But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

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I don’t know why but sometimes I feel so unaccomplished. I know I’ve come so far and yet I feel like … I could be doing more. That there’s more I should be doing that can push me even further; is there such a thing as being too ambitious? I just can’t seem to shake this feeling.

I’m flying off for a break – a proper one – this Sunday. Really need some time away to rethink things, I need to get my priorities straight. It’s also the first time I’m traveling with my boyfriend so I have to admit I’m a little worried. We’ve been together for years, but we never really had the chance to travel. Each trip would get cancelled even with months of prior planning simply because he had work to do. Cue sian face. But hey YAY Phuket! Hopefully nothing crops up between now and the departure date.

Today, I’m also putting down a large sum of money for rebranding. Yes, I know what y’all are thinking. I’m a graphic designer so WHY IN THE SAM HELL am I paying other people to do it?! I feel like I’m just .. too close to my brand, you know? The graphic work I’ve been doing for Nakedglory is just so ~meh~ because .. I guess I’m lazy. And I know it’ll still fly so maybe I never really put in as much effort into Nakedglory graphics as I should. Ironically, when I ask someone else to do it, I expect ridiculously high standards. Nothing seems good enough LOL. I’ve finally found someone whose work I absolutely love, and am hence paying an arm and a leg and 3 babies for work that (fingers crossed) will be stunning. Honestly it’s not that much, in fact it’s pretty cheap in terms of freelance (companies will usually charge $12k and up for branding) so it’s already a fraction of the price, but it still feels like a big amount to me.

Money is such a tricky subject. Can’t live without it, yet you can’t let it run your life. I’m currently paying all the bills in the household + my own insurance + student loans + partially supporting my bf, so it’s … been tough to say the least. But I’m surviving still. Maybe that’s what drives me to keep pushing forward, I want to reach a place where I don’t constantly have money worries on my mind. Here’s hoping that by the end of this year, Nakedglory will explode and take over the internet. Soon, friends.

Okay enough random thoughts, I finally picked up my camera after such a long time, it actually .. feels nice. Loving these vintage yumyums, THAT VEST THO! The print on it is just simply sick. Watch out for more lovely things coming your way! Hmkay gtg prep for tonight’s launch, ttys!

  • Jialin
    Posted at 17:58h, 06 June

    Hello Yoko,

    Life is tough so please stay strong! Don’t ever forget that you are one awesome being so keep dreaming big and never give up! ^^

  • ladyboss
    Posted at 20:42h, 06 June

    Hi Jialin, I’m not the type to 放弃 so easily, don’t worry :D ! Thank you for your kind words though, really sweet of you :’)

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