The lurbzzzzzzzz of my lifeeeee ❤ ROFL

Namecards got name.

Badges got pin. ROFLROFL AIYA I AM NUASAI OKAY cannot think of funny captions la don’t judge me tsk. Badges handmade and designed by my cousin~

Taopao-ed LJS ! Interesting packaging – feels very “street-food-ish’

Mirrors + Slim coke bottle is slim.

Cute earrings ! By !

2 stalls down from me ! Can’t find the URL leh lol.

Made In Candy packets

Nail art bundles

Cute charms! Would have bought one if their thread was a solid black instead though. By sarahs-loft

Cute totes by sarahs-loft

LOL THAT TOTE MADE ME LOL LIKE MAD ! So cute right?! + A shitload of cute/unique shades

It’s a neopet plushie !!!!!! Okay I am like spastic child #1 obviously rofl. Lena and Zichao dropped by to accompany me! Thank you guysssss (even though you walk as fast as cripple turtles)!

Whacking KFC. The flea market was MAD HOT i just kept chugging coke/water tsk. Also, I FOUND THE GREEN MARCJACOBS KEYLOOP ^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to a super nice reader who informed me that another girl who was selling it online *weeps hysterically*

General blue/green theme going on – but my IB device is such a striking red nabei – SIBEI PAI KUA seriously zzz. Does anyone have the black / green DBS stickers? Sell to me leh ^^ !

Lena penaaaaaaaaaaa – she went to cut her hair / meet sean – possibly to discuss their undying love for Air Supply *cringe*

Met my favourite little bitches. They were SERIOUSLY being fucking annoying la – keep moving around while I was trying to take pictures, stuck their hands/handsigns/middle fingers into the frame etc NABEI! Stop it hor basket I will wipe jamie’s peesai on ya’ll !!!!!!!!!!! ROFL which is quite literally what I did la HAHAHAHAHA yes I am disgusting like that. They said they were just prepping me for the level irritation they were going to throw at me for the Genting Trip. Sometimes I really feel like stabbing them leh seriously -.- zzzzz.



._. ……..

Ball suckers KEKEKEKEKE caught Takers after this – pretty good movie, really ! Drove around like spastic idiots trying to find a place to chill before finally settling for hongkong noms at POMO lol.

LOLOLOL Daniel wore his helmet in the sun and got a FUCKING WEIRD tan line along his jaw line ! FUCKING FUNNY/DISTRACTING/WEIRD LOR FAIL MAX ! Also, please see unnecessary handside subtly inserted into photo TSK THIS BITCH !!

He dropped his iphone 4 kekekeke face black like an unshaven asshole man HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Watching a horror movie on Channel 8 while waiting for noms – it was about 1am at this point I think rofl.

Can’t even get a proper picture of the menu TSK THIS BITCH

We had tofu. It was delicioussssssssss! I was also starving, so you should disregard any opinions about the food rofl. No la just kidding – it’s not like my tastebuds spoil when I’m hungry right -.- ? Just slight inclination to be biased is all rofl.

Beef stew – not bad either !

Comes with rice~

Baked rice – didn’t bother to try this but it did look delicious lol.

After noms, jamie and shaun had a who-farts-louder showdown while daniel had a showdown with the toilet rofl. Lotsa singing (on my/daniel’s part) and wailing (on jamie’s part) and general kaopei-ing in the car on the way home rofl. Man I love these bitches. They are loud and insane and disgusting (sometimes a combination of all 3 at the same time) but I always have so much fun when I’m with them. This high sorta feeling could possibly have been caused by the lack of oxygen from being forced to smell their farts when I am trapped in the car with these bitches. rofl.

Ah okay I’m going to order food and nua my fucking ass off for awhile. Gachapon post later + a possible selling post tonight because BASKET need to renew my passport $80 leh KNNB !!!!!!!!! FTS man seriously zzz.

Okat ttyl, hungry bitch is a cranky bitch !

PS – Do try to wait 10 minutes before reading a new post, because that’s the time I take to proof-read and edit typos out lol paiseh!

This video is so freaking cute la rofl that girl is INSANE. Watch this shit while the photos are being uploaded k? This is better than bieber shit ANY DAY rofl rofl BRB!

Just got home / am now a farting machine / can’t seem to stop / why am I even awake ?

Answering all tagboard/formspring queries tmr – night ya’ll.

On a side note, today was crazy – my friends were being gigantic assholes and apparently their only goal of the day was to annoy the flying fuck out of me. I predict that this Genting trip will be the death of me – 48 solid hours in their company leh. Confirm gone fuck gg shitballs.

Cocksters united I swear – but I love them irregardless. 8 years of friendship and counting ❤ ! Ya’ll are still annoying sluts though – go anal each other instead of annoying me pls rofl KTHXBAI.

Hairdryer works ! But only on the lowest setting -_- . It’s like trying to fan my hair dry. I got home at 9, bathed, knocked the fuck out and woke up at noon. Hair still wasn’t dry. What kind of bullshit is this ?!?!? Oh and dropped my mirror on the floor. Subsequently breaking it. YAY ME ^^ !!!

Knnb srsly sibei suay wah buay tahan x_X ! On bus to meet owner-of-previously-mentioned-vintage-object, hopefully it’ll turn out ok ! Ttys !

Have emailed the winner kekeke ^^ !

On a side note, thank you all for joining, especially those of you who bothered to write stories even AFTER it became a free-for-all ! Ya’ll are so sweet (T_T)/ !

* is touched / weeps hysterically*

Okay gtg shitload of shit to do for the flea in 4 hours :D !

PS – if you didn’t win don’t worry la, I’m a ring fiend and I’ll always have extra rings to give away kekeke ^^

Okay shit really gtg baiiiiiiiiii <3

I think I might just be slowly going into a coma. Moving slower and slower as the minutes tick by and I’m just spacing out insanely.


I stumbled on this while trolling tumblr, and it just makes me sad. I really want to be able to do that one day. To finally be able to do what I like and hopefully like what I do while I’m at it. Here’s hoping.

PS – giveaway ends midnight! Woo can’t wait :D

Spent 20 mins looking for my favourite tube dress today. FUCKING DULAN urgh. I really can’t find it la fuck I hate it when I can’t find shit it makes me want to kick a small child zzz. Where the fuck did it go ?? Kenna kidnap by Lord Voldemort izzit tsk zz.

Aiya anyway :

Cross ring giveaway ends tonighttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! Remember to leave a comment (HERE) to get a chance to win it :D !

Okay I’m going to make ring / curse Lord Voldemort / sulk one corner for awhile ttys lol.

Shiok song to set the mood ! It’s Will Smith’s daughter, she’s like 9 or something la and I feel like a pedobear/ameer/gerald when I watch this, but it’s damn catchy la please don’t judge me T_T!


Gachapon stash #2 !

Poohs and tiggers and stitch OH MY! roflrofl ya la ya la I am of the gay la what you want rofl

Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland :D

This one makes me LOL til I want to die rofl. There’s a pole sticking out of Raichu’s ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

My demonic trident HAHAHA

Got solid abs okay don’t play play HAHAHA

HOW BADASS IS MY SWORD? Got two skulls some more okay sibei hiong la HAHAHAHA

Also, super bloody f-ing happy ! Alteration-lady txted me today and told me to pick it up tomorrow, am super psyched I hope it turned out awesome (T_T) !

Oh and Kate spade is having a sale zomg faster run and order !!! And as with all sales :

Kate Spade NEDA wallet in Cherry !

Been waiting for it to go on sale for AGESSSSSS kekeke okay that is all KTHXBAI ❤

It was Joleong’s birthday yesterday :D !! So headed down to Epicurious at The Quayside to surprise her (she’d gone first with Chingy). Was late, got lost and realized that it’s FUCKING far from the MRT, and cabbed down instead rofl. Cab ride took 4 minutes and $3.20 but I didn’t mind AT ALL. Like seriously it was FUCKING warm yesterday @_@.

Water came in Vodka bottles. Cute idea!

Joleong took this ROFL FAIL. Please also notice that she was facing the entrance, so suffice to say my ‘surprise’ failed horribly -.-

They both had the breakfast set – eggs, bread, salad and a meat of their choice (bacon for chingy, salmon for jo). Eggs were shiok, but nothing to shout about leh, really.

Prawn miso-cream sauce pasta. Quite shiok, but a bit too salty la – filling though ! (B+)

Couldn’t finish because the sauce was really thick ! This was taken by joleong lol.

Trained down to novena


Lent Chingy my watch for the day keke

Dropped by Udders for waffles because apparently they were having a waffle craving but .. they FORGOT to order waffles in the end -.- …… Mango Sorbet, I can’t remember the white one but it was like vanilla and random chunks of snickers or something and green tea.

The green tea was terrible though – the store bought ones from Sukisushi was 10 times better (T_T)

Jokers united lol.

Joleong poking my phone. That particular page comprimises completely of paid games, some of which I have NO idea WHY i bought tsk tsk.

@_@ Brain melts zz

I think they bought a cow costume and wrapped it around the water cooler @_@ so it looks like you’re getting water from .. an udder. LOLOL I can’t decide if this is an A+ or a F- leh HOW?!

-.- purposely NOT moving for the gif rofl irritating!

Didn’t touch it after like 5 spoonfuls la it had this weird powdery-ish texture I can’t quite describe @_@.

I think they bought a cow costume and wrapped it around the water cooler @_@ so it looks like you’re getting water from .. an udder. LOLOL

Spork !

Imitating joleong’s signature mouth-open-plus-peace-sign pose + her trying to photobomb but FAILING terribly – FUCKING funny she was like closing her eyes dunno doing WHAT backside expression man seriously ROFLROFLROFL

All dying after looking at the polaroid! We went to United Square’s Toys R Us after this kekeke and subsequently bought the weapons of awesomeness rofl.



Spongebob laptop leh don’t play play!

Comes with Krabbypatty mouse somemore! ZAI!

THE CLAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !! KEKEKE Toystory reference, in case you didn’t realize lol



Lousy parang handlers HAHAHA

Walking around holding all this shit was FUCKING FUNNY LOL. People were staring in horror/amusement rofl someone approached me in Ion and asked me where I’d gotten them rofl. Another lady asked me as well back at Tampines @_@

And AGAIN with the damned peace sign -.- zz

Headed to Ion for poached chocolate and to meet an exbf lol.

They waited with me for abit cause’ he was late lol. Hope you had a gd bday joleong ^^ !! May the height fairy bless you in time to come KEKEKEKEKEKEKE ^^

So I met up with W after .. 7 years approximately I think rofl. I’d expected it to be awkward but it wasn’t that bad la lol. It didn’t end very well because I was young and stupid, and dumped him unceremoniously for someone else. I know i know, I was horrible and quite possibly a childslut and for that I really apologize. Now when I look back I can’t fathom why in the hell I did what I did la, but please excuse my chao ahlian days pls pls thanks.

He’s a lot cuter now though keke – I didn’t snap a photo cause’ I thought it might be weird la seriously lol – and tall too. I loveeee tall guys seriously I don’t know what it is about them! Earlier in the morning joleong/chingy and i saw a really, really short dude who was about 3 cm taller than me @_@. That’s like a bit sad seriously zzz. I’m already short – what if I marry a short dude? OUR BABIES WILL BE MIDGETS D: !!!

But I digress. I had a nice time la, and I’m quite glad I got the opportunity to apologize for my actions lol. It was a good day keke ^^

Ah okay I am nua as shit right now. Gonna go finish up my nails then continue with the next post in a bit! TTYS ❤

On a side note, don’t forget to leave your name and email address (HERE) for the doublecross ring giveaway ^^ ! Ends friday nightttt ~

On another side note – tell ya’ll only need to write email address SUDDENLY GOT FLOOD OF PEOPLE JOINING HAHAHAH BASKET YA’LL !!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL OKAY TTYL

Do you know that fucking horrible WE CAN BE FRIENDS shit that plays every time you call a friend who happens to suscribe to Singtel ?


All you singtel peeps, please take a minute to do this and spare yourself and your friends the agony of listening that irritating song !

1) Dial *590

2) Press 7 for Termination

THERE YOU GO! EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! Don’t say I never share ways to make the world a better place k !

Okay I am starving and doing my nails to pass the time! Ah okay gonna go collect my chicken chop keke ttyl!

On a side note, do remember to leave your name and email add (HERE) to take part in the giveaway k :D ! Contest ends this friday night :D !