Things to note / how to order

– Meetups preferred (Tampines or Rivervale Mall only)
– Nego with multiple purchases
– Prices exclude postage
– SMS me at 96716946 to confirm


1. Warehouse Striped Tank (uk12) – $15

2. Denim Studded Button Down Tank (Freesized) – $16 Pending!

3a. Military Button Down in Olive or Black (free sized, fits uk8-10 best) – $16

4. Heart Dotted Hoodie (freesized) – $22 PENDING

5. Reversible patterned button down (freesized, fits uk8-10 best) – $17
– Studded collars
-black button down one side, full back on the other. Can be worn both ways (see above)

6. Owl Print Tie Back Tank (freesized) – $16
-Has inner white tank-like layer

7. Panther Studded Top (freesized) – $18 Pending
– Sheer, fine when worn with skin coloured bra
– Cute, flat panther head studs sewn all over

8. F21 Studded Collar Top (Size M) – $22
– Slightly sheer

9. Dizzy Print Top (freesized) – $17 SOLD

10. Camo-print Peplum (freesized, fits up to large uk10) – $23
-Sturdy material
– Zip at the side

11. UO Keyhole Tunic (size L) – $24 SOLD

12. Cobalt Blue Keyhole Top – $14 Pending!
– free size
– Banded at waist
– Button closure at the back of neck

13. Batwing Buttondown – $20
– Freesized
– Cloth-covered buttons

14. ASOS Peach Tunic (uk12) – $10
– Worn a few times, thus cheap!
– very slight furring

15. Rust Waterfall Tank (freesized) – $12 Pending
– Banded at waist
– Slightly sheer below waist

16. Striped Oatmeal Knit (freesized) – $14 Pending

17. Watermelon tank (freesized) – $14 Pending
– Has short gold zip up the back of the neck

18. Catprint button down – $16 SOLD

19. Megagamie buttonup tunic – $20
– Has tieback sash attached at the back
– Too small to button across my boobs so I think fits small Uk8-10 best !

20. Navy Cutout Tank – $12
– Freesized

21. Mint High Neck Top – $18 Pending
– Pleather collar
– chio shade of mint green

22. Orange Cutout Tank – $12
– Freesized

23. Royale Chiffon Top from TheTinselRack – $20 Pending
– Was a dress but i cut it into a tunic lol

25. Highneck Keyhole Top in Black – $13
– Freesized
– Button closure at back of neck

26. F21 Printed Tube – $16
– Tagged M
– Ruched at chest

27. ASOS Cutout Crop Top – $14
– Tagged Uk 12 Petite

28. F21 Basic Zippered Top in Green – $14 Pending
BNWT Tagged M

29. Gojane button-down dress – $18
– Tagged L
– can be unknotted
– longer at the back

30. Newlook Teal Tube (Uk8) – $10

31. Zara Batwing Top (BNWT tagged M / Mesh back / shorter at sides) – $15

32. ASOS Flounce Top in White (Tagged UK12) – $13 Pending!

33. F21 Sheer Button Downs in Peach / Mustard / Cream – $18
– Tagged M

34. F21 Puff Sleeved Tops in Black / Navy – $10
– BNWT Tagged M

35. The Handle Bar Elephant Print Top – $15 Pending!
Slightly sheer

36. Topshop Crochet Tank Pending
UK 10

37. TTR Royale Chiffon Maxi in Blue and White – $25 Both sold
Retailing at $32
Sold out on site

38. Nastygal Wild Thing Tank – $22 Sold
Tagged M

39. Cotton On Gold Spot Button Down – $17
– Tagged M
– Spots are shiny gold


40. Button Down Skirts in Maroon and Mint – $15 Pending
– Freesized
– Elastic at back

41. F21 Metallic Faux Leather Shorts – $22 Pending!
– Fits uk8 best

42. F21 Essential Woven Shorts Red – $13
– BNWT Tagged 28 or 29 i think

43. F21 Wool Shorts – $13
– Tagged 29 or 29

44. F21 Wool-Blend Shorts – $15
Tagged M or L

45. F21 Striped Referree Skirt -$15


46. F21-inspired Feather Print Dress – $18 Pending!
– freesize
– fits uk 10 max
– zippered back
– tie-back sash attached

47. Tie Back Sunday Dresses in Light Green and Blue – $18 each Pending
– Tie back
– Zip up
– Fits uk8/10 best

48. F21 Floral Bustier Minidress – $20 Pending
– Tagged M
– Ruched at waist
– stretchy material

49. Zara Printed Dress – $26 Pending
– Tagged M
– Retailed for $79++
– Cutout back

50. F21 Contrast Racerback Dress – $20
– Tagged L

51. UO Silence & Noise Crepe Halter Neck Dress – $22
– Tagged US 8

52. ASOS Halter Bodycon Dress With Scallop Detail – $24
– BNWT Tagged UK12

53. ASOS Toga Maxi – $23
– Tagged UK12

54. Topshop Heart Back Rib Prom Dress – $65
– BNWT Tagged UK10, Retailed for $129

55. ASOS Dress With Peplum in Red (Tagged UK12) – $18 SOLD

56. UO Sparkle & Fade Horizon Dress – $18
Tagged M

57. ASOS Mini Dress With Cage Back – $18 Sold
Tagged UK 12
Shortened into a tunic

58. ASOS Mini Dress With Strap Back – $16
– tagged uk12

59. ASOS Textured Bandeau Dress with Tulip Skirt – $18
-Tagged UK10
-Has cut out back with button & zip closures

60. ASOS Bandeau Dress with Peplum in Black – $22
Tagged uk12

61. ASOS PETITE Exclusive Strapless Slash Back Dress (black) – $15
uk 14 petite

62. Motel Skeleton-Back Dress in Blue (Tagged M) – $21

63. ASOS Wal G Toga – $23
Tagged uk10


64. UO BDG Classic Textile Oxford – $22 SOLD
Fits uk7/40 best

65. Vans Slip On Low Pro Stripe Espadrilles – $30 SOLD
Bought at $70+
Fits uk7/40 best!


66. ASOS Orange Crystal Clubmasters Sunglasses With Mirror Lens – $13 Pending

67. ASOS X Burn Out Lens Sunglasses – $12

68. UO Censored Glasses – $15

69. ASOS Pastel Bunting Anklet – $10 Pending

70. And Mary Bow Rings in Gold and Silver – $10
– adjustable back


71. Mock Croc Hugeass Clutch

72. ASOS Orange Laptop Case (fits macbook pro 13″ nicely) – $17 Pending

73. Squishy Orange Clutch in Orange / Green / Blue – $16
– Faux leather
– Zippered
– Fits about 80% smaller than A4

74. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Abstract Duffel Bag – $20

75. Urban Outfitters Pink Society Wool Satchel – $35

(Fits 3 babies, damn roomy and chio in real life!)

76. Black Hugeass Clutch – $16
77. Brown Hugeass Clutch – $16 Pending!

78. ASOS Cottle Canvas Shopper Navy – $16 Pending!
100% Cotton
Height: 44cm
Width: 37cm
Depth: 2cm

Things to note / how to order

– Meetups preferred (Tampines or Rivervale Mall only)
– Nego with multiple purchases
– Prices exclude postage
– SMS me at 96716946 to confirm

TIA ^^

PS – You can try to ask me for measurements la but usually I don’t have time/ take really long so you might have grown a beard by the time i get back to you LOLOLOL sorreh but you can try anyway :D !

I couldn’t finish the shooting the selling post cause there were just too many things but here are some more sneaks :




Cotton On / Gojane / Payless / Blogshops

Will try try try my best to finish shooting but there are just so many things T_T ! Text me at 96716946 if you see anything you like here ~

Skinny Pizza Raffles (Raffles City)
252 North Bridge Road #B1-63/64
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63335069

Sweet Potato Nibblets ($7), Mushroom Risotto ($20) and Squid Ink Paella ($22) at Skinny Pizza after the second round of shooting. The shoot took about 3 hours to complete and I am now at least 4 shades darker with slightly burnt cheeks. It went smoother than expected and after pushing outfit after outfit I was beyond starving so magine how cranky I was when our food took 20 minutes to exit the kitchen. That said, the Mushroom Risotto was creamy and filling. The paella wasn’t bad, either. Tasty and they were pretty generous with the seafood. Came with clams, quite a big of squid and three pieces of huge, bouncy shrimp. That sorta made up for the wait, but not completely. I would come here again for the risotto though!

On a side note, the t-shirts are up on! Buy one or two for your bf and yourself ^_^ ! One of the designs has already been sold out, I can’t thank y’all enough for your support T_T !!!

Speaking of support, one of my favourite clients – Static Fumes – is having their week at Miyoc :D ! Head down to MIYOC, JCube #04-14 from 19th till 25th January and get exclusive deals on their latest pre-launch designs! Do R.S.V.P to their event (HERE) for more updates!

Oh and some random iphone pics:

Finally found this egg white dish at Imperial Treasure (at RWS). I freakin’ love this shit! It’s basically scrambled egg whites (with either fish or crab meat thrown in) with the egg yolk nesting in the middle. You stir the whole thing up it and it just becomes a creamy fabulous mess. THIS IS HOW HARD TO FIND I TELL YOU SERIOUSLY! It doesn’t even officially have a name! Just scrambled egg whites or some shit how do I even tell ppl what I want?! If you ever see it on a menu, try it k! Too good D: !

Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar)
48 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01
Tel: 63271203

Chicken stew at this awesome korean eatery called Chicken Up ! It basically serves up korean-style chicken and omg it’s damn nice?! It’s a cozy little eatery, with both indoor and outdoor seats. Very limited seats though and it’s pretty small. They have a gigantic flatscreen TV that plays korean MTVs non-stop so you can pretty much count on being entertained. Not to mention the fact that when we went there, almost every other patron was Korean. Kinda vouches for it’s authenticity, don’t you think? The owner and staff were all very friendly and the food was pretty fantastic to boot! I didn’t bring my camera cause my brain obviously wasn’t working that day. I’ll definitely be returning though, the food is really damn nice!

Their specialties are Spicy Up chicken ($18 for half a portion, $30 for a full portion i think!) and YangNum Chicken (fried chicken but it’s coated in some sorta red sesame studded sauce. FREAKING TASTY!!!!) and that stew pictured above. The fried chicken pieces all had extremely crisp skin and super juicy meat. 30x better than KFC. I will definitely be returning for the food and for pics so you can see for yourselves just how good the food is! They have a lot of deals, like for example liking their facebook page gives you a free soda. Or if you write them a review (good or bad) on their hungrygowhere page, you can get 10% off for an entire LIFETIME. HOW AWESOME?!?! MUST TRY!

My annoying bf and I. Really really glad I took a chance on us. Now I’m happy as a clam basically day in and day out ^_^

Hmkay I’ll be trying to put up the selling post by tomorrow so do remember to check back lest you miss out! See y’all back here tomorrow ;D

Most annoying photoshoot subject EVER. Finally convinced this toad to model for me and he couldn’t take instructions for nuts *insert facepalm here*.

Me : “Stand straight, shoulders back, tilt your head back a little please.”
J : Okay. *pulls a superman pose*

And he was all like :


I did have fun though and am damn glad that this is out of the way so I can put them up on Nakedglory soon. All shirts fit the usual guys size M very nicely and are going for $26 each. Looks especially good on slightly leaner, taller guys. The material is soft and awesome, not the shitty cotton kind that wrinkles easily. Just wash and hang up and it’ll dry straight with barely any wrinkles (tested and proven by my bf’s mom lol) so there’s almost no need to iron! Shiok balls. Text me at 96716946 to confirm a piece, limited pieces available :D !

On a side note, thank you all for the crazy response to the selling post preview. Almost all the footwear is already pending, the wallet has been sold and a few tops/dresses from F21 have also been snapped up. Will try to put up the post asap, thanks again for all your support T_T !!

En Japanese Dining Bar
557 Bukit Timah Rd
Crown Centre , #01-14/16
Singapore 269694
Tel : +65 6468 5710
Site :

One of my sister’s birthday dinners. Most people celebrate their birthdays in a day, but not my sister no, sir. She has .. a birthday WEEK. For 7 days, people queue up and make plans with her to take her out for dinner/lunch. It’s like they know they must pay some offering to the devil spawn lest she ruins their lives for fun. LOL JK you know I love you la HAHAHA! Had dinner at En Jap with Chrystal (former pageant queen), Jezreel (Sentosa Siloso Beach Babe 2006) and my UK4 sister. IT’S A SAD LIFE FOR GIRLS WITH LOW METABOLISMS EVERYWHERE LOL.

So anyway, there was free flow beef, shabu shabu, sashimi, and basically every mother thing you could imagine. Too good. Top up another $30++ for free flow alcohol. Total came to $365 for 4 people, so it’s quite pricy but for the quality of food there, I’d say it was pretty worth it. Chrystal booked a room in advance so I’m assuming if you want more privacy, you should call ahead to make a reservation else if you walk in you’ll probably have to take one of the normal tables outside.

After dinner we rushed home to countdown (to her actual birthday) with our folks who kept insisting we should be together as a family when she officially turned 26. Chionged like hell only to find that .. they’d fallen asleep. How nice. On a side note, during dinner my mom called only to have this (extremely logical) conversation with me:

Mom: Yok where are you now?
Me : I’m having dinner with zeh (姐) lor. Why?
Mom: Eh buy cake for her leh!
Me : I’m … with her now how to buy cake?????
Mom: Just buy la!
Me : You’re at home what (she’d called from home)?! Why can’t you go downstairs and buy??
Mom: You go buy la!!
Me : No!!!
Mom: TSK!!!!
My Sister : (shouting from afar) NOOOOOO DON’T BUY CAKE!!!

And people still ask me why I’m so fucked up in the head lol. After the countdown, her date arrived so I got the hell out of there to meet my bf, his brother and his cousins. All was fine and dandy; there were drinks and trippy lights and cross-dressing dudes singing when suddenly a fight ensued. There was blood and glass and ahbengs aplenty and it took me (and five bouncers) over an hour to convince my extremely pissed off bf to get the fuck out of there. Not fun to deal with. With a bottle’s worth of Martel in my shoe (my poor suede Zara booties T_T), mixers soaking my ass through my shorts ( the table flipped towards me when the fight started YAY), and a drunk/pissed off boyfriend to bring home and tuck into bed, suffice to say the night did not end on a good note. Not to mention the fact that I had to wake him up at 6am for work. WHICH DID NOT FUCKING MATERIALIZE, B.T.W.

This motherfucker slept like a fucking rock and each time I tried to wake him, he would swear at me and scold me in his fucking sleep. By 7am I was so fucking fuming mad I almost kicked him in the fucking head. I then proceeded to wrap him in his blanket like a fucking burrito – arms and legs all tucked tightly in – set 7 loud and consecutive alarms and put the fucking phone right next to his head. So now he has to struggle free to turn the alarm off, yes/no? It worked, he got so agitated that he actually (FINALLY) woke the fuck up. I watched him as he stood up to go wash up and also watched as he promptly slipped and fell with no warning. LOL Fucker deserved it seriously.

At this point I hadn’t gotten a fucking wink of sleep so since I’d done my duty as a girlfriend (waking him up on time for work and all), I fell asleep in less than a minute.. only to be woken up (what felt like) a short while later by my STILL-IN-BED boyfriend, who had the actual cheek to say to me, “OMG FUCK IT’S 9.45AM?! WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP??????“.

So pissed off my brain almost imploded -_-.

Urgh hope you guys had a better Friday/Saturday then I did. More freelance to finish today T_T. TTYS!

Drugstore, Forever21, ASOS at my doorstep over the last 2 days! I ordered my ASOS stuff 2 days ago and received them today. How in the world did they deliver it so fast!?! Every once in a while, they send my parcel via Royal Mail. I assume it’s cause I hit the next thousand dollar mark lol.

On that note, I have much too much too much clothing zzz. Selling post soon! Just some things that I’m selling :




Topshop / Zara / Nastygal / Cotton On / Karmaloop

Aiya okay lazy to go find stock pics already but you get the gist, yes? Stay tuned! Or if you’re a regular, you already know my number so text me if you want anything :D

Bought a random plastic cake plate just because. I may or may not be a hoarder.

On a side note, it’s 2.35am in the freakin’ morning and here I am stressing the fuck out about coding. I keep trying and trying and trying but it’s so fucking pointless I could just kick a child right fucking now.

How in the fuck did time pass so fast? Has it really been 16 days since the new year arrived?! Where did all the time go?? I have so very many plans this year and I’m really trying my best not to screw them all up.

This is one of my plans. A potentially (very) bright future lies ahead and I am so excited yet so very very anxious. I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing, me pinning such high hopes on this.

Marianas Trench will accompany me til 5am tonight. I hope you guys are having a good Monday!

Roadhouse American Diner
13 Dempsey Road #01-07
Tel: +65 6476 2922

Brunch with my siblings at Roadhouse. Pleasant weather and great company but sadly, extremely mediocre food. We had Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale, a Bacon Log (bacon on brioche slathered with maple syrup – with that combination of individually awesome ingredients you’d think it’d be good but meh), a breakfast platter, Fluffy Pancakes and Steak. 2 beers, a pot of tea and a fresh OJ later, we racked up a total of $170 for the bill.

Filling as it was, I really can’t say I was impressed or blown away. I did particularly like their pancakes though! True to their name, they really were ultra fluffy! Came with a little jug of maple syrup, a pat of whipped cream and topped with chopped bananas and nuts. Extremely filling. That said, it was the only item that stood out in the sea of mediocrity that was (basically) their entire brunch menu. Will not visit again.

On a side note, spruced up my layout! Figured that since this is basically my portfolio of sorts, I might as well make it more appealing lol.

Speaking of revamps, please check out Joyce’s (the owner of The Tinsel Rack) newly (and lovingly) updated layout HERE! A simple, clean layout with hidden yellow accents (hover over the menu links and over her logo!). A happy layout for a happy spirit like her. She really was a joy to work with – I literally got approval for the design within 10 minutes of meeting her HAHAHA!

Although I really must mention this – when I uploaded her custom template into her blog, I got a damn huge shock ! Check out the image below LOL

(Click on the picture for the larger version)!

At first I thought I’d made a mistake with the coding of the layout, then I realized .. that’s her ACTUAL amount of tags. HOW CAN SOMEBODY HAVE THIS MANY TAGS?!?! Seriously just sat there and laughed for like 3 minutes straight LOL WTF JOYCE?!?! This is approximately 300+ tags, and I couldn’t even fit all of these into ONE screenshot! I had to take 3 to get them all in HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay I shall stop before she stabs me lmao.

Watch out for a collaboration between Nakedglory and The Tinsel Rack sometime soon! There will be several pretty watches available for an upcoming giveaway so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, here’s a sneak peek of a few upcoming watches ..

It’s a good mix of old and new, so stay tuned! Hmkay back to freelance T_T, ttys!

PS – You can let me know what you think of the new layout on my formspring! Don’t forget to test out the links on the side – my favourite effect is when you click on the ‘tags’ link, a little slide out menu pops right out!


Sorry for going missing again, but I’ve been having a rough few days. This cough seems to be perpetual and refuses to GTFO which is in turn rendering me useless. I just keep freaking coughing?! To the point where it leaves me breathless and with the fabulous pounding headache.

I’ve completely avoided soft drinks, cold drinks and basically anything cold which is basically torture considering the recent weather. But it still won’t stop urgh damn pissed. So embarrassing to take public transport cause everyone just keeps staring at me like i’m fucking contagious or something. Tsk.

On a side note, random items I’ve acquired recently. It’s not widely known but I’m a big fan of the little green men (from Toy Story). They are one of my favourite cartoon characters :D!

Oh and I found a matching skull bracelet at Miyoc at Jcube! I might be stocking there soon, we’ll see. Plastic storage box from Daiso. Oh and a random-as-hell wax stamping set! Cute but the shipping was crazy. The girl charged me like 8 freaking dollars (I was like wtf?! and she said oh it’s sent via courier) for shipping and had the nerve to freaking send it via Smartpac. Super offensive seriously. Smartpac is like $4.20? Courier my ass la.

pft okay need to go now or I’m gonna be late tsk. ttys !