I had a really bad day. Late buyer which led to me missing my shuttle bus despite running like my ass was on fire which of course meant excessive sweating because I was wearing a friggin’ blazer. Excessive sweating. In a blazer. On a hot day. Not fun at all.

So fine, I missed the bus. I sulk a little and swear a lot (in my head). Tried to get a cab but the queue is so freakin’ long I end up waiting for the shuttle bus again cause it’s faster. Day proceeds as usual, bf makes me feel better as usual. Day gets better.

Met a buyer whose parcel I forgot to mail out (GO ME!). Wanted to meet another buyer, she went MIA for 2 hours and I seriously got so fucking mad I almost blacked the fuck out. It’s not really her fault because the plans were not concrete but how can someone not answer the phone/be contactable for 2 hours right? Just totally agitated and irritated to the point that I just had to fucking cancel my dinner plans. Just fuck it la really no mood to do anything what a fucking shitty day tsk!! Proceeded to take shitty public transport full of shitty inconsiderate fucks who leaned on poles and shoved me around. In the future I might possibly go on a killing spree. If that ever happens you will all technically be involved. THE SIGNS WERE THERE PEOPLE! IF YOU HAD REPORTED IT MAYBE I WOULDN’T HAVE KILLED EVERYONE! Or something like that lol. Obviously I’m foaming a little in the brain as well.

I couldn’t reign in my temper today so to make me feel better I bought some makeup in order not to go crazy and start stabbing people in the face. IS THAT THE BEST EXCUSE TO SHOP OR WHAT HAHAHAHA round of applause for me please! Hmkay so anyway, I can’t sleep at night now so I’m always on Pinterest looking at interesting things (and the stupid comments that accompany them). I read about these Revlon® Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stains and apparently they’re the bomb.

I’ve read lots of reviews on them (research before you buy, people!) and the majority are saying that it hydrates + the colour stays on for hours and hours with no transfer! Perfect for lazy toads like me. My lips are damn dry and tend to crack at night, so I went mad and bought 6 different shades. I was ordering from and it’s a pain in the ass to order cause’ they only accept U.S credit cards, so might as well get a shitload lest I have to purchase again if the colours don’t suit me.

Anyway, I love that it’s like a fat little chubby crayon thingy! And not to mention retractable as well! Will review once they’re here, can’t wait ^^ ! Okay I started writing this entry in a foul mood but shopping really makes me happy cause’ I feel so much better now!!! This does not in any way confirm the fact that I am a shoppaholic, k? -shifty eyes-

On a side note, I totally forgot about my Forever21 loot! Really shows how much I shop – I literally forgot about my entire package of Forever21 stuff (which includes a dress, two tops and a wallet) – DAFUQ BRAIN?! Will ship back to Singapore together with my lipbalms kekeke EXCITED!

Okay one last side note – BKK in 4 days !!!!!!!!!!! Brain’s about to explode from excitement T_T

Social Sin
Bugis Junction #01-88/89
(Can’t find the exact address online but it’s literally next to Fish & Co Bugis)
Tel : 6336 7630

Had lunch at Social Sin with Lyds. Was completely blown away the last time I went there with her but being the smart cookie that I am, I didn’t bring my camera. To make up for it (and to get another bucket of sweet potato fries), we went back again today to get pictures!

Sweet Potato Fries ($10) ! The last time I had them, they were cut thicker which I quite liked, but these were still tasty this time round. Salted sweet potato fried to crisp perfection – did I also mention that they came in a cute little bucket accompanied by two little metal tubs of sweet chilli sauce? It reminds me of the sweet chilli sauce McDonalds used to have before they become stingy bastards. Love this! They aren’t stingy with the sauce either (TAKE THAT MAC-Ds _|_ !!!). Enough for two or three or one (if you’re me lol).

Sorry I can’t recall the name of this dish but it’s basically the most expensive starter (i think)! A bucketful of breaded and fried calamari, shrimps and a big hunk of soft shell crab. In terms of servings they’re pretty generous but this was a miss for me. It comes with a tub of wasabi mayo (WHICH IS THE BOMB) and everything tastes pretty good when it’s smothered/dipped in the sauce, but if you eat them plain they’re kinda bland/oily/meh. We ordered the fried calamari the last time round and they gave us a full bucket of bite-sized hunks of calamari fried (once again) to yummy perfection. We’ll just go straight for that in future. Pass on this!

Seared Beef Risotto ($25). Beef was good but the rice was very slightly undercooked in the middle so it was weirdly crunchy. Not as good as the previous Seafood risotto that I had when I was last there. Not sure if it’s the today’s chef or maybe our expectations were too high from being awed the last time we were here, but today was just lacking. Still above average, but not as good as I remembered. Cue sad face.

Mushroom Soup was middling (pass on that + sorry forgot to take pictures) and for $8 a bowl you really expect to be blown away. It cost about $70+ for the both of us! If you go on weekdays there’s like 30% off your second pasta/pizza/breakfast during a certain time frame. I love the whole ambience and decor of the place, so I’d still come here on a regular basis simply due to the fact that I loved my virgin try of this place so much, so even though today wasn’t that big a hit, I’d give it another chance. Do try this place out and let me know how it went for you :D ! Did I also mention that they have all day breakfast?! Gonna try that out the next time I’m here :D

Okay meeting my fatty for dinner and then back to work. Am trying to clear everything before I fly off next wednesday SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN oasidfoasijdf!!! Thank you all for your tips on bkk, will be replying them asap, am still trying to neatly compile them! Keep those tips coming, TIA <3 !

ASOS Triple Spike Bracelet and Oasis Fox Ear Studs arrived! Was about 8 working days late lor I was starting to freak out a little actually. Glad it arrived early to nullify my shitty day. Actually that’s one fox stud and one racoon stud HAHA I was wearing one of the fox studs when I took this shot LOL ENTHU MAX!

Loving the spike bracelet! I was expecting the spikes to be a lot bigger but hey this size is surprisingly dainty. Like.

Have updated the rest of the post LOL sorry I’m (hella) late :X !

Met my friends for the much talked-about Omakase Burger at Turf City! It was a huge huge pain in the ass to find, especially since we found ourselves vehicle-less that night. The 8.30 shuttle bus never actually came (NB!) so a $7 cab ride and about 4 minutes of lousy map-reading (on Daniel’s part) and 30 seconds of logical thinking on *ahem* my part, we I found the place.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road #01-05,
Bukit Timah, Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 6763 2698

The decor is really lovely, as you can see here. There was ample seating and even a few communal tables for large groups. The place wasn’t exactly crawling with people but it was still a surprisingly large amount for such a secluded area.

We queued up to get our food and a kindly uncle ( i think he’s the owner’s dad?) was damn cute! He was a little longwinded but it was evident he took great pride in the food he was serving. + 10 points for customer service!

Choose from a selection of burgers (mainly the same burger but with different toppings), top up a few dollars to make it a meal with your choice of fries and a drinks. Shaun had the orange juice (it was just a small little cup), whilst I had the lemonade (which came in an ultra cute jug)! I basically had twice as much drinks as him for the same price, much to his (kiasu) dismay. The lemonade is made fresh as well, has a SUPER sour kick, but pretty refreshing nevertheless.

We each tried different fries – sweet potato, truffle, and cheese (pictured above in that exact order). In the 8 Days review, they said the sweet potato fries were ace but I think they’d changed the recipe cause’ we got fat little sticks that were covered in super thick batter. The batter was too much, in my opinion. The sweet potato fries pictured in the 8 Days review were skinny like normal fries T_T. Truffle fries were nothing to shout about as well but the cheese fries were seriously damn ace. I think they were fried on the spot, not to mention they were completely SMOTHERED in cheese. +10 points!

As for the burger, the main burger here is the Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90). There are others like the Bacon Omakase Cheese Burger ( which is basically the same thing with bacon in it), the Deluxe (+ onions and mushrooms) and the Ultimate ( + bacon + onions + mushrooms).

We tried the Omakase, the Bacon and i had the Deluxe cause I’m a big mushroom fan. The burger bun is a strange yellow colour (it’s apparently pumpkin based or something), but it was super soft and pillowy. The beef patty was SUPER juicy, no joke! I’d asked Jasmine to hold it for me while I took a photo and the thing basically leaked juice like a busted tap. From what I’d heard about it, the patty was supposed to have a caramelized crust from being grilled but I got none of that. Each bite was just a burst of juice so it was damn moist in general without any crunch (the Bacon Cheeseburger one has a bit of crunch but the bacon wasn’t super crisp either, just a nice hint of texture) but it went really well with the super crispy cheese fries! So it was basically a combo – a bite of ultra moist burger awesomeness, followed by a crispy fry, followed by a sigh of content. Repeat 10 times. Buy another burger. Repeat another 10 times.

All in all, in the reviews it was made out to be super duper duper duper awesome but I think if you have that mindset, you’re bound to set the bar too high. It really was a damn good burger though, really something you have to eat at least thrice in your lifetime. Skip the sweet potato fries (if they’re serving the chunky fat ones when you’re there, else if they’re serving the skinny ones go for it!) and go straight for the cheese fries. I really liked my burger with onions and mushrooms, everyone else loved their own burgers so I guess it’s really a personal preference as to what you like on yours :D !

Do drop by if you’re driving, it’s a little on the pricey side (we each spent between $18 – $30+) but really worth the trip down :D !

Hmkay the following four photos were taken by Beatrice (from Kisslocke):

Blogshopfestival was a blast! At first I was super bummed out cause’ I forgot about it and couldn’t find anyone to go with me. I thought I’d be damn lonely and emo with a full bladder or something but it turns out I was surrounded by friends lol shiok! The lovely Celeste (from theheartaffair) was so freaking awesome for helping me to chope a table with a damn good location cause I was late (as usual). Thank you so freakin’ much T_T ! I’d be screwed without you I think! And right behind my stall was the two chiobus from Kisslocke! They were really fun to talk to and apparently they’re a pair of crazy hardcore shoppaholics seriously LOL they seemed more interested in shopping than selling their clothes lor HAHAHA! I refrained from shopping til the very last minute cause’ i was trying to exercise some self control, and frankly I was a little traumatized after the huge-ass selling post on Thursday. Plus I’m going to bangkok next week so might as well shop there, right? Anyway scored two cute tops, one from The White Carousel which I’m going to collaborate with soon as well :D !

Sold a lot more watches than I’d anticipated and I was just so fucking swarmed and busy the whole time! Thank you so much for all your support guys! A few of you were so cute and told me you were readers hehe so touched T_T ! I gave discounts like nobodies freakin’ business seriously. All the Project Goldmember & Peite watches were going for $20 each only D: ! So do remember to drop by in future k hehe ! Readers get additional discounts ^_^ !

Reinforcements arrived in the form of Shaun, Jasmine, Daniel and Michelle at around 4pm (WHICH WAS FAR TOO LATE BITCHES), but I am thankful for the support nevertheless. Beatrice was like, “WAH WHEN YOUR BACKUP COME IS REALLY ONE BIG GROUP!”. Trufax LOL. We went to watch Rise of the Guardians cause we’re semi-gay like that. I quite liked it :D!

On a side note, I’M FUCKING GOING TO BANGKOK NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!! For like one whole fucking week lol so fucking excited I CANNOT EVEN OQIJDAOISDJAOSIDj I’m going to shop til I fucking die or something seriously hehehehe ^_^ ! It’s my firt time going (mountain tortoise that I am), so I’d appreciate any tips or nice places you guys think are worth visiting ! Do let me know on my formspring k ! Thinking of going to the theme park and the aquarium especially (i love aquatic life), so if you have any reviews, please let me know on my formspring

Trying to clear all my work by then, fingers crossed! Will do a review on the Cotton On swimsuits and the TWC top that I got (it’s FUCKING CUTE) when I have the time, so do stay tuned :D!

Had a small shoot at Peporoni Pizzeria with Chevonne (of yourvasteyes) last Monday! After taking shots of the food, we ended up having a mini shoot for temporary images for her slider. She’s really freakin’ pretty, I have to admit I was a little starstruck when I first met her LMAO. Stay tuned for her new blog revamp to be launched soon :D !

On a side note, will be at the Blogshopfestival tomorrow ! Hawking off my watches at discounted prices as well as selling two new exclusive designs (in 4 colours!) only to be sold at the flea. Only 15 pieces each and they’re only $15 each! Forgot to take pictures this morning – smarty pants that I am – so I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow morning instead. Watch this space <3 ! See ya’ll at Blogshopfestival : Beer Market
3B River Valley road
#01-17, Clarke Quay
Beside Main Road Taxi Stand
Beside Liang Court

Wrapping and packing parcels now, to be sent out tomorrow morning lol. So I somehow have to finish packing parcels, take pictures of the exclusive designs tomorrow, post parcels, upload pictures, post to my blog, and lug ALL my watches to the flea by 9am. GO ME.

See ya’ll tomorrow :D

As usual :

– Meetups preferred over postage ( Tampines / Rivervale Mall / Self collection also available at blogshopfestival this Saturday)

– Priority to bulk orders

– nego if you’re getting more than two pieces

– SMS me at 96716946, do be patient and quote the item number if possible


1. Navy Keyhole Top – $16
-Banded at waist
– Semi-sheer
– free size


2. Cobalt Blue Keyhole Top – $16
– free size
– Banded at waist
– Button closure at the back of neck

3. F21 Open-back Button Down – $18
– Size L

4. F21 Jade Green Balloon Sleeve – $15
– Size S/P
– Cute little button closure at the sleeve cuffs

5. Boat neck Dress – $12
– I think it’s Zara but I can’t remember anymore HAHAHA
– Size M
– Can be worn off the shoulder or cut it into a cute top


6. ASOS Layered Peplum Top – $15
– Tagged Size 12
– Cut out back
– Brand new with tag!

7.ASOS Green Cutout Top – $15
– Tagged uk12
– Brand new with tag
– cost me like $40 sgd TMD


8. ASOS Peach Tunic – $10
– Tagged UK12
– Functional buttons
– Knot can be undone

9. F21 Beaded Frilly Tunic – $15
– BNWT Tagged L / USD$19.80
– Cute beaded straps
– Can be worn as a top if you belt it

10. Forest Green Pleather Clutch – $15
– Slightly smaller than A4 size
– Zipped

11. Urban OUtfitters Glow Dress in Orange – $18
– Tagged size M
– Retailed at USD $29.90
– Functional pockets
– Some of the prints glow in the dark!


12. Urban OUtfitters Glow Dress in Taupe – $18
– Tagged size M
– Retailed at USD $29.90
– Functional pockets
– Some of the (pineapple!!!) prints glow in the dark!

13. ASOS Dahlia Printed Aztec Top – $32
– Tagged M
– Retailed at $60+++
– Triple straps on each side, all adjustable
– Zippered at the side
– Comes with studded belt
– awesome


14. ASOS Anchor Print Tube Dress – $22
– Tagged M
– Keyhole-tie at bust
– ANCHOR PRINT lol /dead why am i even selling this


15. F21 Ultra Colourful Tube – $13
– Ruched at bust
– damn colourful lmao
– tagged M i think


16. Tracy Einny High Neck Top – $18
– Hidden button up closure topped with a snap-button closure
– No tagged size but fits up to uk10-ish


17. Berhska Zip-front Tube – $12
– Ruched at back
– Tagged M


18. Bershka frilly tube – $12
– Tagged L

19. Supre grey tube – $10
– Slight furring
– Tagged M

20. Supre Waterfall tube dress – $8
– Tagged M
– Furred thus damn cheap lol

21. Bershka Forest Green Tube – $12
– Tagged S (i think, might be M haha)
– Raw hem

22. New Look Teal Tube – $10
– Tagged uk8
– non functional button

23. F21 embellished halter dress – $14
– Tagged S/P
– Lotsa beads and sequins sewed on it

24. F21 Corset Dress – $16
– Tagged L
– Lace cut out at waist
– hook closure at bust, can leave some hooks unbuttoned and tuck the ends in to make a V neck !


25. ASOS Aztec Mini Party Dress – $28
– Tagged uk 10
– zip closure at back
– ultra cute crossed back straps

26. ASOS Floral Mini Party Dress – $28
– Tagged uk 10
– zip closure at back
– ultra cute crossed back straps


27. ASOS Black Mini Party Dress – $28
– Tagged uk 10
– zip closure at back
– ultra cute crossed back straps


28. ASOS Red Sundress – $25
– Tagged uk 12
– Ruched at back
– has horizontal slit in the back
– brand new with tag

29. ASOS Dotty Midi Dress – $25
– Tagged uk 10
– Bustier has boning in it
– Zip closure at back

30. Layered Maxi Dress – $16
– Free sized
– polka dotted layered


31. Wal G toga dress via ASOS – $25
– Tagged uk12 or L or M i think hahaha but stretchy so fits uk 10 best

32. Urban Oufitters Maxi Dress – $25
– Tagged L
– Has chiffon (i think) black panels


33. Urban Outfitters Off Shoulder Dress – $23
– Tagged M
– Retailed at USD $29.90

34. Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Shift Dress – $23
– Tagged M
– Cut out back

35. ASOS Ladderback Minidress – $25
– Tagged uk 10

36. ASOS Scalloped Halter – $23
– Tagged uk10

37. Whatisdope Blue Boxy Cardi – $22
– Bought it at $30


38. Supre Knotted Blouse in Green – $16
– Tagged M
– Knot can be undone

39. Supre Knotted Blouse in Brown – $16
– Tagged M
– Knot can be undone

40. Green button down shirt – $13
– free sized
– functional pockets

41. Stradivarius Button Down Tank – $15
– Tagged XL (i think) but fits uk 10
– Sheer
– Functional Buttons
– Longer at the back

42. Cotton On Horse Print Button Down – $23
– Tagged M
– Sheer
– Functional buttons

43. Pull & Bear Racoon Print Top – $23
– Sheer
– Tagged L
– Open layered back


44. F21 Zigzag Shirt – $23
– Tagged M
– Functional buttons

45. Flowy cardigan – $12
– from a popular blogshop which I can’t recall LMAO will go find out later hahaha

46. Cotton On Cut-Out Back Dress in Black – $23
– Tagged M
– Banded at waist
– Cute cut out at the back

47. Cotton On Cut-Out Back Dress in Aztec – $23
– Tagged M
– Banded at waist
– Cute cut out at the back

48. F21 Blue Boxy Dress – $15
– Tagged M
– Heathered mottled blue


49. F21-inspired Feather Print Dress – $18
– freesize
– fits uk 10 max
– zippered back
– tie-back sash attached

50. ASOS Grecian Midi Dress – $26
– Tagged uk 12
– Brand new with tag
– zipper at back


51. ASOS Bodycon Dress in Chilli Red – $20
– Tagged uk 10

52. ASOS Peplum Dress in Red – $20
-Tagged uk 12 (i think, might be uk10 lol)

52. Megagamie buttonup dress – $20
– Has tieback sash attached at the back
– Too small to button across my boobs so I think fits small Uk10 best !

53. Gojane button-down dress – $18
– Tagged L
– can be unknotted
– longer at the back

54. ASOS Sailor Top – $18
– Tagged uk12
– buttons are non functional

55. ASOS Longsleeved Shirt – $20
– Tagged UK12 / Maternity wear but cannot tell la lmao
– Can be unknotted

56. Brown Clutch – $15
Fits A4 and up

57. ASOS Croped top with cut out sides – $15
– Tagged uk 12

58. Forever 21 maxi skirt – $16
– Tagged S
– Small zipper at back


59. Cotton On Dress shirt – $20
– Retailed at $39.90
– Tagged mens size S

60. Vintage Denim Outerwear – $20
– Good quality thick denim


61. Pull & Bear Plaid Shirt – $18
– Tagged L
– Slight furring


62. Topman Tiki Shirt – $25
– Tagged S
– Functional buttons


63. Swan print button down – $12
– small lipstick stain on the inside, cannot be seen when worn
– no tagged size


64. Indiesin White Studded Collar Top – $18
– No tagged size
– can be worn front to back
– studded colla


65. Kitschen Pullover in Rust – $24
– Tagged M


66. Topshop Forest Green Peplum – $23
– Tagged uk 10
– Zipper at back


67. Topshop Textured Peplum – $25
– Tagged uk 10
– Zipper at back


68. Indiesin button down top – $10
– Silver functional buttons
– Sash tie-back attached at back
– One is torn though, thus cheap


69. Newlook Equestrian Print Top – $22
– Tagged uk10 I think
– functional buttons 


70. Nastygal Split Top – $25
– Tagged Size M
– Cut out at back

71. F21 Floral Bustier – $20
– Tagged M or L or something but fits a uk 10 C cup MAX


Topshop / Forever21 / ASOS / UO / Bershka / Zara / Pull & Bear etc!

These are just partial sneaks, I still have one pile of dresses and another small pile of tops @_@. Have also yet to take pics of shoes and bags but I don’t think I can finish in time for tomorrow so I guess we’ll leave those for another time. As for bottoms, it’s damn mafan to take pics so I might just use stock pics for those. Stay tuned k, launching tmr night at 10.30pm (to be safe)

There are some pieces that I am actually kinda undecided on whether or not to keep @_@ ! I’ll decide again tomorrow perhaps. See y’all tomorrowwww imma get some shut eye KTHXBAI

Pepper Lunch awesomeness followed by late night bowling at CDANS and a really good + cheap kopitiam steak place somewhere in Bukit Panjang :D ! I really do live for the weekends.

Right now I’m pressing on for another corporate site and massive DI work for some photos that are due at 3am, then hopefully tomorrow I can find some time to do my selling post and meet Ziying as well!

On a side note:

Nakedglory has officially moved to :D !!!!! So happy, quite a few orders came in the moment I launched, really thankful for all the support T_T !!! We’ll also be at the Blogshop Festival on the 1st of December, 12pm til 7pm ! It’ll be held at Beer Market, check out the full details here :! If you buy now on Nakedglory, self collection is available at the flea (: !

Striving to put up the selling post by Thursday as well so you can collect your stuff there too (: ! Stay tuned <3 !!

Cotton On Daphne Long Sleeve Shirt in Black/Antique Gold

Cotton On Vermont 1 Piece in Retro Black

Cotton On Panama Boardshort in New Indigo

Cotton On Vermont 1 Piece in Indigo/Egret Mini Spot

Gemma Correll Cheese Grater Tee

UO Leather Strap Sandal

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Textured Slit Front Dress

Silence & Noise Crepe Halter Neck Dress

F21 Contrast Racer Dress

F21 Studded Collar Shirt

F21 Spiked Wallet

Ah okay that’s about it. I obviously went a little mad but I blame it on the lack of sleep and the excessive amount of stress. Launching the new collection for Nakedglory tomorrow, so hopefully i can finish this corp site by morning so I can catch some sleep in time for the launch.

3.30am, 2 hours to go before my brain automatically shuts down so ttyl !

Got this awesome arm candy from Lavina (it’s a shop in Bugis+), a little on the pricey side ($19.90 D:!!!) but it really is damn pretty. I may or may not be part crow. WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO SHINY THINGS WHY ?! It’s available in a shitload of colours, from royal blue to hot pink to white to brown and I think i saw it in shimmery gold as well. As if the chains weren’t bling enough LOL?? If you stare at the gold one you may or may not go blind in one eye. You’ve been warned.

Also something else I feel like I should warn ya’ll about – the bags there are DAMN chio. I saw quite a few that I wanted to sling across my shoulder and run away screaming with but a) i’d get arrested and b) I’d get arrested. So I refrained. Barely. Again, on the pricey side but oh-so-drool-worthy.

201 Victoria Street
#02-66 Bugis+ S188067

And sorreh I missed the launch yesterday, heng balls I didn’t give a definite date/time and hadn’t mass-emailed everyone yet @_@. In all honesty, I’ve moved :D !! To but it’s currently locked cause it’s a default layout layout and it looks a bunch of assholes mashed together. DAMN UGLY PLS and it’s also on a new platform which I’ve never freakin’ touched before in my life so whenever I look at the coding my brain just stops functioning D:<

 I won’t officially announce the shift yet, not until the website looks nicer but for now I will be using a shopping cart with automated invoicing (YAY TO NO MORE WAITING TIME :D!), so do bear with me as there’s bound to be some mistakes. I’m going over the site again and again checking in and out trying to minimize issues but there are only so many hours in a day T_T.

 Here’s a sneak peak of the restocked petites just to buy a little of your goodwill back:

Okay that is all, finished one corporate site so now I’ve one more left! Plus 3 blogs and 2 webstores roarrrrrr #neverendingwork okay byeeeee

I remember this one day a few months ago, you asked me to meet you in TP. I was craving the food there so I very willingly agreed. After lunch, you brought me to the new building that you were working on, up the stairs, past all the doors, past the boiler room and up to the roof. The sun was setting and it was quiet. I could see people playing in the fields and students hurrying to and fro from class, yet I could hardly hear a thing. They were so far down below. You held my hand and told me you wouldn’t let me fall, knowing just how much heights scare me. Honestly though, in that moment I wasn’t afraid. I had your hand in mine, the sun was setting before me and it was so very, very silent.  We stood there for a time and all I could think was perhaps, just perhaps, I really could marry this boy.

On our bad days, sometimes i revisit that moment and wonder would life would be like without you. I then run screaming right back into your arms.  Okay, maybe not screaming. Just whining a little, and very much humbled. We’ll be alright again tomorrow, darling.