I keep waiting for something to happen. Perhaps a trigger of some sort that’ll knock the breath out of me and snap me out of this rut I’m in. I cannot stand boredom and monotony, but that is frankly all that I have when I work here.

I need to get out / I want to get out / this place will be the death of me.


Porridge. Staple food for sick bitches zz.

Fish with my sister yesterday.

Comes with unlimited access to the salad bar and in turn, freedom from the clutches of constipation rofl.

This was yummy. I could taste it even though I couldn’t taste ANYTHING else – I have no idea why! I’d guess because it was fucking flavourful la. It tasted spicy/sweet to me and after chowing down on a shitload of it, I spotted a yellow chunk and I was like IS THIS PINAPPLE??? (because I generally don’t eat pineapples – like those on Hawaiian pizza for example) and my sister started laughing her ass off. Afterwards she was like IT’S TOMATO-BASED! WTFFFFFFFFFFF THIS BITCH NEVER TELL ME TSK I ATE TOMATO PASTE + PINEAPPLE?!?! FUCK YOU, FLU D:< !!!!!!!!!! *damn ji dong* roflrofl.

My sister fed me a mushroom and was all like YOK YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS TRY THIS !!!! and I was like *chompchomp* “it’s .. salty. what’s it supposed to taste like?” rofl afterwhich she stoned and refused to tell me -.-

It looked delicious.

I wish I could have tasted it roflrofl.

Am now stoning my ass off at work. I forgot my milo packets and my pipagao, I could slap myself man seriously WHY SO FUCKING STUPID ?!! And now the cold air is agitating my throat *kicks small child*

Not looking to be a good day today tsk ok ttyl kthxbai.

1am, yet I am not quite in the mood to blog. I spent most of the day knee-deep in the crap-that-fills-my-room and I’ve been inhaling/ingesting so much dust I’m quite sure I will shit an entire dustbunny kingdom tomorrow morning. Thank you @yellowsandals, my #1 OCD friend lol she seriously is some sorta clothes-folding ninja or something la basket FOLD DAMN FAST AND NEAT LEH i cannot compete *bows to shifu*

And now that everything is all neat and tidy, I really don’t want to fuck it up while I shoot another selling post leh how ?? Also emptied as many cupboards and and drawers as I could and threw away 2 bags of random shit. Some things I really cannot account for when Chingy stares at said random-item in disbelief and questions my judgement as to why i bought it rofl – like a Hardgay figuirine, a binding machine etc among other ridiculous bullshit.

Here’s what it looked like when I first started LOL. Forgive my demonic-sounding voice though lol. Flu + raw throat = instant recipe for cranky bitch lol.

Haven’t quite recovered from my flu yet – which made for what quite possibly is the worst way to waste a tasty meal ): ! My sister wanted to eat at Fish and so we went and all I could taste was .. generally sweet and/or salty. Nothing by way of flavours, just like .. a sweet tinge kind of thing? MISO SAD KNNB.

Ah okay fuck my nose is filling up ttys gtg chiong to toilet before my nose cries me a river (of mucus) HAHAHAHAHAH SHALL LEAVE YOU WITH THAT LOVELY MENTAL IMAGE KTHXBAI

Oh oh and on a side note :


oaisdjfaoisdfjasodif my 2nd upper earpiercing closed already i think lol i just jammed the stud through anyway. Didn’t hurt much though lol don’t worry.

In other news, nose very itchy confirm got a lot of peesai buildup one lor tsk fuck the flu man seriously rofl.

okay off to get rid of peesai HAHAHA hopefully digging for gold will give me some mahjong luck later kekeke okay TTYLLLLLLLLLL

It’s my day off tomorrow. I’m gonna stay home, pack my room and try to get it back into an actual habitable state rofl. Which will hopefully mean an updated selling post lol. Will also be making more gachapon rings ! Will put the pics up when I’m done with them ! Will be selling them at the upcoming flea next saturday :

Event: SPACE flea market
Date: 23rd October 2010
Time: 1pm to 7pm
Venue: *SCAPE Street & Arts Market (2 Orchard Link)

It’s at the new Scape building behind cineleisure and I heard it can be motherfucking hot, so here’s hoping I can a good location (i.e : in front of a giant fan or something rofl).

In other, unrelated news, just ordered these mega adorable set of nautical-theme studs from ASOS. I have four piercings after all, might as well make the most of them right? But the thing is, I haven’t worn earrings / studs for the longest time and recently I bought a pair of tiny silver hoops (because I couldn’t find gold ones T_T ! Let me know if you know where to find them!) and the lady tried to put them through my upper earhole ( I’ve two on each lobe) and she took like 500 years but still couldn’t get it through lor ! By the end of 5 minutes, my ear was red and twisted machiam santa claus with S&M tendencies la can ?! So naturally I assumed they’d closed. Today I swapped both hoops to one ear and wtf it went through fucking easily la can? Kinda pissed me off leh srsly. Got my ear twisted for nothing. I’d already planned a trip to Bedazzle to get my ears pierced AGAIN LEH. Can you imagine if that happened I’d be FUCKING pissed off seriously tsk.

AIy anyway, really wanted those studs, so shunbian ordered this cute set of understated rings :

So as not to waste shipping ( that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

Oh and keep those your funny stories coming in for the cross ring giveaway (HERE) !! KEKEKEK ^^ Giveaway ends next fridayyyyyy :D !

Aircon making my throat itch which in turn is making me cough which in turn is making me cranky ):< OKAY TTYL KTHXBAI

Sorry, was kinda in a rush this morning so didn’t have time to take a nicer picture.
Silver Doublecross ( kekeke miso punny) ring, Gold Doublecross Ring, ASOS Darling Bobby Pin, F21 Silver Caged Ring, Silver Superman Ring, Zipia watches of chioness.
Ah anyway, am in desperate need of cheering up. Throat’s as raw as salmon sashimi lor gg ballsack.

Therefore, going to open the ring giveaway today :D !!

Just tell me a funny/disgusting/embarrassing true story that happened in your life – it can be an awesome prank you pulled or perhaps an awesome prank that was pulled on you / that time you forgot to shave your pits lol – there are no limits, really. As long as it’s fucking funny ! You can include pics and gifs to make it funnier if you wish :D ! The story that makes me laugh the fucking hardest gets the ring ! You can choose from the Gold or Silver Doublecross rings (perhaps I also should have mentioned that I’m the reason why there were only 10 cross rings left at 313 ROFL) ❤ !

CHIO DOUBLECROSS RINGS ARE FUCKING CHIO ! Do leave a comment (HERE) with the story + your email address at the bottom ! All comments screened :D !

Contest closes on the 22nd of October k ! Then you can pick the rings up on at my SCAPE flea next Saturday ^^ !