Just another day at work.

China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 collection, will be updating the site with it tomorrow – stay tuned :D !

Too Faced bronzer/blusher combo palette thingy lol

Red Cherry Lashes – would you be game enough to try? 100% human hair leh kekeke

Met Daniel, Edward and my toad on Wednesday for Ikea meatballs :D ! If you haven’t heard, Ikea changed their meatball consistency. It’s not longer hard and chewy; it’s now soft and mushy. Which I’m not a VERY big fan of la. Still fucking love their original recipe but it tastes the same, just that it feels more ~homemade~ i guess?

Mandatory unglam pictures HAHAHAHA

Ed’s looking a little too happy touching my boyfriend’s nipple @_@ rofl

And this fucking cake is the fuckin’ bomb! TOTALLY LOVE IT MAX! Forgot what it’s called la but it has like these little crunchy sphere-shaped bits etc AIYA JUST TOO DAMN NICE LA ! Every time i’m there I have to buy this shit else I just feel damn cranky rofl.

Stayed over and he brought me to this small little 24hr Hans place at Bouna Vista. I LOVE HAN’S BREKKIE OKAY PLS THE EGGS ARE THE BOMB! Every freakin’ branch I’ve been to has served ACE eggs, not even joking. The best scrambled eggs so far I’ve EVER eaten was at the Tampines branch; holy crap i think they just used pure egg yolk or something – it was THAT eggy. DEAD.

Fluffy with some unset gooey bits – best combo ever y/n ?

My toad ^^ ! He’s been treating me so incredibly nicely recently, it’s been fantastic. Not a single argument in over a month now, I think. Mad happy (:

Sending me to work in the lorry kekeke

Two watches I forgot to put in the catalogue – Nimble and Treble in Petite. LOL fuck need to go edit the catalogue again rarariafjaosdijf pffft.

(F21 vest, tube from Supre, boots from Zara, Shameless zi-pai skeelz unabashedly brought to you by ROFL)

Okay hope you enjoyed the picspam ! I’m really trying to blog more to do my new *ahem* (chio) layout justice ^_^ ! More when I can, 3 packages just arrived in the mail MUAHAHAHAHAHA ok ttyl kthxbai !

Random Kit Kat chocolate egg I bought. FREAKIN NICE LA PLEASE Ya’ll need to try this shit srsly! 50cents each only lor @_@ ! It’s like some sorta hollow egg, but the shell is made of chocolate with little crisps in it. Nice!

Placed it in this little $2 daiso container – well, technically it’s $1 cause it was $2 for two – just so I can justify buying a container for no apparent reason rofl.

The day we went to Kbox. It’s basically our post-breakup ritual. When someone is suddenly single again, we bring said person down to kbox their little heart out. It’s basic therapy 101, isn’t it?

So for the past month I’ve been on a no/low-carb diet. It’s worked wonders, to be honest. I was a F21 size 30, now I’m a size 27 approximately. I ~think~ I’m a uk10/12 instead of uk12/14, which is awesome btw! I avoid eating carbs (which I fucking love), so it was pretty much just torture for first 2 weeks. But after a while, your body adjusts and you start eating a lot less. I avoid carbs monday through friday, and on the weekends i basically shovel them into my face. I guess the worst part of this diet is that it can be pretty hard finding food that’s 95% carb free. I can only basically eat just meat and vegetables, so that’s basically a mostly western-food diet, y/n? But all in all I think i’m coping pretty well, by the 3rd week my tummy was like 80% gone MUAHAHA !

Oh ya so this is what I spam on the weekends la rofl. Or if I’m feeling particularly pissy or had a long day, I eat carbs like they’re on the verge of extinction rofl. Milkshake and Prawn Risotto at Oriole ( @Somerset 313). I think their standard dropped by quite abit, but I still love their risotto T_T !

I’ve never had Tepanyaki til 2 months ago. Ultra noob or what right rofl? My bf took me and I was like fucking fascinated la wtf! It’s damn entertaining – not to mention fucking mouthwatering – to get to see your food being skillfully cooked in front of you. SUPER LIKE omg T_T ! And it’s like fucking DELICIOUS?!?! He took me to Sakae Teppanyaki (Century Square) and the beef just fucking melts in your mouth. MELTS, I TELL YOU! If I have to describe it, I’d say it was the softest, most pillowy (is that a word?) beef I’ve ever had – the chef cuts it into like little cubes so it’s basically like meat clouds in your mouth HAHAHAHA and my set meal even had Foie gras ! Freaking delicious. We ordered the bamboo clam and they gave us just like ONE fucking clam and at first I was abit miffed like wtf $9 for one clam this better be mother delicious AND IT FUCKING WAS LA?! WORTH IT WORTH IT TOTALLY WORTH IT ROFL. Try it if you’re ever near century square k ! The bill amounted to about $50 for the both of us after we added bamboo clam + oyster (ALSO FUCKING NICE)! I’m officially a Tepanyaki fan @_@

Bought a mango sundress for like $50 only?! Also, an ego booster la cause it was tagged UK6 rofl. But don’t be fooled la it runs super big apparently T_T.

And I was thrown last-minute to work at an event at Sun Plaza. ULTRA BORED I ALMOST DIED! So bored I arranged lip balms in colours then went to neaten everything like every 30 seconds or something. Seriously died.

Oh and random loot I’ve ordered over the past 2 weeks:

Glamorous Wrap Detail Dress via ASOS & And Mary Bow Ring in Gold and Silver via ASOS

ASOS Cottle Canvas Shopper in Navy & ASOS Oui / Non Skinny Belt

Forever 21 Mesh Back Button Up , Destroyed Denim Shorts in Denim Wash and Light Denim

And 6 super awesome typewriters to be up on Nakedglory by next week ! Stay tuned ^_^ !

By the way, how’d you like the new layout :D ? Finally found some time to dabble in the new html for blogger and I gotta say it’s pretty awesome! Lotsa features to explore, for example, I can place my instagram feed on this page only – meaning it’s not visible on the home page or any other page for that matter, just this specific page that I specified in the HTML – how fucking awesome is that?? Plus I can now incorporate javascript and sliders and lotsa other things that weren’t previously possible in old blogger! Damn excited now that I have a new platform to play with, can’t wait to see how all my new blogshop layouts will be like in future (: !

Okay it’s 11pm, I’ve been on this post for over 40 mins @_@ ! Gotta delve back into freelance, hope you enjoyed this ultra long post lol. TTYS !

What the fuck I’ve been MIA for so fucking long! I just realized the crazy amount of time between posts and felt quite horrible seriously.

New post tonight k, I promise! Typewriters and a selling post (which I’m still in the midst of because wtf i tried taking photos but there was just so fucking many clothes i gave up halfway. Will continue this weekend I suppose!) and will probably make a video soon-ish as well. Cause I know you miss my annoying voice right right right? No T_T ? /wrists

OKAY gotta go back to work now! Training new staff, important life decisions to be made in the near future and a shitload of freelance recently – MY BRAIN IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE T_T ! Oh and did I mention i’m revamping my layout too? Stay tuned ;P !

Oh and my stupid boyfriend got into a fucking car accident at like 2 am in the fucking morning?! Scared the fuck out of me I can’t even begin to explain. Okay la more tonight ttys !!

There’s nothing I hate more than chasing ppl for money. It makes me feel small and petty, but it’s not funny when ppl owe me over a thousand dollars srsly zzzzzz

Am I to eat grass or kidnap your children ? You tell me lor nb pissed as fuck

A retarded batman figurine thingy that my mom bought me from Hongkong, making breakfast for my sister and my toad, fish & co for dinner last night and injecting a little bit more colour into my wardrobe now that i’ve lost abit of weight from sleepless nights and a low-carb diet.

So many things I have to do, WHY AREN’T THERE MORE HOURS IN A DAY, WHY?!


(Forever21 Sailboat Chambray Button up, Topshop tank, Deer necklace from Diva, Topshop Bucket bag)

holy balls i’m so fucking tired! 2.29am and I really gotta crash, was doing freelance til 5 fuckin’ am yesterday. Torn between invoicing for Nakedglory or just getting some rest. I think I’ll just wake up early tomorrow. I think.

okay fuck this shit really gotta knock the fuck out night ya’ll !