, but that won’t allow me to display them all. Maybe I should bring a clothes rack and string them by the top loop? Any suggestions? I’ve until Friday to prep @_@.

Hmkay that’s all, it’s been one hell of a busy week, I’m gonna dive into the 156 emails that remain unanswered T_T. Do drop by the Public Garden Xmas Market fleas if possible k, there are so many gorgeous things to buy that I rarely leave empty handed. See you if I see you (: !

P.S – I swapped out the font and made it bigger, hope it’s more legible than before. Let me know what you think :D !