Britney spam.

Britney spam.

School’s starting really soon D: ! Kinda excited and kinda nervous. Finalized all my loan stuff today and that’s when it really hit me – i’m freakin’ going back to school! Gonna be one of those old geezers la HAHAHA 24 years old leh omg. But no worries, I’ve been mistaken for a poly student / 18 years old so I can’t just pretend like I’m young la right? LOLOLOL

Been having a hectic few days. Spamming work and more work like never before. Also, a hoard of new Nakedglory madness is coming your way. I’ve so many plans but I feel like time is slowly slipping away from me :/ !

On a random note, check out these awesome quilted bunny bags! I saw them on ASOS for $40 and couldn’t bring myself to get them. $40 for something the size of an average prata leh?! I just couldn’t do it @_@. So I looked around and sourced for them and now they’re available for only $26 on Foundry & Co. I am a ninja, obviously.

Getting them in both colours, get yours here ! Can’t wait for them to arrive :D !!!

I’m also in the midst of replying all emails. Please note that we don’t read emails on weekends, so do give us some time to reply okay (: ? Thank you for your patience :D !

Hmkay ttyl tons of emails to reply T_T.

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