I AM STILL A FUCKING NOODLE. What the fuck man seriously I’m like seriously FUCKING tired it’s fucking ridiculous! Last night I got home, bitched about not being able to find a supper-buddy in Tampines, ate some leftover porridge + chips then fell into a coma. I was seriously GONE as fuck. Then my joker part-time boyfriend called again. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU SMELLY BITCH TSKKKKKKKK I can barely remember the conversation but I remember talking a lot of nonsensical bullshit to him HAHAHAHA FAIL MAX.

Also, I think the general stupidity in the air here is slowly seeping into my brain. Yesterday, I brought BOTH my black cardigans out ( in my defense, they are literally identical ok? ). So today I was like okay I gotta take one out of my bag and so I did. However, my brain is obviously bleeding somewhere on in the inside because after awhile, I think I took the other one out as well so I HAVE NO CARDIGAN TODAY.


Anyway, here’s a super tiny partial loot post picture for you:

Acrylic Hexagonal Necklace in Black ( from 12twelves ) and Waylaid Spinal Cord Necklace via UrbanOutfitters. The spinal cord necklace is pretty intricate, but I’m not too in love with the whole shiny-silver thing though. Undecided about keeping it right now.

Fuck You Very Much stickers :D ! Am going to get them printed on clear stickerpaper too lol.

It’s a whole lot of Fuck Yous though rofl. The last phrase I threw it just for fun cause’ it made me laugh rofl.

In other news, did anyone link me yesterday?? I checked nuffnuang and there was a whopping 600+ views instead of the usual 400/500+ average zomg. Is someone out there flaming my ass off or something rofl?

Aiy anyway, I’m seriously tired. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong leh ZZZZ. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that my sister comes into my room to randomly kick the shit out of me while I sleep. Or she sleepbeats me while giggling psychotically to herself or something. Wah shit I can totally imagine that happening @_@ !!

Okay am going to go back to slithering around. I swear, if I was any nua-er I’d be a yoko-shaped puddle of tofu T_T okay ttyl !

PS – I updated the fleamarket post with the URLS/websites of the respective stall owners ^^ ! Don’t forget to check out Hodge-Podge kekeke :D

My friend Gerald tried and tested on all the browsers – apparently IE is the only one where the pics don’t show up! Do try google chrome or firefox please :D ! If you download and it still doesn’t work, you may now hack Gerald to death rofl. Hulk out on his ass etc etc rofl.

Okay I am now sleepy after ingesting approximately 15 potato chips rofl ttyl!

Does anyone stay at Tampines? I’m like fucking hungry la and all my close friends are westies/northies WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?!?!?! Move here leh ya’ll !!! RAR so now my options are macDs, instant noodles or death by starvation. BOOOOOOO !

Okay nvm I just inhaled a packet of Lays lol am slightly less cranky now ttys afk



Is this true ????? Meh -.- .

Anyway, remember these cute owl rings ?

FLB is selling them on their online store at $23 each! There are a lot of diff colours – click (HERE) to be redirected.

Won’t be a lot of posts today I think. Brain is nua like pudding, and I’ve been trying my best to shop for the past 7 hours but there seems to be nothing to buy leh wah lan eh. WHY NOTHING TO SHOP I NEED SOMETHING TO KEEP ME AWAKE !! COME ON, F21 !!! RARRRRRRRRR ok ttyl back to stoning.

Gachapon rings m/

Slut badges! I only have like 3 left though rofl. Was frankly a bit hesitant about selling these – the crowd consisted of a lot of kids and families ROFL

My cousin’s notebooks !

Hand illustrated, scanned then printed (Y)

Mirrors + stall opposite me selling lotsa vintage-y toys!

Toys via QLOP

Shitload of robots.

Stall behind me selling lomo cams etc. Am loving the ‘tablecloth’ lol

It was FUCKING warm. I died like 500 times. Saved by ICE COLD lime juice *cries tears of gratefulness* + mineral water. I went early, got a pretty good location right in front of the people flow + in front of one of the giant fan thingies. But because I am suay as shit and/or karma hates me, it turns out that THAT particular giant fan was causing power trips ( which happened THRICE la knn = no fucking air AT ALL = SO HOT I WAS MELTING ZZZZ). OUT OF 6 OTHER BLOODY FANS LEH. Why does shit like this ALWAYS happen to me?? Ended up dehydrating at an accelerated rate and eventually turned into a raisin on legs -.-

Finished the first cup within minutes, ran back for another one T_T. On a site note, My hair was really killing me – so fucking long + trap heat + tickled the back of my neck urghhhhhhh and I was so sweaty and gross WAH LAN EH BUAY TAHAN. I ended up bunning it and trolling the flea to buy a random hair clip ( which were all furry / bright pastel colours @_@) so I just bought a super gu niang bow clip and anyhow kiap la nabei lol. Looked like a super authentic auntie -.-

Tarot stall diagonally behind me. The guy was a little .. out there la. I can’t even describe it lol.

I didn’t see a single person get read by him the whole day though @_@ – he was charging $20 per reading btw.

Vendors to my right! Nice married couple – they were selling super intricate pop-up cards. The aunties at the fair LOVED them man lolol

2nd stall to my left lol. Printed shirts ! Quite pricey though – $39 for a shirt.

Print shirts via Through The Eyes Of

Last stall to my left! Manned by some Laselle graduates selling off their illustrations + creations. Lotsa pretty, whimsical things! Check out their stuff via Hodge-Podge Illustrations!

Clay badges

Pretty stickers

Paper posters. She hand-cut them out of paper to fit Ikea frames. Cute!

This was one of my favourite things being sold at the stall. It’s an illustrated card – so fucking pretty. She told me it was a collaboration between her and another student – so FUCKING chio *dies*. The picture doesn’t really do it justice cause’ it was wrapped in plastic T_T !

Stall diagonally to my front. Pretty, HANDMADE jewellery. All sterling silver and gold etc but like hand-hammered and all that jazz. Lovely pieces, but they cost about a leg and an armpit but I have to say I was so damn tempted T_T. It’s hard to find jewellery like this in Singapore – you’re more likely to find it in etsy stores than locally, y/n ?

Chio max ! Check out their website HERE

Engraved, hand-hammered rings

Bought this necklace in black and white from another stall. Pretty unique y/n ?

Do check out webstore here at 12twelves

Bought this off the laselle students. I am powerless to resist the call of pretty notebooks (T_T)

MILO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The milo truck dropped by and it was AWESOME. So fucking primary school kekeke. I got like 3 cups for myself and the vendors beside me, we were all giggling like spastic children rofl. Joleong dropped by around this time also kekeke :D

Getting their henna on lol. Joce & Shaun dropped by to accompany me – poks fell sick so I was alone most of the day (T_T). Met quite a few readers though ( HELLO ^^ !!!!!!! It was very nice to meet ya’ll :D :D :D ) ! I’m so grateful for my friends man lol I know I’m like last-minute-plans queen, but I really appreciate the company T_T

Shaun getting his name in Korean. Mine simply said Yoko la but i smudged it to death while flipping Nicolas off HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck it’s karma rofl. The Yongs just happened to be visiting the open house as well ^^

Packed up around 7 and we went to try out Handburger!

I went to collect more gachapon stuff :D !! Look how happy engrossed Shaun was lol.

Lemon Tea. Mediocre.

Shaun’s Chicken Caesar Burger. Best out of all we tried, I find. (B+)

All of us were starving like toads but had to wait for Joce’s food T_T

Pumpkin soup! Not bad, but i prefer The Soup Spoon’s version. Bun was terrible though – like a hard, ang-moh-fied bao rofl. (B-)

My duck burger. I was gonna go for the Original beef one, but Joce already picked it and Shaun assured me that his friend “said it was damn good!”. You can see where this is going already right lol.

It was pretty bad, frankly. The buns did nothing for it, and the duck was dry and stringy. They also had some sorta ang-moh version of tau gay in there and I fucking HATE taugay. The taste was overwhelming lor *dies* (C)

Calamri ! Mediocre at best, nothing too special about it (B)

Joce’s original handburger. Patty was juicy max. She added bacon on the side, it was overdone and hard z. (B+) still though, just for the patty alone lol.

LOL wtf she suddenly just turned rotated her neck like 90 degrees scared the balls off me HAHAHAH SIAO BITCH IS SIAO

We paid $58 approx for 3 people! Love the styling of the place and it’s visual display especially, but the food’s really overrated (T_T) Miso sad lor basket was starving the whole day was hoping to eat something shiok at least!

After this we went to Shaun’s place to grab the car, and caught Dinner for Schmucks around midnight. Pretty good movie, plenty of 2nd-hand-embarrassment moments that make you want to die though rofl.

Got home at like 2 odd, and this joker J called me at like 5 bloody am in the morning!! FIVE LEH NABEI. He seemed slightly drunk and kept going on about how he was bored at the bar and he fell asleep etc etc -.- As a result, I am now completely unrested and shitballs tired. Like seriously this morning the moment my alarm rang I knew I was going to be gone as fuck already.

I AM NOW A NOODLE. Am aching everywhere and just slithering/making as little movement as possible ROFL. Thanks again to all those nice readers who showed up ^^ ! Okay fuck I am going to just sit in the chair and try my best to imitate a statue for now, ttys !

Mucho love,
the double-boiled noodle.

PS – will update this post with the URLS of the blogshops/stall vendors when I get home! I forgot to bring the namecards out today lol paiseh!

Hello my darlings, it’s 1 3fucking7 in the morning, my brain is churning and I have need to sleep like right fucking now if not I will probably slip into a coma mid-flea tomorrow rofl.

On a side note, my fucking room is now a fucking warehouse. It’s like some sorta of cold storage for clothes la from assorted friends YOU JOKERS ALL OWE ME DINNER I TELL YOU!!! Also, I am yawning with every 50 (approx) breaths I take okay brain shutting down so one last thing before I go into my death sleep – directions to get to the flea tomorrow ^^

  • The National Arts Gallery is located at,
    1 Saint Andrew Road.
    Just opposite the Padang.



We are located at the courtyard area.
If you’re lost, just ring! 91813142


See ya’ll thereeeeeeee!