Before you enter USS there’s this popcorn/candy store out front. You have to go in and just stand inside and BREATHE in the delicious smell of popcorn and caramel and yumminess. We just stood inside for like 5 minutes BREATHING the air HAHAHAHAH siao max but damn it smelt soooo damn good!

$330 right there man seriously. You get a $5 meal voucher and a $5 retail voucher, and that helps quite a bit (more on that later).

Pens with toppers of all shapes/size/characters man srsly. $4.90 each ! Coincidentally, the Land of Far Far away was the first world we visited!

Shrek-shaped bottles. The giant straw piercing his head is like totally not weird like AT ALL. Right? RIGHT?? We sat on Shrek coaster (can’t recall the name) but it was pink, and it was over in like 45 seconds or something. It was on this coaster that we discovered that Chingy starts SCREAMING bloody murder even before the coaster starts la can??? Also tried the the Shrek 4D adventure – it’s not a coaster but it was pretty shiok you have to try it !

Lotsa candy + double images to fill up empty space lol you know it irks me la (cause’ i’m anal like that lol)

Getting generally lost lolol

After this we went to Jurassic Park, where there are 2 notable rides. One’s a roller coaster and the other’s a wet ride. The cart for the roller coaster is like double sided, so you can either ride it facing forward or facing backward. i tried both and it’s really quite freaky going backwards when you can’t see what’s coming man srsly.

THE WET RIDE IS LIKE WTFBBQ man srsly. The staff went like YOU’RE GONNA GET DRENCHED but we were all kaykiang like NAH HOW BAD CAN IT BE? and it was DAMN BAD. Fucking ridiculous la like going swimming or something seriously lolol. It’s a circular boat with 9 seats in it ( the seats are split in 3 segments so it’s 3 seats per segment) and we were like OH THAT LADY LOOKS DRY WE SHOULD SIT IN THAT SEGMENT and so we ran straight for it. It was only right after the ride started that we realized how retarded we were being. IT’S A CIRCULAR BOAT. It was going to spin like siao in the water so it really didn’t matter where you sat, it was based on luck lol. At the end of the ride you go down this (relatively) high slide and if your back is towards the slide YOU ARE COMPLETELY FUCKED, MY FRIEND. And guess whose back ended up facing the slide -.- ?

KNN it was like a tsunami or something like VHOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *giant wave of water crashes down on you* *drowns* NINABEI JOKING OR WHAT!? A shitload of water collected at our feet it was like we had our own personal kiddie pool or something – my shoes were COMPLETELY SOAKED THROUGH. And yes I wore shoes – I read in the 8 days review that people who wore slippers had their footwear flying everyfuckingwear HAHAHAHA FAIL. But okay la I guess we failed pretty spectaularly as well rofl.

After we went through the entire park we decided to go on it again ( failing to cajole joleong into taking it with us lol), we bought ponchos this time in an effort to stay dry (MY SHOES WERE ALMOST DRY OKAY?!) and since it was about 6pm and the park was closing in an hour, most of the rides were devoid of human life so the four of us ( joseph, david, chingy and i) got a boat all to ourselves lol. Removed our shoes, placed them on our laps tucked under the ponchos and wrapped ourselves like BAZHANGS in an effort to stay dry BUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Karma’s a real bitch man seriously. When the ride started, Chingy ~suddenly~ realized that she was sitting in my segment and started screaming her ass off and guess whose back ended up facing the slide again?????

ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME ?? WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT MAN SERIOUSLY !!?? And THIS time, there was so much water that it flooded my poncho. And the shoes on my lap that were inside the poncho. AND DRENCHED ME UNDER MY PONCHO. WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKK )@(#*!@()#*)!(@#*()!@*#$)!(@#* THEN BUY PONCHO FOR WHAT MAN SRSLY ?!?! *brain explodes* After the ride everyone else was relatively dry, while I was just like walking out with *squish squish squish squish* sounds -.- ….

We ate at Goldilocks – it’s like a tavern version of KFC or something lol. I’d skip the 2pc/3pc chicken meals and go straight for the burgers though – the park opens from 10am-7pm so you want to make the most out of your time. Fish burgers were pretty good, but OH MY GOD THE MASHED POTATOES WERE LIKE LITTLE GIFTS FROM GOD. FUCKING CREAMY AND LUSCIOUS AND AMAZING *DIES* you need to try that shit pronto!! Even chingy the non-mashed-potato-fan ate it k??

The whole place was tavern-themed – even the spoon handles resembled a little brick path – cute !

Imitating this SUPER CHEESY lady who kept like doing super cliched poses WE WERE DYING MAN SRSLY it was so fail *CRINGES TO DEATH*

In the New York strip of USS. You should try out the special effects workshop thingy (where they re-enact a typhoon hitting NYC or something) – it was pretty good!


At a diner after going through the Egypt world. That Mummy roller coaster (please hor not the jeep one lol) was pretty awesome and quite frankly the best of all that we took ( the Battlestar was still closed when we went T_T ) ! No photos of Egypt world though I was too busy trying to find shade / not die from the smell ( IT SMELT LIKE FEET AND POOP @_@).

Anyway, do not order the milkshake from the diner – it’s TERRIBLE. Like basically flavour-less slush BOOOOO !! I’d rather go for a billy bomber’s one any day man.

Hair messy as FUCK after coaster rides and getting soaked. Eyeliner also completely fucked lol.

FAIL instax HAHAHA I was closing my eyes – it looked like I was sleeping on Joseph or something rofl

Fake film

Fruit-ninja-battling on Ipa rofl

We caught the Monsters Musical. It was terrible. I had nightmares about it. My brain died etc etc DO NOT GO IN OKAY DON’T SAY I NVR WARN YOU IT WAS SO CHEESY i think we all came out bleu (KEKEKE excuse the pun SEE WHAT IT HAS TURNED ME INTO T_T)


I realllllllly wanted to go on this but it’s been closed since forever man seriously. Just looking at it makes my balls shrink and shrivel into little raisins HAHAHA

Here’s a short vid of the coaster zomg

Big fat photo of the coaster to end this post lol.

It was a pretty fun trip la, but I’d go only after the Battlestar has opened (AND ON A WEEKDAY, MIND) ! We queued for the wet ride for 20 mins / 5 mins respectively, but a friend’s friend apparently queued for 2.5 hours on a weekend. HOURS LEH. SIAO. Waste your precious time man seriously.

Okay that is all, I’m like FUCKING tired and the skin on my face feels itchy and tight and hot TSK I feel like my face is going to explode if I sneeze too hard or something LOLOL okay shall leave you with that lovely mental image ttyl ❤

Hello bbs ! I know you probably missed me yesterday and was wondering to yourself WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH WHY IS SHE NOT BLOGGING etc etc lol but I was busy getting my eyelids burnt / getting drenched through (while wearing a poncho, mind – WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT) at Universal Studios.

Right now I would blog, but the photos are taking their own sweet time to upload so *shrugs* my hands are tied. And sunburnt tsk. Not to say that I took a lot of photos, I was trying to make the most out of those motherfucking expensive $66 (!!!!) tickets and therefore only took my camera out when we were sitting down and/or trying to get into the shade (GOD DAMN IT WAS SUNNY YESTERDAY).

I am now aching all fucking over and am extra crispy to boot (T_T). I will update this post soonish and/or when the photos are up and/or when my arms don’t feel like noodles and/or my brain stops being all mushy.


On a side note, please enjoy looking at my newly made Mean Girls badges HAHAHAHAHA HOW AWESOME IS THAT SLUT BADGE?! WIll be selling them at the flea too kekeke OKOK BACK TO NUA-SAI-ING !

Bored bitch is fucking bored, and therefore refreshing her nails to pass the time. Midnight blue on one side, maroon on the other.
I am bored and hungry and I need to pee lol can you believe this shit I say the same thing everyday without fail ROAR okay off to find noms / empty bladder ttyl !

Hello bbs, my cousin made these super cute notebooks ! Will be bringing them to the flea, or you can email her directly at!
Do check out her livejournal here :

4 designs available:



15cm x 10.5cm (around A6 size)
Rounded edges

Breakdown of each journal:
Brown Kraft Cover
2 translucent sheets, sandwiching the beige fill
Plain, unlined beige sheets, 40 pages

✚ Wood-textured Notebooks

15cm x 10.5cm (around A6 size)
Rounded edges

Breakdown of each journal:
Wood-textured covers
2 translucent sheets, sandwiching the beige fill
Plain beige sheets, 40 pages

(Yellow cover with yellow pages)

(Red cover with red pages)

(Blue cover with blue pages)

(Cover colours from left to right: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Black)

✚ Glossy Notebooks

Semi-glossy finish

15cm x 10.5cm (around A6 size)
Rounded edges

Breakdown of each journal:
Semi-glossy coloured cover
2 translucent sheets, sandwiching the coloured/white fill
Plain coloured/white sheets, 40 pages

Journals available:
1 Yellow cover with yellow pages
2 Orange covers with white pages
1 Red cover with red pages
1 Dark Blue covers with white pages
2 Black covers with white pages

All notebooks are going for $7 each excluding postage! Do drop her an email at if keen

Today is looking to be a good day. My dad actually asked me to join him for brekkie after the past week of us cold-shouldering each other. Free breakfast again ! AFTER A WEEK OF FEEDING MYSELF ! YESSSSSSSA *weeps hysterically* lol okay fine I really am somewhat glad we’re talking again. I do have a heart ( even if it’s black and shriveled like an expired raisin) ok ?

In other news:

1) I’ve secured a stall this Saturday for the FleaFLyFloFun Art & Design flea :D !
Deets are (HERE) on facebook! Attend and invite other ppl okay priss priss thanks ^^

2) I just koped some new shows from my lovely, slightly demonic sister which means I won’t have to stone like mad at work today. Not as much, anyway.

3) My dad okay-ed my November Genting trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGZ happy maximum MAXIFUCKINGMUM ! I’ve never travelled outside of Singapore with friends before. Okay fine I know it’s only Malaysia but still?!?! ROAD TRIP !! WEEEEEEE ^^

4) I’m totally spamming Lady Gaga and Lady Sovereign right fucking now m/

5) My first formspring question of today was a super nice reader defending my innocence regarding the spastic person claiming that I was the one flaming Hazel lol.

6) I got a lovely, super touching text from poks last night *weeps hysterically*


I know these are just tiny little things, but they really do accumulate and I am fucking happy today. After an entire week of bullshit, today is the first day in a long time I don’t feel like stabbing anyone.

So anyway, sneak gachapon-stash peeks yeah :D ?

Argh so fucking cute T_T ! Genie, Buzz Lightyear and Stitch clips !

Joanna got the Nemo one quite some time back if you can recall

ARGHHHHHHHH SO MUCH CUTENESS BUAY TAHAN ! Lotsa Stich, Monster Inc, Pooh, Nemo etc etc things to make rings from I AM SO TEMPTED TO KEEP A LOT OF THEM though I have to admit (T_T). On a side note, there will be no mickey/minnie mouse crap I HATE THEM RODENTS LOL WHY DO THEY SPEAK SO SQUEAKILY D:< !
Lol a bo liao video of the bobbling of the Genie bobblehead kekeke :D

I am also wearing a tiny little Randall (from Monster’s Inc) figurine as a pinky ring now KEKEKE IT IS MAD CUTE !

Okay that is all! Today is a happy day, please God don’t send spastic children to irritate me today pls pls thanks (T_T)/

Have a good day ya’ll ❤

Oh, ok lol. I wish i could say i was bothered by this possibly insane anonymous boob, but i’m really not rofl. Retard is retarded *shrugs*

It’s my first time getting a stall outside, and the drinks/food my bb poks brought me saved me from dehydration / turning into a prune rofl.

Free candy !

Beetle ring. LOL a lot of people were freaked out by this ! I thought it made an interesting right and someone actually BOUGHT IT. No joke. KEKEKEKE

Most ppl just gave this face when they saw the ring D: !!!!!! AHAHA

The guy at the stall next to me was apparently a gachapon-siao ! And he was selling off his collection and I WENT MAD. THERE WAS SO MUCH CUTE SHIT OMG Miso happy! This is my fave of the lot – it’s a Genie bobblehead (from alladin) !! SO CUTE ARGHHH I DIED ! bought like $40 worth of gachapon shit to make rings ^^

RAR giant pimple on chin + Joanna is actually behind making spastic faces HAHAHHAA

A lot of shit went down between this cake and the flea and suffice to say it gave me one motherfucker of a headache. I was running between cineleisure and 313 multiple times, and I was cramping, carrying a shitload of shit and to top that all off, all the timings got really fucked up because everyone single person I was supposed to meet was late. AND THEN MY PHONE BATT DIED. Merry fucking xmas to me.

I was so hungry I ate cake. By myself. And eating by myself is one of the things I really, really detest. My day really fucked up insanely after the flea urgh is it too much to ask for a drama-free, mad-happy / carefree day off??? zzzzz

On a side note, I finally got to see my favourite black bitch of all time. I have really missed you and your bullshit, man zzzz. Meet me more often if you can pls!

Photo on the right is of Shaun’s belt buckle lol. Daniel is allergic to alcohol and he freaked the fuck out upon finding a bottle of non-alcoholic beer HAHAHAHAHA and was damn excited to drink it so he used Shaun’s buckle to open the bottle – WHILE SHAUN WAS STILL WEARING THE BELT. LOLOLOLOL queer-est sight you ever saw man srsly – one dude sticking his bottle into another’s crotch LOLOLOL. Aiy anyway, that is all for the pictures. I was in a really pissy mood so I barely took any pics.

We caught The Other Guys, made plans for breakfast which never materialized in the end because I stay too far east / had to work at 10am. They did have lunch together without me though (THOSE BITCHES). In other news, before the night came to a close, we had one of our talks and we settled things in a way that frankly unsettled me. I feel a little lost, but loss most of all, which confuses the shit out of me. I don’t want to think about it anymore la zzzzzzz.

Also, I’ve been having a perpetual headache since last night and it’s making me want to stab something tsk so ttyl while I find something to stab k afk.

Perhaps not the first person in the world, but i’m pretty fucking sure i’m the first one in Singapore, motherfucker. (On a side note, can you please phrase your question properly without sounding like a petulant child?)

Flickr page : HERE

TWO ZERO ZERO MOTHERFUCKING SEVEN, UNDER-MOTHERFUCKING-STAND? So what about you? Post your fucking URL here and let’s compare who the fucking fuck started selling them first.

Flickr Page : HERE
(August 7th, 2007)

Flick Page : HERE
(August 7th, 2007)

Flickr Page : HERE
(September 19th, 2007)

Flickr Page : HERE
(September 26th, 2007)
And as for the scrabble rings :

Flickr Page : HERE
(June 10th, 2009)

Flickr Page : HERE
(June 10th, 2009)

Flickr Page : HERE
(June 27th, 2009)

After selling them at Flea Titan (both 1 and 2) , several other blogshops started to sell the very same thing.

Here’s my evidence. Go to the fucking flickr pages, look at the fucking dates on which they were taken. Go ahead and exercise your google-fu and find me someone in Singapore selling scrabble rings / lego rings before I did. You go ahead and fucking find one and the both of us shall stop selling them, yes/no ? GO FORTH, CHILD AND PROVE ME THE FUCKING FUCK WRONG. You fucking give me fucking hard evidence, I will stop selling my fucking rings. Or – better yet – why don’t fucking prove to me YOU started selling them before I did ?
I’ve had enough of these shameless fucks just drop by here and be, well, shameless. Prove to me that I’m not the first, and you win the case. If not, go suck on your dad la, okay?
On a side note – I know that’s it’s possible that perhaps you just ~magically~ thought of making these rings (after 2130819023 ppl copied heh) because I chanced upon some tiny mahjong tiles and thought that it’d be a cute idea to make them into rings, afterwhich I was trolling Sgflea and found that someone else had been selling them already (albeit using different tiles). So I took them down from Zomgoodness, stated that they were already sold out and sold the actual rings at fleas instead ( You do not steal someone else’s platform. She started selling them online first AND she made them first – so I refuse to sell them online for ethic’s sake) and once they were sold I have never remade any since.
It’s all about ethics. She made them first and I acknowledge this so I cleared my stocks off as fast as I could and did not / will not make any more. And she wasn’t even using the same tiles as I was. Different patterns etc, but still. Concept is the same, so I didn’t.
I obviously do not have a patent for my lego and scrabble rings, else I’d be suing the pants off you already. I have no control over what you chose to sell even if you do sell the exact same things as I do. What I do have is the right to be fucking pissed off that slutfucks like you have no morals nor ethics.
On a side note, I am not as pissed off as I am sad. I can’t understand how people can have no ethics in these things. How can you copy, then get pissed off when the person you copied gets pissed off? Tell me how this makes any sense at all? How can I not get upset when more and more and more people copy my rings? I am seriously considering just clearing off my scrabble / lego stocks and not selling them anymore. Damn tired of all the shameless people who just want drama and credit where credit isn’t due.

Also, more spastic formspring questions ( probably by the same girl) :

But this one just completely befuddled me :

What in the flying fuck ???? Logic fucking fail to fucking max, but what can I say (besides retard is retarded) ? Siao fucks will be siao fucks *shrugs*

More later, but for now I just need to take a breather. It’s been a drama-spam these past few days and I need some air to breathe ( I apologize in advance should I have been the cause of your fungal infection because i, um, breathed lolololol). 2 taro pies and apple juice for brekkie today – I am just going to sit here, and watch mindless videos and enjoy my crispy noms and ice cold juice for awhile. Sometimes when your day / week / life is getting too fucked up to handle, you really need to just sit down and enjoy the little things.

AFK, taro-pie-ing.

I am starving, cramping and am now having a headache. Least you could do is fucking be on time right ? Why do you guys always leave me wating ? So we’ve been friends for 7 years – does it mean i have to be okay with this bullshit ? To top it all off, some self righteous shameless-max bitch is telling me i have to PROVE that i’m the one who started selling lego rings and scrabble rings first. Why are ppl so damn shameless ? Please explain to me why such fucked up, moral-less people exist. Am not in the fucking mood to play nice nor answer your question til i get home, so in the meantime – go fuck yourself up the ass la knnb. So what if i prove that i’m the first peraon in s’pore to sell scrabble rings ? I don’t have a patent, i can’t stop you from selling just like how i can’t help you grow morals ( or a pair of balls, miss anon) .

I’m here at the flea right now and there are 2 other stalls selling BOTH lego AND scrabble rings -_- . Where’s a gun when you need it ?