Brain(fucking)dead + this is now a giant picspam

Brain(fucking)dead + this is now a giant picspam

Got home at 6.30 / woke up at 9am for work / am stoning to death right fucking now.

Flea > Chinatown > Serene Centre > KPO > Kbox at cineleisure til 6am in the mofo morning rofl. Pics are uploading, flea was alright, am going to try to sleep with my eyes open for abit. Shall update this post with a picspam when the photos are all up BRB ❤

Please excuse the spastic face I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. Trying to imitate the grinch or something rofl. Anyway, Nautical print shirt from TheNakedBandit, anchor print stockings from ASOS. Refrained from wearing anchor necklace / anchor ring / anchor earrings HAHAHAHA why am i siao WHY !? Which actually reminds me, I need to do an anchor-themed post soonish.

As you can see from the previous photo, I cabbed there but everyone was motherfucking late zzzzz damn sian and DAMN HUNGRY! Late = no brekkie cause’ we had to chiong to the flea TSK. So we got noms are Tab instead! Quite shiok man the food seriously! Shona’s Fish & Chips with curry mustard sauce (shiok balls!) $10 !

My/Lyd’s beef stew. In a cup. Also $10 KNN joking or what!?

Came with really awesome bread though. And the stew was fucking shiok + stuffed with meat la so I can’t really complain (even though I just did rofl).

Drinks were one-for-one ! Shiok balls! Vodka Ribenas even before we ate = super high the whole of the bloody flea HAHAHA


Soyabean ice cream from Soyato ! The hazelnut was really awesome! I’m not sure why I’m excessively using exclamation marks!

Unicorn! Someone bought the ‘C’ shortly so I just made it changed it to uniporn instead HAHAHA I AM SORRY THE ALCOHOL MADE ME DO IT I SWEAR T_T

Vulgar badges. Mad love these kekeke

Other random shots from random stalls but honestly mostly mediocre stuff la, nothing much to buy leh.

Omg so proud *wipes tear*


Manwhore + Slutbag HAHAHA

Shared my stall with Shona !

She was selling this Studded F21 jacket BNWT leh ! Going for $20 only T_T but too small for me miso sad T_T

Introduced her to Vodka Ribena kekeke #goodinfluence FTW !

New ring! So cute hor rofl total #alcoholic

Also scored this ornate marbled blue ring! Quite pretty, matched my (chipped) nails nicely ^^

You know how I like to spell out random shit with my scrabble letters right? I made it say WOW HUGE PENIS HAHAHAHAHAHAAH and these 2 aunties walked past and were all like HAIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROFL ROFL I AM A TOTAL WINNER OF LIFE ROFL.

Went to nua at Ion after the flea. With my SHAWARMA ! Or however you spell it la rofl it’s just a kebab that looks like a burrito. Quite tasty, but a fucklot of onions my farts were pretty lethal afterward HAHAHA

Then off to dinner at Peperoni Pizzaria at hillcrest for fucking huge primary-school-desk sized pizzas! Haris finally made a appearance tsk this bitch has been missing for HOW bloody long -.- !


If you ever drop by, you really have to try their Seafood pizza ( called frutti de marre or something like that). Mega awesome! Bouncy prawns, scallops, fish and squid on top of a cheese spam. Shiok balls!

J was late, so we saved him .. 8 sliced rofl.

KPO for drinks after. These 2 are the weirdest cousins you’ll ever meet lol.


SNATCHING for the menu. Seriously lol morons united.

Tested out this trick were you hit the mouth of a bottle with the base of another bottle. The vibration will cause the beer to foam insanely and overflow LOL it was pretty neat!

A bottle of Martel + Karaoke = DISASTER HAHAHAHA They were all FUCKING, FUCKING HIGH it was mad funny! Like those seriously super kua-zhang heartfelt singing with hand actions and slow motion movements HAHAHAHA it was fucking awesome !!

Tried not to knock the fuck out but I was mad tired from standing most of the day at the flea lor tsk. So I fell asleep, sporadically being woken up INSANE, hysterical singing / screeching and the chaos of Daniel falling into a broken chair HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *dies*.

I am FUCKING tired right now though seriously going to die or pass out or something rofl. Okay that is all, can’t take it anymore lol KTHXBAI

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