Classy wasabe ! LOL

Mad amount of rings

Oh God yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss *DIES*


Zichao + Lena ! ZIchao is a total gay magnet la rofl we counted about 3 guys checking him out rofl

Sorry there aren’t that many photos, because I WAS STARVING and these bitches were late ! So when they arrived we just chionged and I sorta went into a food coma afterwhich I died and couldn’t be fucked to take photos rofl.

On a site note, HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS !!!!

It may look like a little white turd but in reality it’s Poached Chocolate with Butterscotch Whipped cream – from Awfully Chocolate (Ion food basement, opposite Each A Cup / Daiso). IT’S FUCKING MAGICAL !!! I took the first bite and I was just stunned by how fucking lusciously sinful and silky smooth it was zomg. We literally had a moment of silence upon our first spoonful and subsequently stopped talking because we were too busy trying to inhale it. But be warned though, it’s MAD sinful and creamy and delicious and amazing but because it’s so rich, the 3 of us could barely finish it (which might be because of our suki sushi spam la, but *shrugs*) so please don’t try it alone. You will be the first person in Singapore to die from a chocolate overdose. Not even kidding. Okay fine, a little bit rofl. I want to try their cupcakes or perhaps their truffles soon. COMPLETELY MADE OF MAGIC T_T

(ON A SIDE NOTE, if i actually write an entire paragraph about how insanely delicious something is, you really have to try it! It was about $6.50 approx la – cheap cheap for something that’ll put you into a chocolate coma lol )

On an unrelated note – sunlight in my room yesterday ^^ ! I haven’t actually been at home in the afternoon for a long time now, and it really was quite shiok yesterday to just lie in bed and nua sai before shooting shit!

Okay anyway, sneaks in previous post, will be up latest by tonight, but for now I’m going to nua sai a little more and watch some shows KEKEKEKEKE TTYL KTHXBAI ^^

Supre Raw-edged Pocket Tank // F21 Glossy Print Party Dress

F21 Colourblock Dress // F21 White Embroidered Gu Niang Dress

Supre Gu Niang Coral Tank // American Eagle Convertable Semi-Maxi Dress

I just finished the first batch, and i am DYING. Why is there so much shit omg I can’t feel my legs T_T ! Will continue with the 2nd batch next week ! First half of the loot should be up by tomorrow night latest, hopefully ^^ !

Okay it’s like 1.42am and I am mahjong-siao which means my mahjong session ended only just lol I shall go fall into my death-sleep now, tomorrow is yet another stupidity-filled day of another stupidity-filled week. That is all kthxbai ^^

I’m awake and trying to pack my room. It’s a FUCKING sty and yesterday after I brought home all of Juan’s crap I have NO SPACE WHATSOEVER TO MANEUVER ROFL. Usually my room is already ultra messy, but i’m fine with it as long as a I have a clear pathway around the room rofl rofl but NOW I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT and I’m trying to clear all my shit and I am DYING. Why do I have so much crap ???? Here’s a little side-to-side gif of my room (or as my mom likes to call it – my sty).

Please try not to judge me rofl :

This is WAY too messy, even for me and that’s REALLY saying something! I just cleared the sofa of clothes, and am now going to move on to the table of postage materials and other assorted crap, afterwhich I really need to go get ready for suki-sushi already rofl.

If it doesn’t hurt your eyes too much, you can stare intently at the gif and see the many boxes of shit i collected from Juan rofl – they contain goodies from F21 and so much yumminess I can’t wait to shoot later ! On a side note, I collected my shoes from Joanna (_traxed) and they are so fucking lovely miso happy (T_T)

OKAY GTG TTYS (should I survive fighting the dustbunny army T_T) ❤

But i forgot what it was lol. Anyway, it’s my day off tomorrow !!! Like FINAFUCKINGLY?! Suki-sushi spam with my taboo peeps, can’t fucking wait ! All that luscious, delicious, mouth-watering-ly awesome salmon sushi just waitng to ingested by me *cries big fat fishy tears of joy*!

Also, I’ll be coming home right after that just so I can FINALLY take photos for my selling post. My sneaky, sneaky friend dropped her shit off with me so I now have a GIANT PILE of shit to sell, ya’ll will be so fucking happy man I SHIT YOU NOT. Shitloads of VS, Wetseal, Charlotte Russe, Forever21, Fox, Ambercrombie shit to sell – that’s if I don’t buy everything off her first la rofl.
Hopefully it’ll be up by monday night, if I don’t collapse and die after taking photos of everything first la lol.
Okay that is all ( and apparently the only non-angsty post of the day) lol. Don’t worry though, I’m currently trying to execute the fucking maplestory files, so I’ll probably be back with another profanity-filled post cussing at stupidity and the agony it gives me in general lol. I’m obviously a glass-half-full kind of girl LOLOLOLOLOL okay ttyl !

Today is really an epic day. Fucktarded lan gamers want to fucking play Maplestory (which is a fucktarded game), but they won’t play the original and keep insisting on playing the pirated version. We’ve already installed 7 different motherfucking private servers for you and now you want to play A DIFFERENT VERSION?????? 7 not motherfucking enough ah ?

So now, I’m downloading LOCALms, which is also made up 500 types of bullshit, because the file is 1.88GB HUGE, and the download keeps freezing at 357MB, and I’ve re-downloaded and re-downloaded it 500 FUCKING times, and that’s not even the best part. THIS MOTHERFUCKING LAN GAMER, RUNS INTO MY COUNTER EVERY 15 MINUTES TO CHECK IF THE DOWNLOAD IS DONE. FUCK YOU LA CAN YOU JUST SIT THE FUCK DOWN ????? EVERY FUCKING 15 MINS SINCE 10AM LEH MY BRAIN HURTS FROM BLEEDING INTERNALLY EVERYTIME HE RUNS TOWARDS ME.


I am so going to die an early, premature death. I will either be killed by overexposure to stupidity or die killing stupid people which will ultimately result in me being put to death. Fuck you very much, Karma – you slut-faced ho-bag you!

I suppose the title is quite obvious, but I’m nice so I’d like to point out once again that these 2 apps are most probably best suited for Mac AND iphone users. But then again, I think the 2nd app probably has an .exe version for all you blasphemous Windows users! Joking la, I’m in a roomful of PCs everyday, who am I to judge ? But I digress :

1. iSquint

It’s a magical, magical app that will make your life 500x easier. Simply drag movies into the app, and it’ll convert it into Ipod/iphone-compatible format for you which you can now easily shove into your iphone. Did I mention it’s free?

These are my fave settings – makes for crystal clear videos on your iphone kekekeke ^^

Go to google, and type this into the search box : [ isquint ] without the brackets lol.

2. Dropbox

I have just discovered this magical thing, and it’s awesome! It’s like a portable 2GB virtual thumbdrive that everyone can access online! All you have to do is create an account, and you now have 2GB of free storage. You can also download this (free) app into your iphone and sync it to your dropbox account.

Whatever you drop into your, um, Dropbox folder in your phone will instantly appear in your Macbk’s Dropbox folder, so there’s no need to sync via iTunes to grab photos and shit ! Which is damn shiok for me la since I take shitloads of pictures. Whatever you place into your Dropbox folder (be it online, your macbook or your iphone) will be accessible via 3 of the aforementioned platforms. You can share your folder with other Dropbox users, meaning sharing your pictures, porn, and other assorted nasty shit with your similarly twisted, sick friends is made fucking easy ! Miso happy that my sister shared this with me (T_T) so I’m sharing it with you (and all you silent TDS readers lol you need to sign up for this shit pronto la – can share .ai files and shit damn shiok)

You can reward me for being so nice by signing up for an account via my referral link (HERE), so that we can both get an extra free 250mb of storage space KEKEKEKE ^^

If you have any useful iphone apps, do recommend some :D !

On a side note, I’m so fucking bored I just wrote a tech review GOD HELP ME BOREDOM IS MAKING ME GEEK THE FUCK OUT T_T