It’s been a really mixed week for me. Check out this monster of a bruise, courtesy of my lovely sister. I was sitting on a stool in my room, listening to music / wondering why Justin Beiber is popular / doing my work, when I heard a few knocks on the door. I yelled out a very courteous, “YA?!” but received no reply.

Pushed my stool back (okay technically it’s just a cube on wheels, with no back) so I could stand up, but the edge got jammed against my bed and it basically flipped. Something like this:

But only about 400 bloody times faster. I flailed (gracefully, of course) and one of the edges of the cube gouged my leg on the way down. YAY! At that point of time, it only showed a little nicked skin, but I already knew it was gonna be one hell of bruiser in a day or two, mostly because my calf was already smarting like a little bitch.

Let’s get back to the knocks on the door, shall we? I struggled to my feet while swearing my ass off, yanked the door open .. to no one at all. My sister’s room is just next door, so obviously she’s the most likely culprit, no?? I knocked on her door and yelled, “OI YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR IZZIT?!“. Her reply?

“Hehehe did you hear my morse code? I was knocking on the wall to see if you could hear me!”


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