Finallyyyyyyyy ! An actual loot post with actual pretty loot T_T

ASOS Darling Hair Grip – prettyyyyy T_T

ASOS Black Bandeau

ASOS One shoulder Bikini Top – The tan line for this is going to be SO fucked up lolol but but it’s pretty T_T and hopefully pretty swimwear will make me feel like actually going to swim ! I’ve been planning to go for the longest time already but I can’t seem to get my lazy ass down to the pool leh. Please remind me to start exercising when these come okay priss priss thanks ^^

UO sneakers in Blue – Phwoar I am LOVING the colour ! It’s fucking gorgeous man zomg. I haven’t ordered these yet but I’m so going to ! The only problem is that they’re still updating the colours so when you select what colour you want, it doesn’t correspond properly T_T ! So when I want the click on the Blue picture the tab sayd MEDIUM ORANGE and i’m like WTFX x_X ?! I’m hoping they sort it out soon man – I don’t want to order the wrong colour jeez.

UO sneaks in Dark green. Am loving this colour too ! I’m sorry but I love uniquely coloured shoes. I have had yellow, hot pink, light link, baby pink, light blue, dark blue, neon blue, lime green, light green, purple, red, salmon, taupe, cream, teal shoes before, now I’m waiting to add dark green and some sort of deep maroon-y colour to that :D Can’t wait to order these (T_T)

Oh man I’m so fucking happy today ! Haven’t had a hearty, stuffed-full-of-goodies loot post in the longest time *cries grateful tears of joy*! Finally, something to alleviate the bullshit of this entire week rarrrrrrrrr this is my excuse I won’t hear it any other way lol okay my mom is here time to get off blogger – she found my blog once and was “shocked at the amount of vulgarities you used ! SO HORRIBLE!” KEKEKEKE TYPE TO ZAO BYE

Selling this pair of pastel pink sneakers from New Look ! Fits a UK6/39 nicely ! But sadly they’re a bit too guniang for me la @_@

$20 with meetup, email me at if keen :D

On a side note, these green sneakers are my current favourites :

Sorry if these pictures are shitty, I took them in a hurry this morning heh.

On a side note, does anyone here stay in Tampines who is open to supper or something? Sometimes I can’t sleep la then i get hungry BUT EVERYONE IS ASLEEP OR STAYS IN THE WEST TSK.
Also, New Look just opened in Tamp 1 ! East > West ! Now if only all my friends didn’t stay in the west (T_T) …

At sentosa last year on my birthday


Interning at Han Chew Studios

Making a fake wound on a model for one of David’s shoots

This is Sian-Tzu, she’s freakin’ pretty yes/no ?

Wii-ing at The Hangout over on Princep Street

This was when I made the mistake of getting bangs LOL FAIL i had to sweep them to the side daily else they’d look lik e9*&@#*(!#

One of my favourite days last year. Ok technically, this year la – no one was free to countdown to 2010, we met the next night and had our own post count-down countdown rofl. We were just us in our purest form, no boyfriends or girlfriends so we were free to talk as much cock as we wanted. One of my favourite nights ever ever ever.

It might look bright, but it was about 2am or something already lololo


Aiy this was taken pre-breakup, pre-armpitjuice, pre-crappy-situation-that-i-am-in. I will get out someday. I must.

Aiy anyway, I’m bored again, so off to shop etc etc ! On a side note, i’m 6 questions away from having 666 questions on my formspring YAY !!!! Once it hits 666 I plan to leave it that way for a day or two just for fun because I’m bo liao like that – so if you’re as bo liao as I am, FORMSPRING ME PLSPLS THANKS ^^

Okay that is all, going to online shop for a bit now ttyl ❤

Found this girl’s selling journal on needtosell recently and she has a shitload of nice rings !

All pics credit to (

I’ve already bought the silver caged one with the turquoise rock

And the Gold connector ring on the left !

Other pretty things in her selling journal

And there are a lot more rings if you scroll to the bottom of her livejournal! Visit THEMERRYMONSTER k nice and cheap loot don’t say I never share ^^

Lan shop survival 101:


I’ve been working here a long, long time. My nose is in a coma or is quite possibly dead from being assaulted by the horrible smell of sweaty boys and the smell of stupidity. Then recently, a man has been coming in here to buy drinks. This man is one of the most disgusting things I’ve EVER SMELT. Period. It’s like manure and pee and smoke and dead things all marinated in rotting flesh or something AND THE WORST PART IS THAT HIS SMELL LINGERS. And I can’t breathe when he’s around (inhaling the smell might cause my entire system to shut down) but he likes to try and chat me up !!! LIKE HELLO I’M TURNING BLUE HERE FROM HOLDING MY BREATH JUST STOP TALKING AND GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! After he leaves I practically drown the motherfucking lan shop in this shit. And when i say he’s smelly, I really do mean he’s smells like he marinates his clothes in skunk pee or something, because the smell of 26 smelly boys has NOTHING ON HIM. Like wtf do you BATHE in manure every morning?? WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? Urgh i really cannot stand the sight (and smell) of him zzzzzzzzzz. I instinctively stop breathing the moment I see his balding head walking towards my lan shop doors (T_T)

This is unrelated la – i just like hot soup -.- ! On a side note, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee pumpkin soup ! It is delicious and a lot of people don’t appreciate it simply because it’s more sweet than savory. It takes some to get used to la, but it’s super yummy! I’ve only found the campbell version ONCE in a Shop & Save, haven’t been able to find it since (T_T)

On a side note, this is quite possible the fucking creepiest / pointless video on the whole of youtube.

RIGHT RIGHT? Still got like [HEAD DANCE] at 0:29 srsly i almost died at how ridiculous it was @_@

On a less creepy note, I’ve been replaying this over and over and over and over again:

It’s a very cute, slightly spastic song rofl.

Aiya I’m so fucking bored. Today is one hell of a fucked up day srsly. Shitty start starting with paternal shittiness, followed by the stench of the smelly guy + the stench of other random sweaty boys and it’s all just looking so fucking crappy tsk. I really try not to be all down (because of the shit I’m buried in and can’t get out of) and all emo and shit but some days it really gets to me. Today is just one of those days. Possibly because there is nothing to shop for like AT ALL tsk. But i’m okay, I won’t die (only my nose will) and I shall continue listening to songs that could probably cause internal bleeding in the brain until finally my brain implodes inside my skull okay that is all kthxbai.


In summary:
1) you are a fuckhead
2) you are a childish fuckhead
3) you are a 50-year-old childish motherfucking childish fuckhead
4) it’s time to grow the fuck up
5) I am not fucking psychic, I cannot read your mind, I do not know what you want unless you instruct me
6) I’m not professer fucking X from the fucking X-men
7) Go fuck your fucking unreasonable, childish self in the fucking ass
8) You should have gotten a motherfucking vasectomy.
9) Temperamental fuckheads like you should never have children.

The post is supposed to be up tonight, but my friend hasn’t sent me the stock photos yet and she won’t get home til 10 + leh. Should I just put the post up anyway and update it with stock photos later?

On a completely unrelated note, I find bejewelled, random-shit-encrusted nails so fucking freaky. You know, the jappy kind where you zhng the motherfucking fuck out of your nails and you can use it to sharpen your knife / sand down your wooden sculpture etc?

Some examples (that horrify me) :

Picture credit to (HERE)

Picture credits to (HERE)

Picture credits to (HERE)

Right?!?!? Why is there a need to zhng them to this degree ? How to you wash your face without turning into Scarface / poking your eye out? BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOW DO YOU DIG YOUR NOSE ????????????????????

Like every time your nose itches you can’t scratch, just in case you remove the peesai but leave like a rhinestone or (God forbid) a fucking Hello Kitty inside your nostril ROFL. How do you wipe when you pee ? How do you pick up flat objects? HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF ?!

It freaks me out insanely – imagine for a moment that you’re a guy. You go out on a date with a perfectly nice girl and halfway through you realize she’s part-wolverine. You imagine her hand wrapped around your junk and shudder at the realization that a) she just might sever your penile artery, causing you to bleed to death in a horrific (to you) / humiliating (to you) /funny (to me and everyone else who is not you) manner or b) there are now several cats wrapped around your dick (which is technically a good deal for you since you were looking for her ONE cat and ended up with 10 more ROFL) or c) she is insane. Then you run like a bat out of hell rofl.

I can’t be the only person who thinks this way right? Even 2cm long nails freak me out la – I have always wondered how the hell a person can enclose a small object in your fist when your nails are MOTHER long ?! Won’t you impale your palm with your fingernails? Someone please enlighten me, thanks !

On a related (for once rofl) side note, I once saw a lady on the train with 2cm long, zhnged-to-death TOENAILS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!?! She should be arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon la – if she ever kicks anyone, she’s be impaling them with her toenails I shit you not.

Something like this:

But maybe 1/4 as long la so they were about 2cm long approx also.

I get that this is a personal choice, but DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEE @_@ ?!?! Really?? REALLY????
Okay I’m a little traumatized by this, shall go get some(retail) therapy now ttys !