New poster for blogshopping! Remember to join and vote for all the newfaces here on the upcoming Blogshopping model hunt :D !

Also, just completed a new webstore layout for Picking Daisies (: !

Click on the pics to enlarge :D ! Real proud of this layout, it’s just so clean and neat *wipes tear*

Had a lovely time talking to the owner, Carmen, on skype! Really bitched and bitched and talked nonsense like mad HAHAHAH it was crazy! We talked from midnight to 6am leh HAHAHAHAHAH THIS SHIT BE CRAY CRAY ! Anyway do support okay, her new collection will be launched soon!

They have yet to launch but they already have 153 likes! Quite promising right? Plus now they have a very very chio site *AHEM* so do give me some face and like their fb page okay hehe ;P !

Also, am launching Nakedglory collection #10 tmr and I have quite exciting news! I have these new designs that are really fucking fucking fucking chio UNFORTUNATELY my supplier made me promise not to sell them online ):< !! I'll be having a booth at the upcoming Blogshop Festival flea on the 1st of December so I'll be selling them there, will be publishing a sneak preview sooner to that date. It's really beyond chio, do stay tuned for those AND tomorrow's collection heh heh ^^ !

Saw someone holding a spree for this MARS portable charger for $15 each. Cheap balls or what?! Plus it’s tiny and compact. Comes with the black cable as seen in the first picture and you can basically charge anything that can be charged via USB. They don’t have the cable for iphone 5 though but that’s fine cause I used my own (as pictured above).

Join the spree (HERE) – spree closes in two days on the 23rd of November so hurry up and join k :D !

This is not an advert btw, I’m actually joining the spree too! Available in black, purple, blue, red and green. Can’t decide between red, purple or black! Need to get two (one for the toad bf) so should I go for the striking colours? This way they won’t get lost in the maze-that-is-my-bag.

Join the spree (HERE) !

On a side note, it’s pouring like fuck here in Tampines so here are two lovely chill songs to make your rainy day just a tad more hellapressed HAHAHA

Okay that is all, time to delve back into the quicksand that is freelance. Was going to take pictures of the watches but rainy weather = barely any natural night so my plans are basically fucked tsk. Okay that is really all KTHXBAI

OH okay wait one last thing! I bought the domain so I’m thinking of redirecting the APJ blog to that. Have been receiving lotsa mixed feedback on formspring though. I really do love the APJ name and it’s really damn funny watching people’s faces when they read the word ‘Armpitjuice’. But I can’t keep justifying the name when I’m like 27 or something right? Still not too sure if I should. Maybe I could keep that as my portfolio site?

Feel free to weigh in here on formspring :

Okay that is really really really all KTHXBAI

Today, i spent about 40 minutes scouring the internet on how to add sub-pages to blogger sites. As in the real pagination kind, not random css drop-down menus (which are relatively easy to do).

I found a youtube video and it was basically the most useless piece of shit like EVER. WHO the fuck makes a youtube video TUTORIAL WITHOUT NARRATION ?! WHO THE FUCK KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LEH????????????


I seriously got PHYSICALLY mad at how fucking stupid this dumb cunt was. I was THIS close to leaving a super horrible youtube comment on how his fucking youtube video basically gave me brain cancer and how he just massively shortened my life span. I stopped myself la but omg I’m like fucking fuming mad right now. Seriously just seething with rage ARGHAOISDJAOISJDAOISDJ!!!!!!



I’ve killed him like 20 fucking times in my head already. Argh I need to chill the fuck out

Stupid people are the fucking worst srsly

An unexpected find today while lugging my bf to SKP to buy paperbags. 6 pens for $5, so I bought like a shitload. Ultra cute colours, mad love kekeke!

Plus, some random ASOS loot when there was 10% off :

1. River Island Sleeveless Shirt
2. ASOS Triple Spike Bracelet
3. Oasis Fox Ear Studs

Also, am looking for this earring set from Forever 21, do let me know if you have it :

F21 Wild Cheetah Stud Set, it was originally $5.80 USD (I think), but am looking to pay like $15 – 20 (depending on condition) for the damned thing cause’ I’ve been hunting high and low but I still can’t fucking find it tsk. Honestly I don’t even care about the ultra-blingy ones in the middle LOL just the top and bottom pairs will be enough. Text me at 96716946 if you’re willing to sell, TIA!

Okay that is all, just a random update so TTYL

ASOS Laptop Case with Metal Bar that I’ve been using a LOT recently. It comes with a magnetic button closure which doesn’t feel that secure, but it’s still pretty and functional.

Went to watch my friend Edward play in a rugby match at the Padang. It was raining incessantly, so much so that my suede boots were completely soaked through to my socks. Nothing worse than having wet feet when you’re stuck in town the whole day *insert grimace here*

That’s one huddle I managed to snap before common sense got the better of me and I backed up 20 steps just to get out of their kill zone. Rugby is damn brutal please? They were like tackling and taking each other down with (what seemed to me) like zero remorse and 200% satisfaction. The field was scattered with bloody gauze from their wounds. Kuazhang or what srsly! Quite exciting to watch though LOLOLOLOL

Speaking of huddles .. check out these hairy crabs cooked by my bf’s parents! They were SO CUTE and petite I almost couldn’t bear to eat them. ALMOST. Crab roe = magic. That is all.

Okay gonna answer fs questions now then back to freelance!

On a side note, WHY ya’ll keep asking me shopping questions ah?? How would I know exactly where to find the SPECIFIC thing you want? I am not an online shopping directory leh -______- .. please try to stop asking KTHXBAI

New iphone 5 and my chevron print cover (via indiesin)! The cover’s of pretty good quality. It’s not pure flat white, but instead has a subtle shimmer to it. Still pretty and quite ~wuhua~ for $15.90!

I honestly wasn’t as excited as I thought i’d be for the iphone 5. It came on the day my maid went back home so it was quite a bad day for me. I hugged her goodbye and held back my tears because I didn’t want my dad (he’d come to send her off to the airport) to see me cry. After she left I just bawled for 2 hours non-stop T_T. My bf was like OI SIAO AH WHY YOU CRY WHILE DOING WORK and I was just like BOOHOO MY MAID LEFT FOREVER NOT COMING BACK WEH WEH – can you imagine his expression?? Completely weirded out lol

F21 medallion necklace. Fucking heavy? Feels like I’m carrying a small weight around my neck lol

Okay I know a lot of ppl won’t be able to tell but a few of the watches now have new frames. Can you spot the difference? One’s a complete circle, the other is slightly elongated. I’ll have to reshoot for quite a lot of the designs RARRRRRRR ! Stay tuned for the release next week k !

Beaded collar shirt from somewhere in Bugis and gold raccoon ear stud from ASOS. I wore it fully buttoned up and paired it with suede boots. Ultra emo / angel-of-the-night pls! Just needed hardcore eye makeup and I could be part of a goth club already lol

Didn’t want to stay home and be reminded that my maid was gone so I finally got out of the house. I haven’t been out to play for quite some time, so it really was the fresh breath of air I needed. Well technically it wasn’t really a playdate, it was more like cause’ i was already out after meeting a client in town, so ~shunbian~ arranged to meet Edward and Daniel for dinner. Went to Overeasy cause’ the STI closed on the lower so $1 SLIDERS HELL TO THE FUCKING YES! Finally managed to make it on the correct day WEEE ! Fucking shiok as anticipated and we ate like 50 sliders in total. BEEF EXPLOSION LOL

After Daniel dropped by and had his share, we went to the nearby BK to help Daniel with his work. He recently entered Laselle and is apparently dying from the workload rofl. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DESIGN STUDENTS, WHERE SLEEP DOES NOT EXIST AND FREE TIME IS A MYTH *insert troll face here*

So glad I’m no longer part of that world …. actually shit it’s kind of the same right?? DEADLINES AND NO SLEEP ALSO RIGHT?!?! How did I not realize this @_@?? Mind blown lol.

Fringe printed top and studded tank both from Tiptopstyle! They’ve just released their 9th collection so check them out here :

Okay that is all, freelance beckons ttyl !

SIAO LIAO LA 3am and i’m still awake fuckkkkkkk sleeping cycle is beyond fucked -_- . Maybe I can stay awake til 5.30am and make it to brekkie with my bf! LOL I always say that but it never happens. I just go straight into a coma for 8 hours pfffttttt -_-.

Anyway, just updated Shanice’s blog layout, do take a look at it :

(Click on the pic to be redirected btw)

Wah lao this girl is too chio la cannot maintain LOL !

Also just finished another blog layout for (yet another) chiobu blogger, Melissa Celestine Koh, wah it’s also very chio (if i do say myself *AHEM*) probably launching that either tomorrow or Thursday, PSYCHED!! Put quite a lot of effort into her graphics okay basket !!

Oh and here’s a handful of other sites I’ve done (relatively) recently!

Wah okay 4am already??!? SIAO LIAO LA OKAY NEED TO KO NOW TTYL

Watching my supplier assemble my watches. Such a lovely process. Check out the 3rd picture – can you see the ‘V’ ? It’s part of the design for this particular watch face; each hour has a corresponding roman numeral that has a tiny needle attached to it on its underside. Said needle is then inserted into the allocated hole in the watch face. That particular ‘V’ is about the size of a blackhead (LOL SORRY I DON’T KNOW HOW ELSE TO DESCRIBE THE SIZE HAHAHAHAHAHA I am so gross I know ROFL) so it takes pretty damned steady hands!

Poulet with Lydia at Bugis Plus. Mashed potato is still as freakin’ ACE as the last time I went! Pass on the mushrooms though they weren’t very palatable. They look good here but only cause *ahem* yours truly is a good photographer. Duck was okay / chicken serving was HUGE / chilli sauce came in a shot glass. Cute.

201 Victoria Street
#04-12, Bugis +
Singapore 188067

Read the previous review here : Poulet

Got these two awesome rings from a beautiful shop called Lacquar! The decor was really attention grabbing, what with it’s sleek floor-to-ceiling windows, wood detailing and black accents. It’s pretty big so you can’t miss it! Rings were $9 and $13 (spiked one) respectively. The salesgirl was really nice and let me take photos on the wooden bench. +10 points for customer service :D

201 Victoria Street
#03-02/03/04, Bugis +
Singapore 188067

Tel: 65093119

The rounded bottom and shadows kinda makes the paperbag look like it’s floating right? I ARE MAGICIAN ROFL

And this .. is (half) a Paris Brest from Beard Papa ! Yeah you read that right. I seriously have no clue why they’d call it that. I’m guessing that its name has cost Beard Papa quite a lot in sales cause Singaporeans are kinda prudish and don’t really wanna say anything that sounds like ‘breast’ out loud. Okay sorry the curiosity was killing me so I went to google it :

Still not a good enough reason to use a word that basically calls your pastry a boob lor.

So anyway! It’s basically a crunchy shell that’s soft (and hollow!) on the inside. You can choose the flavor of the shell, after which they pump some sorta curtard-like cream into your pastry shell. I had the Hazelnut and it’s really quite good! Eat it the moment you buy it and you’ll float straight into diabetic heaven for a minute or two rofl. Imagine smooth, cold custard encased in a crunchy pasty shell. Now imagine that shell smothered with a layer of (what tasted like) white chocolate and a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts. Shiok balls!

Shall try the Green Tea shell next time and let ya’ll know how it goes k ! It costs around $2.60, currently only available at certain outlets from what I’ve heard. I got mine from the Bugis branch, just FYI.

Pardon the camwhoring please lol I haven’t done that in a long time lol. That’s my justification and i’m sticking to it ;P

Anyway, check out the last picture! Looks like my irides (irides = plural for iris btw. See my blog is so educational hor ? HAHAHA) are of different colors right ROFL I fucking look pajiao pls??? I think the right eye was in the shadows la, hence it looks black. And no I’m not wearing contacts, that’s my natural weird-ass eye colour.

Moustache Cup was a gift from the lovely Weiyen, who owns The Pony Party! They hold preorders for tons of quirky stuff, from said moustache cups to iphone cases (see below) to stationery! Variety like free only lol. She also happens to be my customer LOLOLOL See it’s a vicious cycle! Unfortunately, she’s not ready to launch the site yet even though it’s one of my chio-est works so far T_T !

Will show ya’ll when she’s ready to launch :D !

Ending things off with this purdy purdy iphone (i typed eyephone WTF BRAIN) cover, also courtesy of The Pony Party! Sadly gonna have to stop using this once I get my iphone 5 this thursday! PSYCHED WOOHOO Okay that is all KTHXBAI !

PS – This is one motherlong hugeass post, hope ya’ll enjoyed it!

PPS – I’M BACK, BITCHES! *Throws confetti*

Just some things to get me through the endless freelance:

Whatisdope Navy knitted Cardigan ($28)

Closeup of the WID Cardigan and check out this chevron print iphone 5 case (via Indiesin)! Super big fan of chevron print, too bad it’s a rarity here in Singapore T_T !

Hex&Sex Lexa Studded Shirt ! Can’t wait to see to receive it hehe I told DX I wanted to buy it but she offered to give it to me for free?!

Where got ppl so nice one omg /dead DX I LOVE YOU 1314 LOLOLOL #creepybitch#1

Also also also, I was going to get an iphone 5 for my bf cause I’m a good gf like that, but I didn’t realize that by getting it together with my plan, i’d be upgrading to 4G which is not compatible with the iphone 4. So too bad fattybomb, the iphone 5 is mine to keep MUAHAHAHAHA ! It’s arriving this Thursday, excited ttm ^_^ ! But mostly cause I can’t wait to shove the new Chevon print casing on it lol! My iphone is going to be beyond chio /wipes tear T_T

Posting parcels and returning back to my mothership (aka home) tomorrow, I’ve been staying here at my bf’s place 4 days out of the entire week for the last few months; tolerating shitty internet and poor access to food in godforsaken Rumbia, all for the sake of sleeping in the cloud that is his $2000 bed. FUCKING NICE AND COMFORTABLE PLEASE it’s like srsly sleeping on cotton candy. Or 1000 bunnies lol. Compared to my shitty $49 ikea mattress this bed is like a present directly from heaven ok???

Okay back to work. Bf is snoring in a weird running-man position LOLOL I’m just going to let him lie there awhile. Lazy to get out of my chair to rearrange his head in a position that won’t make his neck ache. Maybe later. One icon and one email template to go then I am done for tonight! Finished 3 and a half sites over the last 2 days I AM KILLING IT WOOHOO !

I have one item overdue but as for the rest I am back on track with everything T_T ! So fucking happy I actually made it though to the end lol okay 2.45am already, I’d better stop rambling and finish my work KTHXBAI