Video preview of part of the gachapon ring stash !! Fuck I have to admit I am super tempted to keep the Genie / Mike / Stitch / Alien ones T_T !!!

( Both Poohs, piglet, flat alien, genie, translucent-stitch bobblehead and marie the cat are currently reserved at the mo’ )

Horrible thumbnail aside, please excuse my stoning. I’ve been waking up at 7am everyday to give my part-time boyfriend/bitch his morning call and it’s making me fucking tired cause’ I can’t go back to sleep after that! I came to the realization that instead of trying to go back to sleep, I should go and swim and possibly become slightly less fat.

Unfortunately, I have also realized that my body doesn’t always agree with my brain rofl. Eyes refused to open and legs refused to move so I just lay there on the bed half awake, half asleep lol DAMN NUA and now I am damn fucking tired again knnb. How ah ? I am like fucking nua I can’t get myself to roll off the fucking mattress rofl lazy-like-toad max.

Also, ASOS is having a sale, you should head down to website and check it out ! And as with all sales – LOOT POST KEKEKEKE ^^ !!

Long tube in Navy!

And a black tube with a back cut-out ! Woo super psyched for this :D

Speaking of dresses with back cut-outs, I have like 500 already seriously. This will probably be my jian-huo dress #8 approx lol I love them so much T_T

And these fucking chio dress shoes. Am loving the shiny buckle details at the back and the metal eyelets so fucking much (T_T) ! Admittedly they look abit manly, but I think they’ll go nicely with the wine-coloured semi-maxi from Zipia :D

Okay that is all. I am fucking tired, and therefore am unfunny today. Also, did you know that epoxy smells like feet and poop combined? My friend told me that epoxy binds shit together like cement so I wanted to try it out to make sure the rings will be durable and KNN now my room smells like a poopy feet D: !!! I can’t get the smell out of my hands either knnb joking or what?

On an unrelated note, I collected the package from the post office! It’s another black jian huo dress with back cut-outs HAHAHAHA omg jian huo is a jian huo, can’t help it man sorry rofl.

Also, I AM FUCKING STARVING!! JOANNA IS TERRIBLE, she blogs about delicious food with delicious-looking pictures now I can’t wait to go there and stuff my face (T_T) !! Click (HERE) to be led into temptation. Looks good, eh? Buffet priced at like $16.90 as well, CHEAP CHEAP I NEED TO GO THERE ASAP @_@


Jianhuo girl HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH okay fuck hunger is making my brain weak lol don’t judge me !

I got a registered slip in the mail, but I can’t recall what I bought @_@ .

BRB trolling gmail to refresh my memory rofl.
OKAY BACK but i couldn’t find any email leh !!! What the fuck did I buy ?? Dress ? Shoes ?? Accessories ?? Lol this is damn weird why can’t I recall rofl.
Nvm la will solve that mystery when I collect the parcel tmr rofl fail max.

This morning, my sister smacked me across the back of my head. I was like WTF ????????????????

and she was all like *points to yellow vintage car*

“乌龟车 TWIST

V(^_^)V !!!!

WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!




She is 23 by the way -.- ………………………

My head is still hurting (*&#!(*@#&!@(!

On a side note, I fixed the missing photos/video thing!! I’d limited permission-to-view on flickr because a few creepy guys have been commenting on my photos RAR VERY CREEPY LIKE HELLO GO FAP TO SOMETHING ELSE *cringe*

Aiy anyway, fixed ! Let me know if you still can’t see it KTHXBAI ❤

Loot in the mail that’s on it’s way here :

F21 Eternity Ring

Waylaid Atomic Bomb Necklace (this was backordered rarrrr) via UO

The Giant Feather Necklace by Erica Weiner via Karmaloop

Raindrops maxi from PEARLMILKTEEA – I just discovered this blogshop, they have cute, unique stuff ! I really like all their cute printed tanks (T_T) too bad they look like they’ll only fit like uk6-8 kind T_T

Zipia watches in blue and white !

YAY can’t wait for this parcel man seriously ! It’s like totally stuffed full of goodies – if it gets lost in the mail i will cut a bitch man – not even joking.

Another UO + ASOS + F21 parcel will be on it’s way soon, super psyched ^^ !! Rar okay I’m getting a slight headache what the fucking fuck man it’s too early for this shit @_@ !!! TTYL, am about to start making my gachapon rings right now !

Oh also, sneak peak of the Mean Girls badges :

Okay that is all, off to inhale epoxy while I make the rings rofl ttyl ❤

This is becoming really annoying. If you want to copy shit, at least be prepared to get blasted when I get annoyed when i see people selling the same shit as me at fleas. You copy, I get pissed off, it’s your own fucking fault – don’t you FUCKING dare get pissed off at me when I call you out on it. It’s like you’ve never heard of plagiarism laws or something GOD DAMN! Stupid max, seriously. I will bitch when I want to, so either stop copying or deal with my bitching, slutfucks.

And LOL at all these invalid arguments – everytime I read some my brain dies a little more JFC why don’t you just DIAF already ?????? But I bet you have more. You can throw them at me if you want, I will only shoot them down then perhaps when you are quite finished with being thrashed you can crawl into fetal position and bawl to yourself when you realize just how fucking stupid you are / perhaps blame life for being unfair (LOL) / get the fuck out of here already.

Bring it or GTFO.

(On a side note, sorry If this is meaner than usual – I hate being agitated so fucking early in the morning)

On a less aggravated note, several very nice readers notified me about this seagull printed tube tunic on sale at ! I managed to get my hands on a piece just before it sold out (WITHIN A DAY KNN) and am super grateful that I have such awesome readers *sobs hysterically*

I have had readers sms me about ikea meatball deals ( m/ ) and even one who was saw someone selling OPI’s Mad As A Hatter (back when I was still searching madly for it) and txted me just to tell me about it – I am so grateful that not all my readers are insanely / like to ask me siao questions like what I do in the shower T_T and that they are mostly awesome *weeps harder*

I love you all long long long long time (only if you aren’t insane and/or a cannibal) (T_T)/

So this is an actual, valid argument in your skewed view of the world??? Can I also say that perhaps your stupidity caused global warming because .. YOU HAVE NIPPLES!!!! It makes perfect sense what !!!! BECAUSE LIFE IS UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IT’S OKAY FOR CHILDREN TO GET RAPED !!!! AND SODOMIZED !!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE LIFE IS UNFAIR !!! GET OVER IT !!! GET A LIFE !!!! CAPITAL LETTERS ROCK 1!!! I AM EMO AND HARDCORE AND FIERCE BECAUSE I USE CAPITAL LETTERS !!!!!!!!!111!!!!111!!!! LIFE IS UNFAIR THEREFORE IT’S OKAY TO BE SO STUPID IT CAUSES PEOPLE’S BRAINS TO EXPLODE !!!!!111!!!!!!!

What the fucking fuck is wrong with you exactly? You’re either too stupid to realize your argument is invalid or too shameless to realize you’re wrong in being so fucking unethical. But then again it might possibly be both.

First you ask me to prove I’m the first in Singapore to sell the rings. I have done that. So now you swap your argument to “because life is unfair so it’s okay to be unethical so suck it up etc etc” ????? Are you fucking shitting me ????? JUST HOW FUCKING SHAMELESS ARE YOU ??????

Please fuck the fucking fuck off if you’re going to tell me spastic shit like this. Your stupidity is literally making my brain hurt.

Event: Flea Escape Chapter 2!!
Date: 9th October 2010
Time: 2pm to 9pm
Venue: New Scape* Building – Street & Art Market
Booth Rental: S$46

Event: Arts and Designers theme
Date: 9-10th October 2010
Time: 11am to 8pm
Venue: The National Arts Galley of Singapore. City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings.
Booth Rental: S$45


Event: 10:10 The Green Carpet Edition Flea Market (ft. 98.7FM DJs & Alicia Pan)
Date: 10th October 2010
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: Krish, One Rochester
Booth Rental: S$45
Contact: or 96619001

Event: Flea Bazaar 5
Date: 14-15th October 2010
Time: 11am to 6pm
Venue: Republic Polytechnic, RPC Promenade
Booth Rental: S$82 for 2 days / S$46 for 1 day
Contact: Ivy,

Event: Fashion Icon
Date: 16th October 2010
Time: 2pm to 8pm
Venue: Home Club
Booth Rental: S$55 (Cool Air Ventilation Assured)
Contact: or Call 9622-8550 (Celine) / 9223-3707 (Shamus)

Event: Zouk’s Flea & Easy: Charity Edition with Citibank
Date: 17th October 2010
Time: 2pm to 7pm
Venue: Zouk and Wine Bar
Contact: 6738-2988

Event: Mille Fleur Bazaar @ Clarke Quay
Date: 22-23rd October 2010
Time: 6pm to 12am (Up to 1am+)
Venue: Clarke Quay Central Square
Booth Rental: From S$150 to S$510

Event: Back home to Home Club. Anything goes.
Date: 23rd October 2010
Time: 2pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Home Club
Booth Rental: S$45

Event: SPACE flea market
Date: 23rd October 2010
Time: 1pm to 7pm
Venue: *SCAPE Street & Arts Market
Booth Rental: S$55
Contact: or 96619001

Event: Flea Market at Blk 8 Joo Seng Road Void Deck
Date: 24th October 2010
Time: 9am to 3pm
Venue: Blk 8 Joo Seng Road Void Deck
Booth Rental: S$10
Contact: Register @ Joo Seng RC (Blk 15) every Thurs from 8pm onwards.

Event: Awfully Flealicious 1
Date: 27-29th October 2010
Time: 10am to 6.30pm (Wed & Thu) and 10am to 8pm (Fri)
Venue: Singapore Poly Food Court 5
Booth Rental: S$45

Date: 30th October 2010
Time: 2pm to 9pm
Venue: *SCAPE (street + art market), 113 Somerset Road
Booth Rental: S$52

Event: Fashionista Season 2 Series 4 Halloween Special
Date: 30th October 2010
Time: 2pm to 8pm
Venue: Home Club
Booth Rental: S$40

All info has been stolen from (THIS PAGE) by the way! I’d bookmark it if I were you – it’s mad useful !

Okay I am stoning insanely ttyl ❤