OCD-ing the fuck out of my ikea table construction process lol. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Ikea. I love it! It’s cheap and efficient, but when I bring my shit home to construct, all that love just turns into a massive rage baby -_- . God damn I hate constructing Ikea shit. My palms were red as fuck when I was done -_- ! But I’ve finished it! I’m currently trying to make an efficient workspace in my room. The table I put together seems sturdy enough; hopefully it won’t fall apart any time soon. Bought a shitload of Daiso boxes so I can start packing up my cupboard. Well technically it’s not mine but it was somehow stashed in my room and over the last few months I’ve hoarded a massive amount of shit in it. So in order to get rid of it (in hopes that I can make room for a nice queen-sized sofa bed, I’ve to start cramming all that shit into said Daiso boxes. I was pretty determined when I bought the boxes, now I’m just staring at the giant pile with my mouth open lol. Queen of procrastination is i.

And while we’re on the subject of Daiso – bought another 3 cups to my mom’s dismay rofl. It’s a disease la. I can’t help but buy cutlery and cooking utensils and kitchen shit whenever I’m out LOL. You should see me in those kitchen sections of departmental stores. I flit around like a seriously demented butterfly rofl. I may need therapy.

New watch from ASOS! By the way, PLEASE don’t ask me where to get stuff when I clearly state it here on my blog. Please? Pretty please? No? Fuck you. LOL joking. But it really does make my brain cry. Okay maybe not cry. Tear a little, maybe. Wow i’m in a really snarky mood today lol.

Geometric earrings from ASOS as well. Paid $20+ for this and I saw it on .. for $3.80 USD TSK!!!! Kill me now tsk ASOS you fucking whore !!

X round glasses also via ASOS. Quite cute, aside from the fact that it makes me look like a perverted uncle. Or Ozzy Osbourne.

Vintage Clubmasters! Got these at some random flea. Love them, they’re so ~hipster~ wah buay tahan HAHAHAHA

Studded Cateyes via Urban Outfitters which are abit too small for my giant head, so am selling them for $13 mailed or $12 with meetup ! Text me at 96716946 if interested k!

Yellow clubmasters from ASOS, which are also a new fave of mine. It’s the fastest way to achieve an instant aura of douche-baggery. Instant, i tell you!

Lace-up caged sandals from ohunched. Lovely to wear, although you really do have to break them in first else they’ll give you blisters. Nice and versatile.

Lazy Oaf Half full/empty tote bag via ASOS! Freakin’ cute lol, it’s printed on both sides so you can swap it to show ‘half empty’ if you’re feeling depressed lol.

Oh and some new shit that I bought:

1. River Island Studded Dress ($79 on sale at the ION branch)
2. Dorothy Perkins Coral Peplum
3. ASOS Backslash Dress – the front reminds me of an apron lol
4. Zara Printed Dress – what is it ah? feels like a cross between an Xray and tie-dye lol.
5. ASOS Peplum Playsuit – this just arrived! ultra adorable, can’t wait to wear it out soon :D
6. Topshop Crochet Stripe Vest in White
7. Topshop Curved Hem Tunic in Charcoal

On a side note, I’m sorry i’ve been neglecting this space. After Tammy’s & Erica’s advertorial, there was a crazy influx of orders (100++ orders and counting) and I’ve been trying putting a lot of time and effort into Nakedglory. Right now I’ve about 50 parcels to pack and mail, just thinking about it makes my brain shrivel a little. Been stuck at home doing work so not much chance to go out and eat tsk. But soon okay?

Okay back to freelance, ttys !

Sent this bitch off on Friday cause I’m a good friend like that lol. She’ll be back at the end of the year so the only reason why I sent her off is cause she left her watches at my house -_-. And because I’m a good friend. Obviously. LOL

Miss you already !

Take care in koala land, buy me supre shit when you come back pls ROFL

On a side note, played a MAJOR prank on Shaun at 1am yesterday rofl. Laughed so hard I damn near pissed myself! Oh and Tammy’s advertorial has been released :D !

Okay that is all, ttys !

New fan ring from ASOS – the blades can really spin LOL

Pasta De Waraku with Lydia after trying our luck at queuing for the pop up in-and-out burger store (11am -3pm on the 24th of July) but when we got there at 11.20am, ALL THE BURGERS WERE SOLD OUT! Wtf right?! Apparently some people started queuing at 10am. Amazing or what seriously?! So we took refuge from the sweltering heat in Central mall and ate at Pasta De Waraku. I’m a big fan of Japanese Pasta and I make sure that if I’m going to eat carbs, those carbs had better be worth my while. This was not the case pfft. Understaffed and the food was mediocre. I was also seated next to a very filthy baby (and by filthy I mean his whole face was covered in food). So unpleasant tsk.

31/33 Haji Lane,
Singapore 189226
Site :

Pried Daniel out of his hermit shell and got him to follow me to Haji Lane (I had to pass watches to a popular blogger for an advertorial) and we went to Pluck for ice cream. Big, BIG fan of their Buttery Pecan ice cream; it tastes like liquid Wethers Orignals. Delicious.

Had it with their Lava Cake, which wasn’t bad! Pretty fantastic when paired with the Buttery Pecan ice cream! Eat this if you’re ever at Haji Lane, you won’t regret it. Water comes free too hehe so that’s a definite plus point.

ASOS Caged Back Bodycon! It’s a dress but I wore it folded, really need to get it hemmed in. On a side note, one of the best things about losing weight is not looking fat in pictures rofl. Not that I look thin or anything, just .. not fat. Can’t tell you how good it feels muahahaha ^_^

I saw the LKY-bag guy at Haji Lane!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creepy or what I can’t even

Wanted to go to Artichoke Cafe but it was closed for a private event T_T ! So decided to go to Torte instead but it was closed til 6.30pm -_-. So bo pian lor we went to Coffee Bean to chill and wait for the time to pass before going back to Torte. Had mediocre Shitake Mushroom Quiche and their Scrambled Eggs & Toast set. The scrambled eggs were a joke seriously, but the bread and salad were pretty damned good! Their salad has little cranberries and sliced almonds and a nice fruity dressing. I really liked it, which is saying something cause’ I usually can’t stand salads.

96 Waterloo Street, #01-07
Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations Centre
Tel: 6571 0197

Had the Mushroom Risotto ($13) which was not as good as the last time I went, but I still really fancied it. Daniel thought it was a little bland, but it’s really how you eat it la. I always make sure to get a cheese flake in each spoonful which results in an explosion of cheese and creaminess T_T ! He had the Beef Goulash with Arborio Rice ($13 also I think), which I felt was middling but he really liked it. Probably just cause it had meat in it -_- .

Go for the Cream Soda, it’s really delicious! They give you ice upon request only so don’t be shy and just ask for it! I have a (excuse the pun) soft spot for soft drinks. I love them leh I think I’d die if they were ever made unavailable to me T_T. I know I know, ultra high sugar content etc but I CAN’T HELP IT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH T_T. Oh ya where were we? Right. SO ANYWAY, get the Cream Soda, it reminds me of the old Schweppes Cream Soda which is NOT AVAILABLE IN SINGAPORE ANYMORE T_T. It was one of my fave drinks lor, so sad. So anyway, this is an almost exact replica so try it out!

Their signature Torte (their namesake, really), is just a little dense block of heaven. The ice cream is boring and has a slightly weird aftertaste, but the torte is THE BOMB. It’ll make you really jelat after awhile, so it’s good for sharing amongst 2 people.

Went to Vivo afterwards specifically to buy this from Sweet Enchantment! THIS IS THE SOUREST FUCKING THING I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE! Fucking ridiculous k; just pop one in your mouth and you’re BOUND to stay awake. And because I’m an awesome girlfriend, I always try to find ways to keep my boyfriend awake at the wheel (he drives around a lot).

I bought a bunch of sour Sticky candies for him before but they were barely as sour as these. It feels like a lemon is taking a giant explosive shit in your mouth HAHAHAHA! After about 20 seconds of involuntary muscle spasms and intense eye-squinting, it ends on a sweet note so it’s not THAT bad. Kinda. Can’t wait to let my bf try it later hehehe ;D

This flavour is called the Lemon Sunrise (12.90 for a Large jar white is frankly not that large). Sounds innocent enough, but this is actually just bottled evil. That’s all it is, really.

Sweet Enchantment
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk #01-159
Singapore, Singapore 098585
Phone 6376 8006
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00

Bought this F21 Navy Sheer Pintucked Tank and F21 Navy Pleated Midi-Length Skirt afterwards. The pintucked tank doesn’t look that nice in stock photos but it’s really pretty! Makes me look ultra skinny muahahaha ! Okay that is all freelance beckons T_T ! Hope ya’ll enjoyed this random post lol

Okay massive selling post ahead! Some things to note:

– Meetups in Tampines preferred! I usually accomodate if I’m going to wherever you happen to be, but please don’t try your luck and ask me to go to woodlands or some shit, I will hulk out on you -_-.

– Prices nego if you’re getting more than 2 items

– Prices not inclusive of postage k ! I will quote a price for postage according to the weight of what you’re getting ~

– Add $2.24 for registered

1. Bigass Orange Clutch – $15
2. Bigass Brown Clutch – $15 PENDING
3. Bigass Black Clutch – $15 PENDING

Can fit 2 babies yes fits 15″ macbook pro etc but it has zero protection la LOL

4. ASOS Pieces Whipstitch Satchel (ULTRA CHIO IRL PLS) $35 SOLD

5. Newlook Teal Tube (Uk8) – $12

6. F21 Heritage81 Geometric Tube (Tagged S) – $20 pending

7. ASOS Drape-y Toga (UK12) – $18 SOLD

8. Zara Batwing Top (BNWT tagged M / Mesh back / shorter at sides) – $20

9. TOPSHOP Denim Popper Suntop (uk12/snap buttons) – $25 SOLD

10. Topshop Jaimaica Print Dress (BNWT Tagged $59 / UK10) – $40 SOLD

11. Bershka Zip-front Tube (Tagged L) – $15 SOLD

12. Zara Contrast-stitch Top (tagged S) – $14 SOLD

13. Catwalkclose Grey Toga Dress ($15) , Topshop Rope-strap Dress (Tagged S) ($20) SOLD

14. ASOS Backslash Tube (Petite UK14) – $16

15. Topshop Skull Granny Cardigan (UK 8) – $20

16. Topshop Bow-back Tube (UK12) – $14 SOLD

17. Bershka Dove Denim Top (Tagged M, runs small, fits UK10 best) – $20 SOLD

18. Glamorous Wrap Detail Dress via ASOS (UK10) – $18 SOLD

19. Motel Bandeau Bodycon Dress with mesh strips (Tagged M) – $23 SOLD
20. Urban Outfitters BDG Boyfriend Denim Shorts (Tagged US 30) – $15 SOLD

21. Warehouse Blouson (UK10) – $28

22. Polka Dot Collar Chiffon Blouse (Free sized) – $17 SOLD

23. F21 Heritage81 Lace Cut-out Dress (Tagged L) – $22

24. F21 Button-up Tunic in Black & Wine (Tagged M) – $18 each SOLD

25. F21 Heart-print Cut-out Top (Tagged S) – $15 SOLD

26. Supre Snake Vest (Tagged S, good quality heavy cotton :D ! ) – $18 SOLD

27. H&M Drape-y Top (Silver tipped collars/ UK12/ BNWT from Berlin!) – $20 SOLD

28. F21 Heart Printed Tunic (F21 but I cut that tag off cause it was itchy LOL / cute non-functional heart-shaped buttons) – $14

29. Mango Balloon-sleeve Tunic in Rush (Tagged XS, Fits uk8 best, keyhole button closure at nape of neck/ AIYA DAMN CHIO LOL) – $25 SOLD

30. F21 Mustard Tunic (tagged M / comes with sash) – $18

31. Silver Button Chiffon Top (Free sized, its up to uk10 max) – $10

32. ASOS Textured Bandeau Dress with Tulip Skirt (Tagged UK10 / Has cut out back / button & zip closures) – $25

33. ASOS One Shoulder Drape-Back Top (Tagged UK12) – $25 SOLD

34. F21 Aztec Print babydoll (tagged S/P) – $15 SOLD

35. ASOS Flounce Top in White (Tagged UK12) – $20

36. ASOS Dress With Peplum in Red (Tagged UK12) – $22

37. Urban Outfitters Super Stud Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses – $15

38. F21 Geo Racerback Tank (Tagged M) – $15 SOLD

39. F21 Lace Up Leatherette Shorts (Tagged 30, runs small, fits uk10-ish best!) – $17

40. F21 Essential Woven Shorts Red (Tagged 30) – $16

41. F21 Wool Shorts (Tagged 30) – $15

42. F21 Wool-Blend Shorts (Tagged 30) – $15

43. F21 Puffed Sleeve Tee in Black, Heather Grey, Navy (BNWT Tagged M) – $8 each

44. ASOS Cami With Cage Back in Green (Tagged uk12, retailed at $63SGD) – $20

45. Urban Outfitters Pink Society Wool Satchel (Fits 3 babies, damn roomy and chio in real life!) – $30

46. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Abstract Duffel Bag – $20

47. Motel Skeleton-Back Dress in Blue (Tagged M) $20

48. Supre Lowered Back Asymmetrical Skirt – $15

49. Tribal Vans – Fits uk7 best – $35

50. ASOS Lime Green Bikini Top (UK10) $15
51. Victoria’s Secret Tiger Pleather Bikini Top – $23 SOLD

52. ASOS V Wire Bandeau Bikini Top (UK10) $17

53. ASOS Seam Detail Bandeau Bikini Top in Turquoise (uk10) $15

54. ASOS Multi Strand Halter Bikini Top – Black (UK 10) $17

55. ASOS Triangle Bikini Top In Reversible Spot/Gingham – Spot print (UK 10) $21 SOLD

OKAY THAT IS ALL ! Shop away, txt me at 96716946 priss k thanks!

Saigon Sandwich

93 East Coast Road
Singapore, Singapore 428792

Tel: 6345 3849

Wasn’t bad, tried the Chicken Pho Noodles, Pork Chop Rice, Pork Meatball Sandwich, Beef Sandwich and Prawn Wraps. Noodles weren’t bad but they weren’t fantastic either so give that (and the bland Prawn Wraps) a miss! Pork chop with broken rice was meh, interesting but passable.

The sandwiches were pretty good though! I love their ultra crispy baguettes! Roast beef was so-so, but the pork meatball sandwich (it wasn’t really a meatball, more like a oddly shaped, slightly flattened sausage LOL) was pretty good! They stuff lotsa SUPER crisp vegetables in there (cucumbers, carrots etc) and when you bite down, the sweetness explodes in your mouth! Really good. Their Mango smoothie wasn’t bad either :D

Ask for their sweet chilli sauce! I broke off pieces of the baguette and dipped it in the sauce; damn nice combo T_T! In conclusion, I’d go back there again just for the Pork Meatball sandwich :D ! And since East Coast road houses a plethora of interesting food places, we went into Mooshi/Joojoo/Awfully chocolate on the walk back to our car !

Awfully chocolate, Mooshi bakes & Joo Joo
131 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428816

Lovely ambience and the bread smelled goooood !

Equestrian printed top from Cotton On !

My retarded siblings LOL. We look nothing like each other leh rofl damn weird

Butterscotch Milk. GOOD STUFF. Tastes like warm, liquid vanilla ice cream. Sounds gross but it goes down damn smooth. Be sure to order this!

Awfully Chocolate’s Super Stacked Chocolate cake + Hei ice cream. Two words. Chocolate overdose.

Mooshi Cream Puffs ! Didn’t get to try these cause we were too fucking full by then but I ate one the next day and it was mediocre. Probably would have been better if we had had it on the spot I guess!

The Really Big Breakfast ($22). DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN NICE!!!! Comes with super fluffy (slightly bland) scrambled eggs, bacon strips, toasted bread, mushrooms (yummy), grilled tomatos, pesto and (i think) some sorta delicious salsa paste thing. The scrambled eggs were a little bland but they were pretty damned fantastic when mixed with the pesto/salsa. This was seriously good. And enough for 2 people! Make sure to try this if you ever happen to be nearby :D

Ah okay that’s mostly all for food pics, sneak peeks of an upcoming selling post :

Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup
24 Foch Road, Singapore
Daily: 9am – 5am
(Closed on Mon)

Pig organ soup after The Dark Knight Rises yesterday night. Good movie, good company and a yummy supper. Life’s good. We always order the Vinegar Pig Trotter to share, along with individual soups for everyone. Personally, I always get a San Chen Rou (literally means 3 layer meat) + meatball combo and dip said meats in the Vinegar Pig Trotter sauce. Good stuffffffffff ! We’ve been here tons of times, which can only mean the food’s really good lol. It’s our staple 3am supper place!

Green Tea Kit Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My freakin’ favourite pls lol I haven’t seen this in years! SO HAPPY!!!!!

Coral peplum top from Dorothy Perkins :D

The drink-uncle photobombed me -_-

Ed’s new shoes :D

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane, off Club Street
Tel: +65 6225 5043
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10.30pm
Sat: 9am – 10.30pm
Sun: 9am – 9pm

Club Street Social with my sister today after her doctor’s appointment :D ! Been wanting to try this place since I saw a review about it in 8 Days! GPS-ed her, got honked twice HAHA but we made it ROFL! There’s a public carpark conveniently located just a minute away ($1/half hour for Day parking).

Me (upon examining this photo) : “Eh Vone your hands look so manly in this photo!!!!


My sister had the Lobster Panini ($28) because a) it has lobster in it and b) it had lobster in it. More lobster would have been nice though, but quite frankly the creamy chunks of avocado more than made up for it. The focaccia bread was perfectly toasted. Perfectly, I tell you! I died many, many times. The portions are REALLY big; they slice your panini diagonally in half and my sister and I swapped half our sandwiches. Super satiated. Totally worth the 40 minute drive down from Tampines. Not. Even. Kidding.

Both Paninis came with a side of rocket salad (topped with some sorta peppery citrusy dressing), which my sister loved. It was tasty but I’m not a fan of rocket so i gave it all to her and she wiped the plate clean leh. She may or may not be part rabbit lol.

I am a carnivore at heart, so I went for the Ribeye Panini ($28) . Even better than the Lobster Panini, and that’s really saying something, seeing how the Lobster Panini was pretty fuckin’ ace! Sliced grilled (i think) steak with some wasabi-tinged sauce on the (once again) perfectly toasted focaccia bread. This was SOOOOOO good. And really, really hearty! The moment I bit into it my heart sang a little and did the can-can HAHAHAHA TOO GOOD! Especially the parts where you get a little marbled fat. Oh. My God. Ya’ll really have to try this!! You can bring your boyfriends and they will LOVE you for it lol.

Clean. Plate. That is really all the testament you need, right lol ?

Total bill amounted to $72 for the both of us (cause we ordered the priciest mains LOL GLUTTONS R US. The other mains range between $10 -20ish though). Worth it. Please go if you have the time, you won’t regret it!

Oh and since we were at Club street, we walked over to check out Oakham Market (I’ve never been there). OH MY GOD HIPSTER HEAVEN MAX LOL

Lotsa good loot to find if you dig hard enough, I bought a half-leopard printed chiffon shirt for only $16.95. WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT $17 FOR AN AWESOME TOP?! Totally going back there whenever I have the chance man LOL.

Oakham Market
7 Ann Siang Hill #B1-01,
Singapore 069791
Open on Fri, Sat & Sunday : 1.00pm to 8.00pm

You can buy from their site as well but it’s more fun to dig through the various racks and find a gem :D!

Okay that is all, I had such a lovely time today but now it’s time to start coding viciously for my freelance T_T. Hope you enjoyed this post :D !

PS – If you’ve heard of / been to any nice cafes or restaurants, please share them with me so I can review them and get my glutton on :D !