I just woke up.

4.40am now lor knn fml @_@

In other news, to the girl who was looking for Lydia’s crocodile ring – it’s on the F21 website (HERE) – hope that helps !

Just took what is quite possibly the most expensive panadol pill I’ve ever bought – $9.40 for a box leh cheebai are there gold flakes in them?? – and a cup of hot milo. I am going to sleep hoping to wake up a non-zombie.

Ttyt morning bbs ❤

I fucking feel like shit. Dehydrated like crazy = split lips = me slowly turning into a raisin.

In slightly more comforting news, managed to get it tailored – gonna collect it next week approx, hope it’ll turn out chio max or something.

Okay I am going to continue turning into a raisin ttyl.

Chiobu is chio. You see chiobu, you want to be chiobu but the time you spend longing to be a chiobu can be better spent by bettering yourself, y/n ? Everyone is superficial and this is trufax 101, but beauty will fade with time. Boobies will also sag with time. Don’t waste that time feeling inferior la, it’ll only make your boobies sag faster. You must now spend your time being awesome and funny and appreciating your good points and accepting your flaws.

For example : I’m chubby, but MY BOOBS ARE BIG ! HA ! IN YOUR FACE ! LITERALLY ! ETC ! lololol appreciate yourself la. Everyone is awesome in something, you just have to play up your ~awesome factor~.

Just remember that in 50 years, your boobies and my boobies and the chiobu’s boobies will all be sweeping the floor la, but at least I’ll be the FUNNY saggy-booby-lady :D ! See ? Upside to everything !

Cup half full or cups runneth over (literally ROFL) ok ? Chin up bb ❤

On a side note, I KEEP TYPING SITE NOTE it’s FUCKING STUPID. Then lazy to change rofl so ignore it if it you see it.

On another side note, I’m having a sore throat lor FFSF (which stands for FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK) seriously fucking pissed off already. Lan shop is bloody crowded therefore bloody noisy therefore I have to keep yelling for them to actually HEAR ME KNNB MY THROAT IS DYING I AM SO CRANKY RIGHT NOW D:< Okay fine there is an upside to this. I'm going to eat fucking spicy fried rice to burn the motherfucking fuck out of my throat lol so i'll either heal itself or kill me. So here's hoping it's not the latter lor knn rofl OKAY THAT IS ALL KTHXBAI GONNA GO APESHIT ON SOME STUPID FUCKER'S ASS NOW TTYL

Italliannies with Poks ! It’s at TripleOne Somerset, which is the building behind Scape Youth park (where Applebees etc is). You get the 5 daily mains + freeflow appetisers/desserts, and a choice of drink. They had pretty lattes and cappuccinos available but I’m not a big fan of coffee so I just went for the iced lemon tea. One of the better tasting ones I’ve had so far :D ! (B+)

Two different types of bread for you to choose from – there’s olive oil & balsamic vinegar (*SHUDDERS*) back at the table for you to dip it in.

Squash and mushrooms and peppers and other assorted veggies/fungi steeped in .. olive oil I think. Frankly was a little scared when poks asked me to take a scoop – to see all that oil was @_@ ! I drained as much off as I could before putting it on our plate though lol.

Salad bar – croutons, onions, tomatoes, more veggies and like 5 different types of dressing for you to choose from. It’s salad, so I obviously refused to touch it HAHAHAAHA

There was a spider in this – not even joking lol. We informed the staff la and the removed the spider + surrounding veggies lol. There were 2 pasta dishes in this area – one was some sorta beef pasta and it was an awesome explosion of flavour *weeps silently* – the main pasta dishes couldn’t even compare lor lol.

This, I actually liked lol. It’s just made of pizza crust or something lolol.

Pumpkin soup ! The most uncreamy version I’ve ever had lol. It was damn thin la, but since they served it in a cup I just drank it straight out of it like it was tea or something HAHAHA Poks was like WTF ARE YOU DOING ROFL


First main pasta dish – Al fungi. Your server (ours was this nice, sweet malay girl keke) will bring a GIANT dish of the main course and um .. dish it out to you lol.

I love pasta, I really do – but this one was just overwhelmed by the taste of mushrooms (T_T). NEXT!

The aforementioned olive oil & balsamic vinegar – housed in cute little rustic bottles.

Second pasta dish ! Penne in dunno-what – i really couldn’t figure out because there .. was no taste @_@

I was looking forward to the cream-based calamari pasta that Joanna recommended, but it seems like the menu rotates leh T_T

Surf & Turf ^^ !! Okay la not bad lol. (B)

Still got ~gravy action~ going on lol

Obligatory chiobu-food-companion shots lol.

Followed by plain pizza. Like literally just pizza base + tomato sauce (which i hate noooooooooooooo)

Followed by seafood pizza – okay la at least something meaty to offset the super tangy tomato base.

Lydia forcing me to try the olive oil + vinegar combo. Vinegar is just .. so fucking sour T_T !! *SHUDDERS*

More vegetables + some pumpkin. LYDIA IS A VEGGIE FIEND! Siao one rofl.

Serve offering me more plain tomato-paste-infested pizza @_@.

The lemon tea + beef pasta was my favourite part of the meal. Which is sad, because I REALLY WANTED SOME CREAM-BASED CALAMARI PASTA URGH (T_T) !

Frankly, the service far outshined the food. All the servers and even the hostess was warm and friendly, too bad the food wasn’t that great. On a side note, I really think it’s menu-dependant, like if you’re lucky, you get a shiok-pasta / main-course menu day and I’m sure it’ll be great lor! Try it anyway though and let me know if you’re lucky enough to have gotten the mythical calamri pasta (T_T)

Hope ring I gave poks lol.

On a site note, is it just me or are my Italiannies photos all slightly blurry ???? WTF MAN

Random sandals from J shoes in cineleisure + randomly walking around before catching Life As We Know It – it was a pretty good movie – just that these stupid little bitches in the front row just KEPT CLAPPING EXCITEDLY. FOR 2 FUCKING HOURS LEH ! Almost every time the baby appeared on the screen, that slutface would be like *SQUEALS* *CLAPS EXCITEDLY / SLAPS HER KNEES IN EXCITEMENT x 500* TSK KNN HOW OLD ARE YOU?? 5 ??? STFU LA knnb FUCKING annoying leh seriously. A lot of people were like SHHHHHHHHHHH but she just kept doing it until i was like STFU LA then it lessened slightly after that. Inconsiderate ho-bag. JUST DIE ALREADY URGH.

Headed to Wild Honey for abit. Just felt like gnawing on something lol. Passed poks her UO stuff YAY ^^ !

Please admire chio studded wallet in the background. It’s really quite chio lor can i was like WOOOOOOOOO *_* lolol totally ~smitten~

A shitload of rings between the two of us lol.

Magic potatoes. Delicioussssssssss T_T ! Would have been better if they had sour cream or some sort of tangy tartar sauce to go with it, but sadly they only had mustard (T_T)

Mushrooms. FAVORITE, SERIOUSLY. Damn fucking shioik *_*

This cookie contains magic. It’s like .. PHWOAR i can’t even describe it’s awesomeness lor ! It’s two chocolate-dipped short-bread cookies held together by caramel. I would have preferred it a little sweeter, but it was still pretty damn good kay I shit you not. You need to tapao this shit for your mother-in-law and in turn it’ll make her welcome you into her family with open arms etc etc lol

So magical lololol we literally STFU and stopped mid-gossip to whack this cookie rofl. OMNOMNOMMMMMMMM ^^

Met J after that. Was supposed to meet poks for drinks AFTER meeting J, but bloodloss prevailed and plans were scrapped roflroflrofl. Anyway, this joker opens his M&Ms by SQUEEZING one through the top til it explodes out. WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT? I was like JUST RIP IT LA and he was like NO ! THIS WAY, IT”S A CUSTOM FIT ! NONE WILL DROP OUT IF YOU TURN IT AROUND !! *proceeds to flips bag of M&Ms upside down* and what do you know – he was right. But still?? Damn retarded omg. *BRAIN EXPLODES*

He was hungry, so we went to White Dog cafe at vivo.

Mussels, fish and a giant prawn. Okay only lor lol.

Aglio olio. Also okay only lol.

Meat platter. He couldn’t stop grinning when he saw this tsk. Carnivore through and through man, seriously.

This makes me LOL like mad seriously lololol

Aiy okay, I am sorry if the captions are a little lackluster, I am like fucking stoned out of my fucking mind right now lol. Whole damn day just kept eating and eating roflroflrofl siao already. Barely shopped lor, seriously ! Okay fine, I’m lying rofl. I bought like a dress from Editor’s Market and another topshop Dress and a few rings as well rofl.

Loot post soon, probably when I snap out of this semi-conscious state rofl. Oh and I thought about it for awhile, and I think I’m still gonna give away the cross ring – yesterday at the 313 F21 branch, the rings were flying off the shelves and about only 10 pcs remained ? Which by the end of today should be completely gone already la, honestly speaking. Went the the F21 at VIVO as well, but it wasn’t being sold there so *shrugs*

Ah kay stoning to fucking death right fucking now lol ttyl !

Morning :D !! I am late as fuck but I haven’t told Poks that yet kekeke ! Gonna go to italiannies for later, will be back with a food post if I’m not too lazy stuffing my face ;P .

In other news, see that shiny gold cross connector ring in the above picture ? I’ll be holding a giveaway for my readers the moment I cash out my nuffnang cheque which will be very, very soon *weeps hysterically*

I haven’t decided what are the contexts of the giveaway, but I’m leaning towards you telling me the fucking funniest / most paiseh thing that has happened to you and if it makes me laugh my ass off, the ring is yours ! It’s tagged S/M but fits a US7/8 on the last two fingers just fine and although this is ironic after the christianity-related post a few posts down, the cross ring is still really quite chio lol.

Picspam when I get home if I don’t end up dying from a food coma and/or too much alcohol tonight keke ttys bbs ❤