I’m kind of in rage mode right now, and it’s all thanks to this inconsiderate auntie I met. I was in queuing up to deposit cash in the Cash Deposit Machine (duh). There were 2 machines, and therefore 2 queues and she was the 2nd in line in her queue, I was the third. The guy in front of said slimy auntie was damn slow, and when the person using the machine in my line left, the girl directly in front of me hesitated and walked away. So my turn, right? FUCKING AUNTIE JUST CROSSED INTO MY QUEUE AND STARTED USING THE MACHINE!!!!!

I swear, this is all that went through my mind:

So I just said, “Eh auntie!”. TO WHICH SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED. Seriously. This fucking slut. I kept thinking that I’m like twenty-fucking-four, so I can’t go around swearing at people anymore but I was FUCKING furious. I really just wanted to go up to her and whisper something fucking disturbing softly in her ear. Something like “I am going to find a donkey and I’m going to make it rape you in the ass.”. Or something to that effect la. Then the slow dude she was previously standing behind left, so I just went to that machine instead of grabbing her by the neck and slamming it repeatedly into the machine like I really desperately wanted to.

Honestly though, I was in a good mood cause I just randomly bought a water dispenser for my boyfriend and had just met my friend for dinner. Fucking old cunts like those deserve to just drop dead and die. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can pull shit like that. Seriously I hope you get a serious case of piles and you can’t sit down for like the next 10 years. Bitch.


Okay end of rant. On a happier note, preorder has closed and our order has been placed *throws confetti*! Thank you for the great response, will definitely open more preorders in future :D!

I know I really haven’t been blogging much, but I sometimes feel I can’t be honest here anymore. I can’t complain about customers or work cause’ it makes me feel like I’m being unprofessional. What i CAN say is that recently, a lot of people have been using my pictures to open preorders. I would just like to say that I find it fucking intolerable and honestly damn unethical. I put in the effort to take those pictures; to edit them etc. I do not appreciate you just swooping the fuck in, taking them and opening your OWN preorder. Then saying “oh pics credit to Nakedglory”. YOU’RE A DIRECT COMPETITOR. What the fuck is wrong with you? Grow some ethics, for fuck’s sake tsk.

Aiya okay I’m getting cranky just talking about it, blog more tomorrow! Hoping to try to take selling post pictures tomorrow so do stay tuned :D

Bubblegum bracelet from theaccessoryreport.

Sorry I haven’t really been out much so honestly not that much to blog about, so here’s a recent loot haul:


· Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print
· Panache Holly Swimsuit
· ASOS Shirt With Broderie Panel
· Oasis Detail Back Dress


· Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress
· Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress

Random as hell FrancFranc Bowl which I freakin’ LOVE ($11 for one bowl leh smlj). Adventure time underwear and a freakin’ adorable BMO bowtie that I’m going to force my bf to wear ^_^

The Editors Market Sleeveless Chambray Shirt – Selling this for $23, text me at 96716946 if keen :D
All measurements and details can be found : HERE . Retailing for $29 btw!

The Editors Market Rosette Chiffon Blouse – Also selling this for $23, text me at 96716946 if keen :D
All measurements and details can be found : HERE . Retailing for $29 btw!

The Editors Market Scattered Floral Romper – Selling this for $28, text me at 96716946 if keen :D
All measurements and details can be found : HERE . Retailed for $35 and completely sold out on site :D !

The Editors Market Eyelet Tank. Really like the flattering print, although the shoulder/armhole parts were cut a little weird so I had them tailered to be less “wide”, if that makes any sense. Am wearing it right now! It’s soft, comfy and basically awesome.

The Editors Market Art Deco Short Romper – I freakin’ LOVE this!! The print is supper flattering, but it’s too small across my chest T_T. So I had it tailored into an open-back instead :D !

Dollhouse Faux Suede Oxford Shoe in Black and Grey. I’ve been on the hunt for comfy oxfords for a long, long time so when I chanced upon these on ebay at 15% off, I just tried my luck! Will update when they arrive :D ! Hope they’ll turn out ultra comfy ^_^

Breckelles Folded Cuff Laceup Desert Boot in Black. Ignore the leopard prints la LOLOLOL just for reference only.

Breckelles Women Pocket Laceup Desert Boot in Taupe – it has a pocket :D !!! I have no idea for what la maybe put coins or what HAHAHAHAHAHA

On that note, I’m looking for these items, do drop me a text at 96716946 if y’all have them :D !

In Size M priss haha TIA :D !

Also, the Romper preorder closes on Tuesday so do make your payments by then (: ! Okay that is all for loot LOL ttyl !

Hi errbadeh, I’m back with the Romper Preorder as promised :D ! These pictures are from my supplier and measurements are provided by them as well, please give allowance of 1-3cm for measurements (: !

These are all rompers that I will personally be buying, quite excited cause they are REDONKULOUSLY CHIO D: !! So far I’ve only picked designs that I would wear (duh) and have not been commonly seen on blogshops, if at all. I spent like 12+ hours trolling the internet for these okay please recognize my super hard work T_T.

Things to note:

  • Waiting time is about 2.5weeks
  • I will not be responsible if they send me the wrong item/size, but i WILL ensure that the correct item is ordered. After that I will nag them til their virtual ears fall off if they do send wrong la although it is highly unlikely lol.
  • Please note that all the rompers are DAMN CHIO (HAHAHA)
  • Prices not inclusive of postage
  • Mass meetup will be held once the items arrive :D
  • Self collection at Selcouth / Jcube / Tampines also available because I’m flexible and awesome lol
Okay that’s about it, here are more pictures and measurements :D ! Click on the pictures for the MUCH bigger version so you can see all the details you need!

Openback Floral Romper ($26) :D ! I’m probably getting a Size L for this. I am a uk10/12, but I like my clothes on the roomy side. Do take note that most rompers look best when cinched perfectly at the waist to give you the illusion of one :D !

Floral Garden Romper ($26) – I really like the prints and cut, although the picture is like damn yellow so I’m not too sure what the original colour is. I ~think~ it’s mostly likely a white or light cream colour, will take pictures when it arrives and possibly open another preorder if it turns out damn chio lol. The sizes look like f21 sizing, so I’m going to take either 28 or 29, just to be on the safe side!

Ombre Romper ($26) – Cutouts + zip back + really pretty ombre colours?! Yes please!! I like that the cut out isn’t placed too high on the torso, so a strapless bra can still be worn yet remain unseen :D! Getting a Size M & L for this (just in case, will sell whichever doesn’t fit me proper).

Jewelled Toga Playsuit ($28) – I think it’s originally from ASOS and it retailed at $116SGD , you can see it HERE! Make sure you check out their ‘Catwalk’ videos so you can see how it fits and sits on the body. Really like the jeweled waist, feels like something I can wear without putting much though into and yet still get the style points for lol. Not a fan of jumpsuits so am intending to get cut off most of the pant leg to make a short romper instead! From past experience with this supplier:

S – UK 8
M – UK10
L – UK12
XL – UK14
XXL – UK16

so I’m going to get a Size L (uk12).

Strappy Floral Romper ($28) . If I’m not wrong it’s originally from River Island, retailing on for $53SGD! See it HERE. Getting a Size M (uk10) for this as the material looks a little on the thinner side.

Black Tieback Romper ($26) – This is my favourite of the lot :D ! Loving the super low back, tieback bow and the deceptive simplicity of the front! I can imagine pairing this with a myriad of necklaces or simple statement earrings to complete the outfit :D! Getting this in Size M (: !

Okay that’s it for now, if you’re confirming, you can check out directly at HERE (so you’ll get an invoice), else you can drop me an email at:

If paying via ATM or Ibanking, please transfer the amount to DBS Savings Plus 029-0-071892 OR OCBC Frank Account 641-595558-001 and fill up the following form when you’ve done so :

  • Confirmed Items & Size:
  • Name & Address: (If opting for postage)
  • Payment Method: iBanking / ATM Transfer (If payment via ATM transfer, please attach a snapshot of the receipt with your order number written on it else payment will NOT be accepted)
  • Transaction Details: iBanking Nick / Transfer Reference Number
  • Reference Number:
  • Amount Transferred:
  • Date of transfer:
  • Delivery Method:

Please email it to :!

You can also check out directly HERE (if paying via Paypal, credit or debit cards) OR text me at 96716946 to confirm your order (:

Preorder closes on next Tuesday, 7th May cause’ I don’t want anything to go OOS lol. Support k ^_^ !!

Hmkay I gotta run, gonna be damn late @_@! Ttys :D !

Had Itacho Sushi again with the bf! It’s already my favourite go-to place for sushi, cause everything is just freakin’ delish!

This time, I tried the Roasted Dorsal Fin Sushi (bottom leftmost picture). It was pure heaven. All of their cooked sushi really just melts in the mouth, I think it’s because the fish is slightly raw in the middle? So the meat and rice textures just meld beautifully or something. LOL joking anyhow whack one la but seriously why is almost 90% of their menu so freakin’ tasty ?!?! I bet they contain like 2% fairy dust or unicorn pee or something lor wtf! Also a big fan of the Crab Meat Chawanmushi, and their Prawn Tempura as well! Just looking at the pics makes me hungry already T_T.

Total came up to $84++ for the both of us, but seriously I love it so much I’d go there everyday if I could T_T.


Tunic from Hollyhoque
Mint Satchel from Charles and Keith
Turquoise Bracelet from
Vintage Titan Hexagon Watch from Nakedglory (Close up pics below!)

REALLY love this the bracelet FREAKIN chio but the clasp can be real bitch to close >:(

How chio is this?! Kept one for myself muahahha ;P ! Features a subtle honeycomb pattern, leather strap and a 2 year warranty. Comes with box as wellllllll!

That said, I’ve 3 revamps in progress and they’re looking real good T_T! Oh and I’ve been on a recent romper craze, and I’m pretty sure people will ask me where I got them so I’m thinking of opening a preorder for the things I’m getting :D ! Damn hard to find stuff for UK10/12 please?! Imagine how happy I was that I found awesome rompers that looked chio and FIT. Probably going to put it up tomorrow so stay tuned :D !

New satchel from Charles and Keith in a gorgeous Mint colour! Only $69.90, comes with a sling strap as well. Has 2 outer pockets, 3 inner pockets (one of which is zippered) so there’s lotsa space to stash your things! Super like :D !

If you follow me on instagram (@nakedglory), you’d know that the stuff from my massive loot post arrived barely 48 hours after posting that .. post. The word post may or may not be used exessively in this .. post. I am a troll, i truly am LOL. SO ANYWAY, massive amount of accessories, most of which are from Forever 21. If I were to wear everything out all at once, I’d be attacked by an entire flock of ravens I think. SO SHINY OMG!

Faux gem necklaces from UO. I really like the gold nugget necklace, wore it out the very day I got it HAHAHA #shoppahlicforlife

Uber cute BMO watch I got off ebay! Posted a picture of this on instagram and received the most number of likes I’ve EVER amassed. Over a watch I’m not selling T_T /wrists. But this is unbelievable cute, the ‘buttons / shapes’ are floating atop of the watch face on separate layers so it doesn’t disrupt the time. Makes an annoying clinking noise while moving around. Too cute to be bothered by the noise though HAHAHA priorities FTW

All my loot amassed YAY!!! Okay fine not all la, this is just the accessories HAHAHAHAH fuck i am incorrigible

OOTD for .. I don’t know which day la after awhile the days just get really messed up. Friday la I think??

· Maroon Peplum and Knicker Shorts from Topshop
· Gold Nugget Necklace from UO
· Watch from Nakedglory
· Skull Bracelet from Statement Muse
· Massive eyebags from lack of sleep LOL

Also, please note that in my bid to try and please y’all / take OOTD photos, I was harassed by my stupid brother doing the harlem shake behind me -______________- …

Saturday’s OOTD:

· Graphic Top (Formerly a dress before I chopped it in half) from F21
· Biker Jacket from Stradivarius.
· Purple slippers from my bf’s neighbor’s house HAHAHAHAHA

Okay no OOTD for Sunday cause’ I dressed like a hobo so that outfit cannot see the light of day lol.

Today’s OOTD: ASOS printed dress that I also butchered into a top and yes I am wearing shorts, perverts lol.

Okay and to end this long-ass post, Foundry & Co is launching the next collection tonight at 8pm :D ! Check out that 2 piece maxi dress! Super love it, can be worn alone, as a tube dress, as a maxi skirt, maxi dress, cropped top etc. How versatile?!?! Keep an eye out for the printed skirts as well, super love those :D !

See y’all on the other side later at 8pm, only on:

Okay that is really all, hope this long post makes up for the recent lack of posts due to freelance deadlines and food comas T_T.

P.S – Comments enabled :D ! Check it out just below this sentence ;P

Yesterday, I finished a crazy amount of work so I decided to take a break to de-stress. Finally went out of the house for several rounds of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army. Shooting the heads off zombies really really really helped me to blow off some steam.

On that note, I’m not getting any younger and honestly I think age is catching up with me. I used to be able to stay up for 48 hours straight doing crazy stuff, now I’m awake til 3 or 4am do to work and it feels like an elephant has been doing the macarena on me zzzz. That said, I’m tired and cranky especially when the workload gets crazy. It makes me a lot less tolerable and I guess it’s taking a toll on my relationship. I just want to give you a call and talk about random stuff for 5 mins. It takes my mind of my work and de-stresses me, yet most times now it only causes me distress. I feel like asking for a short break away from each other but I don’t know if it will be something I’ll regret. Can I just lie down and sleep for a week please zzzz

Also, someone on formspring said I don’t usually post OOTD so .. here’s today’s OOTD, horribly zhipai-ed by yours truly LOL.

Shirt’s from F21, knicker shorts from Topshop, Spiked necklace from F21, floral watch from Nakedglory lol. Okay that’s all, ttyl!

Scape Underground
Unit B15

We’re now stocked at Selcouth *throws confetti* ! You can now collect your parcels in the very heart of town :D ! Check out these cute little Nakedglory flags that serve as namecards ^_^! Many thanks to the very helpful Priscilla who helped me cut them and get them ready to be stocked at Selcouth (: !

That aside, recently I’ve just been so crazy tired zzzzz. I wish I could just lie down and sleep for one week straight or something. Don’t even know how I’m going to cope once school starts in September @_@. Okay can’t whine too much, ttyl!

Massive loot post cause’ someone on Formspring mentioned I don’t post these anymore lol. This is the accumulated loot from March til now, so try not to judge me HAHAHA

From ASOS:

· Vila Body Con Dress With Racer Detail

· Gogo Philip Classic Rectangular Chain

· ASOS Sleeveless Playsuit with Pussybow

· ASOS Boxchain Collar Necklace with Bug Detail

ASOS sent this to me by accident in place of the elephant necklace

· 18 And East Hi Low Frill Dress

THIS IS A DAMN UGLY low/high dress please?! Wtf is up with the frills omg terrible! But The prints are super lovely, so I bought this and cut it into a top. DAMN. CHIO. It basically looks like the last picture :D ! I win at life.

From Urban Outfitters:

· Kimchi Blue Libby Strapless Woven Dress

· UO Interchangeable Strap Watch

· Jacksonville Geo Pendant Necklace in Gold & Silver

· Forge Sunglasses in Green

From Mango (Tampines Branch):

· Mango Textured Bodycon Dress in Black ($49)

· Mango Contast Interior Wallet in Blue

$19 on sale, but stains easily T_T

· Mango Metallic Rivets Cosmetics Bag in Brown

Freakin gorgeous IRL! I don’t even use cosmetics but I just wanted to get it anyway LOL. On sale for only $29!

From various blogshops:

· Navy Rose Romper from Pearlmilkteaa

· Geometric Playsuit from Amber Avenue

· Ramona Snake Print Racerback Dress from Ellysage

· Wilma Floral Cut In Dress also from Ellysage

· Floral Print Peplum Top in Black from Tres Love Chic

From F21 online:

· F21 Cutout Geo Spike Studs

· F21 Square Pattern Earrings

· F21 Dome & Spike Earring Set

· Box Chain Bracelet Set in Red/Blue & Green/Turquoise

· F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Silver & Gold

· F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Silver & Gold

· F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold

· F21 Triangle Charm Necklace

· F21 Faux Leather Waist Belt

· F21 Geo Print Wedges

· F21 High-Low Rose Print Shirt

· F21 Strapless Peplum Top in Coral / Black / White

The cut of this top is damn awesome so I got it in all the colours LOL. Material is silky smooth and it doesn’t slip cause of a non-slip grip strip. Love!

· F21 Tiger Graphic Maxi Dress

Don’t usually wear graphics nor maxi dresses seeing how I’m almost a midget, but just wanted to try something out of my comfort zone

· F21 Parrot Print Tie-Front Romper

Prints are damn chio on this, don’t like the cap sleeves but will probably have them tailored once it arrives!

· F21 Cutout Geo Dress

Really like the strappy front and the busy prints :D !

LOL okay I think that’s about it. I know it seems like quite a lot but please keep in mind this is about 2 months worth of loot so it’s not that bad right? Right??? LOL NVM so anyway, most of these are slated to arrive late next week, so look out for an upcoming selling post soon k :D ?

Just some stuff that will be in it:

All these are more cause there is really no space in my room to move anymore la LOL k that is all, lotsa work to do so ttyl ^_^