Breathe disaster and ever after

Breathe disaster and ever after

My shit tonne of parcels arrived at my door step today (: ! Everything fits great except for one F21 dress that’s too small for my boobs LOL so gonna sell that soon (it’s the mint tribal one from THIS POST, text me at 96716946 if keen! Tagged Size M btw). Everything else is BOMB.

Check out these infinity rings and the wishbone charm bracelet, both from F21. The rings are really adorable, but as with most Forever21 Jewelry, they’ll die a very fast death lol. Wish their stuff would last longer, but for the price, it’s pretty much value-for-money. The bracelet is really super cute, boyfriends should get this for their girlfriends to earn points LOL.

Also, be on the lookout for these awesome accessories, to be up on Foundry and Co on the 1st of June ;) !

Thank you ALL for the crazy response for the sale, orders have been flooding in since 8pm. I somehow received an order at 7.51pm, I really have NO idea how the hell she managed to check out since I locked all the links but okay shrugs I appreciate the hardcore googling HAHA! That said, watches are flying off the shelves left and right, do get yours whilst they’re still available! 20% off is no joke btw, I kept thinking WTF I MUST BE CRAZY whilst I was adjusting the prices.

On a completely unrelated side note, I went to meet a buyer today who was 25 freakin’ minutes late. I wasn’t that annoyed cause I was shopping on instagram LOL. ANYWAY, after meeting her, I went into the mall to escape the heat and ended up trying on a few dresses. I always take 2 sizes (uk10 & UK12) for the clothes I’m trying so that I don’t have to go out again to swap sizes. Every single UK10 item fit with a little bit of wriggle room ^_^! So happy to be able to see some progress after running my freakin’ butt off over the past 2 weeks. Gonna go run again in a while, can’t tell you how good it feels to fit into UK10 dresses again ^_^!

Keep a look out for tomorrow’s post k, I have awesome Adventure Time & BMO totes to be up for sale. They are FREAKIN’ CUTE SO STAY TUNED OR MISS OUT! Hmkay more photoshop to do so I’ll update again tomorrow. Hope y’all are a having a good Monday :D

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