Recently, my mom’s been forcing me to take Sundays off instead of my usual Saturdays because .. my brother wants to go to church with her. I am so fucking sorry but my mind is just BOGGLED at this revelation. Are you fucking shitting me ?? I know my brother and I am just .. baffled la seriously.

The reason why I don’t go to church anymore is because I can’t stop sinning. I believe you should only call yourself an actual christian if you’re willing to go all the fucking way for Christ. Like literally put in ACTUAL effort to stop sinning. Because then, at least you’re trying. You’re trying hard to follow the word of God. What’s the bloody point in going to Church if you’re not going to change? Just pray and hope that your sins will be forgiven then leave at the end of every sermon just to go out and sin again? I get that everybody sins, but I think if you call yourself a Christian you should ACTIVELY try not to sin. I’ve seen 509283109238129 hypocrites, and I refuse to be one of them. Refuckingfuse lor sorry man. I believe God exists, I believe in doing the right thing, I believe that if I try my best to be a good, nice person then maybe God won’t throw my sorry, sinning ass into hell to burn for all eternity. But I’m not willing to stop doing certain things that are considered sinning, so I’m sorry but I won’t be going back to church any time soon lor.

Argh fuck la this shit really irks me. GO TO CHURCH LEH. MY BROTHER LEH. That’s like me telling you guys that ~I~ am going to church lor. WHAT KIND OF PEESAI IS THIS TSK ?!




40 times in 10 minutes is NOT funny okay, FUCK YOU NINABEI

Remember all the delicious loot from (THIS POST) ? I am now stroking the feather necklace while crooning softly to it HAHAHAHA MAD ALREADY I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY !!!!!!! The feather necklace, f21 eternity ring and the zipia watches especially are MAD, MAD CHIO *weeps hysterically*

Therefore, loot video :D !!

(Kate spade + tiny purse + cute underwear belongs to assorted friends rofl.)

Picspam soon, I hope ! Also, my brother is collecting assorted loot for me later as well, which includes chio shit like :

F21 Cross Connector Ring // F21 Black Chunky Heels

F21 Slub tunic. I have an old F21 Slub tunic that looks something like this and the cut is PERFECT. Too bad it’s been worn to death and is in the process of falling apart -.- ! I have thus been trying to find a replacement but have obviously failed so far tsk. Here’s hoping it’s the 34527th time lucky rofl!

ASOS Darling Pin // ASOS Bandeau Bikini Top

ASOS Toga Bikini // ASOS foldover Bikini Bottom

ASOS Embroidered Maxi // ASOS Back Cut-out Maxi

UO navy chuckas // UO Deena & Ozzy Cut Out Sandals

AHHHHHH I’m so fucking happy ^^ !! My brother will be collecting all my shit for me, but I haven’t told him it’s THIS MUCH shit HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA He’s going to fucking kill me KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE

When he sees it, he will totally be like :



THAT I AM FLARING MY NOSTRILS TO THE BEAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH omg going siao already rofl. It’s my day off this thursday and I am so fucking psyched T_T ! I’m taking poks to the Italian buffet place that @Gamerjo recommended WOOHOO CAN’T WAIT !

I love pasta. And rice. And crisp bread. Fuck man no wonder I’m chubby I LOVE CARBOHYDRATES T_T !! On an interesting note, I hate tomato-based pastas with a vengence. IT’S AN ABOMINATION D:< !!!!!!!! Waste of pasta *damn ji dong*
!!!!!!!! lololol

In other news, I want to do 500 things on thursday. Like get this tailored, for example :

Am loving the print to death. It’s so fucking gu niang and my dress sense always tends to lean toward the sluttyskank side that I actually found it refreshing. Too bad it’s banded at the waist. And at the bustline. Whose stupid idea was that? Nobody can wear this without looking like you’re trying to smuggle dogs out of the country between your cleavage lor tsk tsk.

Like seriously, it looks like an escape plan. Like if there’s danger, I can just blow air into my top and float away HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aiy but seriously, I’m going to try to get it altered into an m-shaped bustier kind of thing, I don’t know if that’s possible but I hope like hell it is man. I really do love the prints – they’re so delicate and un-yoko-like ! Chingy was begging me not to wear it because “the dress is too sweet for you laaaaaaa!!! ” etc -.-
Ah okay, bored bitch is bored therefore this is a bo liao post lol. TTYS when my brain stops weeping from overexposure to boredom k :D

Selling post is up at ZOMGOODNESS!

In other news, my hair is annoying me insanely. I’ve kept it for so long that I feel just as insane wanting to cut it but it’s like so fucking unruly tsk. It’s not even a uniform length or colour because I dyed it black red then black then brown then black again a few years ago and it faded so now it’s like a chapalang of colours damn ridiculous -.-

Ah okay there’s this cunty bitch here at my lan shop – damn rude la put money on the table. And after I’d picked it up, she proceeded to put her card on the table. TSK FUCK YOU LA SLUTFACE! I don’t know how to explain this, but it’s FUCKING rude to put money on the table when the cashier’s hand is outstretched. If you’re working / have worked in the customer service line before you probably know what I mean. It just feels so fucking degrading! WHY CAN”T YOU PASS ME THE MONEY? Am i not on the same level as you because I’m providing you with my assistance? Fucking hate it leh seriously it’s RUDE AS FUCK OKAY?! One time I worked in Fish & Co, there was this lady who snapped her fingers and crooked her finger at me. LIKE CALLING A FUCKING DOG OR SOMETHING LEH. Fucking no manners man seriously.

Urgh I am fucking cranky now. My Genting trip got cancelled. CANCELLED LEH. FUCK THIS SHIT. It was over a trivial thing could have been avoided but what’s done is done la I really am quite upset lor knn. My dad okay-ed an overseas trip with my friends leh. Never happened before like EVER la and now it’s all for naught. Pissed and annoyed to the fucking max.

URGH okay off to get some retail therapy – that always helps. Wait for me, !

AH FUCK LA ON A SIDE NOTE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP SHOWING ME THE SITES OF PEOPLE WHOM HAVE ALSO STARTED SELLING LEGO / LEGOMAN / SCRABBLE RINGS ALREADY PLEASE ZZZZZZZZZ i give the fuck up already la nabei but 2 in one day makes me fucking ji dong don’t show me anymore please kthxbai.

Studded sueddette teal vest + F21 machiam-batman cape

Hollyhoque’s Zara-inspired Hooded Cardigan in Navy + Topshop Shirred drop-waist Top/dress

FemmeX’s (or was it Xfemme??) Versatile Maxi
All up in a bit ! Will be answering formspring questions for awhile before I update my selling post. On a side note, yesterday was a good formspring day. Answered questions on the spot last night (while I was lazing about trying to get my ass off the mattress to take selling post pictures lol) and it was pretty fun ! Felt like I was chatting with my readers keke ^^ !
Also hor, YA’LL ARE DAMN KPO HAHAHAHAHA keep asking me what happened when the exbf appeared etc etc rofl. He wasn’t THE cheating exboyfriend, he was one of the exboyfriends from my ex-slutty-ahlian days roflrofl. We just stared at each other in shock for a few seconds before breaking out the small talk after which he faster zao-ed. Nothing happened la lololol my life isn’t always a drama serial ok?? lol okay off to nua abit before updating the selling post!
Do remember to sign up for the MAILING LIST :D ! Okay shameless propaganda aside, I’m really going to nua now ttys !

Hey bbs ! I had a short talk with with a friend on msn, and she said something that temporarily jolted me out of my funk. I’ve since updated Nakedglory with the mean girls badges, do leave a comment there if you’re keen ! They’re $1 each, I can do customizations for you as well. Just let me know the phrase you’d like, and I’ll get them made!

You’ll notice that I also updated the layout. It looks almost the same as my blogspot, but I obviously really like minimalism. It’s clean. Simple. Uncluttered. I like it.

In other (ironic) news, my room is fast becoming uninhabitable ( and massively cluttered rofl) , so if I don’t concuss and/or go into a coma the moment I get home, I promise I will try to update my selling post. Am getting a little tired of selling stuff, so there might be another sales post coming up. See my mood la lol.

Okay that is all, I’m trying to find a way to SDOAIJDAOISDJAOSId so I can surprise OAISJDAOSIDJADSOj lololol that probably made no sense whatsoever tsk SEE LA WHY YOU READ MY BLOG THEN I CANNOT BLOG ABOUT MY DIABOLICAL PLAN TO SURPRISE YOU LOL damn ridiculous lol okay I’m going to go now before I erupt into a flurry of psychotic, illogical giggling again ttys !

It’s official. I really am shitballs exhausted. I laugh insanely when I’m tired and I just laughed for like 7 minutes straight after trolling my brother’s facebook ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL I laughed so hard I cried my eyeliner off help me I’m going insane help meeeeeeeeeeeeee roflroflroflrofl


He’d answered one of those internet memes about himself, and if you’ve done that thing in question before you put an X in the brackets.

One of those items was this ;

( ) Licked a cat