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1. Asos Green Sunnies : $10

2. Urban Outfitter Beige Clubmasters : $10 Pending

3. ASOS X Eyes : $10 Pending

Get all 3 for $20!

4. Charles & Keith Sunshine wallet (with back detachable zippered pouch) – $15

Retailed for much more, but has scratches and marks, hence cheap. Inside of the wallet is pristine though!

5. Colab wallet from Karmaloop – $10 Pending

shittonne of wallet space / card slots. used quite a bit, but still in quite good condition save for what you see above.

Nego with multiple purchases!

6. Accessorize Owl Pouch – $8 Pending

Snap button closure. Used once.

7. Giant Ribbon Rings – $8 each or both for $10

adjustable ring backs

8. Skull ring in Gold – $12

9. Skull ring in Silver – $12

10. Tiger Ring – $8

Fits ring size M/L

11. Set of 2 nautical rings – $10

Fits ring size M/L

12. ASOS Horse Play Ring – $5

13. Cicada Silver Ring (adjustable back) – $5

14. STFU double ring – $5

15. Spider Ring – $8

16. Eyeball ring – $5

17. Batman Ring – $12

18 Stack of Single rings : $15 for all

19. Stack of double rings – $15 for all

Get every single ring in this post for $35

20. Armcandy Lot A : $10 everything in here for $10 !

21. F21 Spiky Stretch Bracelets in Gold PENDING and Silver, $8 each or both for $12

22. F21 Spike Bracelets in Gold PENDING and Silver , $8 each or both for $12

23. Urban Outfitters Bangle Set – $10

24. F21 Nautical Bracelet Set

25. ASOS Gogo Philps Stretch Bracelet Set – $8

26. Gogo Philips Chain Bracelet – $12

27. Stretch Skull bracelet – $5 Pending

28. Dive Wooden Heart Necklace – $8

29. Diva Acrylic Stag Necklace – $8 PENDING

30. Diva Pink Birdy Necklace – $5

slight discoloration on bird’s wings

31. Coral Drops Necklace – $8 Pending

32. Silver Spiked Sun Necklace – $5

33. F21 Gold Sunray Necklace – $8

34. F21 Medallion Necklace – $15

35. Newlook Rope / Gold Bead necklace – $15

36. F21 Gold Triangle Necklace – $8

37. Cotton On Silver Triangle Necklace – $5

38. F21 Anchor Necklace – $5

39. Lips Necklace, slight chipping of colour – $2

40. Cotton On Gold Triangle Necklace – $5

41. ASOS Black Acrylic Bird Necklace – $8

42. ASOS Badge Necklace – $8 Pending

43. Adjustable gold beads on fabric necklace – $8

44. Silver Semicircle Necklace – $5

45. Diva Gold knot Necklace – $8 Pending

46. Turquoise Armor Necklace – $12

47. Freak Necklace

50. F21 Chevron Necklace in Gold and Silver – $12 each or both for $20

51. Diva Golden Ball Necklace – $8 PENDING

52. Yellow Dipper Necklace – $5 PENDING

53. Juicy Couture Silver Charm Bracelet – $35 Pending

Hmkay that’s all for today, text or whatsapp me at 96716946 if confirming, postage not included in the price. Self Collection available at all my upcoming flea booths:

Sat 23 Nov – Sun 24 Nov
Sat 30 Nov – Sun 1 Dec
Sat 7 Dec – Sun 8 Dec
Sat 14 Dec – Sun 15 Dec

Time: 1-7PM
Venue: TripleOne Somerset Level 16

Text away! Super nego for multiple items, else can the whole damned post for $100 (the JC bracelet alone is $35 already, it’s a super good deal for basically one bloody shelf of things that make your very own Diva Store LOL).

Text text text away !

Some amazeballs Herschel Supply backpacks coming your way :D ! On a side note, trying to formulate an accessory selling post by tomorrow if possible. Stay close k, self collection is encouraged at our flea markets for the next 4 weekends :D !

On another random side note, I just had a fairly bad argument with my mother. I well and truly hate it when adults don’t act as such. Why in the flaming hell can’t people act their age? She’s trying to tell me that parents are parents and therefore should be respected, but why the fuck should I respect someone who won’t even respect me? Who only knows how to nitpick at me; constantly trying to find minute issues to blow out of proportion? I’m truly sick of his shit, and I refuse to kowtow to this ridiculous notion that respect is a GIVEN to elders. No. Hell no.

I give the proper mediocrem of respect, which is acknowledgement. But I won’t fucking lower my fucking selfworth to have to resort to BEGGING or fucking running after someone JUST to acknowledge their presence when they slam the fucking door in my face. No. Response begets response, please remember the words you have repeated to me over the years. I’m not going to fucking beg. If you refuse to listen to logic, then fuck it; we’ll forever be at a standstill.

I’m a logical person. If you give me an argument that I can’t refute or debate, I will take it as it is and I will back down. I won’t give in to crap logic like “he’s your father”. Excuse me while I try to find a few fucks to give. If he loves me as he claims, he won’t keep putting me through this shit. I’ve fucking had enough.

Logo I’ve been working on, not sure which one I like better. Needs more work though.

On a completely random note, I am late as FUCK for class. In fact, class started 5 minutes ago across the island LOL. Am calling a cab and about to hightail the fuck outta here, then chiong down to Far East to collect my flea goods (I seriously have the BEST client ever. Can you believe that Blogshopping actually lets me out my crapload of flea display stuff at their shop before they close up??? So freakin’ nice please, which shop owner will actually do that? I can’t even think of ONE. Seriously they’re awesome and a joy to work with.

Some recent work I did for them! They’re having this amazeballs giveaway – ANY purchase entitles you to win an item of your choice! 1 winner per outlet per week, that’s 3 winners a week leh! No minimum spending either. You could buy like 10 items, split them all into single transactions and get 10 freakin’ chances please?! Members get DOUBLE the chances. Don’t say I never intro good deal k! Plus, you get 5% off when you use NETS :D !

Aiya okay I really gotta go, gotta prepare goods for the Hollyhoque giveaway then cab the fuck down to clementi T_T.

See y’all at the flea later k, massive amount of new arrivals & restocks :D

In complete non-relation to the picture above, I had a massively shitty Friday last week. I woke up early and FINALLY managed to drag my ass to the MRT (instead of once again spending much too much on cabs).

As you probably know, the MRT is a crowded place. One that is EVEN more intolerably so during the peak hours. People tap their cards one after another like clockwork, except for the occasional “jam” in the queue when one asswipe forgot to top up his/her card or if they tap it wrongly. ONE SUCH DUMBASS JUST HAPPENED TO BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. He tapped his empty card and the light flashed red – which basically means “TURN AROUND AND GET OUT OF THE QUEUE, DUMBASS”, right?! I was DIRECTLY behind him and was already mid-way to tapping my card. It was too late. BOOMZ. I’d tapped the god damn card. AND THE FUCKER WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE GANTRY!!!!!!

DIS BITCH D:< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck leh seriously! I wanted to yell at him but he fucking basically waddled away at the speed of sound. Asshat. I had to get my card reset and in order to do that, I had to QUEUE up at the passenger service booth. IN PEAK HOUR. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT QUEUE IS AT THE POINT OF TIME?! You GOTTA be shittin' me man ):< !!!!!!!!!!!! Missed like 2 fucking trains, which subsequently made me miss my bus, which subsequently made me late. I really hope that balding bastard gets detained and has his anal cavity searched ):< ! On another shitty note, I dreamt my grandma fell down a flight of stairs and I could reach her in time. Cue massive amount of tears at like 8am in the morning YAY FABULOUS I’M OBVIOUSLY HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE. On a final (and much less negative) note, I’m shifting rooms. Right now it’s basically looks like the aftermath of a fresh natural disaster, but on a happier note, I found many things that I thought I’d lost lol. Please look out for a selling post coming your way, probably some time this week, else the next. Many many many many many many things upcoming, please bear with me cause’ it’s gonna be a pretty big haul lol. Hmkay off to wrap parcels, ttyl!

New today, and chio as hell seriously!

Upcoming events:

Sat 9th Nov : Scape, Outside Toastbox
Sat 16th Nov – Sun 17th Nov: Scape, Outside Toastbox
Sat 23 Nov – Sun 24 Nov : TripleOne Somerset Level 16
Sat 30th Nov – Sun 1st Dec: TripleOne Somerset Level 16

Sorry I’m in a horrible rush, but I swear i’ll update properly tomorrow :x !

Collin’s Grill & Bento
Blk 531 Bedok North Street 3,
Singapore 460531

Boyfriend brought me here cause’ his friend is one of the chefs. Really loved the mushroom soup and the ribs oh my gosh the ribs were STELLAR. Fall-off-the-bone tender, and not completely overpowered by BBQ sauce. Better than the rack of ribs that I’d recently had at Kenny Rogers, no joke. Do drop by to try, it was pretty affordable too! The steak and prawns were just alright, so skip those and head right for those ribs, friends! Kinda craving them again T_T. Gonna drag my sister there to try them as well :D !

Some new arrivals that will be up on site in at 8pm :D ! Do also note that backorders for the Printed Pretties will open tonight at 8pm as well, see you on the other side on:

Old classics in new frames. Keeping several for myself! See you outside toastbox at Scape! We’ll be there from 1pm – 7pm.

These frames are gold plated and won’t tarnish even after years of wear. Get them for $25 each only at today’s flea! See y’all there (:

My grandmother passed late Monday night. Thank you for all your condolences and well wishes; they mean the world. It’s been a painful week, and when we sent her to be cremated I thought my heart would shatter. This is how I will always remember her – plump and peppery, with a head full of white fluffy hair and twinkly blue eyes. I guess i’m lucky in some sense of the word – I never had anyone I loved taken away from me. We all knew her time was coming, but it still felt like rock bottom when it actually did. I’m not sure how grieving stops or fades with time, I only know that it hurts when it does.

She’s in a better place, without boredom and suffering, but I will miss her all the same.

On a somewhat related note, due to the funeral, I missed many many lessons and I fear that I am falling behind. Quite honestly it feels like a barely slept the entire week. I want to get some shut eye but I have too much work. There’s a flea this entire weekend at Scape and I honestly don’t feel like leaving the house. I want to just shut my eyes, shut the door and sleep forever.

Did I mention it’s been a long week? Hope y’all are having a better one than this. Ttys