loot post

Just got these in the mail a few days ago! These are from ASOS and they look sooo cute!! Unforunately, we all must pay a price for cute footwear T_T. These hurt my feettt nooooooooooo but they are so cute so I sacrificed my toes for the sake of vanity. Said toes are obviously not happy.

I tried wearing them with socks, but I guess those were too thick so if felt like they were being suffocated by a small python -_- . Will try these with thinner socks next time. If that doesn’t work then I’ll have to sell these off (boohoowehweh).

On a side note, I never did get round’ to going to Kate Spade Saturday – cue sad face here. No time,  as always. I had a good talk with a good friend, and we came to the conclusion that I should take a break from freelance. The money is good, sure, but I hardly have time to breathe anymore. Monday through Friday I’m always working on freelance, Saturdays & Sundayss are flea days – I hardly even have time to take a shit tsk. What kind of life is it when you have to time your poops (LOL)?? I can survive on Nakedglory alone, but – surely this is obvious – I iz money faced so I’m having a hard time letting go. Will try not to take on more projects, or just complete the ones that I’ve already scheduled, then I guess it’s time to take a break. Maybe a few small projects here and there, but after that, I’m done. At least for a few months. No point in working so hard I can’t enjoy what I’ve worked so hard for, right? #actyigephilosphy

Also, new arrivals that I really, really, really, REALLY love. Am just considering if I should get instocks or open a backorder for this hmm. Also, see this floral top from Dorothy Perkins? Super cute, but I had to order it from the website cause’ the SG stores didn’t have them. My parcel took FOREVER to come and they basically didn’t even bother to read whatever emails I sent them regarding the late parcel, all I got was template replies. THOSE BITCHES! But ALL the tops were chio la so I’m not THAT disgruntled. Super into florals/tropical prints lately, when I last stepped into Bershka & Stradivarius at ION, they just got their new arrivals for the season and EVERYTHING WAS TROPICAL/FLORAL PRINT *__* !?!?! Nearly expired right there and then. At last count I think I have approximately 8 tops and 2 dresses with similar floral-explosion prints. Overkill much? WHY DO I NOT HAVE SELF CONTROL?

On another random side note, I’ve wanted to get my brows done for the LONGEST time but I’ve never even drawn them before so I’m super scared I’ll look, well, shocked/angry/surprised for the rest of my life. Or wayang. I can’t decide which is worse. Gonna try out the Benefit Brow waxing services (they’ll show you how to draw your brows too i think!) so hopefully I won’t noob them to death HAHA. Let you know how it goes .. if I ever find the time to go, that is.

Okay one last side note, my eyebrows damn unkempt now, they’re like the unshaven armpits of my face or something HAHAHAHAHAHAA I shall leave you with that lovely mental image, have a good week ahead y’all HAHAHAHAHA

Check out these awesome acrylic badges I got at the flea! They’re from a local pair of artist under the label Rox And Paper (facebook/carousell). All illustrated by them, and manufactured into solid acrylic badges. Mad hipster! Got these for a hipster friend of mine whom I KNOW will love these to death!

Free wrapping paper printed by Public Garden; this was distributed at the flea for people who popped by :D ! My favourite icon on this is the tent :D

My new iphone case :D ! Got this all the way from Slovenia, don’t play play k ! DAMN chio, I had a hard time choosing my favourite design; you can browse all the gorgeous cases here on their shop : Another Case. Seems pretty sturdy, and I really freakin’ love the shape of the cutout (for the camera slot). Extremely unique.

Did I mention I’m getting my iphone 5S tomorrow morning? I gave my mother my iphone 5, so we had to swap the phones earlier today so I’d be able to trade her shitty iphone 4 in. It’s terrible @_@. Lagging my freakin’ balls off, plus all the dimensions seem so wrong now that I’ve been on the iphone 5 for so long. Did I also mention the intense lag? My brain practically weeps each time I unlock the phone. I apologize in advance if my replies to messages/whatsapps are super slow today, promise they’ll be more timely tomorrow when I’m on a less shitty phone.

Sigh pie, had to delete a whole chunk of text again cause’ blogging about these things would be unprofessional. Can I just say that lousy customers make me so so so grateful for all the sweet ones? I read somewhere that to make your life happier, you shouldn’t hold people to the same standard as you would for yourself, cause’ it’s bound to disappoint you and/or piss you off. That really struck a chord with me. I’ve been so prickled by these asshats who have been copying me left/right and center. I’m really trying to let go of the grudge. They’re only imitating me cause’ they’re trying hard to catch up with me, so I guess I should just continue to work my butt off to get so far ahead they can’t even touch me.

Oh well. I really wish I could blog about more personal things, but now that everything is interlaced with work, I fear I really can’t ): . Hope y’all are having a better week than I’m having so far!

Cute markers from Daiso. $2 for a pack of 3. Bought these for Pictionary Night at my place! Vintage easel + giant sheafs of paper ($6/pack from Popular) + markers ($2) + crazy people (f.o.c) = one hell of a night. Try it! Cheap and fun hangout idea :D ! I should have kept some of the pictures though, some were so ridiculous they should have been framed after lol. Don’t worry if you don’t have an easel; maybe try a clipboard or you can stick it the paper to the wall instead! Go crazy :D !

My favourite lip balm EVER. Isn’t sticky nor smelly, doesn’t have a weird taste and keeps my super-chapped lips soft. I’m not in the habit of guzzling water, so my lips are almost always cracking, peeling and bleeding even. Not after using this though ! The Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant/Sunscreen (LOL THE NAME SUPER STEP I CAN’T EVEN) is $14.95 from Guardian (sold out at Watsons, try the obscure branches of Watsons/Guardian! There are a few left at the Tampines Mall branch), worth every penny. As for the taste, it’s a bit like slightly-waxy candy. Doesn’t leave a sour taste, doesn’t coat your tongue either. Did I already mention how much I love it? Ok imma stop raving now lol. But get one okay!

My new printed leather pouch from Becausebecause ! This is my fourth one, shaped similarly to the Baggu pouches. Zipper closure; completely awesome. Every time i pass by their booth, my hands itch to get another one @_@. Too addictive. P.S – That’s a Vintage Titan, comes with 2 year warranty. Coming soon :D !

I feel like this is possibly my first non-commercial entry in a long long long long time. Just some updates : Schools’ been a pain, travelling back and forth is really no mean feat. Freelance’s been fun save for a few major hiccups that made me wanna punch people. Trying to resolve them amicably has taken all the tact and self-control that I never knew I had. In business, it’s not nice to blow up even when people are acting shitty so I’ve been biting my tongue and basically 打小人-ing at home LOL. I swear I’m nice in general but being around irresponsible/rude/shitty people has been nothing but trying. As for Nakedglory, I’ve been slogging day and night over the new website. I may have shed a few tears and stayed up til’ wee hours of the morning, but it’s going to be so freakin’ worth it when I’m done.

On a random note, I’ve brought in some gorgeous Herschel Supply satchels and backpacks, I want to display them at the flea but I can’t think of any way besides a hatstand, but that won’t allow me to display them all. Maybe I should bring a clothes rack and string them by the top loop? Any suggestions? I’ve until Friday to prep @_@.

Hmkay that’s all, it’s been one hell of a busy week, I’m gonna dive into the 156 emails that remain unanswered T_T. Do drop by the Public Garden Xmas Market fleas if possible k, there are so many gorgeous things to buy that I rarely leave empty handed. See you if I see you (: !

P.S – I swapped out the font and made it bigger, hope it’s more legible than before. Let me know what you think :D !

Rob Schneider Standup with Edward after the flea :D ! First of all, a heartfelt thank you to those who showed up for the flea! I was late – because obviously I’m the reiging queen of punctuality – and when I reached, our stall was completely SWARMED for at least 20 minutes. Swarmed, I say! So happy that the printed pretties were so well received :’) !

Wearing my new New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole, which I completely love to death. Makes me look skinny-ish HYUKHYUKHYUKHYUK! Bought a pair of grey canvas plimsolls from New Look before running to the flea cause I was wearing slippers. Who wears slippers to town???? Me, obviously, because an hour prior to my flea, my sister STABBED ME IN THE FOOT. With a DOOR. I’m not even fucking joking -_- .

Anyway, I got them plimsolls in my usual size (uk6/39) only to discover that they were FUCKING loose -_- . But I was running motherlate for the show so fuck it I just bought them. They’re the same pair as the black ones I bought from ASOS in the previous post, and I later came to find that those were a size too big as well ):< !

Loot from the previous post came. Within a freakin DAY. ASOS hires ninjas, apparently. I LOVE THESE!!!!! They are fucking cute, but once again too loose. Bought my usual size, but I can put a finger between my heel and the shoe when worn ):< ! Only worn once, selling these for $10 with meetup! Still in good condition, obviously. I’m not a barbarian. Mostly, anyway lol. Text me at 96716946 if you want them okay! Anyway, they are majorly cute and fun, and surprisingly easy to match! Bought them in one size down from ASOS once again lol.

As for the gash on my left foot? I was showering while my sister tried to enter the shower area. Our shower is closed off; like a glass enclosure with a door that opens inwardly. She was talking to me and I was looking at her while she droned on about something I can’t quite recall, and BOOMZ she jammed the GLASS DOOR CORNER into my fucking foot. I didn’t scream cause’ that’s not how I roll. I proceeded to shout my ass off instead lol.

Pretty sure I had this exact sequence of expressions going on:

My sister just kept giggling, being the fucking psychopath that she is. She was like HAHA SORRY HAHA YOU KNOW I CAN’T SEE WITHOUT MY GLASSES HA HA HA HA OOPS SORRY HEHEHE ^_^ !!! I thought you saw me opening the door cause you looking at me mah hehehehehe ^_^ !.

What the fuck lor HOW would I know that doom was about to befall my foot if I was looking at your face and not at my feet -_- ? What logic lol omg this woman is really one of a kind.

At that point it hurt like a little bitch but there wasn’t any blood. When I returned to my room to get dressed, I realized my skin had torn off and was dangling off one side of the wound -_____- . Now it hurts slightly when I walk cause’ it feels so damn bruised. The gash now looks like a smiling mouth, which is very ironic and quite fucked up. Thanks so very much, my lovely and kind (AND FUCKING BLIND) elder sister -_- .

Am wearing this right now, actually lol. Bf took this photo for me and I look skinny in it so I’m just going to ignore the dustbin (wtf bf?!) beside me.

Wearing ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot, perforated Supre cardigan (which I’m regretting to death, freezing my ass off in class right now >_< ), f21 shorts and New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes.

ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot · New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole · New Look Black Oriental Floral Cami

I wanna get the Oriental one but it’s not in stores yet, annoyingly. Free shipping to Singapore for orders over £55, anyone wanna spree :D ? If yes please text me at email me or text me okay k ! 96716946 or whatthepong@Gmail.com, i need about £30 more to ship so priss lmk! Hmkay class ends only in 45 mins, afterwhich I’m gonna limp on outta here lol ttys!

281 Holland Avenue
Facebook: PARKathv

Had an early, lazy brunch on Sunday with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for so long; it almost feels like we’re already married. We don’t quibble over small things anymore, and I really love where we are now. We don’t have much time to spend together; just small pockets of quiet between the hustle and bustle of work and school, plus whatever I can squeeze out before or after my lessons. On Sunday, we helped our friend Daniel with a photography project that had the lot of us carrying a SOFA across 5 meadows (and a carpark). Basically secreted about 5kg of sweat LOL.

So anyway, back to brunch. We were early, the rest were still asleep so we went to Holland to try out Park, a cafe that I’d walked past on several occasions. We went at approx 10am, when they’d just opened. Quiet and serene, nary a person in sight at that point of time. I had a Hangover Platter (pictured above), which consisted of 1 style of eggs (I chose poached), bacon, a sausage, one tiny pancake (lol wut), mushrooms and several plump tomatoes. It wasn’t super fabulous, the sausage and eggs were the standouts here. Sausage was fat and juicy, eggs were poached perfectly. Everything else on the plate was not memorable. Still, I quite liked the quiet and the general ambience. I’d go back again to chill and maybe try their pancakes perhaps (: ! The bf had Seafood Aglio Olio – at 10am in the freakin’ morning, mind – which was pretty good.

Will return just for the ambience alone, that’s for sure. Plus points for having Somersby Cider too, one of my fave drinks :D !

Random candids at one of the locations. My friends are all equal parts crazy and creepy (as you can clearly see from Edward, um, fondling my boyfriend’s ear LOL).

Canton Paradise on a random day on which I ended classes early. It’s kinda nice that he works one stop away from my school. I love love love Canton Paradise! The porridge in particular is one of the best congee dishes I’ve ever had. I usually order the one with scallops, prawns and fish cause’ I’m greedy as hell lol. Comes with freshly fried (and perfectly crispy) youtiaos ^_^ !

That was also the day I discovered that he HATES Canton Paradise. Now I can only eat it once a month, after much cajoling T_T.

Dinner date after work on another random day. Ate at Urban Spoon at Jalan Kayu, really used to like their risotto but they recently updated their menu and it kinda sucks now -_- . Look at my fat face omg. Did I mention I’ve put on weight due to the me not giving a fuck about my carb intake anymore? Now look where it got me FUUUUUUUUU !!! Gotta go back on no carb again soon T_T.

He tried to grow out his hair, hence the ah-beng hairband. This stupid boy always wears it with such great pride, much to MY shame lol.

Despite the new shitty menu, discovered Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, which i completely fucking love. LOVE to bits seriously. Damn tasty?!!?! But it’s pretty hard to find, sadly. Going to swing by East of Avalon Wines (at Joo Chiat) to grab a carton soon :D !

More Vintage bags to be up on Nakedglory. Had a hard time shooting these, who knew composition on concrete was so damned tedious? Almost broke my back bending over these to get a good angle -_-. Also, random shot I never came to post on instagram. The mood watch on the right is slightly defective. Half of it changes colour at a slower speed, giving it an ombre appearance. Totally love it and kept it for myself LOL; sometimes being different can be a good thing, yes/no ?

Random loot post ahead btw lol.

ASOS Simple Shift Dress in Black. Wanted the green but it sold out damn fast tsk !

Glamorous Maxi Dress with Plunge V Back – Via ASOS. Probably going to slice into a minidress, as usual.

New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes & New Look Marl Black Plimsolls. I usually get plain shoes without such bright detailing, but it looks quite comfortable and fun to wear for a random trip across the road to the mall, so why not? Got the plain ones as well, FUCKING CHEAP CAN?! On sale now on ASOS for $12.54 SGD NO JOKE. I’ve tried them on at New Look before, they were pretty comfy so I suggest you get a pair too :D ! The embroidered ones are only $15.97 SGD, also quite a steal for such cute shoes. Don’t say I never share good deals k ;P

ASOS DAMIEN Trainers – they look really cute, and I like the speckled base. Just buying shoes to wear to school, kinda bored of forever wearing boots to school.

On a side note, someone commented on formspring saying I rarely post now except about watches. It’s true, and I’m really sorry about that. If you’re a long time reader, you’d know I’m bitchy as hell. I bitch about stupid people and things that irritate me, but lately that largely involves my clients and customers. Some are lovely, don’t get me wrong! But quite a few make me feel like they crawled right out of satan’s ass -_- . As much much MUCH as I would like to complain, bitch, share the joke and make a big fuss, I can’t. I want and strive to be as professional as possible regarding my work, so I have been censoring a lot of my posts. I’m so very sorry for that, but there’s not much I can do about it T_T. If you’ve stuck by after all this while, thank you once again T_T. I will try to bitch about non-related idiots la if possible LOL.

Okay that is all! I hope this post will suffice as something a little more personal than what I’ve been posting lately :x ! Have a good night y’all, tomorrow is thursday which means THE WEEKEND IS NEAR WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Honestly makes no difference to me though, I work on weekends anyway T_T. Hope to see y’all at the flea this Saturday at Scape k (: ! Come support and buy my chio watches WAHAHAHA hmkay back to work ttyl ^_^

I received a spectacularly rude email from a customer email and I’m 20% ashamed that I lost my temper and thus was kinda snarky in my reply. Said customer DEMANDED that I apologize for something she’d misread in the first place and it was just .. urgh. I know paying customers are the lifeblood of a business, but that doesn’t mean being one entitles you to my firstborn child, you know. Webstore owners are humans too. Why would you talk down to someone that rudely; it felt akin to someone who was scolding a dog – “YOU SHOULD DO THIS! YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT! BAD SHOP OWNER! BAD! YOU SHOULD HAVE APOLOGIZED TO ME !!!!! WHY IZ YOU NOT DO THIS LIKE I WOULD HAVE DONE IT!! HOW DARE YOU!?!? APOLOGIZE NOW!!!!!!” .

I mean, really? Fuck off. In general I am extremely nice to customers, but once you cross the line, it’s my prerogative to not take your shit. I cannot stand it when people are so fucking rude. I really really really do try to reign my temper in, but some people are just..zz. Please just don’t procreate kthxbai.

On an unrelated and less shitty side note, a ton of new arrivals are right beside me at the very moment! They’re all so shiny and just too damned pretty T_T!!!!! Do drop by to grab yours if you haven’t yet done so k (: ! We’re gonna be at the current Public Garden flea at Lowercase, Block D til Sunday, 1pm-7pm daily (: ! Hope to see you guys there, please don’t be snarky to me ): ! LOL joking. Some people should really get no internet access like ever lol.

Here’s a random loot post to cheer myself up:

Might be selling a few things, let me know if you’re keen :D !

Printed Hair Ties. They supposedly don’t leave unsightly marks even after tying your hair for a long time. I tied mine but totally forgot to get check for indentation marks lol sorreh.

Mint & Gold F21 Pouch. Pretty, but it looks like it could possible be easily scratched :/

Obey Double Feather Necklace. Saw this months ago and I really wanted it, but at $52 USD, they were a want that I didn’t need. Saw it on sale so now I own .. 2 pieces. Kiasu max, I know.

I’m sure you all know that I’ve always been pressed for time. Now with school and the constant traveling from one end of the island to the other, I’ve even less. I barely have time to scratch my butt tsk. CCA recruitment will start soon, and I’m just worried that I won’t even have time to breathe should I take one up, but it was a major reason for my return to school – so that I could get fit and healthy again.

Pffft okay enough complaining for now. I’m having a flea this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 313, level 16. There’s gonna be quite a few awesome vendors there, so drop by if y’all can! There’s a booth run by the Tinkr girls, it’s a 3D printing booth where you can print out little figurines!! I’m freakin’ excited to go see, if I can find pics, I’ll update here later on. Lesson’s about to start soon so I’ll ttyl <3 !


10% off storewide, inclusive of Casios, Vintage etc! 48 hours only so fastest fingers first :D !

Quilted Bunny Bags in Black & Green

Just received them yesterday and I just gotta say that I freakin’ LOVE them!! Really freakin’ good quality, comes with a zippered inner pocket, adjustable straps – what’s not to love?! Also, they’re damn adorable @_@ ?! My only gripe is that they are slightly too small to put my super long wallet in, but I just pop my cash and cards into a small pouch and I’m good to go!

Gets yours here:

Gonna pop by the Pasar Malam nearby for a much-needed kebab and will be verifying payments later tonight :D ! Also, going to update this post later on with a small selling post, so stay close :D

Selling the following, text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm! Self collection or meetups at Tampines is preferable, else postage is $1.50 for norm or $3.50 for reg.

1.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Gold – $5

2.  F21 Spiked Stretch Bracelet in Silver – $5

3. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Gold – $5 PENDING

4. F21 Spiked Chain Link Bracelet in Silver – $5

5. F21 Rectangle Charm Necklace Gold – $7

6. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Gold – $7

7. F21 Triangle Charm Necklace in Silver – $7

8. F21 Southwestern Stretchy Bracelet – $5 PENDING

9. F21 Tribal Print High-Low Tank – Size M – $13

10. BNWT F21 Eyelet Georgette Shirt – Size M ($15)

11. BNWT F21 Striped Zippered Top – Size L ($15)

12. BNWT F21 Essential Striped Tie-Front Top – Tagged M – $15

13. F21 Tie-Back Chiffon Top in Black – Size M – $15

14. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in White- Size L – $15 

15. F21 Beaded Collar Shirt in Mint – Size L – $15 

16. F21 Bejeweled Sleeveless Romper – Size L – $20

17. F21 Floral Romper – Medium – $25

18. F21 Ditsy Triangle Racerback Dress in Black – Size S – $15

19. F21 LOVE21 Baroque Print A-line Dress – Size L – $25

20. Bambam Bodysuit In Fire & Rain Print –  M – $20

21. Oasis Detail Back Dress – UK10 – $45

22. ASOS Bodycon Playsuit  – UK10 – $25

23. ASOS Glamorous Leaf Print Tea Dress – Tagged UK10 – $15

24. ASOS Top With Keyhole Neck And Contrast Trim – UK10 – $15

25.  Tobi Ladder Cutout Pleated Dress – Size L ($40)

26. Tobi Ziggy Pop Tank Dress – Size M – $25

27. Kimchi Blue Libby Strapless Woven Dress – Size M – $22

29. MNGO Zipper Bodycon Dress in Black – M – $25

30. PMT Navy Rose Romper – Fits UK 8-10 best – $15

31. TracyEinny Gorgeous Stellar Romper in Black – $20

32. Lovebonito Radolf Romper Black – Size M – $25

33. Megagamie Gich Zippy Playsuit In Midnight & Black – Size L – $25 each


34. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in White – Size L – $20


35. KLARRA Mason Cut-in Tank in Black – Size L – $20


36. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper – Grey Purple – Size M – $20


37. Gelliz Athena Floral Romper – Pink Blue – Size M – $20


38. Tyra Floral Romper in Kaleidoscope Blue – Size M – $20

Ah okay that’s all I could find for today. Text or whatsapp me at 96716946 to confirm ^_^ !

1. ASOS Taylor Shoe Boots    2. ASOS 90’s Strappy Bodycon Dress    3. F21 Denim Shorts

4. F21 Abstract Geo Scarf     5. F21 Terrier Tweezers

Trying out a new style of loot post today! Lmk what you think. Super tedious to combine into one nice picture though -_- !

These boots are a nightmare to walk in but they are SUPER gorgeous. Not sure if worth the crazy arch-bending, but chio nevertheless. Also, I tend to buy useless things leh I think I might have a problem. See below for example.

6. F21 Southwestern Paddle Brush     7. F21 Southwestern Cosmetic Pouch     8. F21 Metallic Triangle Print Cosmetic Pouch
    9. F21 Striped Paddle Brushes    10. F21 Metallic Triangle Paddle Brush    11. F21 Metallic Triangle Print Mirror

See? One head, 4 brushes #logicftw. I just .. thought they were pretty, I guess. They’re pretty spectacular in set though, I must admit. Bought the pouches as pencil cases for upcoming lessons, have stuck with the Tribal one cause it’s ridiculously cute :D !

On a random note, it’s damn good to be closely related to me. My sister is always damn excited when packages come cause she’ll just wait for me to choose my favourites then swoop in and ask sweetly, “Can I have this/ these/ your firstborn?” then boomz 1/4 of my parcel is gone LOL. She looted the Gold Triangle print set since I favoured the tribal one. Oh well, can always loot it back from her when she’s not looking I guess LOL. No la actually that’s not exactly possible; her room is a well organized fortress. When you take something, she’ll just .. KNOW. She’s evil that way lol. HI YVONNE DON’T KILL ME PLS #TROLLOLOLOLOL

Currently looking at educations loans and all that jazz. Really excited to go back to school, but obviously dreading the shitload of debt I’m about to step into.

Aiy okay, look out for an upcoming sale on Nakedglory tomorrow ! Hmkay ttyl !

New Chevron bracelet from F21 that just arrived! Really like the bright colours but I’m scratching my head as to how I’m gonna match it :/ ! My loot has arrived, so obviously it’s time to trim stuff down. Room’s really overflowing >_< ! Should I join Public Garden this Weekend? Quite tempted! It’s gonna be held in a museum, but I already have a booth booked at Scape this Saturday so @_@. Let me know your thoughts! Which flea you will most likely drop by? Scape or Public Garden? Maybe .. I should do both LOL #moneyfaced

Check out the new collection that just freshly launched on Nakedglory.com :D ! The new T-bar frames are freakin’ gorgeous ^_^ ! Will be adding more faces in 3 week’s time, hopefully (: !

Also, how freakin’ AWESOME is that Zodiac print watch? Too freakin’ pretty, especially if you’re into horoscopes/astrology. The printing is super fine, you can seriously read every letter and see the outline of every symbol. Chio max.

Get them now only on www.nakedglory.com ;) !

On a completely unrelated note, I had a massive argument with the bf on Sunday. It’s one of the worst we’d ever had and it didn’t help that this was the first one in months. At one point, it escalated to involve my friend’s parents, which honestly I just feel so ~urgh~ about. Nothing is worse than implicating other people in your own issues. It’s a truly horrible feeling; somewhere between shame & embarrassment with a liberal sprinkling of fuck-fuck-shit-fuck.

We’d been invited to dinner and it’s not like I could blow it off. In fact, dinner was held back because of it. 多么丢脸. I’m cringing so hard just thinking about it. As we sat next to each other in silence, he deboned a piece of chicken and gave me all it’s meat. It was a simply gesture, really, but it meant so much. He’d surrendered; dropped the issue like it was nothing, even when he (and I) knew it was (partially) my fault. Teared like mad and delved into my food in a bid to stop myself from bawling in front of everyone. He held my hand under the table and that was it. Sometimes he really is the sweetest :’)

On that note, I know I have an issue with pride. Sometimes I can’t see that I’m wrong and I’ll refuse to apologize. Really need to work on that. It’s like .. if I’m only maybe 10% wrong I won’t consider it my fault. Is that bad? Probably right? 10% is still a percentage after all. Damn.

Hmkay I gotta go, ttyl !