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281 Holland Avenue
Facebook: PARKathv

Had an early, lazy brunch on Sunday with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for so long; it almost feels like we’re already married. We don’t quibble over small things anymore, and I really love where we are now. We don’t have much time to spend together; just small pockets of quiet between the hustle and bustle of work and school, plus whatever I can squeeze out before or after my lessons. On Sunday, we helped our friend Daniel with a photography project that had the lot of us carrying a SOFA across 5 meadows (and a carpark). Basically secreted about 5kg of sweat LOL.

So anyway, back to brunch. We were early, the rest were still asleep so we went to Holland to try out Park, a cafe that I’d walked past on several occasions. We went at approx 10am, when they’d just opened. Quiet and serene, nary a person in sight at that point of time. I had a Hangover Platter (pictured above), which consisted of 1 style of eggs (I chose poached), bacon, a sausage, one tiny pancake (lol wut), mushrooms and several plump tomatoes. It wasn’t super fabulous, the sausage and eggs were the standouts here. Sausage was fat and juicy, eggs were poached perfectly. Everything else on the plate was not memorable. Still, I quite liked the quiet and the general ambience. I’d go back again to chill and maybe try their pancakes perhaps (: ! The bf had Seafood Aglio Olio – at 10am in the freakin’ morning, mind – which was pretty good.

Will return just for the ambience alone, that’s for sure. Plus points for having Somersby Cider too, one of my fave drinks :D !

Random candids at one of the locations. My friends are all equal parts crazy and creepy (as you can clearly see from Edward, um, fondling my boyfriend’s ear LOL).

Canton Paradise on a random day on which I ended classes early. It’s kinda nice that he works one stop away from my school. I love love love Canton Paradise! The porridge in particular is one of the best congee dishes I’ve ever had. I usually order the one with scallops, prawns and fish cause’ I’m greedy as hell lol. Comes with freshly fried (and perfectly crispy) youtiaos ^_^ !

That was also the day I discovered that he HATES Canton Paradise. Now I can only eat it once a month, after much cajoling T_T.

Dinner date after work on another random day. Ate at Urban Spoon at Jalan Kayu, really used to like their risotto but they recently updated their menu and it kinda sucks now -_- . Look at my fat face omg. Did I mention I’ve put on weight due to the me not giving a fuck about my carb intake anymore? Now look where it got me FUUUUUUUUU !!! Gotta go back on no carb again soon T_T.

He tried to grow out his hair, hence the ah-beng hairband. This stupid boy always wears it with such great pride, much to MY shame lol.

Despite the new shitty menu, discovered Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, which i completely fucking love. LOVE to bits seriously. Damn tasty?!!?! But it’s pretty hard to find, sadly. Going to swing by East of Avalon Wines (at Joo Chiat) to grab a carton soon :D !

More Vintage bags to be up on Nakedglory. Had a hard time shooting these, who knew composition on concrete was so damned tedious? Almost broke my back bending over these to get a good angle -_-. Also, random shot I never came to post on instagram. The mood watch on the right is slightly defective. Half of it changes colour at a slower speed, giving it an ombre appearance. Totally love it and kept it for myself LOL; sometimes being different can be a good thing, yes/no ?

Random loot post ahead btw lol.

ASOS Simple Shift Dress in Black. Wanted the green but it sold out damn fast tsk !

Glamorous Maxi Dress with Plunge V Back – Via ASOS. Probably going to slice into a minidress, as usual.

New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes & New Look Marl Black Plimsolls. I usually get plain shoes without such bright detailing, but it looks quite comfortable and fun to wear for a random trip across the road to the mall, so why not? Got the plain ones as well, FUCKING CHEAP CAN?! On sale now on ASOS for $12.54 SGD NO JOKE. I’ve tried them on at New Look before, they were pretty comfy so I suggest you get a pair too :D ! The embroidered ones are only $15.97 SGD, also quite a steal for such cute shoes. Don’t say I never share good deals k ;P

ASOS DAMIEN Trainers – they look really cute, and I like the speckled base. Just buying shoes to wear to school, kinda bored of forever wearing boots to school.

On a side note, someone commented on formspring saying I rarely post now except about watches. It’s true, and I’m really sorry about that. If you’re a long time reader, you’d know I’m bitchy as hell. I bitch about stupid people and things that irritate me, but lately that largely involves my clients and customers. Some are lovely, don’t get me wrong! But quite a few make me feel like they crawled right out of satan’s ass -_- . As much much MUCH as I would like to complain, bitch, share the joke and make a big fuss, I can’t. I want and strive to be as professional as possible regarding my work, so I have been censoring a lot of my posts. I’m so very sorry for that, but there’s not much I can do about it T_T. If you’ve stuck by after all this while, thank you once again T_T. I will try to bitch about non-related idiots la if possible LOL.

Okay that is all! I hope this post will suffice as something a little more personal than what I’ve been posting lately :x ! Have a good night y’all, tomorrow is thursday which means THE WEEKEND IS NEAR WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Honestly makes no difference to me though, I work on weekends anyway T_T. Hope to see y’all at the flea this Saturday at Scape k (: ! Come support and buy my chio watches WAHAHAHA hmkay back to work ttyl ^_^

Chilly flea on Saturday. It rained lightly for a few hours straight so thank you if you dropped by in the chilly weather just to get a watch from me <3 !

Spotted a few people wearing my watches! This is a really old one from over a year ago! Treble in Black in one of the old frames, which I completely LOVE. Striving to find similar ones to bring :D ! Also, there’s a loyalty discount for regulars! Wear your Nakedglory to the flea to get $2 off your new purchase (: !

Shaun and his girlfriend, Jasmine, dropped by to accompany during the flea! As is customary (for me, anyway), I’ll always treat whomever stuck it out with me til the end to a good meal. Last week, I had a kick-ass meal with Edward at Shokudo (their standards have really gone back up; Will blog about it on my next trip there), so this time, I brought them to Itacho at Ion. It was Shaun’s virgin trip to Itacho LOL. Prior to this, he’d heard me rave about Itacho non-stop so suffice to say he was curious.

I really like the wasabi there! It’s not weak and bland at all; I love a good wasabi kick. My wasabi mix is usually equally parts wasabi and sauce, so it turns into a paste / thick dipping sauce of sorts. Maximum kick is how I like it :D !

Octopus Sashimi (not bad!) and this Avocada & Soft Shell Crab roll, which was creamy and filling. Quite liked it!

Stuffed Baked Crab. This is seriously good! It’s basically filled with sticky rice and stuffed with chopped mushrooms, crabmeat and awesomeness. Oh and some sort of creamy sauce that’s just barely there, but brings it all together fabulously. It’s only $6 for one of these, and it’ll fill you up quickly. Must try!

My favourite part about the Itacho menu is their super unique sushis. My absolute favourites are: Squid leg (pictured above), Dorsal Fin (LOVE THIS), Soya Salmon and the Seared Kobayashi Beef (pictured below). You gotta try out the Sea Eel sushi too! It’s a long-ass piece of eel, approx 20cm long, no joke :D ! Sorry I didn’t manage to take more pictures of the sushis, I was starving ;P

Star of the meal: Seared Kobayashi Beef sushi ($4.80 each on sale price). It’s topped with a little garlic and the beef just melts in your mouth. Soft and that marbling @_@ .. completely amazeballs. Try this out if you’re ever there!

Other good stuff: Prawn Tempura ($5 for 3 pieces), Crab Chawanmushi, Unagi Don bowl.

So far, I’ve been to Itacho at Bugis (Meh this branch’s food is not good at all), Ion and Jcube. Last one’s still my favourite. Always consistent with the quality of food :D ! Ion was pretty good too but my brother says the Changi one’s the best. Once I try it out (and let’s face it, I’m a big Itacho fan so I probably will anyway), I’ll let you guys know ^_^.

Wild Ones Geometric Pullover
(paired with an upcoming gem-encrusted necklace)

Hmkay to end this off, I had a short 1.5h long shoot before the flea. The turn out’s looking real good; I’m starting to love last-minute shoots cause’ it really forces you to deal with whatever cards you’re dealt. It was raining and thus that seriously limited the spaces we could shoot at, but we made it work. Thank you once again Lynn for being so patience and awesome to work with ^_^!

Hmkay gonna start working on replying emails soon, thank you all for your patience! I don’t usually reply emails over the weekend but I’m gonna try to do so to cut down on the overlapping ones. Stay tuned for a massive sales post as well, probably going to shoot pics over the next few days I hope :D ! Hmkay ttyl ~

Scape Bazaar
Right outside Gong Cha
12pm – 8pm

We’re going to be at Scape tomorrow! Find us right outside Gong Cha for watches at much much cheaper rates (: !

Here’s a sneak peek of a new series that’s coming out tomorrow:

The black T-bar ones will be out next week, so grab the cream-faced ones before they’re sold out :D !

Sushi Tei with my bro-hoes. I love love LOVE this freakin Golden Roll. Deep fried king prawn wrapped in rice and topped with thin slices of luscious mango. Super moreish, I’ve had it 3 days in a row (thank God for Sushi Tei at Tampines 1 T_T)! I can’t stop thinking about!?! Also love the super crisp Ebi Tempura, too bad it’s rather pricey ($10 for 4 pieces). Try the Golden Roll if you can k, totally worth it!

Also, try this Salted Caramel Cream Puff from Starbucks! It’s SUPER good. $5.50 and it’s CHOCKFUL of sinful awesomeness. The salted caramel + the cream inside = Lush perfection. Sinful as hell, but damn near perfect.

New rings :D ! I haven’t bought rings in MONTHS after I realized I just buy them cause’ they’re .. pretty. I rarely wear them as I’ve to remove them each time I’m on the computer, which is basically 24/7. Couldn’t resist these though! $7.90 for 6 rings. Faves are the Chevron shaped ones :D !

Also, some printable packaging that I’ll be giving away the printables to. They’re super adorable, although I did slice my thumb open while cutting them up T_T.

hahavomitha T_T. Bled like fucking crazy! And I know what you’re thinking, wtf bleeding still take pictures you siao ah?! But oh well, can’t waste a chance to guilt my bf into being extra nice to me ^_^ !

Okay I gotta start packing now, see y’all at the flea tomorrow :D

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar

#01-16, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel : +65 62528780

Built our own burger and it was pretty damned good.

The combo :

Brioche Bun
Beef patty
Caramelized Onions
Swiss Cheese
Tomato slices
Bleu Cheese sauce

Patty was really juice and moreish and really filling to boot! Filled my gigantic rugby-playing friend Edward, so that’s REALLY saying something. Only cost $14 @_@! Bring your bf and let him weep with thanks LOL.

Wasabi Tei Japanese Cuisine

#05-70, Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 62388216

Have been hearing rave reviews from my friends about this place but I wasn’t really impressed. I was told I didn’t order the right things, so I’ll be going back to give it another shot. Salmon belly was $15 for this tiny portion, I saw someone order the normal Salmon Sashimi and the portion was approximately twice as much as mine -____- . Cost $60 for a beef set + and a smattering of dishes of average portion sizes. Will review again if I do go back, but for now it’s not bad, but not too good either.

Some images from the iphone:

The day before the bf’s bday. Brought him to Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice ( the one at East Cost Road) and almost wept from how good everything was. Chicken was soft, boneless and the sauce was freakin’ nice!! Plus, check out how generous they were with the chives @_@! The chicken rice was basically good on it’s own, so the combo basically slayed me. Also ordered Fish Maw Soup ($12) which was freakin’ fantastic as well. Tasted like shark fin; same consistency and all. Definitely going back again, try it if you have the chance k! Amounted to only $45+ if I recall correctly (inclusive of chicken + soup + veg + pork dish). Totally worth it T_T!

He keeps freakin’ smoking! Feel like smashing all his cigarettes ):< !! Also, forced him to wear the elmo eyes/ testicle headband for just for fun. We went to USS on Wednesday, and it was MAD crowded. Seriously, it was freakin’ crazy!? I went on a Saturday a few weeks back and it was basically a ghost town. Queues to the rides were like 5 minutes each, and on WEDNESDAY it was like 40 mins per ride DAFUQ ):< ?!?! Only sat each ride once before he wanted to leave tsk how annoying.

Went to watch Stomp after USS, and it was pretty awesome (: ! I wouldn’t say it was worth the $300 ($150/pax for seats really near the front), but it was still pretty good. Starting stoning halfway through cause we were so tired from the entire day at USS @_@. Hmkay no more pics from his bday LOL


Shaun’s bday was 4 days after, and it was during the crazy haze. On Friday, the haze was at a record high, but we’d already booked the chalet and purchased $250 worth of meat @_@, so we couldn’t quite cancel. Managed to upgrade from a Kampung to an actual room at Coasta Sands Sentosa, cause’ a lot of people had cancelled due to the haze. The weather, however, was freakin’ beautiful. No haze, no scent of burning, crystal clear sky. Amazeballs or what?! Heng to the max pls?!?! So we continued our BBQ and ate like crazy. Check out this brazen peacock crashing the BBQ lol!

Waiting for the pics from the DSLR, so will update in awhile. Obviously $250 was way too much food, ending up playing stupid games with food as the forfeit. Almost exploded from too much meat LOL. Also threw the birthday boy in the pool after failing once, he wriggles like a worm on fire wtf.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of what’s launching tonight on Nakedglory:

See y’all there at 8pm :D !

Also, here’s the website I did for Andrea Chong :D !

Super love how everything turned out, check it out on (: ! She’s also giving away 10 H&M vouchers, so be sure to drop by a leave a comment to stand a chance to win :D !

Also launching some lovely goodies on Foundry & Co tonight <3! See you there at 8pm :D !

Had Itacho Sushi again with the bf! It’s already my favourite go-to place for sushi, cause everything is just freakin’ delish!

This time, I tried the Roasted Dorsal Fin Sushi (bottom leftmost picture). It was pure heaven. All of their cooked sushi really just melts in the mouth, I think it’s because the fish is slightly raw in the middle? So the meat and rice textures just meld beautifully or something. LOL joking anyhow whack one la but seriously why is almost 90% of their menu so freakin’ tasty ?!?! I bet they contain like 2% fairy dust or unicorn pee or something lor wtf! Also a big fan of the Crab Meat Chawanmushi, and their Prawn Tempura as well! Just looking at the pics makes me hungry already T_T.

Total came up to $84++ for the both of us, but seriously I love it so much I’d go there everyday if I could T_T.


Tunic from Hollyhoque
Mint Satchel from Charles and Keith
Turquoise Bracelet from
Vintage Titan Hexagon Watch from Nakedglory (Close up pics below!)

REALLY love this the bracelet FREAKIN chio but the clasp can be real bitch to close >:(

How chio is this?! Kept one for myself muahahha ;P ! Features a subtle honeycomb pattern, leather strap and a 2 year warranty. Comes with box as wellllllll!

That said, I’ve 3 revamps in progress and they’re looking real good T_T! Oh and I’ve been on a recent romper craze, and I’m pretty sure people will ask me where I got them so I’m thinking of opening a preorder for the things I’m getting :D ! Damn hard to find stuff for UK10/12 please?! Imagine how happy I was that I found awesome rompers that looked chio and FIT. Probably going to put it up tomorrow so stay tuned :D !

Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ
86 East Coast Road
#02-11/20 Katong Village Block B

Finally got my butt down to Katong to try out this Korean BBQ place that I’ve heard so much about, and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. Almost every single type of meat I had there was tasty! And they have quite the spread, no joke! Chicken, beef, pork, prawns, lamb, squid etc; my guy friends would love it here lol.

Raw vegetables (like sliced potatoes, carrots, celery, cucumber, eggplants) were also readily available. They had a spread of cooked dishes like Korean Glass Noodles (this was ace, my bf ate 2 plates!), Seaweed soup (also moreish), Korean rice cakes (mediocre, pass on this unless they’re piping hot), fried chicken wings, korean pancakes and a lot of things on skewers. I didn’t touch any of the skewered foods though, was too interested in the meats! My favourite meats: the Bulgogi pork and thinly sliced bacon. Super love. I also grilled the carrots for a long time (almost til the end of the meal); dipped them in sesame oil just before eating and they were awesome :D!

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the spread, I was damn busy stuffing my face cause’ I hadn’t eaten all day T_T. The total came up to about $40/each, but it’s totally worth it. The meats are really tasty and they come in really large portions! This place doesn’t skimp like the others so thumbs up for that :D ! Service was good too; the servers wipe your grill down from time to time to prevent the build up of charred bits. Awesome. My only complaint would be that I left the place smelling like a zhi char stall lol. So bring extra clothes if you’re going k :D !

I’m in the midst of verifying payments and packing parcels, so ttyl~

Happy Mookata
6001 Beach Road
#01-55D Golden Mile Tower
Tel: 93809028

Tried out Happy Mookata on Saturday night and it was not bad at all! $23/pax and you could order whatever you wanted. Drinks not included. Notable items on the menu: the Pork Liver, Garlic Chicken and Sotong – I really couldn’t get enough of em’! Also, their cooked food menu was pretty interesting, we ordered the Thai Fish Cake, Cheese Tofu (or was it seafood tofu? definitely not the egg tofu though) and the Nuggets. They were (dare I say it?), more appealing to me then the barbecued food.

Nuggets were fried to a delectable crisp, fish cake had a very interesting tom yum flavour to it, and the cheese tofu was my favourite out of all the cooked foods. Piping hot with crispy skin and cheese that oozed out obnoxiously the moment you bit into it. Really good.

All in all, quite value for money. We spammed drinks so we ended up paying about $27 per person, but it was still reasonable seeing how the food was free flow. It’s near the carpark in the middle of the cheekopek-filled Golden Mile Tower, so don’t expect aircon or any luxuries like that. Just a straightforward, value-for-money, homey place to eat. Service was good, there was a chiobu working there ( my boyfriend kept looking at her TSK KIAMPA) too! Friendly service all in all, I’d go back again.

We went at 11pm-ish and there wasn’t many people, so try to get a table where they have two grills! 5 of us squeezing on one tiny little grill, we almost came to blows lol. Okay la kidding. Try it out if you’re ever in the area! Bring a change of clothes if you’re going out after though, we smelt like balls by the time we left lol.

On a very depressing side note, my macbook has fallen into a coma. It refuses to power up and all my work is on it. ALL. I also started bleeding today which, of course, was accompanied by massive cramps. Today is obviously the day where all hopes and dreams die.

Hope y’all are having a better Monday than I am T_T. Ttys!

Canton Paradise
2 Jurong East Central 1
#02-09, JCube
Singapore 609731

Tried their Prawns fried in Beancurd skin this time and it was really tasty! The kind of dish you crave just from looking at pictures. Like how I’m craving now T_T. Juicy prawns wrapped in beancurd skin and fried to crispy perfection. Comes with a very, very tart vinegar-y sauce which made me cringe so hard I probably permanently shrank a few centimeters lol. Ask for mayo or dip it in the Chee Cheong Fan sauce! Good stuff.

On a completely unrelated note, thank you ALL for the incredible support for second Key Fob order! Previously there were only 10 slots, so this time I brought in 100 just because’ I’m kiasu. All slots were filled by 3pm!? Honestly I was pretty skeptical; I thought I was overestimating the hype but holy crap the response was amazing!!!! I added in 15 more slots after that, and every single one of them has been filled T_T. Today I weeded out 10 more slots due to deadbuyers (URGH), and half of them were filled within 5 minutes. Last few left so if you missed out you might be able to get them again (: ! So grateful for all the support T_T !

I’ll think of a way to give back, I promise! Probably going to hold a giveaway soon! We also just hit 2000 likes on facebook 2 days ago! Man this month is going so well for me hehehe <3 Hmkay hope y’all are having a good Sunday, ttys !

Plain Vanilla
34A Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village,
Singapore 277691.

Facebook | Website | Map

My first encounter with Plain Vanilla, I still remember quite clearly. It was at a hipster event of sorts, housed inside a cathedral-looking place next to Artichoke Cafe. PV had set up a stall there and it was beautifully set; rows and rows of luscious looking cupcakes alongside two different types of cakes, which had been placed lovingly on wooden planks.

Every single person who walked past would glance at the baked goods longingly, but everyone thought they were fake/for show cause there was no prices stated, plus they looked just a little too good to be true. My stomach won the fight against my pride so I bluntly asked if they were real. Turns out they were, so I got a big fat slice of marbled Bundt cake on the spot. I took a bite and was completely blown away! It was buttery, fluffy, and super moist! Plus, the slice that I got had been drizzled with fudge. What exactly was in there??? Unicorn tears or fairy dust or something? How could it be so ridiculously moist and tasty even when left on an uncovered platter? How??? It was basically pure indulgence and truly unforgettable.

So today, my brother’s friend was passing by Holland so I made her buy PV for me. I told her if she didn’t, I’d kidnap her first born. Okay la I’m kidding. Kinda. The bundt cake was sold out by the time she got there though /wrists T_T. DAMN YOU KARMAAAA !

I bought: Red Velvet, Carrot, Irish Cream, Cookie & Cream, Cinnamon. Favourites are definitely the Red Velvet, Carrot and the Cinnamon ones. Every single cupcake is tasty?! They’re $3.50 each or $19 for a half a dozen. Make sure you try these out, you definitely won’t regret it!

On one last side note, are y’all okay with the huge-ass picture? I wanted to showcase them in their full glory! Quite like this format for “food review” posts actually :D !

PS – I apologize for the excessive use of the word ‘Moist’ HAHAHA there’s no other synonym for ‘moist’ that sounds even remotely appealing. The only other substitute adjective I can think of is “not dry” HAHAHAHAH FAIL