Behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot with Lydia and our awesome model, the lovely Lynn. She’s a real trooper, seriously! Almost 9 hours of shooting without a single complaint, how awesome is this girl? All while towering in spiked Alexander Mcqueen heels, no less. We shot then ate then shot and ate some more, moving from one location to the next. So very thankful for the ridiculously good weather. It was sunny, sometimes too much so, but generally windy and pleasant. We were really beyond lucky to have such great weather, especially now that storms are abundant. The shoot went fucking fabulously :D !!!

Being the weakling I am, the mild cough and raw throat I had before the shoot imploded and became a full blown fever and cough after. I was basically a twitching mess the whole of yesterday. Boyfriend fed me my meds, put me to sleep and later woke me up for homemade bak kut teh with his family. Suddenly so sweet leh, I’m abit scared LOL HE MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING BAD LOR TSK HAHAHA *psychotic girlfriend moment*

On a side note, see anything you like in the pictures? That reversible striped top is damn Zipia-esque, yes/no? And that clutch bag can be worn three ways; comes with a detachable pleather strap AND a detachable chain strap. Or just detach the strap for a classy clutch! LOL FUCK I AM SO EXCITEDDDD CAN’T WAIT TO LAUNCH! While we were shooting, we were approached by a lady who wanted to purchase the dresses on the spot. If that’s not encouragement, I really don’t know what is lol.

Hope y’all are having a less phelgm-filled Monday than I am! Ciao

Tiong Bahru Bakery
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6333 4160
Daily: 9am – 10pm

Been hearing a lot of good things about Tiong Bahru Bakery but I gotta say maybe I expected too much after all that hype. Lemon Tart was exactly that – TART beyond asdfghuasdf I CANNOT EVEN?! So sour was this deadly pastry that I cringed so hard I basically turned into a prune. Lydia loves it though. Present tense. As in she orders it a lot. The girl be cray man LOL.

Also had the Chocolate & Almond Croissant. Perhaps it was sitting out for too long but it wasn’t as crisp at is looked. Still tasty though! Oh and check out that orange drink. Said tiny bottle cost me $6 cause I didn’t know they served water. It’s basically just freaking Fanta in an glass bottle. Cue facepalm.

I read on Ladyironchef that this is one cafe you’ll grow to love after sampling all their goods over time and finding your favourite one. What’s your opinion? I really do love the quirky decor and vibe it exuded though. Will try it out again sans the incredibly overpriced bottle of carbonated orange juice.

On a side note, I’m falling sick D: !!!!

It’s only the fourth day of the year @_@! Don’t let me fall sick please I have much too much on my plate right now T_T. Time is ticking, projects are pouring in so BUCK THE FUCK UP, IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

On one last (materialistic) side note – THIS FUCKING ACCESSORIZE IS REALLY TERRIBLE. I met a client at Raffles Place Shopping Centre today and *ahem* just ~happened~ to walk past it. It was an accident! Of course I didn’t ask Lydia to meet me outside on purpose!

SO ANYWAY, long story short – I have a new swimsuit.

Spot Heart Ring Swimsuit from Accessorize. I should feel ashamed of my non-stop spending but I am actually damn happy with this buy because .. it was 50% off. So that’s like $38 only?! Accessorize I fucking love you T_T.

Okay my throat is closing up seriously tsk. Gotta pop some medication and sleep it off before starting work again T_T. Ttys !

Pretty bracelet I got at the Accessorize sale for .. $4.90. Awesome or what?! I love Tampines seriously, it really has almost everything! I just need F21/ Berhska/ Pull & Bear / Zara / Stradivarius / Yoshinoya to set up shop here AND I AM NEVER LEAVING. EVER. LOL ok wishful thinking aside, do check out the Accessorize sale if you can! It’s 50% off selected items @_@!

Also, check out these spiked hairbands! Super love them, especially the navy ones :D ! Keeping one for myself. Coming to you on Nakedglory soon! Oh and a few new watch designs to be up soon as well (: !

Okay I have to wake up really early tomorrow to meet a new client, then another client, then I’m off to scout for photoshoot locations. I’m setting up a new webstore with one of my best friends and I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED. Our first collection has a shitload of designs in a myriad of colours T_T! Psyched max! Stay tuned :D !

Okay ttyl I need to get some shuteye asap for tomorrow’s jam-packed schedule @_@! Night y’all !

Got my hands on these awesome necklaces at the recent Diva sale! $9 each only and they’re mighty purdy!

Macarons flown in from Europe courtesy of my sister’s .. shall we say ..admirer? Ladurée leh, no less. High class hor, this guy? Too bad my sister doesn’t really fancy macarons. Sorry Collin! Thanks for the macarons! HAHAHAHAHAH Okay la trolling aside, they are damn tasty?!!? The rose one especially @_@ !

Spent my NYE quite quietly at the Coastal Settlement with the people the matter.

This past year of 2012 has been a relatively good one for me. I worked for the awesome people at Smoochiezz (I think I’ve never enjoyed working for anyone else quite as much), started my freelance business, worked hard on Nakedglory (our facebook page now has over 1.6k likes :D !) and am slowly but surely ploughing my way through designing webstores and the blogs of Singapore.

2013 will be a good year because I will make it so. I WILL TRY HARDER. To be a better friend; to be responsible; to be more punctual; to be less angry all the time. Maybe I’ll even try to swear a little less. Just a little. Gotta be realistic mah >;P

This year, I intend to :

  Hit 3000 Likes on the Nakedglory Fb Page
  Revamp the Nakedglory website
  Save at least $5k at the end of the year
  Get my accounts in order
  Stop swearing Swear less
  Possibly start schooling again
  Learn to poach an egg (LOL)

Okay la I think these are pretty reachable goals right? Nothing too fancy like scaling a fucking mountain or anything LOL. I’m looking for template excel sheets to help me keep track of my accounts and my brain is basically falling apart right now – it’s so fucking dreary looking at all the numbers!

Hope 2012 was good to you, Happy 2013 y’all ^_^

Got my brother to help me fix up the vintage hooks I bought from Bangkok (at the Rod Fai Night Market)! Couldn’t find golden-hued screws so had to use the silver ones instead. Will have to paint the entire thing gold or perhaps a pastel colour like mint green or something. We’ll see. They look pretty ace though, gotta admit ^_^

Speaking of hooks, I’m think I’m now addicted to the Seafood Aglio Olio that Pepper Lunch is serving! Tried it for the first time today and it’s really quite nice T_T. Nice smokiness in the sauce and it was peppered (excuse the pun LOL) with scallops and (smallish) bouncy shrimp! Why is there no Pepper Lunch in Tampines?! Why is there no Yoshinoya in Tampines?!? Why are carbs so damn tasty?!?!?! LOL okay massive digression aside, you really have to give this a try. I’m already craving it again just from looking at the pictures @_@.

On a side note, I’ve put on weight after eating my way through Bangkok so I went for a run on Friday night. In case you think I’m like damn determined or something, my brother literally spent about 20 minutes nagging me to go and run. Please also note that I use the word ‘run’ DAMN loosely HAHAHAHAHA! I ran like 2 rounds and walked the remaining 4 LOL I AM DAMN LOUSY?!?! In my mind I was telling myself:

Each round was about 700m so that’s 4.2km in total. I think. I haven’t run in years seriously, damn surprised I didn’t pass out lol. Will try to keep going to run but LOL we all know how that’s probably not going to happen ;P. My smelly brother then tried to convince me to do some sorta retarded exercise that apparently only olympians and skinny people can do. Basically this la :

And he told me he’d give me $500 if I could do it. In my mind I was like CHEY EASY MONEY LA but in reality I almost dislocated my shoulders while trying HAHAHAHA I SERIOUSLY CAN’T FUCKING FEEL MY ARMS ANYMORE. Shoulders are aching like a little bitch too T_T. That’ll teach me not to be so money-faced seriously T_T.

Pffft okay rant over, back to freelance again T_T ! Hope y’all are having a good Sunday!

Currently having a rage baby because I can’t fucking find my 32gb SD card tsk! Really hate it when people randomly shift my shit. I don’t know how you neat people do it, seriously. WHO HAS THAT MUCH WILLPOWER??! To put everything back in it’s place; to code it by colour and size? I just throw everything everywhere but i memorize exactly where I left it. It’s not a mess. It’s organized chaos. MY organized chaos for fuck’s sake seriously don’t fucking touch my shit OAISDJHOAISDJ URGH damn pissed.

If it’s gone, so are the many videos I took in Bangkok. If it truly is missing I’m going to fucking flip the fuck out seriously. I spent 3 hours packing my room yesterday cause I couldn’t see the floor anymore from the excessive amount of clothes. I combed through a shitload of things and yet my SD card and it’s reader is still missing. I really think my new maid placed it somewhere cause I previously left it on the table and now it’s fucking gone. She keeps saying she didn’t move it but wtfffff when i came back the table was cleared what?! WHERE DID ALL THE THINGS GO THEN? STOLEN BY AN ELF?! GREW WINGS AND FLEW OUT THE WINDOW?!?! Fuck i need to calm the fuck down before my brain starts to bleed tsk.

Flying offff!

We touched down around midnight which meant it was also Ed’s birthday! Dropped our stuff at our hotel (Bangkok City Hotel, it wasn’t gd honestly, will never stay there again lol) then cabbed to the Huai Kwang Night Market. We got there around 1am-ish and it was so freaking ALIVE! So many stores hawking their wares and frankly it looked like they were just getting started.

Went to grab a bite at an awesome restaurant, so sorry I didn’t manage to get the name T_T! It’s tucked away in a little corner near a strawberry stand. Will visit again the next time! Awesome zhi-char style food. The papaya salad was so spicy I nearly teared! They had lotsa interesting drinks, like this wine-red concoction. It’s made from the same flower that Ribena is made of. Tastes similar although this is slightly sweeter and murkier. Shiok though! Really helped to tone the heat (from all the spicy food) down. Doesn’t help that ALL my travel companions were fans of spicy food T_T. Please also excuse my monkey face LOL we were told to say something in Thai i think, hence my confused expression ROFL

Walked around the market and ate strawberries! You can choose the type of powder you want on your strawberries! They have the usual sweet sugar and some sorta sour/spicy blend. We chickened out and went for the sweet LOL. How cute are the vendor’s nails btw?? Sell strawberries + have strawberries on her nails ?! Win liao lor!

Saw this necklace for around $8 SGD and didn’t get it. Came to regret that decision so dropped by during one of the later days to grab it LOL.

Ate worms and crickets! They kinda taste like twisties @_@ ! Daniel chickened out and refused to try any. What you don’t see here is him almost throwing up HAHAHAHAHA

Some kind of nut that looks like a buffalo’s head

Ordered a banana crepe thingy. It’s like a prata with condensed milk + banana slices + chocolate. ACE. Sorry I don’t have a picture LOL they ate it too quickly @_@

And omg these pork satays @_@ !!! They were SO SO SO good! One of the best tasting foods I ate in bkk! DAMN nice!!! The meat was so tender and juicy. Freakin’ delectable! Visited Huai Kwang again to find this vendor but was told by nearby vendors that she’d only be here at 3am *sobs*. When we previously found her it was around 6am already LOL. Went back to the hotel and knocked the fuck out after this!

Visited Siam Ocean World! Entry fee is pretty steep (supposedly 1700baht/adult) but when you purchase it at your hotel (mine was Bangkok City Hotel and they had this counter where you can purchase tour packages and stuff), it’s a LOT LOT LOT cheaper if you buy at such counters! Daniel had previously checked the price and realized it’d be much cheaper if we bought it at the hotel. We only paid 900baht each in the end :D! It included a ride on the glass-bottomed boat where you can feed fishes and see the sharks below the boat and a 5D movie thing. 5D movie was basically The Little Prince but i was abit weirded out by it because .. it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Ocean World lol. Still a nice little movie though! Spent quite a bit of time here lol. After this we met Ed’s thai friend for ultra yummy food at a restaurant! Can’t remember the address or name either T_T ! Will record in future. Had super duper awesome fried fish there @_@!

Had macdonald’s before entering Ocean World cause we were starving lol. THEY HAVE THIS MAGIC THING CALLED SPINACH PIE! Apparently it’s a seasonal item but be FUCKING sure to try it if you’re there! It’s so fucking nice omg I actually planned to buy it frozen then smuggle it into singapore HAHAHAHA but obviously that plan failed to materialize. I figured I’d have to be satiate my craving for it there and then. Ate about 5 pies in total while I was in BKK HAHAHAHA KUAZHANG OR WHAT LOL!

Ate the Samurai Pork Burger. Wasn’t bad but I didn’t quite fancy it. Our samurai with beef is better! They still have fried chicken there though!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!! So tasty T_T. They don’t have curry there for their nuggets, but you can buy tubs of different sauces for about 15 baht. Tried their cheese dip and it was BEYOND CHEESY. Good stuff.

Next morning we crossed the road from our hotel to find a small market that a taxi driver had told us about! Not much clothes but a SHITLOAD of food! These kueh things are damn nice! The grey looking balls have chopped peanuts inside, slightly crunchy but completely yummy!

These glutinous rice packets are damn tasty as well! Wasn’t sure which one to pick so I stood there just contemplating while looking at the rice, and the friendly shopkeeper gave me samples to try! So nice T_T. In the end I bought both white and purple rice! I thought it was just the rice by itself but turns out there’s a layer of yellow custard on top. At first I was like custard + rice??? But when I took a bite I basically took the packet and ran away before they could take it from me HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s really damn nice! 12baht each only omg @_@. The people here are so friendly, seriously. We ended up buying more because we kept snatching from each other and the shopkeeper joked that we could leave Shaun there in exchange for the rice packets HAHA! Edward is from Thailand so he was such a great big help! He speaks thai so it really helped smoothen out our trip hehehe ^^


Fried pork! Also freakin’ good! WHAT’S UP SERIOUSLY ALMOST EVERYTHING WE ATE WAS DAMN NICE!? What’s the secret?? We bought packets of glutinous rice and rolled them into little balls, placed a piece of hot crispy pork on top like sushi and popped it in our mouths. TOO GOOD. This shop also sold fried chicken which they passed on. Daniel and I went back to eat the food here and tried the chicken. SUPER CRISPY SKIN + ULTRA JUICY MEAT. We died so many times omg @_@

Grilled meatballs in spicy sauce. Damn spicy please I died after this @_@! Went to Platinum Mall and shopped like crazyyyy @_@! No pics of the place cause I was busy shopping LOL sorry!

Had this on the way to Platinum mall! Didn’t really like the cream, found it a little too cloying after awhile @_@. Shopped til they all got annoyed with me HAHAHAHA! I really bought a shitload of stuff la so after dropping the loot off, we went in search of food. Our hotel was quite conveniently located, only 3 minutes walk from Ratchathewi Station!

Take note that they have two train lines, one’s called BTS Skytrain, and the other is the MRT (mostly underground). They are rival lines and have different ways of commuting, like for example the skytrain uses both the ez-link style card and the usage of one-time-use passes that are dispensed via machine. We found it more worthwhile to buy the more permanent cards in the end since we did quite a bit of travelling! Some of the stations are interchanges and you can swap between the BTS and MRT lines. It takes some getting used to, but after awhile you’ll get the hang of it. Be sure to grab one of the free foldable maps (brochure style) of the stations. They even have suggestions on where to go! It’ll help you a lot so make damn sure you take one!

Thai people are so fucking innovative! Found this cute little western pop-up food stall by the side of the road (it’s at Ratchathewi station, on the side that has the escalator). They steal electricity from the many electric lines that run above ground, set up their tables and chairs and BOOMZ they’re ready for business! Food here was pretty good and pretty cheap too! 139 Baht got you a plate of steaks + 2 types of meats of your choice. Came with fries and a salad on the side as well. In total we spent about $20 sgd for FOUR main courses, 2 sides and 2 large bottles of drinks. So fucking worth it. Would definitely visit again. I liked the food so much I tipped the next time I came here to eat!

Back to the hotel after dinner then off to JJ market (aka Chatuchak Weekend Market) the next morning :D !!!

We took the BTS Skytrain to Mochit station i think! Upon reaching, there was a small pop-up ice cream store selling these ULTRA yummy and creamy cold pops! OMG WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FUCKING TASTY IN THAILAND T_T! I had the coconut and went to heaven for abit lol. It really was the ultimate treat in the blistering weather. Walked to Chatuchak Weekend Market and it was CRAZY HUGE. Like seriously mad. There are apparently 27 sections?!?!?! Shopping’s really really good for vintage stuff and guy’s stuff as well, but if you’re a girl the stuff is slightly overpriced and they aren’t very keen on letting you bargain either T_T.

Sorry for the small amount of pictures of Chatuchak LOL i was too busy shopping! SHITLOAD of stores and not to mention a gut-wrenching amount of ULTRA FUCKING CUTE PUPPIES that I really wanted to smuggle home T_T. SO MANY POMERANIANS LEH OMG T_T!!!! Oh and check out those Sugar Gliders! Cuteness personified.

Visited Rod Fai Market (also known as the train market) afterwards! It’s a weekend market just like Chatuchak! We planned to visit another market called Ratchada but we didn’t realize it was only open on Saturday nights T_T !!!!! Could have visited that on sat and Rod Fai on Sunday lor *cue giant sigh here*. Anyway Rod Fai’s a pretty interesting place! Basically a shitload of vintage stuff to be found, from old hooks to furniture to bags and even figurines! Bought a couple of vintage hooks to drill into my wall, and a few cups and spoons keke :D

Lotsa food to be found as usual. Walked til my back ached seriously. At 1am-ish it was still bustling with people @_@! It’s definitely one of the places you HAVE to visit! Cabbed back to the hotel and knocked the fuck out LOL we were sooo tired after the manic amount of walking LOL

Random but OMG SPINACH PIE T_T !!!! It’s like an apple pie but with a savory, creamy spinach soup filling. Okay I have to stop talking about it before I crave it again T_T

Disclaimer : Most of the tourist-style shots of the place were taken by Edward! Really dislike taking boring touristy shots of places but I guess it helps paint a better picture of the place, no? So asked Edward to shoot as he saw fit keke. Thanks a bunch Ed!

Went to the famed Asiatique! You have to take a boat to get there, but PLEASE take note that there are two boats that go there. One’s an “express” boat, the other is a free shuttle boat that brings you directly to Asiatique. We went around 6pm-ish and the ticketing booth was closed, so we bought tix from a dude who’d set up a make shift store. Kenna scam lor PUI! The “express” boat tix cost us 15baht each but it wasn’t express in any freakin way. It certainly wasn’t faster. In fact, it made several different stops before arriving at Asiatique -_- ! So be warned and take the free one okay!

Asiatique is like a really large Haji lane! Lovely ambience and all that jazz, though things here are more edgy and ~designer~, but it comes with a bigger price tag, of course. Managed to get a few lovely gifts here!

Found a random Gelato shop in the middle of Asiatique lol! Really good gelato ! 2 scoops for like .. $3 SGD or something?!!?!? Fuckkkkkkkkkk so cheap T_T!! This trip has left me so spoilt seriously lol when I go back I was like WHAT?! $2 for mineral water??? CAN BUY ME A BOWL OF BEEF NOODLES LOL! #auntiementality help me T_T

Continued shopping and came across this lovely jewelry shop! See those rings? One of them contains dandelion seeds. Too lovely. Bought my ram head studs here for $10! MAD LOVE.

After leaving Asiatique we cabbed to another restaurant adjacent to the one where we met Edward’s friend. THIS FRIED FISH DISH IS FUCKING DELICIOUS!!!!! Every time we had it (at different restaurants, mind), it was still freaking excellent.

Random pork ball noodle stall opposite our hotel. Most of these roadside stores have this little four-way basket that holds different spices in each canister. Sugar (sweet), chilli flakes (spicy), some sorta sour-ish juice and the last holds a bottle of some super salty liquid. So basically you can sorta ~customize~ your meal! Edward gave us some background information and dunked sugar, chilli and a bit of the sour sauce in his soup. COMPLETELY CHANGED THE WHOLE DAMN THING AND UPPED IT’S GAME. Twice as nice afterward. Ace.

Visited Terminal 21 the next day (no pictures LOL too busy shopping sorry)! It’s a nice mall that has different country themes on each level. I really have to mention their fucking amazing toilet bowls. They’re all electronic and you can control EVERYTHING. From the direction of the bidet spray to the temperature of the water to the temperature of the AIR that blow dries your ass HAHAHAHA! So freaking awesome! I literally sat there and blew dry for like 15 minutes HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!

Okay sorry TMI. SO ANYWAY, Terminal 21 has these two levels that have a section that houses many small shops. Things are pricier here, but I think they don’t get too much business so they’re okay with moderate bargaining and almost 75% of the stores had a sale rack! SCORE!

Hmkay back to those pictures! We went to NANA Night Market (right below Nana Station) and that’s where I scored my anchor bracelets for about 100 baht each. Mostly tourist trap stuff, we walked into a small alley and found this AWESOME van that .. housed an entire BAR. They just set up the van, chairs and tables and VOILA! INSTANT CHILL OUT SPOT! So impressed with Thai people @_@. Had pork noodles which had .. pig blood cubes. Almost hyperventilated when I saw those! They were outlawed in Singapore and they used to be one of my favourite things to eat as a child! Gobbled a shitload of them HAHAHA! We just hung out and drank for about 2 hours straight before visiting a Thai girl show. It was an eye-opener for sure. Girls on display with their boobs all hanging out @_@. Kinda felt bad for them, honestly. On our way to the main road I found a small roadside store that sold superrrr cheap shoes!! Got a pair of navy studded flats for $10 SGD. SCORE!

Edward flew back to his hometown the next day so that just left me and Daniel for the last two days. Dragged him back to Platinium, shopped like mad and then to Pratunam (opposite Platinum) and shopped some more. Poor dude LOL. We went back to MBK because I accidentally broke an awesome pair of clubmasters that I’d bought at Chatuchak and thought I saw the same pair at MBK but I was wrong T_T. Couldn’t find the same pair anymore! Ultra sad T_T!!!! As we were leaving MBK we discovered the Thailand version of a Pasar Malam! So I guess that was the silver lining that day lol.

Bamboo rice! Glutinous rice cooked inside the bamboo shoot. All information about food is taken directly out of Edward’s mouth cause’ he’s from Thailand. If he’s wrong, please flame him on my formspring HAHAHAHA fuck i’m such a shitty friend HAHAHA

BBQ Prawns! Looked really good but our hands were full and it seemed like it’d be messy to eat T_T. Maybe next time!

Some sorta carnival game lol. We shot from BB guns! The recoil was SOOO strong omg it was pretty fun :D

Giant sweet potato balls on sticks (we think) and small packets of mini ones. The flavour was quite nice, but I think we got a packet that had been fried some time ago so they were a little ~nua~.


We finally found the magical traditional thai steamboat we’d been looking for!!! Shopkeeper didn’t speak english so we basically used our hands to signal to each other HAHAHA damn hilarious seriously we might as well be mute at this point.

You remove your shoes and sit on a giant communal mat. It really was a damn interesting experience! We paid about 150 baht for a platter of raw meat and a giant platter of vegetables and noodles. The steamboat pot thingy (???) is heated from within and you get a little metal kettle from which you pour the soup into the “moat” (lol). You break an egg into the platter of raw meat, stir around to marinate said meat then grill the meat on the slotted dome. Meat platter consisted of chicken, pork, chicken skin, liver, squid, prawns and other assorted meats that I couldn’t identify (lol)! The juice from the grilled meats flavours your soup. It turned murky and delicious after awhile. Back to the hotel to nua after this lol too full to walk around la omg we are damn lousy HAHAHA

Dragged him back to Platinum the next day (YES, AGAIN HAHAHA) then off to Siam Discovery for Krispy Kreme (glazed ones ARE THE BOMB), then crossed the road to find a small alcove that resembled a Bugis Street albiet 10 times larger. When we visited around 4pm-ish, most of the stalls still weren’t open so if you intend to visit, make sure you do so later in the night!

Went for a manicure at MBK for about $16 SGD excluding designs. Wouldn’t go back there again la I know there are cheaper places but this was the only place we could google HAHAHA #fail

Had our last meal in Thailand at the same western food place below Ratchathewi station then back to Singapore already T_T. Hmkay this is a shitload of pictures, will end off here before I die from exhaustion lol. Hope you enjoyed this long-ass post :D !

Honestly already miss Thailand T_T. Will definitely be back again soon! Learnt my lesson about impulse buys though HAHAHAH i spent 1.5k within the first 2 days. Siao or what seriously HAHAHA okay really gtg now ttys !

So as you guys (probably) know by now, I basically spent the last week eating my way through Bangkok (LOLOLOLOL). I honestly think I’ve possibly put on like 10kg or something! Either that or I’ve suddenly mutated into a ball over the last 7 days -_-

The food there is BOMB. Seriously. A giant bowl of beef noodles for 40 Baht? THAT’S LIKE LESS THEN $2 PLEASE?! So I basically ate and ate and ate and ate and ate so much I’m surprised I didn’t basically have a heart attack / expire on the spot lmao.

Some of you have asked me to make a guide, but I don’t feel qualified to make one leh honestly! Can I just highlight some of the places to go, perhaps? We’ll see how it goes k lol.

Here’s a little teaser, but for now the pictures are still uploading so I’m just going kick back and let them finish. I’ve some pictures in my friend’s camera, so will have to wait until he hands them to me before I post about bkk cause I don’t want it to be incomplete at the time of posting! Here’s a small loot post spam :D

A small fraction of the accessories I bought lol! Can’t decide which one I love the most! Best part was that they were all freaking DIRT CHEAP. Nothing above $10 T_T !!! Where to find in SG?! The last skull necklace was actually two necklaces which I dismantled. It’s that pastel skull necklace found in Diva/Topman, you know? I hate the pastels mixed in with the gold, damn fugly! I bought two of them just so I could reuse all the gold skulls instead lol. Now I’m left with several pastel skulls, not sure what to do with them as yet but I might turn them into accessories to sell. We’ll see.

I also managed to buy a pair of ear studs shaped like ram heads! Wah fucking happy when I saw them, I can’t even begin to describe lol. My sister says I’m damn creepy cause I collect animal head studs like animal trophy heads LOL. It’s kinda true, I realize? I have foxes, raccoons, panthers and now a pair of rams lol psychotic or what seriously LOL. Okay that is all for now, more when I get pics from my friend ^_^

I went mini golfing with my bf on Sunday! He finally had some time to spend with me after basically working every single freakin’ day, so I made him take me to Lilliputt. I figured we could do something more interesting since it was our first real date in a long time. SO ANYWAY, we went there and it was basically filled with children. At that point I was kinda facepalming myself in the brain already hahaha but fuck it la since we were already there, might as well try right?

So we were each given a small golf club, a coloured golf ball and a score card and off we went! Lilliputt occupies most of the third level of the building but it’s still relatively small. There are 18 holes and they are all modelled after different places in Singapore. It’s obvious they put a lot of effort into making each set up, they are parts that move and make sounds and stuff ! Like if you hit the ball into a certain hole (LOL), sometimes there are little toy trains that carry your golf balls into a different part of the course. You basically have to get the ball into the hole with as little strokes as possible and at first I was like, “PFFFFFT IMMA KICK YO ASS BABY” cause’ how hard can mini golf be, right?

WRONG. Fucking difficult pls LMAO we each took so like >15 tries to sink the fucking ball! It got to the point where we kinda started sabotaging each other HAHAHAHA sore losers maximum. There were like 3 other couples there on dates, although I have to say they looked damned bored. I guess it’ll only be fun if your date is full of shit like mine was (is?) ! Stupid bf kept putting for me so I just started kicking his (golf) ball away everything time he was about to putt LOLOLOL.

Anyway, we finished 18 holes (WHY DOES THIS SOUND SO DIRTY HAHAHA) in approx 30 minutes and each paid $19.60. I am still undecided on whether or not it was worth the trip down, but then again there was a party going on (hence the many children) so we couldn’t play around as much as we wanted to. Plus it’s damn ulu, although it was a pretty interesting experience. Give it a try and let me know what you think ;p !

902 East Coast Parkway
Block B #03-05
Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: 6348 9606

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
(Near Changi Village)
Tel: 64750200
Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30am – 12pm

Went to eat at The Coastal Settlement (TCS) ! Heard quite a few good things about it, so made my toad drive there. Parking is free if you’re lucky enough to get a spot in their private car park. Else you’ll probably have to park at the side of the road and walk over.

Love the ambience of the place! Forgot to take pictures cause’ I was busy checking everything out. There are vintage items scattered everywhere! From typewriters to vintage vespas to old cutlery; they were even selling vintage casio watches D: ! Really love how ~homey~ it felt. See that picture with the “fish and chip” note? It’s actually a large vintage jar that was housing a live fighting fish! How cute, right??

Our starters – Mac & Cheese ($15) and Wagyu Beef Cubes ($22).

Mac & Cheese was pretty mediocre, I feel. Nothing too spectacular – slightly hard crust but once you start stirring, everything gets coated by goey cheese sauce. Filling, but I wouldn’t order this again.

The Wagyu beef cubes, however, are a totally different story. My bf is not a fan of spending good money on food, but even he had to agree that this was totally worth the money. The plate it came on was literally as long as my arm! There were about 15 fat cubes of pillowy soft beef on a bed of greens. Usually salads come with balsamic vinaigrette which I absolutely detest, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dark, murky sauce was some sorta Japanese dressing. Salty and sweet at the same time. DAMN NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note how I used like 15 exclamation marks to make you more inclined to believe me LOL. It was really damn nice lol my toad bf was just like OM NOM NOM NOM NOM – didn’t even want to talk to me la basket ! Totally focused on shoveling beef into his fat mouth -_-

Honestly the beef cube dish alone was pretty filling, plus they threw in a few fat chunks of mushroom. A+. Bf said he wants to come back again just for this and for someone who hates to drive (especially to godforsaken areas like these), that’s really saying something. Definitely something you have to order if you decide to try this place out! Which you totally should, btw.

T-Bone Steak ($38) for me! Came with two huge sticks of grilled asparagus and a cute little pot of mashed potatoes. Above average, but not the best I’ve ever had either. Would not order this again. The mashed potatoes deserve some mention though – super ultra rich (like might-possibly-give-you-heartburn kinda rich) and if you don’t stir it, it sorta “settles” and a shitload of butter seeps out. Like seriously it was probably 30% butter and 70% potato HAHAHA shiok but so sinful T_T. A bit too much for me but still pretty tasty if you ignore the voice at the back of your head telling you that your arteries are probably clogging up just looking at the puddles of butter. Small puddles la, but still.

Grilled Snapper ($36) for the bf. It doesn’t look like much but it was a REALLY big portion. Rice + kangkong + HUGE fish + two tubs of different sauce. Fish was very soft but honestly I was a little surprised at how ~asian~ this dish was. Bf enjoyed it but I didn’t feel like it was super value-for-money. In my auntie mind I was like FUCKKK $36 for zhi-char style???? /wrist

Sorry for the cake spam lmao but this. Was. The. BOMB. Like wtf I took one bite and was like

Sea salt caramel cheesecake (or something like that). $12 for the slice but oh my it was soooo good! See those luscious caramel sauce drippings? INTENSE CARAMEL EXPLOSION. There’s also half a strawberry on top of a small pile of what looked like crumbled cake base – do not underestimate it! They were differently sized granules so it was just a mouthful of texture and crunch and sugar that melted on the tongue. TO DIE FOR.

This one seriously MUST GO. Plus they have outdoor seating with a few swing seats! You may or may not die from falling Pom-Poms (the fruit) though! A pompom almost hit someone in the head cause she was sitting in the courtyard. Sit there at your own risk lol. If it hit her in the head CONFIRM SERIOUS INJURY NO JOKE LOL. As it was, it literally exploded on the floor, scared the shit out of her and some laughter out of my bf cause he’s fucked up in the head like that. Okay fine, I laughed too. But only a little bit *shifty eyes*!

Killer litter (courtesy of mother nature) aside, it’s a real nice place to go on a quiet date. On our way out, we spotted a really vintage car and a 3 wheeled vintage lorry! How’s that for a conversation starter?

In total we spent $164+ on 2 mains, 2 starters, a vanilla milkshake (not bad), beer and dessert. A little steep, but some of the dishes were pretty damned awesome. Will definitely come back again (:

Went bowling afterwards and there was a waiting list, so the girl behind the counter (I REFUSE TO CALL HER A RECEPTIONIST. She does not even deserve that title PUI) asked for my name and when I said, ‘Yoko’, she fucking gave me this ultra skeptical expression. With eyebrows all furrowed and shit leh! LIKE HELLO FUCK YOU OKAY FUCKING RUDE BITCH TSK. Almost reached over and punched her in stupid crookedly raised brow nnb tsk!!!!

In my mind:

Tactless fuck tsk. Okay rage wave over. It was a good day despite the judge-y slut though.

On a side note, I’m LEAVINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ON A JET PLANEEEEEEEEEEEEE DON’T KNOW WHEN I’LL BE BACK AGAINNNNNNN HAHAHA okay fine la I know when la tsk. I’m flying off tomorrow night omg omg omg omg omg omg I am so fucking excited leh!!! Whenever I think about it my heart just about beats out of my chest! Packing parcels like there’s no tomorrow and finishing up all my work then BYE BYE FOR A FULL FUCKING WEEK MUAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Okay please don’t judge me I’m damn hyper on diluted milk tea lol ok back to work now TTYS!!!!! I’ll see if I can squeeze another blog post in tomorrow before I fly away else all you’ll see is this post for a full week lmao.

Okay that is really all ttys :D !!!