Take a listen to this dude. HOW DREAMY (excuse the pun lol) IS THIS VERSION OF TEENAGE DREAM??? *instant swooning* ! Am gonna photoshop and upload pictures from yesterday plus a shitload of gachaponstash #2 pictures, so enjoy this dreamy man-voice while I get all that shit done.


Bought all this shit today ! Fucking awesome la, I especially love the Devil’s Trident and the Badass sword ! All were about $8 from Toys R Us at United Square :D !! Bought the bubblesaber in hopes of being able to blow HUGE ASS BUBBLES, but as you can see, this plan did not pan out nicely (T_T). Spork (has two sizes – small and HUGE ASS and comes in a variety of pretty colours) is from some shop in Novena Square (beside Cedele), Skull also from Toys R Us.

On a side note, didn’t get as many entries in the giveaway as I anticipated – which is slightly insulting (T_T), I mean like OI 400 people read a day leh ya’ll can’t tell me stories to cheer me up?? BASKET ROFL – so it’s now a free-for-all !

Just leave your name and email address (HERE) and I’ll randomly use a number generator to pick a random winner kekeke.



:D !

Easy peasey lemon squeezy ! Giveaway ends Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !


Apparently someone woke up at 5am just to flame this girl on my formspring?

Freaky look I have leh !!!!!!

I cannot help it if I look like ….

THIS WHAT !!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Why are people so bo liao ah rofl ? Logic A+ some more – “I shop so much because I think I am hot and slim” LEH. WHY YES ! ONLY HOT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO SHOP! THIS IS BASIC COMMON KNOWLEDGE 101 !!! HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW THIS??????? Logic fucking fail la go fuck a dog.

On a side note, I don’t really think it’s that girl (the one whose url was pasted there), she seems nice enough on her blog *shrugs*. Anyway, can’t be fucked. Bo liao bitches will be bo liao. You woke up at 5am just to flame me so that I’ll flame her? Do your own fucking flaming la. Your logic so wonderfully logical I’m sure she will cower before your ~powerful engrish~ and your amazing ~pui-chao-nua skills~ ROFL.
Okay that is all ! Day off today, so probably only tinytinytiny blog updates via my iphone rofl.
Oh and was last thing : CLICK HERE

This is mah stash yo~
White Acrylic Hexagonal Necklace
Short choker-like silver chain
Brand new no tarnishing
Urban Outfitters Spinal Cord Necklace by Waylaid
Brand new no tarnishing
Medium length – tip of pendant ends below boobs
Urban Oufitters Atomic Bomb Necklace by Waylaid
Brand new no tarnishing
Medium Length – ends between boobs
Ghetto kicks necklace.
Long – ends at navel
Urban Outfitters Pearl Necklace
Short choker-style
F21 Tiny Owl Necklace
Short choker-style
F21 Aged Triple Key Necklace
Long length – end of key reaches navel
F21 Doublefeather Necklace
Long length – reaches navel
Slightly tarnished, not too obvious though!
F21 Doublecharm necklace
Ends below boobs
Tarnished, but still pretty~
Love Choker from Accessorize
Topshop Ribbon Necklace
Long length, ends at navel
Flickr finally came through, so here’s the necklace post ! Sorry it took so long though lol. Leave a comment / email me at / txt me at 96716946 ! Fastest fingers first, whomever transfers/confirms first has priority! Non-nego unless getting multiple items k, all the necklaces are peesai cheap already seriously rofl.

Necklacessssssssssssssss !!

Okay la false alarm rofl flickr is still being a little bitch CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?!?! Never before has an upload taken me hours leh fucking dulan seriously ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Therefore, necklace post tomorrow or when I get home or something la.

On an unrelated note – i am STARVING @_@ zzzzzzzz

Shoe post !

New Look Pink Sneakers, UO purpleblue chuckas !

Pink Sneakers from New Look ($15) Super sweet guniang colour of guniang-ness !

Tagged UK6/39 I think. Fits nicely, is comfy and in good condition ! ($15)

Urban Oufitters Purpleblue Canvas Chuckas ! Tagged US 9 ($25) , but sizing runs small so fits a US7.5/8 nicely (by the way, just a tip. Most UO canvas shoes are cut really small, so order a size up for plimsolls k! more on that later)!

Super cute cut! Brand new in box, laces pristine everything pristine and the colour is a really rich, chiomax purple-bluish shade !

Stock photos HERE and HERE !

Oatmeal Laceup flats ($15) ! Really cute texture ! Forgot what size is this already la must go home and check, but looks to be a UK4/5 approx I think !


ASOS Pointy Slingbacks ($25) ! Tagged UK 3 !

Slight scuffmarks as seen in photo~

Gojane Teal Suede Heels ! Tagged 7.5 ! $40 with reg mail ( Don’t belong to me obvsly lol – i don’t like pointy shoes @_@ )

and UO Deena & Ozzy Caged Sandals (bottom right corner) – Tagged Size US8, fits a UK6/39 nicely. No other photos of it though was too dark @_@ ! Stock photos HERE and HERE !

Colour is really gorgeous though !

New Look Habbo Hotel Sneaker Heels ! Tagged 6/39, going for $50 (lol these belong to poks~)

River Island White Flats ! Tagged er … wah eh I can’t remember LOL but they’re very slightly loose for a UK6/39 ! A bit dirty (which is surprising, seeing how I only wore them out like twice or something -.- ), but can be cleaned up ! $15 only keke

Cute lor y/n ?

UO Canvas Plimsolls in green ($18) ! Tagged US 8, cutting runs a bit small so should fit a UK5/38 or a SMALL uk6/39 nicely ! Worn like 5 times max I think.

Comes with white shoelaces which I’ve never worn out, so they’re in pristine condition !

And these fucking Gorgeous babies ! F21 Chunky Heels ($45) ! Tagged Size 8, fits a UK 6/39 perfectly ! Suedette finish, maryjane strap, CHIO MAX! But be warned though, these are really deathly high , 5.5″ heel height and 1.1″ platform height (the part below where the balls of your feet should be) ! OKAY PENDING ALREADY WOOHOO !

Purtyyyyyyy T_T

Black Vintage Bag with gold hardware details – $20 !

Adjustable straps, magnetic snap closure!

Has an inner, zippered pocket as well ! Does not fit A4 (Duh -.- ) , maybe about half that size la A5 approx !

Green Vintage Box Bag ($13) ! Super chio gold hardware details, adjustable straps, but has a few black lines across the front surface. Not sure if it can be cleaned off though !

Comes with inner zippered pocket !

Wah okay, next post will be a shitload of necklaces! Leave a comment if keen on the shoes or you can email me at / txt me at 96716946 for a faster reply ❤ ! Please don’t anyhow send me shit like WO AI NI YOKO or DO YOU SHAVE YOUR PITS ETC -.- k please hor rofl.

Okay that is all! Okay fine not really – I have a shitload of necklaces to post tsk – as I was going through them this morning I kept asking myself why i bought them I HAVE SO MANY @_@ !?!? Damn ridiculous la you should totally see my bangle-stash AHAHAHAHAHA okok more late ! Enjoy this smelly post for naooooooooo ❤

Shit I really want to post, but flickr is taking for-fucking-ever. I’m not even joking lor – started uploading at like 11am and it keeps hanging halfway through ! Mega irritated tsk.

Okay okay one more sneak to appease the masses okay :

More ASAP when flickr stops throwing tantrums k!

ASOS Back Cutout Maxi – Am loving the first photo! It makes me LOL insanely. Machiam some sorta tribal woman HAHAHAHAHAHA okok my point is that I woke up a bit too early today, so i made good use of the extra time, which means a shoes / vintage bags / accessories selling post is coming up soon ! Selling off my stuff for cheap la – quite tired of selling stuff already zzz. If it’s slightly more expensive means it doesn’t belong to me la k?

Tiny sneak peek:

From left to right (AGAR AGAR LA LOL) : New Look pink sneakers, ASOS Brown Pointy Slingbacks, UO Deena & Ozzy Sandals, Newlook Habbo Hotel Sneaker-heels (LOL LYDIA), UO Purpleblue chuckas, F21 Chunky Heels, Oatmeal Lace-up Flats, Gojane Teal Suede Heels, River Island White Boat Shoes and UO green canvas plimsolls!

All these (and more) up in a giant picspam / selling post later this afternoon ❤ ! Don’t say I’m not hardworking okay basket ! And in a super contradictory parting statement, I shall now go and watch the newest episode of HIMYM KEKEKE YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME LA LOL KTHXBAI TTYS



What the fuck man srsly ?! I get that some people think my formspring is or something, but wah lao this kind of thing makes my brain melt so can ya’ll please !?!?!?!?!