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Some awesome new arrivals on Foundry & Co ! Also, remember these awesome bags?

They’ve arrived and are FREAKIN’ CUTE and of damn good quality! I’ll be taking some pics tomorrow if possible.

Also, having a flea this weekend at Public Garden, so drop by if y’all can because .. I’ll be selling my HUGE-ass pile of clothes, bags and a shittonne of accessories etc. Oh and watches too, of course. Readers get discounts so make sure you mention that you’re a reader k! Am going to post some partial selling posts tomorrow also, so please stay close as I really have a LOT to clear.

On an unrelated side note, I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging. I just feel so .. drained. School’s now a daily affair, and I’m having trouble adjusting. I never had to adhere to any schedule for the past year and a half so to have to wake up and travel across the island to get to an 8.30am class has been taxing, to say the least.

I made a few friends, which really helps when I’m late LOL. The moment you’re late, you miss out on important information. Needless to say this is amplified when the lesson you’re late for is math & arithmetics. DEAD. Heng laosai the friend I made in that class very kindly taught me whatever I’d missed. Thanks Jorim :D !

On another side note, I’ve been learning processing. You know, when I started this course, I was all like HELL YEAH I’M GONNA LEARN CODING AND MAKE HARDCORE WEBSITES!!!! Now I’m just cowering in the corner each time I boot up my damn macbook. Learning processing has shoved humble pie down my throat. I don’t know what I’m doing )’: ! Today, I just got so fucking lost I wanted to stand up and just throw the freakin’ monitor across the room. I usually have a good grasp on things; I pick things up fairly quickly so I was just utterly disappointed in myself that I was struggling so much. That’s not how I operate, damn it!!!! Am I slowly getting dumber as I grow older? Feeling utterly shitty right now. Nvm i’m just going to practice until I ace it, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m just focusing on clearing all my stuff right now. It’s getting much too much to handle. Also, please note that I’ve closed Hirecalling for awhile as i’m juggling 10 projects currently, don’t want it to affect my school work. Will update the fb page as slots open up (: !

Okay that’s about it, I’m going to chill out for awhile then clear orders. Do also look out for a sneaky flash sale on Nakedglory that’s also coming up tomorrow :D !

Another shoot with the lovely Lynnette! We shot at .. the Nex rooftop HAHAHA! More when I’m done with photoshopping. On a side note – school’s a real bitch to travel to. Tampines > SIM is no joke. It’s only the 2nd day of school and I’ve already .. cabbed there twice so as not to be late for lessons @_@. $29/trip leh !? Freakin’ ex omg /wrists.

Really need to work on waking up and planning my route proper. Hmkay I’m trying to clear emails right now, my general goal is to try and clear my inbox by tomorrow morning. Sorry if it’s taking a little long for me to reply your emails, do give me a little leeway!

Hmkay ttyl! The general plan for the next few hours is : Emails > Posting of Parcels > Dinner > Emails > Sleep > Emails > School. Also, freakin selling post is coming soon as well! There’s barely any space to walk in my room la – not acceptable T_T. Hmkay ttyl!

We’ve just launched our recent collection, here are some pictures from the previous shoot :D !
Click on the picture above to go to the site ^_^

Summer Geometric Patterned Tee in Primrose Pink

The print on these shirts = awesome. Bold and loud, pair it with basic bottoms to look instantly chic. Also available in green.

Summer Dress in Strawberry Prints

I really really like this dress T_T. I ordered an M size, but it’s abit to small ( Size M fits uk8 best!) for me, so if anyone is keen please let me know! Good quality cotton, print is uber cute ^_^ ! Getting another in Size L (: ! Too cute to pass up la seriously.

Striped Bustier Maxi in Black

Also available in Pink and Mustard! Fits uk6-8 best.

Geometric Midi Dress

Lovely drape and fit, looks best belted and worn with a snazzy pair of oxfords :D !

· Batwing Top with Grid Print

· Checkered Shorts

Striped Top in Black

Aztec Retro Dress

Candy Cane Maxi Dress

Size S fits uk 6-8 perfectly :D!

· Stackable Rings

· Paisley Print Tunic

Paisley Tunic fits uk6-8 best

Geometric Shapes Tunic in Red

This is one of my favourites! Ultra cute, good quality and just perfect for a casual day out. Also comes in Black.
Fits up to a small UK10.

Thank you all for the amazing response for these printed drawstring rompers. They looked fabulous and were of F21-quality. So proud to be able to bring them in :’) ! They are currently sold out, we’re looking to find more but I guess they’re unique to the point that no other supplier has them T_T. We’ll try our best though, so look out for updates (: !

That said, check out all our new arrivals!! Preorders close every Thursday (: !

Openback Lace Maxi in Azure Blue, Claret Red, Mint & Black

Loving these damn chio maxi dresses with lace v-backs! Super unique; the mint colour is just beyond chio T_T.

· Pinapple Tee

· Polka Dot Dungerees

· Geometric Lace Panelled Summer Dress

Getting one of each for myself ^_^! How cute is the pineapple tee?! Just add a pair of denim shorts for a short trip to the mall. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :D

Hmkay I really have to run to the flea now, ttyl!

Drawstring Romper in Floral Blue

Drawstring Romper in Paisley Print

Some of the items from our Foundry & Co Preorder. How cute are these rompers?! Too bad the blue one I ordered was sold out in my size T_T.

More coming soon! Our preorders close every Thursday, so look out for some gorgeous new arrivals and place your order with us k ;) !

Candy Cane Maxi Dress

See y’all later at City Square Mall for the Public Garden Flea (1 til 7pm!) ! On a side note, my new displays looks really good but .. They’re damn hard to tote around @_@ ! Trying to figure out a way to bring them to flea without physically destroying them by accident T_T.

Hmkay ttyl ^_^

ASOS sent me the wrong necklace, which was a happy accident cause’ I’d been eyeing this anyway but thought it was too pricey for a necklace ($38 wtf). White rope necklace was $19.90 from New Look.

Our new collection is up, do show some support if you like what you see here, only on:

The pictures turned out better than I thought they would, so worth the hours and hours under the sun. Do show some support / sympathy for my sunburns; virtual hugs for everyone who visits the site ^_^ !

That said, the flea was a horrendous failure, suffice to say I have no intention of joining any event by the same organizer anymore lol. On a happier note, watches will be released online tomorrow, mailers will be sent out in the morning. More work to be done, today I photoshopped so much my brain automatically gives a little sob whenever I look at the little blue icon on my dock. Hmkay ttyl brb.

This is why i’m sunburnt beyond all common sense. 6 odd hours in the blazing sun with the very lovely Lynette and Lydia (who lovingly styled each look). It was then followed by a super sudden torrential downpour. It was like drizzle > drizzle > drizzle > THUNDER > LIGHTNING > MONSOON SEASON > FUCKING TSUNAMI in under 5 minutes?!?! We managed to hitch a ride in a buggy yet still got completely soaked through. Freezed our butts off but it was truly plenty of fun ^^

Special thanks to Kith Cafe for letting us make a huge mess of your cafe without a single complaint. Try out their Soya Pork Belly ciabatta dish ($20 i think). Porkbelly with super crispy skin smothered with sauce, topped with two fried eggs and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Yum. Both model and stylist were late (AHEM) so I just basically lazed about on Kith’s comfy sofa seat, drinking in the serenity of the quiet pier. Felt like the perfect lazy Sunday .. on a Monday. Fabulous.

On a side note, THESE LENSES ARE THE BOMB, ARE THEY NOT?! The images are so crisp T_T! Just your basic Nikon 50mm f1.8 lenses, but oh the wonders this little baby does.

Part 2 of the shoot happens in 58 minutes which I’m about to be terribly late for lol OK BRB

P.S – Show some love by liking our Foundry & Co facebook page. Giveaway coming your way soon ;)

Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar)
48 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01
Tel: 63271203

Remember that Korean place I’d previously mentioned? Brought Jocelyn there for her long overdue birthday treat! I apologize for the super intense colour of the pictures k, their tables are red so it kinda made the picture coloration screwy -_-. So anyway, we tried the Cheese Corn which turned out to be freaking good! Usually not a fan of corn but I saw someone order it the previous time I was here and it looked mouth-wateringly luscious so I had to give it a try. Sweet kernels of corn tossed in melty cheese. Filling and a really kick-ass accompaniment to the equally awesome chicken. Definitely a must-try.

Had half the Spicy Up ($18), which wasn’t really spicy at all. It was, however, extremely juicy. Pair that with crispy skin and we have an absolute winner! If you look closely at the last picture above, you can kinda see the chicken, um, juice pooling at the bottom of the plate. Kinda. OKAY FINE VERY DARK JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION LA *irrational outburst*

Also had half the Yangnum Chicken ($22 I think!), which is my freakin’ fave thing to eat there. Imagine extremely crispy chicken skin coated with lipsmackingly good, sweet (think thai chilli type of sweet) sauce. I went to heaven so many times; it was too good T_T!

I previously said that they have a lot of good deals right? Like if you write them a review on their hungrygowhere page, you can get 10% off for an entire lifetime? I was wrong. IT’S 15% OFF! We ate like pigs and the bill came up to less than $60 (including 2 drinks). This place is fast becoming one of my fave places to eat. Try it if you’re in the area k :D !

On a side note, thank you all SO much for the tremendous amount of support for Foundry & Co :’) !! If you’ve any feedback, we’d definitely love to hear it so feel free to drop any here on my formspring.

These are some of my favourites on site:

Do remember to check us out on:


On a side note, magic is happening on Nakedglory tomorrow at 1pm! A MASSIVE restock, 9 new Casio models including one with a tiny little heart on one of it’s watch hands. Super gorgeous I CAN’T EVEN aosidfjoasdi ! Sneak peeks:

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the Casio watches cause’ the sun was going down too fast T_T. Will put those up tomorrow morning! So keep those wrists bare and those eyes peeled! See you guys tomorrow at 1pm, only on:

Bought a set of knives that came with a giant cutting board for only $15 at Cash Converter today! ONLY FREAKIN $15 PLEASE?! It came with at least 6 different knives, a pair of scissors and even a blade sharpener (is that what it’s called?). I died.

So anyway, it’s a well known fact that I freakin’ LOVE to eat but what people don’t really know is that I also do love cooking. My siblings have suffered greatly through the years after being forced to eat my horrible cooking, so I’m glad to say their suffering (LOL) has been useful in a way. My food is now edible after years of training HAHAHAHA. But then again they may or may not have developed iron stomaches due to said torture so try the following recipe at your own risk lol.

Get an large yellow onion (white is fine as well), a bunch of celery and some carrots. Wash the vegetables (except the onion la) unless you love food poisoning to go with your food lol.

Peel / shave (i always say shave I don’t know why!!) your carrots & celery stalks.

Randomly admire celery leaves. This step is optional.

(It’s 4.23am right now okay you can’t blame me for being abit siao HAHAHA)

Chop off the ends of the carrots, slice the rest into, um, slices and dice the celery. Ideally they shouldn’t be very big chunks, maybe about half a centimeter thick. You want them to cook down in the shortest time possible and big chunks take a little longer. That time could be spent doing important things like finding the cure for cancer or something. You could also dice up the carrot into the same sized chunks as the celery but I prefer my carrots round. I may or may not be a little psychotic.

Peel your onion, dice into small chunks ( about 1/3 the size of the celery chunks).

Get some boneless chicken thighs. Boneless cause I’m lazy la but if you’re hardworking you can go buy a thigh and debone it yourself lol. I know thighs are the fattiest cut but the meat always turns out so awesome in stews so I just use it anyway.

To justify said use of fatty meat, I remove all the skin and cut off all of the excess fat with a small paring knife. If your chicken thigh is still somewhat frozen, you can just use a pair of scissors to snip off the fat, it’s a lot easier and a lot less messy. After removing fat, skin and bones, cut into big sized chunks.

(Clicking on the pictures makes the bigger version pop right up! Try it :D ! )

1. Heat stove to medium-high heat. Add in 3 tablespoons of olive oil, cook the chicken til opaque (usually around 5-7mins depending on the size of your chunks).

2. Add in your chopped vegetables. Add salt and pepper. The salt helps the veggies to release their juices (from what i’ve heard la LOL)

3. Cook your veggies down! They should start to wilt and cry a little. By cry, I mean they’ll start releasing juices and your kitchen should start to smell pretty awesome right now!

For me, this is the longest part cause’ my sister loves soft carrots so I cook them down til they’re really really really nua. Recipes calls for 30-40 minutes but I usually cook them for about an hour. I used about 10 carrots though so just adjust accordingly. As long as your carrots are soft enough to cut through with no crunch, you’re good to go!

4. Once your veggies have softened, turn down the heat to low. Add butter and stir til all the veggies are thoroughly coated.

5. Add in an equal amount of all purpose flour. Stir thoroughly til you can’t see any of the flour anymore, then cook down for about another minute to get rid of any raw flour taste.

(Always put in the same amount of flour as the butter, else the texture will be weird. If it’s too watery, you can always gently heat up some butter and stir in equal amounts of flour to make a roux. Whenever your stew gets too watery, dump in a spoon full of the roux at a time and it’ll thicken up nicely.)

6. Add in 3 cups of chicken stock (I added 4 cause I like my stew that have more “soup”. My siblings attack it and it’s gone within an hour so I try to make as much as possible so I can at least have some T_T), and stir til there are no lumps. You can add thyme here if you have it! I added abt a teaspoon of dried thyme.

7. Cover with the lid but leave an opening so the moisture can escape (don’t cover it at all if you want the stew to be thicker instead of soupy) and turn the heat back up to a medium high. I use a non-stick pot so nothing burns. If you’re using a full metal pan then turn it up to a boil then down to a simmer and watch that pot! Stir every 15 minutes else it’ll burn and taste rancid. Let it thicken for about 40 minutes.

8. Add in a bit of cooking cream to make the stew extra awesome and, well, creamy.

9. Ladle into a bowl, top with a bit of chopped parsley and serve with toasted crusty bread.

10. Consume as quickly as you can before your siblings whack it and it’s all gone T_T. Optional should you not have greedy siblings LOL, in which case eat it while it’s piping hot and savor every drop of creamy, magical goodness.

This is just luscious and creamy comfort for the soul, really. Sorry I didn’t take more pictures, by the time my siblings were back it was around 7pm and the light was shitty by then.

Ingredient List:

3 Carrots, peeled and diced ( I used 10 skinny ones cause my sister loves carrots lol)
1 Large Onion, diced
5 Stalks of Celery, peeled and diced
2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, cut into pieces
3 cups Chicken Stock
1/3 cup Unsalted Butter
1/3 cup All Purpose Flour
1/4 cup Cooking Cream
Salt and Pepper, to taste
3 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp thyme, chopped (optional)
1 Tbsp Fresh Parsley (for garnishing)

This is really the bastardized version of Laura’s Chicken Pot Pie LOL. She has a video version la which is much easier to follow kuakuakua T_T.

Hmkay I hope you enjoyed this post, I wanted to do something a little different for a change lol. So anyway, it’s 4.58am now and I am so fucking happy!!!! I just managed to figure out something I’ve been dying over for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes coding really is a huge pain in the ass seriously. So fucking happy that I figured it out *wipes tears*.

On a side note, I’ve also been working on the my new co-shared webstore, Foundry & Co.

Do like our facebook page here :

Pretty please? Cause right now it only has one like which .. is .. mine. LOL.

Gonna put up sneak peeks and finish up the website hopefully by tomorrow so we can launch by 1st Feb (: !

Speaking of February, I’ll be stocking Nakedglory watches at Miyoc at Jcube from 1st of Feb onwards! Do head down and support k! I’m having a massive headache thinking about how the hell I’m going to decorate it. Really haven’t had the time to even think about it cause I’ve been so busy with freelance work T_T. New collection for Nakedglory to be out around the first few days of Feb as well, so do look out for that too!

Hmkay back to coding the now-solved problem! HAPPY AS FUCKING CLAM RIGHT NOW WEEEEE ^_^

Bought a random plastic cake plate just because. I may or may not be a hoarder.

On a side note, it’s 2.35am in the freakin’ morning and here I am stressing the fuck out about coding. I keep trying and trying and trying but it’s so fucking pointless I could just kick a child right fucking now.

How in the fuck did time pass so fast? Has it really been 16 days since the new year arrived?! Where did all the time go?? I have so very many plans this year and I’m really trying my best not to screw them all up.

This is one of my plans. A potentially (very) bright future lies ahead and I am so excited yet so very very anxious. I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing, me pinning such high hopes on this.

Marianas Trench will accompany me til 5am tonight. I hope you guys are having a good Monday!