Appetite Suppressants and the best smelling car scent I’ve ever smelt. Jillsana in Snow Angel or some shit lol. They come in these like ultra girly gem-shaped bottles and come in ultra gay colours like light pink rofl. I told j that he should get this and his first reaction was basically :

but I made him smell it and he was like

and he fucking bought like 2 la rofl?! They smell damn nice though, like shampoo! Reminds me of Essentials (the pink bottle)!

And so sorry lmao i fell asleep last night before I could publish the selling post! It’ll be up later okay around 7pm ! Remember to check back, see ya’ll then ^^ !

Today my womb is trying to kill me from the inside out or something. Almost blacked the fuck out at work today, had to cab home and fall into a coma to stop myself from carving out my uterus just to stop the cramps or something tsk. Just woke up, which means I need to go get food which means I have to sit up but my cramps have other plans so I’m just going to sit here and pity myself for 2 mins. Afterwhich I will either crawl out of the room or die from starvation. Either one.

Not in the best mood today, obviously.

On a side note, his parents gave me a set of keys to their house. I can’t decide if I am genuinely happy or if this is a trap rofl. No la just kidding. Kinda.

Okay it’s already been 2 minutes. I should get up. I can feel myself starving to death as I type this rofl seriously, I think the massive blood loss is getting to my head.

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday (yes, the little lucky bitch was born on a public holiday wah lao!), so i took him, his gf and my mom out to lunch at LENAS at Tampines. Mediocre experience, to be honest with you. I’ve tried their food at their Bugis branch and I was pretty impressed. Not so much at the Tampines one though. Photolog begins here :

My brother and his girlfriend, Luna.


I swear he’ll never give me a proper photo. Always has to make the gayest possible face on earth cause’ he either thinks it’s funny or is 90% gay. Probably both rofl.

YOU SEE?! Feel like punching him already tsk -_-


Finally one ( I managed to sneak a shot lol ) where he does not look constipated.

The food’s mediocre but I still love the ambience of the place. Just cozy la. All wood and bricks.

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio. Duck’s good, pasta’s meh. Pass on this.

Ham & Cheese baked rice in cream sauce, which .. was ironically dry as hell. I honestly think they forgot to put in the sauce lol. Had to request for sauce leh srsly wtf.

Cold meat platter thingy. This was good! All the meats were pretty salty so the coleslaw’s tang really helped to cut through that saltiness. Fave dish out of everything we ate lol.

Cheddar Salmon. Not bad, but not like ~awesome~ either. One of the nicer things we ate that day.

Crosscut waffle fries were good cause’ they were freshly fried. Comes with cheese sauce so +10 points!

Steak for my brother. Looks good right? Mediocre at best pfffft.

Whipped potatoes were good though!

Cookies and cream milkshake. I loved this because I love cookies and cream. And milkshakes. Therefore I am biased rofl.

Okay so that ends the foodpic spam. All in all a mediocre meal, to be honesty. Spent about $130 for 4 people pffffffft so not worth it la! Will just go to Secret Recipe or TCC next time – they’re pretty much foolproof options when it comes to noms.

Since I am too lazy and shall now consider myself bedridden (LMAO), I’ll be getting started on compiling the selling post. Oh my god the horror of it seriously. So many things I haven’t taken photos of so I shall just try to find stock pics or pictures of it worn previously I think. Here’s what my room looks like now :

Fucking warzone or something la pls zzzzz

Aiy okay gonna roll out to door to find noms ttyl !

Buttons are ultra cute la ! They look and feel like metal :D !!

Asymmetrical Tunic from !

They’ve recently revamped their site, do drop by and browse through their apparel, they’re all pretty cute !!

Really wanted to get this tiger tank from their site :

But unfortunately, it’s sold out ASOIDJAOISJDASOIDJ!!! If you have time, go pester them leh then I’ll go pester them too then hopefully they’ll open a backorder MUAHAHAHAHA ! They do mass meetups some more lor +10 points !

Boyfriend took me to eat Teppanyaki again ^^

Salad. They’ve never actually given this before lol I think perhaps cause’ it was Saturday and it was busy, so they’re trying to preoccupy you from the wait I guess.

The couple beside us ordered the Lobster set. It costs about $70++ if i’m not wrong! They lobsters are freaking fresh please ! How would I know this if i didn’t eat it? Well, cause .. the lobsters were 90% alive when they went on the grill @_@ ! I don’t know if i should feel ultra horrible or feel ultra hungry lmao. I did feel pretty bad when I saw them twitch but still wtf it’s lobster leh! /torn

Someone’s beef omelette thingy and the frying of our, well, fried rice rofl! Looks bloody awesome imma try that beef thingy next !!

Garlic Rice :D !

Oyster !

In some sorta creamy cheese sauce FREAKIN’ NICE PLEASE

This bamboo clam thingy is really the best shit ever okay I cannot even explain T_T! DAMN NICE LAAAAAAAAAAAAA FAVE THING TO EAT THERE (besides the beef & foie gras) I SHIT YOU NOT!

This tiny piece of Foie Gras is so delicately amazing omgosh T_T ! Plus the BEEF on it’s right?!! DAMN DELICIOUS OKAY although not as super-soft and pillowy as the last 2 times cause we got a different chef (HIS TABLE WAS FULL T_T), so if you’re dropping by Sakae Teppanyaki at Century Square, do try to get seated at table where chef Dennis is working k ! Plus i think he’s one of the more experienced chefs so his knife ~skeelz~ very ninja also damn shiok to watch lol!

Then back home to nua ^_^ !

Also, selling post to be up within the next few days when I can finally catch my breath :

Both of these shots were taken by David. FINALLY met up with these 2 jokers rofl it’s been damn long la ! I think the last time I met them was literally months ago lol.

Went to Bakerzinn to spam carbs, obviously lol.

Beef stew pasta is the bomb srsly.

Bacon & Ham Aglio Olio is also damn nice!

Not forgetting their desserts @_@, of course.

Oh and here’s a little teaser of what’s gonna be in the upcoming selling post

ASOS Raglan

Studded Jumper lol

Cotton on tribal print skirt, polkadotted tunic

Miss Selfridge BNWT Blazer (Tagged $113)

Aiya basically a shitload of shit la srsly. I’m only 1/4 through taking photos and I am like fucking exhausted srsly tsk roarrrrfoiajsdoiajfaosij

Very ~ozzy osbourne~, y/n ? Weird in a way that I really like lol.

Hope ya’ll are having a good friday, i’ve an advertorial post coming up in abit, stay tuned :D !

Also, since I’m at Far East, decided to bring some clothes down for alteration. Shorty is I, so I’ve had a lot of dresses that I’d stopped wearing cause they made me look like an unfortunate cross between a hobbit and a dwarf. Finally got down to getting them shortened MUAHAHAHA ! Particularly anticipating the return of this Mango sundress as a corset top :

Skirt was too flouncy and long – frankly still quite nice if you’re the MPDG (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) type – but my style gears towards the borderline ~jian~ (ROFL) so had to shorten it! SO PSYCHED :D ! The woman said since there was so much material to be cut off (because I’m so short T_T), it might even be possible to make a little sash from the extra fabric lol. THAT’S HOW SHORT I AM FML LOL

Hmkay that is all, ttys ^^

Present from my toad ^^ !!!!! I’d really like to say that he bought if for me but he’s not romantic -___- . I was just like WOOO BB I LIKE THIS WATCH T_T !!!!! Then a few days later he just passed me $XX and told me to go buy it for myself lol. So technically .. he bought it for me? Kind of? ROFL fuck it A GIFT IS STILL A GIFT LOL I DIDN’T PAY FOR IT END OF STORY MUAHAHAHAHA!

Chio maximummmmm !!

Am working at Far East right now and freezing my ass off srsly. Damn cold wtfffff and I can’t bear to go and buy a sweater just for the sake of it lol so bo pian just anyhow bomb one old f21 H81 long sleeved shirt from the racks here to prevent imminent death by frostbite :

One piece only in Medium, tagged $19.90 USD, going for $19 at the Smoochiezz shop at Far East Plaza (#02-26), most of the f21/asos stuff here all going for $10 and up unless tagged otherwise, drop by if ya’ll have the time k ^^ !

Wah balls I am FREEZING okay ttyl !

ASOS OUI / NON belt with snap button closures. Cute!

For Mary Bow rings in gold and silver

ASOS Polka dotted sunglasses case

A ridiculous amount of candy – they were going for 5 for $5 la wtf /dead

Nihon Mura with Nic yst for his bday treat lol. Bitch was late, so in turn I went to shop around first which in turn made me later than he was HAHAHAHAHA A+ y/n??

Trolling him by spamming shots while he was on the phone with his friend, so he trolled me back by sticking his face in the camera AND NOW I SHALL RETURN THE TROLLING BY NOT PHOTOSHOPPING THAT SPECK OF PEPPER OFF HIS TEETH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH #BURN

LOL this bitch! Hope you had a nice time stuffing yourself lol this toad freaking over-ordered lor! Gonna punch him soon lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIATCH ! I was asking him why he didn’t invite me to his bday party and he was like:






NABEI who the fuck looks at those things!?! lol annoying!!!! Wanted to see Luke lor it’s been so long! RAR okay I gotta run – am working at Raffles today AGAIN. Boring and tiring tsk the two shittiest words you never want to see in the same sentence (besides ‘steven lim’ and ‘naked’ ROFL). OKAY THAT IS ALL KTHXBAI

Stayed over at Daniel’s place with the usual toads lol and we bought some sorta dip thingy. They’re MAD about dip leh. Forever looking to make interesting dips (cheese + hummus or dunno what etc) lor . In this case, they bought hummus, salsa and some tomato dip thingy and mixed it all up. Not bad but all 3 ingredients were tangy so this dip was like ULTRA tangy /dead. Whacked this with tortilla chips!


Cheese cubes. Holy shit these are the bomb!!!! THEY’RE FUCKING HAM (pink ones) / TOMATO (red) FLAVOURED!!!!! Bloody delicious omg so dead. I was tired of the crazy tangy-ness of the dip so I smashed these inbetween tortilla chips and sorta made a cheese sandwich with the chips. Damn nice! Ham’s my favourite so far, but the tomato one is also shiok! Okay damn i’m craving them now, shall go buy some since I’m working at the flea tomorrow. Will have to stand all day so might as well treat myself to something nice pffffffft!

Gave my sister a treat at Oriole – their food is getting less and less spectacular each time I go. Quite sian already. Also, everything by candlelight so it was dark as fuck plus they didn’t want to turn on the lights pffffffft.

My sister ordered the Aungus Beef. Quite nice – I especially loved the asparagus – but not worth $33 lor !

Came with oversalted potato wedges that were still pretty shiok cause they were crisp on the outside but still soft and mushy on the inside. +10points

Doubt I’ll be going back there again unless I get struck by another risotto craving. Hankering for beef stew and mac and cheese right now, anybody has any recommendations?

Gotta complete some freelance then I gotta knock the fuck out, working at raffles tomorrow T_T! Hmkay ttys, night ya’ll !