Someone please tell me if I’m in the wrong k, but this is fucking annoying me to death.

I bought something from seller X, and I’d asked for her to leave me feedback on my SGST Feedback page :

Yep thanks, do leave me feedback here :

In this format:

Where transaction took place: SGST
Item of transaction: XXXX

Thanks !

And she replied me with this magical sentence

“We didnt deal in sgst!”

Um. Okay. We’re both SGST sellers/members, and I just recently saw your selling post on SGST selling those X that I bought what?? You post every-freaking-where – sflea / sgst / needtosell – what makes you think I’d remember which site we transacted on? You didn’t leave your sales post link in your email (WHICH ALL SELLERS SHOULD DO PLEASE – it makes it very easy for buyers to view pictures etc etc and therefore will lure buyers to buy your items because they will repeatedly view pretty pictures of said item. TRUE STORY.) either, right?

Please note I’m FUCKING sure it’s positive feedback because I’m a damn good buyer. I will haggle ONLY ONCE in my comment, like “$2 off with meetup possible (: ?” that kind of shit, and if you’re not down with that it’s okay, I will probably still buy it because I’m a crazy shoppaholic like that and I’ll transfer almost within the hour or (at most) by the end of the day. All deals with me are guaranteed to be fuss free – because I personally hate draggy / haggly / indecisive buyers – and super fast.

BUT it’s okay, if you don’t want to leave me SGST FB, that’s fine also, so I sent her this :

Oh yeah hor sorry ! but you do have an sgst acc right? as in i saw the X on your selling posts on sgst before lol but if it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with it, do leave fb in this format instead

Where transaction took place: Needtosell / sgflea (paiseh I really can’t remember which site I commented on)
Item of transaction: X

Thanks (:

and her reply was another magical :

“Hmm aren’t we not supposed to post non-sgst related deals on the sgstfeedback page?”

Okay, what the FUCK man seriously. Please do not email me at 8 fucking 11 in the fucking morning with bo liao shit like this can anot?

1. I am being extremely transparent by stating WHERE the transaction took place, am I not?
2. This feedback page is my ONLY feedback page and therefore my reference page for other future buyers/sellers who might want to deal with me.
3. It’s for REFERENCE, ONLY.
4. I DO NOT count invalid feedback (eg: wrong format / diff community) in my SGST Feedback count, therefore I am not cheating anyone, and am being honest, no ?
5. I really need to shit, which is irrelevant, so see point #4.

So fucking inflexible for fucking what? I am not cheating anybody, and I am not BEGGING you to leave me fucking feedback. Like I said, if you’re uncomfortable with it, don’t fucking leave me feedback k. I have completed over 3 THOUSAND transactions (at the very fucking least and not even including sprees) all over the fucking place, be it sgflea, sgsale or whatever bloody selling community and i do not CHASE for feedbacks, because frankly I can’t be fucked about it. I frankly DO NOT CARE whether or not you leave me feedback (or not), but please DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME OVER STUPID SHIT LIKE THIS.

Someone please tell me if i’m in the wrong or not, because this totally killed my mood this morning and possibly cause my brain to bleed internally and I feel super unjustified at the implication that I’m a dishonest seller / that I fixed my SGST feedbacks.


ASOS Black Cheesecloth Maxi. As always, I love jian huo dresses with cut-outs at the back so very much T_T


Am loving the 2nd one to death – machiam Goddess or something right rofl ? Aiy in other news, one of my arrow keys was acting up and not working properly, so i plucked it out to clean it AND NOW I CAN’T PUT IT BACK NINABEI JOKING OR WHAT )@(*#)!(@#*)@!(#*@!#(*!(# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now there’s this rubber silicon-ish nipple-shaped thing sticking out of my fucking laptop where the arrow key should be, KNNB WTF MAN SRSLY *BRAIN EXPLODES*

Aiy okay, I am really quite pekcek today. It’s his birthday tomorrow and it’s not something I want to remember but I CAN’T FUCKING HELP IT and it’s nagging at the back of my brain tsk FUCKING annoying man seriously want to puke. I really do not care do not care do not WANT to care but it’s like there’s a douchebag-sized mozzie buzzing around inside my brain waving a HERE-I-AM-NEH-NEH-NU-BU-BU sign at me zzz.

In other news, am selling a BNWT Urban Outfitters Motel Lesley Dress in Black Tagged L , Fits a UK10-14, Currently retailing at USD88, going for $95 only! Product details are (HERE), do email me or txt me if interested !

Oh and hello to all my silent readers out there ! I have consulted my crystal ball (a.k.a nuffnang) and have found that I’ve about 180 readers a day WOOHOO *cries super kua-zhang tears of joy* !!! Now all I need is an ad from nuffnang LOL okay that is all, ttys !

Just because I feel like a fucking futon when hugged, it means that I’m the resident punching bag la hor?

Get the fuck away from me la nabei I have no patience for misdirected agitation. Either talk to me when you aren’t cranky, or just don’t fucking talk to me at all KTHXBAI.

Joanna (who owns _traxed) has updated her selling post ! She sells a lot of chio, cheap, BRANDED loot (think Zipia, UO etc) do drop by and check her stuff out :D

DSC_4987.jpg (600×403)
(Pic credits to _traxed)
Like these mega cute sneakers, for example, which I have already chope-ed (because I’m kiasu like that). Drop by _traxed for good deals, don’t say I never share lobang k !
Phwoar okay I really need to sleep my brain is started to swell and shut down already good night ya’ll ❤
On a completely unrelated side note, I realized that the font of the blog post titles kinda blend in with my layout and thus makes it hard to tell where a post ends and begins, so I’v vectored a small speech bubble and placed it so that it’ll appear next to every blog post title ! I hope that makes it easier for you to differentiate between posts ! Okay off to lala-land night ya’ll ✈

Waylaid Spinal Cord Necklace

Waylaid Atomic Bomb Necklace

Karmaloop Glow Laces!
All are in a package in the mail right now, on it’s way to my house HEHEHEHEHEHE ^^ !! Super excited about the laces more than anything – how fucking awesome are they man?! In other news – nothing has caught my eye online recently – you probably have noticed that the loot posts are lessening. As much as I’d like to claim credit, grin like a cheebai and say it’s the work of my iron-clad self-control – you probably know better la. Really nothing nice to buy recently tsk – as you can see I am bored and loot-less – which makes it THAT much worse.
Also bought a pair of really cute, super gay and bimbotically BABY PINK (I shit you not) sneakers lolololol. I’m trying to find a photo from the seller, but there’s no one at the lan shop right now and I intend to run home like the fucking wind so will update this when I get home in a bit TTYL KTHXBAI
(Okay didn’t manage to post this in time HURHURHUR don’t judge me! I am a slow gust of wind – like a silent ninja fart or when an elderly person heaves his last breath OKAY?)
Pics all credit to fruitecake! Okay that is all, going to eat dinner now ttys

This telephone drives me infuckingsane. You have to stick your finger through the hole corresponding with the correct number, turn the entire dial, and remove your finger. I mean, sure it’s quaint and cute kinda, but NABEI if your house is on fire who the fuck has enough time to turn the dial 500x ?! By the time I’m done calling the fire department I’d have been burnt to a crisp already -.-

Anyway, swapped it out with a normal phone that doesn’t run the risk of being an actual cause of death lol. Also, today is a fucking boring day, my brain is possibly shrinking with each passing minute that I am here, inhaling the scent of smelly boys and stupidity. FML.

On a side note, I just answered my 600th question on formspring !

YAY! Okay off to get food and pee ttylllll

Guess who ambushed my macbook photobooth while I was pee-ing yesterday ?

Aiyo my brother is trying to get me to stab him or something. I WILL PEE ON HIS FACE WHILE HE SLEEPS TONIGHT. Or try and beat him into a coma with a used pad or something THIS BITCH TSKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Uneventful night lol – for me, at least – but the Mango Magaritas were yummy. Wasn’t quite in the mood to take pictures, so it’s just the two.

Loof has a 1 for 1 drink offer, and each drink comes with 5 free sticks of satay. Pretty good deal la, but go on a cool night k – I was dying yesterday (Loof is a rooftop bar, btw). Almost tried to ta-pao the fan home with me zomg.

Ditched the drama and went for noms at Swensons with my bb poks <3

Swenson’s calamari is pretty good, but obviously no fight against Fish & Co’s la lol

Siao bitch smiles at baked rice lololol

Beef Stroganoff Baked Rice (B+)

Mushroom Baked Rice (B) but don’t take my word for it because there’s no meat in this and therefore holds no appeal to me whatsoever lol. I’m a carnivore la so sue me lol.

My dad is currently quite possibly going through menopause, so I won’t be taking any additional days off for the time being in case he explodes and tries to kill me with a used pad or something. I’m dying to go for the flea market this Saturday, but unfortunately, the circumstances are as such, and I am stuck. Boooooooooo sweaty ballsacks (T_T)! Hazel is going to be at the flea lor *stabs self* !!

Anyway, tiny ring post coming up in a bit, stay tuned!