Sold off my clothes, bags and accessories two days ago at the Restore Flea by Freemansland! Thank you all for dropping by and helping me to clear my massive amount of clothes :D ! I went there with a FULL gigantic suitcase AND an additional ikea baggy (the giant blue one that can fit about 6 babies)! When I left I only had had half the suitcase left :D!

Sunglasses galore from:

Untitled Label

Lotsa quirky, preloved + vintage stuff at this flea :D

Cute ponies and interesting badges from:


Even cuter Avengers badges, earrings and a massive amount of arm candy from:

The Heart Affair

Handmade Robot Crayons from Swiss Army Fries! I love this shop!!! How cute are their namecards? Every single piece is different! Check out all their interesting goods (I personally love those hair ties and ring erasers) here:

Swiss Army Fries

Ah sorry for the abrupt ending I gtg to the doctor for awhile my throat is killing me tsk will be back later to polish / neaten up this post AFK

Some awesome music for you? I love the whole video except for the last part though T_T. Hmkay see you all at the Restore Flea tomorrow, F1 Pit Building from noon til 7pm yeah :D ? Wanted to put up sneaks but I didn’t have time @_@ ! Don’t be afraid to say Hi tomorrow!! Can I just say that I have a super super super black face by default but it’s just because I’m not smiling, I swear! I’m actually really nice T_T! Hmkay see y’all tomorrowwwwwwwwwww ;D

Funky necklaces and these cute little aztec collar tips courtesy of the generous Celeste from The Heart Affair! Really love the necklaces, they’re ultra quirky and easy to pair :D! Get yours from:

Urban Code Leather and Suede Mix Flap Purse

Selling this wallet cause’ I just bought a new one! Original price was around $75, selling for about $25 excluding postage! Drop me a text at 96716946 if you’re keen <3 !

SOLD omg damn fast lol thank you all for the interest :D !

Bought this awesome lemon yellow wallet from Charles and Keith. I usually don’t even step into their physical stores but their entire collection this season is just too freakin’ pretty!? What with pastels and neons, honestly I wanted to buy most everything! The inside of the wallet is a lovely light blue and there are plenty of pockets for me to cram my excessive amount of cards. Love the fact that there’s a small detachable pouch at the back (in addition to the main coin pouch on the inside of the wallet). It’s pretty enough to use on it’s own T_T. Awesome buy and it only cost me $36.90 T_T.

Rar stay tuned for the flea this weekend k, clearing a shitload of stuff! Hmkay freelance beckons, ttys!

Right now I have no room, and I mean that literally. There is no room for me in this house. I gave my room to my grandmother when she moved in and subsequently moved into my brother’s room after he went into the army. Turns out he gets to stay out every day after BMT. He recently fractured his foot and therefore has to stay in said room most of the time. I’ve thus taken to living in the, well, living room. I’m a messy person first and foremost and every fucking time my parents want to eat dinner I have to stop my work (URGH) and move my mess somewhere else. I try to stay in my sister’s room to do work but I have to vacate by the time she comes back cause’ she’s usually cranky after work (and therefore a ticking time bomb) so you’ll want to get out of her way by then.

My things are all over the place. Some clothes here, some clothes there, some clothes missing. Packing supplies are outside in a mess, I need to get a cupboard but I feel so agitated that I have to spend further cash on something so fucking necessary that there’s no way out of it. My parents said that I could pay to have a partition wall put up, and therefore have another fucking room on the condition that I stay home more often. Which obviously agitated even me even further because ultimatums are just so fucking childish and completely unnecessary, which is the total opposite of this stupid fucking cupboard . I’d stay home more if I there was actual room for me and if there was more “home” in this house but sometimes I really do feel like we’re living with strangers.

Anyway, bottom line is I have to buy a fucking cupboard and it’s making me damn irritated tsk. I’m trying so hard to save money (I really am! Been spending a lot less than usual zz) and yet stupid shit like this keeps happening. Laptop breaks down, $XXX flies away. Fucking logic board is going to die so I probably have to get a new laptop : $3XXX. And now a fucking cupboard are you shitting me zzzz.

Okay I know you think I’ve been complaining a lot lately but :


Sian. Okay enough complaining. Time to get out of my sister’s room before she comes back and stabs me, ttyl!

Oh and just a head’s up, couldn’t get my stocks in time so i’m selling my clothes and stuff instead.


All these and more so do drop by and support if you can <3 !

HAI GUYS! It’s 1.29am and the time at which I’m usually doing my work. Except now .. I have no macbook to do my work with T_T. I’m using my boyfriend’s HP laptop and fuck I hate it so much LOL. The ctrl , alt buttons are placed differently and each time i try to copy (ctrl+v), I keep hearing the annoying DING DING DING warning sound cause I’m obviously pressing the wrong keys. TSK.

On a completely and utterly unrelated side note, I’m attending the upcoming flea this Saturday (16th March), Restore 2 at the F21 Pit Building!

I’m trying to get my Nakedglory stocks in time, but if I can’t get them by the 16th, I’ll be clearing all my CLOTHES this time! Yep, you read that right. All my freakin nonsense in the cupboard, from Topshop to F21; ASOS to Urbanoutfitters, shoes to bags to accessories blah blah blah EVERYTHING. At flea prices! Makes me kinda sad just to think about it T_T. Cause usually the stuff I buy ranges from $5.80 USD all the way to $80+ SGD (think ASOS/UO), so I’m losing quite a bit of money but I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!! My room is so freaking messy and crammed full of clothes it looks like the aftermath of 5 closets exploding all at once lol. Gonna try to clear everyting so please do come down and support okay <3 ! Will let y'all know again if my Nakedglory stocks come in, else expect clothes mountain from yours truly lol. Also, bringing down Foundry and Co stocks at discounted rates as well, so do stay tuned :D !

Hmkay I’m fucking bored I have nothing to do at this hour and I can’t access iBanking to verify payment -_-. Guess I’ll try to catch some shut eye. Let me know what you guys want me to bring down to the flea and what price range you’re expecting! Probably nothing more than $30 for the pricier things, else most things will be $5-20 la I think. Lotsa BNWT stuff k, don’t say I didn’t give warning ;P ! TTYS!

Happy Mookata
6001 Beach Road
#01-55D Golden Mile Tower
Tel: 93809028

Tried out Happy Mookata on Saturday night and it was not bad at all! $23/pax and you could order whatever you wanted. Drinks not included. Notable items on the menu: the Pork Liver, Garlic Chicken and Sotong – I really couldn’t get enough of em’! Also, their cooked food menu was pretty interesting, we ordered the Thai Fish Cake, Cheese Tofu (or was it seafood tofu? definitely not the egg tofu though) and the Nuggets. They were (dare I say it?), more appealing to me then the barbecued food.

Nuggets were fried to a delectable crisp, fish cake had a very interesting tom yum flavour to it, and the cheese tofu was my favourite out of all the cooked foods. Piping hot with crispy skin and cheese that oozed out obnoxiously the moment you bit into it. Really good.

All in all, quite value for money. We spammed drinks so we ended up paying about $27 per person, but it was still reasonable seeing how the food was free flow. It’s near the carpark in the middle of the cheekopek-filled Golden Mile Tower, so don’t expect aircon or any luxuries like that. Just a straightforward, value-for-money, homey place to eat. Service was good, there was a chiobu working there ( my boyfriend kept looking at her TSK KIAMPA) too! Friendly service all in all, I’d go back again.

We went at 11pm-ish and there wasn’t many people, so try to get a table where they have two grills! 5 of us squeezing on one tiny little grill, we almost came to blows lol. Okay la kidding. Try it out if you’re ever in the area! Bring a change of clothes if you’re going out after though, we smelt like balls by the time we left lol.

On a very depressing side note, my macbook has fallen into a coma. It refuses to power up and all my work is on it. ALL. I also started bleeding today which, of course, was accompanied by massive cramps. Today is obviously the day where all hopes and dreams die.

Hope y’all are having a better Monday than I am T_T. Ttys!

Honestly, I am so fucking tired and frustrated with this. Just fucking do your job as parents la. Act like fucking adults. Why must there always be fucking cryptic messages, dirty looks and cold shoulders in this fucking house? Just act your age la got so fucking difficult meh? You force me into higher education, it’s for my own good blah blah blah – FINE. I see the point, I get that it’s good for me, but I tell you right fucking now I can’t fucking afford to pay $36k. Where the fuck am I supposed to get the money from?? Shit it out? Pluck it from trees? So fine, you say you will sponsor our education. Great. I’m ecstatic, I truly am. Free education is not something anyone would refuse. So when I’ve checked it all out, the details etc, I just asked again to confirm once more that we won’t be the ones forking out right? Because we simply can’t afford to. We don’t take another dime from you further than the school fees. We will earn our own money in the mean time as it always has been. I haven’t taken a cent from you for allowance or what not since I was 16.

We won’t take a cent from you further than the cost of education you insist we must have. So I asked and you got agitated. Why? Why are you mad? I’m simply asking if I will land myself in $36,000 worth of fucking debt. Is that a hard question? Why is my question “one kind”? HOW IS THAT A ONE FUCKING KIND QUESTION? YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FUCKING GET EDUCATED AND YOU INSIST AND INSIST AND WHEN WE DOUBLE CHECK TO SEE IF THE COSTS WILL BE BORNE BY YOU, YOU GET ANGRY WITH ME WHAT THE FUCK LEH SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS FUCKING GOING ON???????? Am I not supposed to be concerned about my own financial situation and possible 5-figure debt?!?!?! Am I supposed to blindly fall into such a large sum of debt for education that I really do not even need??

Today I got a fucking sms that was full of passive-aggressive angst. I just want to fucking say that if you’re not keen to sponsor our education, then fucking don’t. Don’t fucking force yourself, k? I don’t feel like I need a fucking degree. I’m doing okay on my own. If you want to fucking insist that we further our education, then be fucking ready to bear the costs because we damn fucking well can’t afford 36 grand for a piece of paper.

Honestly I’m just so mad and tired of all this. I wish I had more of a parental figure than just having my elder sister around. Truly she’s the only one who acts her age around here. I just want to have someone who won’t get mad when I want to celebrate my birthday because “your 21st birthday big fuck ah? very important meh??”. Someone who won’t ignore me for months on end simply because they’re unhappy with me. Someone who’s logical and reasonable. Is that so much to ask? Someone?? Anyone???? I’ve really had enough.

To top that fucking off, I had to drop an on-going project today. The deadline was tight but my macbook is being a giant cunt and just fucking died on me. I can’t fucking power up, I don’t know what the fuck to do. ALL MY FUCKING WORK IS ON IT. ALL. I feel like jumping off a building. Or stabbing several people in the face. Oh and I just started bleeding with magical cramps to boot. Is today the day where all hope dies? Cause’ I really fucking think so.

Aiya I am so fucking tired. We are all so fucking tired of your antics. Why don’t you two just grow the fuck up?

Canton Paradise
2 Jurong East Central 1
#02-09, JCube
Singapore 609731

Tried their Prawns fried in Beancurd skin this time and it was really tasty! The kind of dish you crave just from looking at pictures. Like how I’m craving now T_T. Juicy prawns wrapped in beancurd skin and fried to crispy perfection. Comes with a very, very tart vinegar-y sauce which made me cringe so hard I probably permanently shrank a few centimeters lol. Ask for mayo or dip it in the Chee Cheong Fan sauce! Good stuff.

On a completely unrelated note, thank you ALL for the incredible support for second Key Fob order! Previously there were only 10 slots, so this time I brought in 100 just because’ I’m kiasu. All slots were filled by 3pm!? Honestly I was pretty skeptical; I thought I was overestimating the hype but holy crap the response was amazing!!!! I added in 15 more slots after that, and every single one of them has been filled T_T. Today I weeded out 10 more slots due to deadbuyers (URGH), and half of them were filled within 5 minutes. Last few left so if you missed out you might be able to get them again (: ! So grateful for all the support T_T !

I’ll think of a way to give back, I promise! Probably going to hold a giveaway soon! We also just hit 2000 likes on facebook 2 days ago! Man this month is going so well for me hehehe <3 Hmkay hope y’all are having a good Sunday, ttys !

Plain Vanilla
34A Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village,
Singapore 277691.

Facebook | Website | Map

My first encounter with Plain Vanilla, I still remember quite clearly. It was at a hipster event of sorts, housed inside a cathedral-looking place next to Artichoke Cafe. PV had set up a stall there and it was beautifully set; rows and rows of luscious looking cupcakes alongside two different types of cakes, which had been placed lovingly on wooden planks.

Every single person who walked past would glance at the baked goods longingly, but everyone thought they were fake/for show cause there was no prices stated, plus they looked just a little too good to be true. My stomach won the fight against my pride so I bluntly asked if they were real. Turns out they were, so I got a big fat slice of marbled Bundt cake on the spot. I took a bite and was completely blown away! It was buttery, fluffy, and super moist! Plus, the slice that I got had been drizzled with fudge. What exactly was in there??? Unicorn tears or fairy dust or something? How could it be so ridiculously moist and tasty even when left on an uncovered platter? How??? It was basically pure indulgence and truly unforgettable.

So today, my brother’s friend was passing by Holland so I made her buy PV for me. I told her if she didn’t, I’d kidnap her first born. Okay la I’m kidding. Kinda. The bundt cake was sold out by the time she got there though /wrists T_T. DAMN YOU KARMAAAA !

I bought: Red Velvet, Carrot, Irish Cream, Cookie & Cream, Cinnamon. Favourites are definitely the Red Velvet, Carrot and the Cinnamon ones. Every single cupcake is tasty?! They’re $3.50 each or $19 for a half a dozen. Make sure you try these out, you definitely won’t regret it!

On one last side note, are y’all okay with the huge-ass picture? I wanted to showcase them in their full glory! Quite like this format for “food review” posts actually :D !

PS – I apologize for the excessive use of the word ‘Moist’ HAHAHA there’s no other synonym for ‘moist’ that sounds even remotely appealing. The only other substitute adjective I can think of is “not dry” HAHAHAHAH FAIL