Remember the table I’d previously been raving about? They just called me and said they’d made a mistake. THE TABLE IS OUT OF STOCK. Like seriously?!?!?! Fuck zzzzzzzzz Really uber uber disappointed and honestly quite pissed that they got my hopes up so high >:( !!!

Oh a happier side note, my instagram handle/username is now officially @Nakedglory!. It had previously been used by someone and said someone basically tried to make it the “official” account by uploading my product pictures. Honestly it’s quite …. I can’t find the words la. Who would do that???? Like try to pretend to be affiliated with a shop that you don’t own??? After a few months, the account went dead. I guess whomever had been using it simply got bored, which honestly really agitated me. If you’re bored of it at least hand the account over to the rightful owner? How can you randomly create an account for a webstore you don’t even own, then don’t even bother to upkeep it? Totally depriving me from using such a great marketing platform for MY FREAKING WEBSTORE.

I don’t know if that person as trying to be nice or what la but seriously it was the epitome of irresponsibility. I’d tried to leave comments a bunch of times asking said person to get back to me but they never did. I even tried the “forgot your password?” option in the hopes that he/she would receive an email and reply or something.

Fat freakin’ chance. No such luck. In the end after 2 weeks of trying I just wrote a direct complaint to Instagram. Their replies were very fast and I really appreciate that! I now own the freakin’ handle, so people who’ve purchased from Nakedglory can finally tag photos since the “#nakedglory” hashtag has been prohibited from use.

Okay enough ranting, the good news is, I’m thinking of offering something like free normal postage should you tag @Nakedglory in a picture of your purchase or something (: ? That would be a good idea I think, and a good way to spread awareness about the brand. Still in the brain storming stage for now, but any ideas and suggestions are very much welcome on my formspring.

As for now, stand chances (plural, because there are many LOL) to win Nakedglory timepieces simply my liking and sharing your top 5 outfits on an upcoming collab with Static Fumes!

Like their page HERE or click on the photos above to be redirected :D !

Also, another giveaway collab with the fabulous TTR girls is coming your way soon ;) ! Here’s a little sneak peek:

Picture credits to The Tinsel Rack!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I’ve been crazy busy with work so I haven’t left the house much recently T_T! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to visit a buffet place that I’ve heard a lot about recently :D ! Hmkay ttys

The custom leather key fobs arrived yesterday and will be mailed out later today (: ! Thank you all for the support! Have asked my supplier, they’ll only know if they can get their hands on the same leather by some time next week so do check back then!

More custom watch faces.. and finally:

How chio is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It’s fully functional, which means in future, Nakedglory will be able to make fully customized watches! Beyond beyond beyond excited (: ! Just placed an order for Petite watches, do look out for the new collection coming up soon!

Oh and on a side note, got my hands on Casio Amour once more, so if you missed your chance both times previously, now’s your chance to finally get your hands on it (: !

So yesterday I went sourcing and came across the fucking rudest shopkeeper EVER. Seriously pissed me off. I wanted to just walk out but I know I’ll be earning quite a bit of money off him so that alone kept me from yelling at his stupid face. Some people just have zero customer service skills seriously. Most times, when service is bad or the person behind the counter is shitty or gives me the what-the-fuck-do-you-want tone, I’ll just walk off. Hate it when people are rude for absolutely no reason beyond that they are having a shitty day themselves.

That being said, I went to meet Chingy for lunch at Nex (a place I rarely venture to) and ended up .. buying a fucking TABLE. Not that I regret buying it la. I’ve been looking for a table that uses raw/recycled wood for years now and the price tag has always been in the unreachable (not to mention, unrealistic as hell) price range of several thousand dollars. Imagine how crazy elated I was when I discovered the table at only $260+??? Best part?

Member’s price: $100
Price of membership: $21.40
Chingy’s expression when I went ahead and randomly bought a table on our lunch date: Priceless


The raw wood is soooo fucking pretty T_T! Unpolished wood just looks so fucking amazing in pictures!? Right now, all the macro pictures I take are always on wood (if you haven’t noticed). I’d been desperately trying to find a nice piece of wood to use as a background, finally I just thought out of the box; went to Cash Converter and started looking through all their pictures/paintings until I found one with a suitably “raw” looking piece of wood backing. I bought the picture for $3, ripped out the wood and threw said picture away.

The table arrives in 3 weeks though! I really am beyond happy, who knew I’d find such a treasure in the middle of godforsaken Nex of all places?! I got it from this furniture store called King and King Wong, a malaysia based company. Everything in there is gorgeous, from curtains to cutlery to furniture! Do drop by and take a look, it’s too good a find not to share (: !

Check out that Chevron print chair! It’s freakin’ $499 but I love Chevron print so much that I’m actually still trying to justify such a purchase. Maybe when I finally get my house la HAHAH It reminds me of the Ziggy Chair and Maidenform from Urban Outfitters:

My house is definitely going to have a shitload of Chevron printed things, boyfriend’s opinions be damned HAHAHA! Okay shit I have to meet the awesome Celeste from The Heart Affair in abit, ttys!

This ridiculous freakin’ fruit is a HUGE pain in the ass to prepare. The skin is so hard, you can’t even flay it with a peeler. You have to use a KNIFE to remove the skin. After spending approximately 20 minutes removing the top/bottom/skin, you still have to gauge out the TWO large cavities full of fibre and seeds. Ridiculously time consuming and troublesome.

I cut them into cubes, tossed said cubes with olive oil/salt/pepper and roasted them. Damn tasty! Buttery and sweet with just a hint of saltiness. Made risotto with salty bacon, gently stirred about 4 cups of roasted squash in. Beyond delicious, really :D ! Still can’t decide if it’s worth the trouble, though :/ !

You might have seen these on my instagram yesterday! Some girls guessed it right, they’re PRINTED WATCH FACES! So fucking excited for these I CAN’T EVEN AOSIDAOISJDAOISJDAOSJD!!!! They’re pretty time-consuming to make so I’ll probably only release a few pieces of each design to maintain exclusivity.

I’ve already set one of them, so right now it’s in the testing phase where I have to let it sit for about 24-48 hours to make sure the watch face is suitably thin. A thin watch face ensures that the watch hands have enough space to be placed comfortably without touching; if they stick to each other, the timing will definitely be off. So fingers crossed! 12 hours have passed and the time is still accurate, really really hope that this will be the case 36 hours from now (: !

Might take a pic of it later on, stay tuned ;) !

I miss my old hair T_T. That cute bob could only be achieved through soft-rebonding, and now if I want a 80% similar bob, I have to blowdry the shit out of my hair. It’s time consuming and a real pain in the rump honestly! I was thinking if I’m going to soft rebond it, might as well get some colour in. Maybe green only on the underside / inside of the bob? Not a fan of brown or gold or any of those ah-lian type of colours. Am open to suggestions if any of y’all have any :D !

On a side note, bought a lot of stuff recently! The ones that i’m selling can be found at the bottom of this post (Please note only the ones with prices are for sale :D)!

TracyEinny Gorgeous Stellar Romper in Black.

The details around the neck are super cute!

Static Fumes Whimsy Cut-out Maxi in Blue and Jade
Get yours: here

Hollyhoque Ruche A Kiss Top in Black, Coral and Cobalt blue.

These look deceptively plain and simple, but the cut is freakin’ fantastic! I bought the black one and loved it so much that the very next day, I bought it in the two other colours AND black once more. Just in case I ever lose one. It’s damn nice, plus it’s approx 25″ down which is awesome cause’ I love long tops / tunics!

Threw this over denim shorts, added some chunky bracelets and paired it with boots. My bf told me I lost weight (but it’s really because of the top) so I just pretended to (humbly, of course) agree HAHAHAHAHAHA SHAMELESS IS I TROLLOLOLOL!

Okay rave over but it’s a really nice top la, get it while it’s still available: here. $23 each only (excluding postage)!

ASOS Pussybow Playsuit in Bird Print

ASOS Bodycon Playsuit

Sekonda Brown Leather Watch

ASOS Word Ear Cuff

Doe & Rae Chiffon High-Neck Pleat-Front Dress

Silence & Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer in Black Multi Print

F21 Striped Peplum Top

F21 Knit Skinny Pants in Black

Got this at the F21 branch at Vivocity for $29 only! Chio, doesn’t come with belt though. Oh and I put the coral picture of the pants cause the details are more obvious lol. Haven’t worn pants in literally years, kinda excited to see if a midget like me can pull them off lol.

London Rebel Flat Boot

Urban Code Leather and Suede Mix Flap Purse in Tan

ASOS Denim Knicker Shorts in Indigo

UK 12 – Selling this for $15

ASOS Tapestry Corset with Peplum (uk10)

Cutting’s pretty small so fits uk8 best. Beyond chio T_T. Retailed for $60-ish, letting go for $40(Nego)

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Playsuit With Peplum And One Shoulder (UK12)

Fits uk8-small uk10
Retailed at $96, letting go for $25

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Corset Playsuit With Peplum (UK12)

Cut is pretty small, fits uk 8/10 best.
They sent it to me with a defective zip though, so letting go at $15.

Text / Whatsapp me at 96716946 if you’re keen to buy any of those things for sale! Prices don’t include postage / Meetups at Tampines / Rivervale Mall preferred!

I’m so fucking mad right now from being forced time and again to deal with extremely incompetent staff. How can someone be this stupid and incompetent, yet get HIRED!? HOW?! You’re supposed to call me when your receive what I’d ordered. When I called to check on it, she actually had the fucking cheek to try and laugh it off and say, “Oh sorry, I forgot HAHA!“.

I wanted to just go there and deck her right in the face. What the FUCK do you mean by you “forgot”?! IS IT NOT YOUR FUCKING JOB TO REMEMBER? HOW ABOUT I FORGET THAT THERE ARE LAWS IN SINGAPORE AND SET YOU ON FIRE????

ARGH FUCKING RAGING TO THE MAX RIGHT NOW. Fucking hate it when staff have no idea how to execute service recovery when they fucked up so badly.

On a side note, 4 days before CNY, I placed an order with ASOS via express shipping (fucking $45 SGD) just so it’d reach in time for CNY. Waited the entire day by the fucking door and nothing. Nada. Not a fucking peep. I tracked the parcel using the link provided. Said link only provided tracking number and progress, with no fucking company name or local address; not even a fucking number to call. The best part was, my fucking parcel status was “Delivery attempt unsuccessful : Other Reasons”. Imagine how pissed I was?! Like FUCK OFF, there was no fucking delivery attempt at all? THE DOOR WAS OPEN THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY.

Googled like fuck til I found out that the shipping company was Dpex, and called their hotline. The amazing conversation went something like this.

Me: Hi i’d like to check my parcel status? It says delivery attempted due to other reasons? What could the reason possibly be?? My door was open and I’ve been waiting the entire day.

Guy: Oh um .. actually right .. we didn’t send it. Because we’re shorthanded for CNY.

Me: You didn’t send it?? And yet you guys changed the parcel status to DELIVERY ATTEMPTED?????

Guy: Um .. you can come and collect it at our warehouse if you urgently need the parcel.


I need to fucking calm down before I pop an artery. Seriously all incompetent staff should just be set on fire. FUCKING HELL ZZZZZ

Club Street Social with this girl whom I haven’t met in AGES. Talked water uphill and then some. She’s flying back to Perth on Monday though T_T.

Neon skull ring I’d scored from the basement at Scape. Bought it in neon pink as well, but gave it to my sister so I probably won’t see it for a long time lol. $7 each but I managed to chip off the paint within the first day of wearing it out -_-

Woven bracelet on sale at Six (Cineleisure level 2, near Left Foot) for FOUR frickkin dollars! Cheap as balls seriously. Really like the sunny orange colour.

Jstory Mr Babba and Masked Bunny dairy planners to be stocked at Miyoc soon :D! Cute right?! Stay tuned for details :D!

Personalized key fobs. Might be opening a pre-order for it depending on the response, so do let me know if any of you are keen! If more people are then I’m 80% sure I’ll put them up :D

Random, but how chio is this watch?! Kept it for myself, but kinda want to keep it exclusive so I’m not too sure if I’ll bring more of them in. On one last awesome side note, opening a backorder for Casio Sapphire on Monday! Timing to be announced soon. Limited slots available though, so fastest fingers first! Hope ya’ll are having a good weekend. I’m gonna try to get some shut eye now night y’all !

Well, fuck LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. All I did was follow her on Instagram T_T. I’m innocent, I swear! Got a really good laugh out of this though. My brother is still rolling on the floor somewhere, laughing his ass off -_-. He then proceeded to share that post and tag like 10000 people. I’m going to stab him in his sleep.

P.S – Obviously that Fletcher dude’s england very best. “Discusting” leh. A small part of my brain died when I read his comment TROLLOLOLOLOL.

P.P.S – Bf’s a huge fan of Ros so I wonder how he’s gonna react when he sees this tomorrow ROFL

Canton Paradise
2 Jurong East Central 1
#02-09, JCube
Singapore 609731

Dinner with the bf at Canton Paradise! Had mediocre Yang Zhou fried rice and steamed grouper, awesome duck noodles and their really addictive ice milk tea. Felt a little cranky cause I didn’t get to eat anything crispy during my meal cause they’d forgotten to serve us our salted egg yolk prawns. -100 points HAHAHA okay very kua zhang I know but still TSK!

Finally got to take some pictures of my shelf at Miyoc. See those white watches? Available in cream as well, exclusively available at the Miyoc Branch :D! Do remember to drop by if you have the time :D!

It’s 2.10am and I’m freakin’ hungry! Trying to find a way to sneak food in without my bf noticing HAHAHAHA okay more pics tomorrow, didn’t get to take pics of my new loot cause I was kicked out of my favourite shooting spot by my parents T_T. More later!