Had a meeting with two clients today, halfway through the second one i was whacked by the fever-stick, so I was basically less than coherent during the 2nd meeting. I’m super sorry Mei Ting !! Will make it up to you, I promise!

On a side note, haven’t had a pimple in months, and on the day of a client meeting, three GINORMOUS ones popped up above my eyebrow. And it just HAD to be on the side of my face that wasn’t covered by my fringe. Lovely.

Going to knock out right now, I’m really super tired and dizzy, when I get home tomorrow I’ll take pictures for the accessory selling post okay? Should be relatively cheap, since most of them are preloved. Don’t expect any necklaces though, I guard those with my life lol. Maybe a bag or two as well, stay tuned <3 !!

Another trip to town to meet a client, so a random assembly of F21 and ASOS once again lol. Forever21 Chiffon Blouse over an ASOS bodycon, Zipia watch & Nakedglory watch, Marc Jacobs leather bracelet and Accessorize deer head necklace.

On a side note, I have some advertorials that are supposed to go up but they’re being delayed for reasons (okay one of them was very sick so that’s fine) and it’s really frustrating, to be fucking honest. I wanted to stagger my advertorials but now it seems like they might clash seeing how one of the bloggers isn’t replying me, so I really don’t know when her ad will be up. It’s really making me pek cek and I can’t help but feel that some responsibility should at least come into play here, right? It’s not that hard to reply one tiny whatsapp, is it now ? Really damn frustrated zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aiya that is all i’m going to say on the subject, lest i kenna blogosphere backlash or some shit tsk.

On another annoying side note, i went to trim my hair cause it was getting a little too long and I want to maintain the “shape” and I just went to one of the salons below my house. I should have known something was wrong cause talking to the girl at the counter got my blood boiling already srsly. I got seated with this guy who didn’t even bother to comb my hair and get my parting right before starting to cut it. I told him my hair is asymmetrical; shorter on the left and longer on the right. NOW MY HAIR IS LONGER ON THE RIGTH AND SHORTER ON THE LEFT.

AIYA WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN????? HOW TO CONFUSE RIGHT AND LEFT??????? My hair is curled in towards my face at the edges and this fucker managed to make it CURL OUTWARDS LEH! I was like fucking FUCKING pissed, I’ve never been so pissed at a hairdresser before my entire fucking life srsly. And I kept telling him leh! I’m not the type to sit quietly in my chair and just let shit happen if it’s bothering me so I kept telling him left “side short, right side long”/ “shorter at the back, longer the the front” and EXPLAINING MY TYPE OF BOB TO HIM BUT HE STILL MANAGED TO FUCK UP. Srsly. I give up. I hope next week will be better, else I mind end up on the front page of the newspaper after chewing someone’s face off lol.

Aiya anyway, going to put up a ring and bracelet selling post soon, stay tuned k ! I have too many rings already and bracelets that I hardly wear, it’s not even funny how much room they take up -_- ! Okay that is all, have a good sunday ya’ll !

Cheese cubes! In Ham, tomato and original flavour. These are the freakin’ bomb!

LOL sorry for the cheese spam, I just like how bright and yellow they are lol.

If you follow me on instagram, you would have known that my bf brought a puppy to surprise me! We fed her, she peed and pooped then proceeded to step in said own poop. Bathed her; she peed 7 times in various parts of my room / house and we brought her back to where he found her. It was fun while it lasted, she’s really freakin’ adorable @_@ ! But i think like 90% of body is her bladder or something HOW CAN SOMETHING SO SMALL PEE SO MUCH?!

Aiy okay, gotta go nom with my sister! So far I’m been trying to make a habit of posting at least once a day, hope I can keep this up lol. Okay ttyl, have a good weekend ya’ll ^^ !

What I plan to wear to meet his extended family this saturday lol. Ecru Tiki Man Pattern Shirt from Topman, ASOS bodycon, F21 shorts and these awesome Urbanoutfitter lace-up oxfords! They’re a little stiff, and they run about half a size too big but they’re really pretty gorgeous!

Has cute little witch-doctor themed motifs on it keke so cute i die!!

Chio or what right? Mad love!

My iphone button sticker! I’m really clumsy with all my shit and I’ve dropped my phone at least 30 times so the home button is kinda fucked up lol, hence the need for the sticker. Anyway it’s pretty cute, I would have changed it earlier but I lost it in the mess-that-is-my-room and only managed to find it yesterday while clearing my shitload of, well, shit lol. The mess is now less messy, but my mom still gets a headache when she walks into my room rofl.

Okay I’m gonna go nua in a corner, having such a shitty day zzzzz. Went to town to meet a client who cancelled last minute. I WENT TO TOWN FOR HER OKAY. DURING RUSH HOUR! I had to exit the train UNDER SOMEONE’S ARMPIT GOOD GOD I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!! Urgh that fucking asshole, I hope his armpit rots or something. I feel so violated lor like my soul has been raped -_-. Okay i feel fucking unclean just thinking about it; going to douse myself in dettol now, ttyl !

New facial cleanser which I really quite like, and the epitome of narcism in a single photo rofl.

Also, tomorrow I’m going to start to clear out my room, so be prepared for a massive clearance sale! Mostly rings, bags and shoes first, then clothes afterwards lol. I mean come on, look at that photo! There’s a postage bag and two boxes of shoes on the floor in just that tiny corner of my room. The rest is packed with super random nonsense. I can’t take knocking into random things anymore T_T.

Okay that is all, have a good mid-week ya’ll !

Random pig’s organ soup night on Sunday

I seriously love this place! We’ve eaten here countless times yet we always go back for more. The soup’s too good seriously. I’ll order san chen rou (literally means 3 layered meat – has like meat and fat LOL) and we’ll order a communal bowl of vinegar pig trotter (it sounds gross but omg it’s heavenly) and I dip the meat into the vinegar sauce and it’s just an explosion of awesome in my mouth T_T.

LOL ! oh and someone mentioned on formspring that she missed my huge-ass loot posts. It’s just that I haven’t posted them up yet, so here goes :

Kookai Tropical Print Bustier via ASOS

ASOS Bandeau Dress with Peplum in Black

Dorothy Perkins Black Soft Crepe Long Blazer & TOPSHOP Denim Popper Suntop – The blazer doesn’t look like much but it’s FREAKIN awesome! Nice shape and drape, will take a picture soon !

Supre Snake Printed Casual Shirt

BDG Classic Textile Oxford via Urban Outfitters

Super Stud Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses via Urban Outfitters

OSF Cosmic Galaxy Skirt

Gipsy Anchor Tights – lost my previous pair T_T

ASOS Mini Dress With Strap Back

Motel Bandeau Bodycon Dress With Mesh Panel

Sorry I went MIA, had to deal with a lot of crap on my supplier’s side. But the watches are FINALLY here!!! Sneak peek :

I fucking love this omg. I’m slightly ashamed to say that I really couldn’t NOT keep it for myself lol! It has this super subtle tiled background – too awesome for words T_T.

See the tiled background y/y :D ??

Also new! Lovely srsly one is in silver and on is glitter and .. I kept both rofl

One piece only ! Trois in Silver !

Atom in Gold Glitter

Cryptic in Cream (Petite) – previously only available in XL size!

Pivot in Black (XL)

Twinkle in Black (Petite) !

Ah okay my brain is dying, gonna go knock the fuck out lol goodnight ya’ll !!

I love mushrooms but they look so freakin’ weird! I snapped the stems off and found that they did so in perfect circles. Strange.

Anyway, going to try to put up photos daily since i’m basically free everyday lol, might as well try a little harder lol. Have a good friday ya’ll!

Awesome earrings I got from Diva (Plaza Singapura Branch) on sale! Super love la they’ve got this super sleek ~korean~ vibe! I wear them on one ear only with my hair tucked behind said ear.

ASOS Bunting Anklet

ASOS Eyeball Bracelet! It looks kinda creepy cause the iris is actually 3D! There’s a depth to it which is equal parts interesting and freaky, therefore +10 points :D!

Legend necklace from Forever21 a long long time ago! Found a brand-new-in-pack one in my room lol I bought like 2 each in each colour (gold & silver) cause I’m a crazy shopaholic, obviously lol.

For those of you who have nails that chip easily ( or are very hardworking and always have to peel stickers off products and therefore are forever ruining your nails *AHEM HI HAZEL*), I highly recommend this! Seche Vite Ridge-filling base coat, it goes on milky but it covers up the chips and holes in my nails so my polish goes on smooth. $10 each at Smoochiezz flea events, click HERE for the full list of their current events!

Also bought this super awesome Spiderman Series polish from Smoochiezz! Look at that colour!! Chio or what srsly ?? It appears greenish gold and sometimes light gold depending on the angle. Mad love! This shade is called Just Spotted The Lizard btw.

Also, someone asked me what was in my bag on formspring so here goes! This is actually a pouch for sunglasses from ASOS, but I use it to hold my cosmetics and other in-case-of-emergency crap lol

Has a snap-shut closures so nothing falls out.

Eyeliners ! NYX Boudoir Collection Eyeliner (in BEL05) via Smoochiezz which is ULTRA black and has a super thin brush, and my new felt tip Eye Ink via Palladio.

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lippie! It goes on like a lipbalm, which I love! Also, it’s freaking orange but it actually turns pink once it goes on. Abit drying, but still pretty handy to have around.

$9.60 from SASA

And my collection of lippies part #1 lol. Topshop Lippie in Daredevil, NYX Round Lipstick in Perfect Red (LSS518A), and ELF Mineral Lipstick in Fiery Fuchsia, which fucking rocks btw! It goes on EXACTLY like a lipbalm! No taste, no smell, no freaking nothing and the colour payoff is pretty awesome! It’s one of the first lipsticks I started wearing and I’ve stuck with it since.

I liked it so much I .. bought like 4 more HAHAHA ! Different shades la of course *shifty eyes*

My favourite shade is Fiery Fuchsia, which is ironically neither fiery nor fuchsia lmao! It’s just a very soft dusty pink that looks like I’m not wearing any lipstick machiam my lips naturally rosy HAHAHA #scamartist

Other crap that’s in my bag lol! I’ve been having food poisoning (namely, diarrhoea T_T) for the past 1.5 WEEKS! ULTRA pissed off and it doesn’t seem to want to stop. So i’ve basically been starving all week okay srsly?! Whatever I eat I pass out srsly it’s not even funny anymore -_-.

Topshop Anchor Wallet! I swear it’s les than 2 months old but it looks ultra cui already -_-

Love the minute details like the anchor-shaped zipper and the little anchor crest. Plus I love anchors so I definitely had to get this the moment I saw it lol. TOPSHOP IS SO EVIL T_T !

It’s pretty roomy – has two large slots with a zippered coin pouch in the middle, and each of the large slots have card slots along the side but i’m too fucking messy to utilize them rofl. Look at this mess!! I always tend to take receipts, shove them in and wrestle my wallet shut lol. After about a month or two when my wallet is a chaos personified, I’ll have no choice but to empty all the receipts again rofl and it’ll be back to a very pristine state for about a day or two MAX lol.

And my keys! I try to keep as few keys on me as possible, hate to lose them but I hate the stupid jingling they make even more. My poly friends gave me this keyring because .. it has an anchor on it lol. Super love it , duh. It has anchors so it’s not like i had a choice rofl.

Okay so that concludes my what’s-in-the-bag / what-makeup-do-you-use post! On a side note, i didn’t realize just HOW many anchor-themed crap I had til today rofl. I have anchor earrings, anchor rings, anchor necklaces and even .. an anchor brooch. Also just bought an anchor printed dress from ASOS LMAO what is wrong with me?! I think I might be brain damaged rofl.

Oh and 3 new watch designs that I forgot to put up previously up on :

Well, they’re technically new la cause’ they’ve never been seen online HAHA! I was actually taking product pictures of the watches when I decided to take photos of everything else because, well, I haven’t been taking photos (for the fun of it) in a very long time, and I really do miss it. Reminds me of the product pictures I used to take for Smoozhiezz T_T !

I might start doing one of those photo-a-day thingies to keep my blog alive! Or if you have any suggestions on what I should blog about, do tell me here on formspring :

Okay hope you enjoyed this photo spam! Gonna spam freelance now so ttys ^_^