Just bought these off a seller in sgflea – Dressabelle’s Cate Swallow Blouse in White and Black. Cute right wtf /dying can’t wait to receive these in the mail WEEEEEEEE !

Oh and selling post + looking post soon, my wardrobe is going to fucking explode (but i still want to buy more stuff – logic ftw).

Okay that is all, will update later or whenever I have the time – need to spread the love for 2 blogshops I recently designed and the 6 crazy-awesome typewriters i’ve yet to photograph @_@! Totally swarmed with freelance urgh /dying /dying /dead.

Hope ya’ll are having a good week, ttys :D !

Just bought this! Ultra cute and nice to touch, plus I needed a pouch in which to shove all my random shit I have janggling around the bottom of my bag

It’s a good size too, fits my pens and eyeliners etc.

Put in 3 bracelets, 4 rings, 2 eyeliners, 3 pens and one lippie in there with room to spare, shiok balls ;P !

ASOS Triangle ring, and ZIG Calligraphy pens that are pretty awesome to write with.

Managed to find a super pretty vintage watch strap and affixed it to one of the Nakedglory watches, sorry to say but I’m gonna have to keep this man ultra chio D: !

Money Bag and Ribbon Ring.

Starfish ring! Fave of the lot!

Hmkay gonna have to chiong freelance now, ttyl !

I just saw a question that an anon asked Erica (one of the bloggers whom I’ve sponsored watches for) :

Quartz is a TYPE of watch. Please go and freakin’ wiki this shit :

Have you not seen analog watches before? Even Casio watches print the word Quartz sometimes. So does it mean the brand of the watch is now Casio Quartz????

Sorry hor but I’m super fucking offended by this.

Keep those eyes peeled for these awesome typewriters! Pretty successful sourcing trip, I gotta admit ;P !

Had a great day today, going for hunger games in abit ! CAN’T FUCKING WAIT WOOHOOOOO

Fucking tired; tired of everything tired tired tired tired all the bloody time. Just wanna fall into a coma and never wake up god damn

Some random ASOS stuff and this bucket bag! I bought if off some girl at the flea for like $8 and it’s crazy soft! But it was only after I bought it that i realized it was torn pffft. And I’ve used it like crazy so now it’s like super cui rofl but it’s still so roomy and soft T_T ! I guessed it was from gmarket and like the online-shopping pro that I am, I really found it on gmarket rofl AWESOME OR WHAT!!??

Okay so anyway, bought the black one lol. End of story.

Oh and some random instagram photos:

Ice cream! Durian and Yam is my fucking fave :D

My bf being a cunt -_-

Broke into the roof but was too short to see over the walls ):

Quite possibly the WORST ride design EVER

Climbing bubblewrap mountain

Hardcore wrapping ensured. I wrapped from 11pm to 3am #DAFUQ !! Total postage costs incurred at the PO the next day amounted to $80+++ /dead

Oh I sourced for coloured straps for the watches :D !!!! Super limited pieces available, will update soon (: !

Studded Shirt that’s tagged Zara but from Taobao. SUPER NICE, MAD LOVE!!!

Aiy okay intended to take a lot of product photos today but didn’t have enough time. I’m still stuck at work right now T_T ! OKAY GTG BAI

Finally a ultra-rare day off ! Going for the whole ~shu nu~ / innocent girl look today HAHAHAHAHA Heart-print cardigan some more leh WIN OR WIN!? Look damn sweet right right right LOL FAKE AS FUCK MUAHAHAHAH LOL okay that is all KTHXBAI

Last updated : 2:30am 13th march 2012
Petite Watches:

Watchface is 2cm in Diameter
Straps are 1cm approximately in width
Cream / Blonde / Maroon / Gold watches faces are fitted with dark brown straps
Black / White / Gunmetal Grey / Silver faces are fitted with black straps

Venom in Black (Petite) – $23
Status : Last 3 Pieces

Bolt in Black (Petite) – $23
Status : Available

Wreath in Black (Petite) – $23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Quad in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

XII in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Numbered in Black (Petite) – $23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Classic in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Availabe

Taboo in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Last piece

Guilty in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Moonlight in Black (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Moonlight in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Guilty in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Available 

Oblique in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Availble

Sparse in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Quad in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Taboo in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last Piece

Lucid in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Pivot in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Karma in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last PIece

Tinsel in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 pieces

Original in White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Glint in Shimmery White (Petite) -$23
Status : Last Piece

Dainty in Silver (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Livid in Gunmetal Grey (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Ingnite in Cursive (Petite) -$23
Status : Last Piece

Ingnite in Classic (Petite) – $23
Status : Last Piece

Ingnite in Classic (Petite) and Cursive (Petite)
Glows prettily in the dark

Wanderlust in Maroon (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Scarce in Maroon (Petite) -$23
Status : Last Piece

Venom in Maroon (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 2

Rigid in Blue (Petite) -$23
Status : Last 3 pieces

Wanderlust in Blue (Petite) – $23
Status : Available

Glint in Gold (Petite) – $23
Status : All Sold

Classic in Gold (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Guilty in Cream (Petite) – $23
Status : All Sold

Scanty in Cream (Petite) – $23
Status : Available

XII in Cream (Petite) -$23
Status : Available

Quad in Cream (Petite) – $23
Status : All Sold

Nimble in Cream (Petite) – $23
Status : Available

Moonlight in Cream (Petite) -$23
Status : Last piece

Numbered in Blonde (Petite) – $23
Status : Last 2 pieces

Discord in Blonde (Petite) – $23
Status : All pending/sold

XL Watches:
Twice as big as a Petite watch
3cm in diameter inclusive of frame
Watchface is 2.5cm in Diameter
Straps are 1.5cm approximately in width
Cream / Blonde / Maroon / Dark Crimson / Gold watches faces are fitted with dark brown straps
Black / White / Gunmetal Grey / Silver faces are fitted with black straps

Moonlight in Black (XL) – $25
Status : Last  Piece

Treble in Black (XL) – $25
Status : All pending/sold

Wanderlust in Black (XL) – $25
Status : Available

Wreath in Black (XL) -$25
Status : All Pending

Classic in Black (XL) -$25
Status : Available

Flank in Black (XL) – $25
Status : Available

Sparse in Black (XL) -$25
Status : Last 2 pieces

Quad in Black (XL) -$25
Status : Available

Quad in White (XL) -$25
Status : Available

Pivot in White (XL) -$25
Status : Last piece

Treble in White (XL) -$25
Status : All Pending

Nimble in White (XL) -$25
Status : Last Piece

Sparse in White (XL) – $25
Status : Last 2 Pieces

Oblique in White (XL) – $25
Status : Available

Bolt in Dark Crimson (XL) – $25
Status : All Pending

Taboo in Maroon (XL) -$25
Status : All Pending

Wanderlust in Maroon (XL) -$25
Status : Last Piece

Rigid in Maroon (XL) -$25
Status : All Sold

Taboo in Blue (XL) -$23
Status : All Sold

Wanderlust in Blue (XL) -$25
Status : All Pending

Classic in Blue (XL) -$25
Status : Last  2 Pieces

Pivot in Blonde (XL) – $25
Status : All Sold

Livid in Gold (XL) – $25
Status : Available 

Wreath in Gold (XL) – $25
Status : Available

Quad in Cream (XL) -$25
Status : All sold

Sparse in Cream (XL) – $25
Status : All Sold

Nimble in Cream (XL) – $25
Status : Last Piece

Flank in Cream (XL) – $25
Status : Last 2 Pieces Available

How To Order

Please leave a comment in the format provided below. If available, you will be invoiced.

Postage & Delivery
Normal Postage : $1.50
Registered Postage : $2.50
All parcels will be mailed out every Saturday

Order Form:

Order Confirmed : Yes / No
Name & Contact Number :
Email Address :
Delivery Method : Normal Mail / Registered Postage
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Lovely cute pens from Popular

Went mad a Diva sale lol. Buy 2 get one free D: !

My client’s thumb drive taken very literally rofl

And my newest basketweave sandals from ASOS. A reader warned me on formspring that they bit and caused blisters, so i put plasters at the back of my heels for the first two days of wearing as protection/prevention and after the third day, they were completely worn in. Super soft and comfy now, MAD LOVE!

Just some new designs for tonight’s launch at 10pm! Stay tuned ;) !