bo liao post

Painted one of my rings with shimmery green nail polish for a whole new look. Did this in the 2 minutes of spare time whilst waiting for my camera battery to charge in between shoots. Sometimes I feel like I have to squeeze in as much life as possible within my (few and far) spare time.

Honestly can’t wait for the day where I can finally wake up and not feel exhausted to my very bones.

P.S – Yes, I am quoting an A1 Song in the title of this post. God damn I’m old.

P.P.S – That song was released in the year 2000.


Eh who’s the bloody joker who went to and searched for “Yoko armpit comments” arh??? It’s showing up on my nuffnang now ( it shows which pages led to my blog) and I am LOL-ing my fucking ass off. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY?!?!

You cannot remember my magical URL meh rofl in fact I think it’s quite hard to scrub it off your brain roflrofl okay that is all still waiting for flickr kthxbai

Anchor Necklace from Pull & Bear, Nautical Inbetween ring from FLB4

General Nautical theme going on today + am wearing my favourite, most un-slutty sleeved top I own lol. I got it from F21 like 4 years ago or some shit lol – the cut is amazing, the material is super soft but I’ve worn it so many times it’s cui-ing insanely. Already has like 2 holes at the piku area HAHAHAHAHAAHA BUT I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT ! The top, I mean – not the holes at the piku. When people point them out, I’ll just be all like oh it’s just ripped! Ripped tees are in right now what, you dunno meh? ETC ETC HAHAHAHA God I am so shameless.


Acting demure in the salon before dyeing my hair red (with no apparent difference SONOFABITCH)

My sister’s bimbotically pink slippers. I swear she bleeds pink.

Magical, fucking shiok hacheonggai (prawn paste chicken) at Tampines Block 406 ! J’s favourite as well lol.

Made the boxed Deluxe Mac and Cheese and this is what the cheese looks like. SIBEI SOLID OKAY SRSLY D: !!! Kinda looks like a yellow turd yes/no ?? Not very different from the normal boxed mac and cheese leh – DELUXE MY ASS (which is also trufax HAHAHAHAHA miso disgusting)


Mj with my sister last night

kangs are $1
ang kangs are $2
5 tai $1
10 tai $2

In one round i kanged 598298349834 times and cleared ALL her chips FUCKING FUNNY she was kaopei-ing all night long man srsly HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

ALL YOUR BASE (AND CHIPS) ARE BELONG TO ME LOLOLOLOLOLOL Okay sorry obscure gaming reference you might not get ;p

Today’s lunch lol + CLIMBING NUGGET MOUNTAIN ROFL. Damn full now going to explode and rain nugget bits on people HAHAHAHAHA

Ah okay bo liao post is bo liao ttys !

How impulsive am I ? I saw a picture of one while trolling tumlbr then decided I ~needed~ to have it. My lack of self control is really amazing.

In other news, stayed over on tuesday night / had insane fun / he DROOLED ON ME (WTF THIS DISGUSTING BITCH) / collected the gameboys from a cute guy / went to town to meet buyers and run random errands / my sister paid for an awesome Fish & Co meal (!!!!) / mahjonged / knocked the fuck out last night.

Didn’t bring my camera out though, so obviously no pictures, which makes for a boring post miso sorry. It’s like 8am now la nabei my mom just burst into my room to wake me up / steal my accessories so I am quite grumpy now because it’s my day off and I can’t go back to sleep TSK *gives her death glare*. DID I MENTION IT’S ONLY 8AM?!!? Nabei zzzzz.

More errands to run for her later, and I’ll be ~getting my hair did~ as well D: !!!! Haven’t decided what to do yet – my sister’s paying KEKEKEKEKE ^^ ! How shiok is this man seriously?! I thinking of dyeing the fuck out of it – but I’m undecided on the colour. I probably won’t be going brown/blonde because I’ve always found that lianish-max so *shrugs*.

Okay I go poopoo ttyl lol.

Shiok song to set the mood ! It’s Will Smith’s daughter, she’s like 9 or something la and I feel like a pedobear/ameer/gerald when I watch this, but it’s damn catchy la please don’t judge me T_T!


Gachapon stash #2 !

Poohs and tiggers and stitch OH MY! roflrofl ya la ya la I am of the gay la what you want rofl

Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland :D

This one makes me LOL til I want to die rofl. There’s a pole sticking out of Raichu’s ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

My demonic trident HAHAHA

Got solid abs okay don’t play play HAHAHA

HOW BADASS IS MY SWORD? Got two skulls some more okay sibei hiong la HAHAHAHA

Also, super bloody f-ing happy ! Alteration-lady txted me today and told me to pick it up tomorrow, am super psyched I hope it turned out awesome (T_T) !

Oh and Kate spade is having a sale zomg faster run and order !!! And as with all sales :

Kate Spade NEDA wallet in Cherry !

Been waiting for it to go on sale for AGESSSSSS kekeke okay that is all KTHXBAI ❤

Do you know that fucking horrible WE CAN BE FRIENDS shit that plays every time you call a friend who happens to suscribe to Singtel ?


All you singtel peeps, please take a minute to do this and spare yourself and your friends the agony of listening that irritating song !

1) Dial *590

2) Press 7 for Termination

THERE YOU GO! EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!! Don’t say I never share ways to make the world a better place k !

Okay I am starving and doing my nails to pass the time! Ah okay gonna go collect my chicken chop keke ttyl!

On a side note, do remember to leave your name and email add (HERE) to take part in the giveaway k :D ! Contest ends this friday night :D !

oaisdjfaoisdfjasodif my 2nd upper earpiercing closed already i think lol i just jammed the stud through anyway. Didn’t hurt much though lol don’t worry.

In other news, nose very itchy confirm got a lot of peesai buildup one lor tsk fuck the flu man seriously rofl.

okay off to get rid of peesai HAHAHA hopefully digging for gold will give me some mahjong luck later kekeke okay TTYLLLLLLLLLL

Video preview of part of the gachapon ring stash !! Fuck I have to admit I am super tempted to keep the Genie / Mike / Stitch / Alien ones T_T !!!

( Both Poohs, piglet, flat alien, genie, translucent-stitch bobblehead and marie the cat are currently reserved at the mo’ )

Horrible thumbnail aside, please excuse my stoning. I’ve been waking up at 7am everyday to give my part-time boyfriend/bitch his morning call and it’s making me fucking tired cause’ I can’t go back to sleep after that! I came to the realization that instead of trying to go back to sleep, I should go and swim and possibly become slightly less fat.

Unfortunately, I have also realized that my body doesn’t always agree with my brain rofl. Eyes refused to open and legs refused to move so I just lay there on the bed half awake, half asleep lol DAMN NUA and now I am damn fucking tired again knnb. How ah ? I am like fucking nua I can’t get myself to roll off the fucking mattress rofl lazy-like-toad max.

Also, ASOS is having a sale, you should head down to website and check it out ! And as with all sales – LOOT POST KEKEKEKE ^^ !!

Long tube in Navy!

And a black tube with a back cut-out ! Woo super psyched for this :D

Speaking of dresses with back cut-outs, I have like 500 already seriously. This will probably be my jian-huo dress #8 approx lol I love them so much T_T

And these fucking chio dress shoes. Am loving the shiny buckle details at the back and the metal eyelets so fucking much (T_T) ! Admittedly they look abit manly, but I think they’ll go nicely with the wine-coloured semi-maxi from Zipia :D

Okay that is all. I am fucking tired, and therefore am unfunny today. Also, did you know that epoxy smells like feet and poop combined? My friend told me that epoxy binds shit together like cement so I wanted to try it out to make sure the rings will be durable and KNN now my room smells like a poopy feet D: !!! I can’t get the smell out of my hands either knnb joking or what?

On an unrelated note, I collected the package from the post office! It’s another black jian huo dress with back cut-outs HAHAHAHA omg jian huo is a jian huo, can’t help it man sorry rofl.

Also, I AM FUCKING STARVING!! JOANNA IS TERRIBLE, she blogs about delicious food with delicious-looking pictures now I can’t wait to go there and stuff my face (T_T) !! Click (HERE) to be led into temptation. Looks good, eh? Buffet priced at like $16.90 as well, CHEAP CHEAP I NEED TO GO THERE ASAP @_@


Jianhuo girl HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH okay fuck hunger is making my brain weak lol don’t judge me !

Okay I’m not going to post the email already – kinda lazy to cut and paste. Hazel has already put the email up and explained herself (HERE), the email is at the bottom, you can go check it out if you are kpo lol ! Kinda lazy to post my reply here – it’s mother long so I’ll just be posting it in the comments section.

In other news – again with the matcha ice blended (hold the red beans, though). It’s a horrible peesai-green, but I find it so delicious I shall disregard it’s unappealing colour rofl.

Also, I cut about 2″ off my fringe because it was getting ridiculously long and now I”m back to side-swept bangs YAY ^^ ! This is a ridiculously bimbotic post, please blame it on the sugar high that Sweettalk gives me lol.

Speaking of bubble tea – what’s the big deal about Koi ?? Everyone says it’s like HOW magical and HOW amazing but I tried it like twice already and it’s always like MEH. Don’t oversell it la come on. Don’t tell me it’s magical and when I drink it, I’m all like THAT’S IT?? I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WAS AMAZING ETC ETC *stabs you with bubble tea straw* Recommend something on their menu that’ll totally blow my socks off pls thanks !

In other news – IT’S CHILDREN’S DAY !!! YAY !!!!!! Okay not really. Soon the lan shop will be swarmed with smelly little turds oh god someone help me T_T ! On a happier, more hum-sap note – SAFRA WAS FILLED WITH NS BOYS JUST NOW KEKEKEKEKEKE MISO HAPPY There was quite a few eye-candies some more kekekekekekeke ^^ Okay fine I am a pervert so sue me rofl.