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Printed Pretties in Petite.
2cm across. Dainty. Awesome.

On a side note, GOD DAMN IT ASOS!!!! They just sent me a 10% off discount count -_- . Why couldn’t they have sent it yesterday? PFFFT >:(

It’s no secret that I’ve been copied to death, but when people try to copy Nakedglory; something I’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears into – that’s just crossing the line. I know it’s business, but FOR SHAME man! Seriously?

From my style of phototaking (watches on wood textures) down to category names (Large & Petite??? Surely there are OTHER words you could use? Big and small for example??? Even going so far as to call vintage watches “True Vintage”, almost ALL the terms I personally coined?? May I suggest ?). And now it’s been taken one step further. Copying my printed watches, from florals right down to maps. Where does it stop? I mean, of course mine are still prettier, but it’s just the principle of the matter, isn’t it? Plus, one of the most blatant copycats actually had the gall to block me on instagram. Gotta say I was thoroughly offended by that; felt like an unprovoked slap to the face.

Some people have told me to just take it as a compliment. They tell me imitation is the best form of flattery, but I call bullshit. It’s just downright disrespectful and frankly quite gross. I shall mention no names cause’ I refuse to give them (yes, there are several now) any sort of fame and recognition. I can’t deny it gets under my skin that there are people that unscrupulous, but it makes me strive to be better. Rage has me raring to go; raring to grow my business and to make Nakedglory more awesome than ever. We’re kicking ass and takin’ names and will do so for a long time to come. Now we’re bringing in vintage bags, and I’m striving to add more and more goodies to the site. Did I also mention I’m working on a KICKASS new website? Stay close, friends.

On that note, check out our new printed collection! More maps and florals than ever before, and they’re ALL so pretty! Swear I almost shed tears today whilst I was unpacking! Every piece is handmade, and will only be going for $28 each or $25/each for 2 pieces. I’m considering $23 each for 3 pieces and up but I’m not too sure yet. That’s at least $10 less than my usual printed watch prices (although those came with warranty), but hey I gotta stay competitive, right ? I’ve decided that they’ll be $25 each or $45 for two :D !

Grow where you’re planted :D

Quotes, textures and even a lil’ something something for all those hipster chicks ;D !

Pinapple prints; one of my personal favourites! So cute and bright! But I truly love pineapple prints so I may be a little biased. Or not. Still chio la!

Feathers, patterns and even tribal. Told you we’re kickin’ ass hehehe

Ombres, Chevron, Geometrics. Chevron is also another personal fave! Keeping for myself ^_^!

Florals with and without dials (just testing out the dials to see if they would look good and they turned out pretty nicely if I do say so myself :D !

And of course, maps. I put a lot of effort into these, hope you love them just as much as I do! They’re approximately 3cm in diameter, not too big and not too small (: ! Did I also mention … that there are also 50 pcs of printed petites as well ;P ? Stay tuned for sneaks!

Do take note that we’ll be at Scape this coming Saturday. I only have 1-3 pieces per design so fastest fingers first (: ! We’ll also be at the Geekspiration Roadshow at Singapore Poly on the 30th of Oct, do drop by and support if possible :D !

On a final note, I just wanna say thank you all for reading my sporadically updated blog. I really am trying, and frankly am limited to certain topics as, now that I’m working, I can’t afford to offend certain people. All I can do now is bitch loudly in private *sheds tear*.

Have a good week ahead y’all, 明天会更好 (: !

Chilly flea on Saturday. It rained lightly for a few hours straight so thank you if you dropped by in the chilly weather just to get a watch from me <3 !

Spotted a few people wearing my watches! This is a really old one from over a year ago! Treble in Black in one of the old frames, which I completely LOVE. Striving to find similar ones to bring :D ! Also, there’s a loyalty discount for regulars! Wear your Nakedglory to the flea to get $2 off your new purchase (: !

Shaun and his girlfriend, Jasmine, dropped by to accompany during the flea! As is customary (for me, anyway), I’ll always treat whomever stuck it out with me til the end to a good meal. Last week, I had a kick-ass meal with Edward at Shokudo (their standards have really gone back up; Will blog about it on my next trip there), so this time, I brought them to Itacho at Ion. It was Shaun’s virgin trip to Itacho LOL. Prior to this, he’d heard me rave about Itacho non-stop so suffice to say he was curious.

I really like the wasabi there! It’s not weak and bland at all; I love a good wasabi kick. My wasabi mix is usually equally parts wasabi and sauce, so it turns into a paste / thick dipping sauce of sorts. Maximum kick is how I like it :D !

Octopus Sashimi (not bad!) and this Avocada & Soft Shell Crab roll, which was creamy and filling. Quite liked it!

Stuffed Baked Crab. This is seriously good! It’s basically filled with sticky rice and stuffed with chopped mushrooms, crabmeat and awesomeness. Oh and some sort of creamy sauce that’s just barely there, but brings it all together fabulously. It’s only $6 for one of these, and it’ll fill you up quickly. Must try!

My favourite part about the Itacho menu is their super unique sushis. My absolute favourites are: Squid leg (pictured above), Dorsal Fin (LOVE THIS), Soya Salmon and the Seared Kobayashi Beef (pictured below). You gotta try out the Sea Eel sushi too! It’s a long-ass piece of eel, approx 20cm long, no joke :D ! Sorry I didn’t manage to take more pictures of the sushis, I was starving ;P

Star of the meal: Seared Kobayashi Beef sushi ($4.80 each on sale price). It’s topped with a little garlic and the beef just melts in your mouth. Soft and that marbling @_@ .. completely amazeballs. Try this out if you’re ever there!

Other good stuff: Prawn Tempura ($5 for 3 pieces), Crab Chawanmushi, Unagi Don bowl.

So far, I’ve been to Itacho at Bugis (Meh this branch’s food is not good at all), Ion and Jcube. Last one’s still my favourite. Always consistent with the quality of food :D ! Ion was pretty good too but my brother says the Changi one’s the best. Once I try it out (and let’s face it, I’m a big Itacho fan so I probably will anyway), I’ll let you guys know ^_^.

Wild Ones Geometric Pullover
(paired with an upcoming gem-encrusted necklace)

Hmkay to end this off, I had a short 1.5h long shoot before the flea. The turn out’s looking real good; I’m starting to love last-minute shoots cause’ it really forces you to deal with whatever cards you’re dealt. It was raining and thus that seriously limited the spaces we could shoot at, but we made it work. Thank you once again Lynn for being so patience and awesome to work with ^_^!

Hmkay gonna start working on replying emails soon, thank you all for your patience! I don’t usually reply emails over the weekend but I’m gonna try to do so to cut down on the overlapping ones. Stay tuned for a massive sales post as well, probably going to shoot pics over the next few days I hope :D ! Hmkay ttyl ~

New Chevron bracelet from F21 that just arrived! Really like the bright colours but I’m scratching my head as to how I’m gonna match it :/ ! My loot has arrived, so obviously it’s time to trim stuff down. Room’s really overflowing >_< ! Should I join Public Garden this Weekend? Quite tempted! It’s gonna be held in a museum, but I already have a booth booked at Scape this Saturday so @_@. Let me know your thoughts! Which flea you will most likely drop by? Scape or Public Garden? Maybe .. I should do both LOL #moneyfaced

Check out the new collection that just freshly launched on :D ! The new T-bar frames are freakin’ gorgeous ^_^ ! Will be adding more faces in 3 week’s time, hopefully (: !

Also, how freakin’ AWESOME is that Zodiac print watch? Too freakin’ pretty, especially if you’re into horoscopes/astrology. The printing is super fine, you can seriously read every letter and see the outline of every symbol. Chio max.

Get them now only on ;) !

On a completely unrelated note, I had a massive argument with the bf on Sunday. It’s one of the worst we’d ever had and it didn’t help that this was the first one in months. At one point, it escalated to involve my friend’s parents, which honestly I just feel so ~urgh~ about. Nothing is worse than implicating other people in your own issues. It’s a truly horrible feeling; somewhere between shame & embarrassment with a liberal sprinkling of fuck-fuck-shit-fuck.

We’d been invited to dinner and it’s not like I could blow it off. In fact, dinner was held back because of it. 多么丢脸. I’m cringing so hard just thinking about it. As we sat next to each other in silence, he deboned a piece of chicken and gave me all it’s meat. It was a simply gesture, really, but it meant so much. He’d surrendered; dropped the issue like it was nothing, even when he (and I) knew it was (partially) my fault. Teared like mad and delved into my food in a bid to stop myself from bawling in front of everyone. He held my hand under the table and that was it. Sometimes he really is the sweetest :’)

On that note, I know I have an issue with pride. Sometimes I can’t see that I’m wrong and I’ll refuse to apologize. Really need to work on that. It’s like .. if I’m only maybe 10% wrong I won’t consider it my fault. Is that bad? Probably right? 10% is still a percentage after all. Damn.

Hmkay I gotta go, ttyl !

All these are more will be available at the flea tomorrow :D !!! How freakin FREAKIN’ CHIO are these new T-Bars?! Fucking nice la seriously I’m keeping one of each, just too pretty to pass up on these @_@! I’ve only limited quantities, because the factory I bought them from was closing down so they were just clearing stock. Only 100 pieces left leh damn scared no more @_@ ! Also, Lash is coming back in Petite. I’ve only 7 pieces and they’ll never be in stock again; that’s the problem with vintage stock T_T. Once gone it’s really gone forever T_T.

Do drop by k, we’ll be at City Square Mall and I’ll be bringing some Casios as well! I also recently spent a fucking BOMB on display shelves, hopefully tomorrow my booth will be beyond chio. See y’all tomorrow k!

P.S – Printed watches will only be $32, let me know you’re a reader for more discounts k ^_^ ! I’ll be accepting customizations starting next week, $40 each or $75 for a pair (: !

I’ve so so so much lined up for the coming months so as to keep Nakedglory as awesome and on the ball as possible, tell me what y’all are looking for and I’ll try my best! Have been searching high and low for square/rectangular faced watches, hopefully I’ll get my hands on some soon :D !

Scape Bazaar
Right outside Gong Cha
12pm – 8pm

We’re going to be at Scape tomorrow! Find us right outside Gong Cha for watches at much much cheaper rates (: !

Here’s a sneak peek of a new series that’s coming out tomorrow:

The black T-bar ones will be out next week, so grab the cream-faced ones before they’re sold out :D !

Sushi Tei with my bro-hoes. I love love LOVE this freakin Golden Roll. Deep fried king prawn wrapped in rice and topped with thin slices of luscious mango. Super moreish, I’ve had it 3 days in a row (thank God for Sushi Tei at Tampines 1 T_T)! I can’t stop thinking about!?! Also love the super crisp Ebi Tempura, too bad it’s rather pricey ($10 for 4 pieces). Try the Golden Roll if you can k, totally worth it!

Also, try this Salted Caramel Cream Puff from Starbucks! It’s SUPER good. $5.50 and it’s CHOCKFUL of sinful awesomeness. The salted caramel + the cream inside = Lush perfection. Sinful as hell, but damn near perfect.

New rings :D ! I haven’t bought rings in MONTHS after I realized I just buy them cause’ they’re .. pretty. I rarely wear them as I’ve to remove them each time I’m on the computer, which is basically 24/7. Couldn’t resist these though! $7.90 for 6 rings. Faves are the Chevron shaped ones :D !

Also, some printable packaging that I’ll be giving away the printables to. They’re super adorable, although I did slice my thumb open while cutting them up T_T.

hahavomitha T_T. Bled like fucking crazy! And I know what you’re thinking, wtf bleeding still take pictures you siao ah?! But oh well, can’t waste a chance to guilt my bf into being extra nice to me ^_^ !

Okay I gotta start packing now, see y’all at the flea tomorrow :D

Thank you ALL for the amazing response to the launch on Monday (: ! It was a lot bigger than I anticipated and for that I am truly grateful. One of my favourite prints is the map of Japan (last picture). I managed to sneak my name in actually HAHAHA can you spot the tiny ‘Yokohama’ in it ;P ? This probably brings narcism to a new level TROLLOLOLOLOL.

Okay watches aside, I don’t know if it’s the horrendous weather or something but lately I’ve been feeling .. under the weather. LOL. It’s horrible; almost like a perpetual headache that refuses to go away zzzzzzzzz. Hmkay back to freelance now ttyllllll

Collected these almost close to midnight last night, and they really are just gorgeous :’) ! So sneaks before I leave the house, full sneaks up on our facebook page. Don’t forget to join the ‘like&share’ contest to win your very own customized watch (: !

Custom printed watches are coming to you on the 1st of April and no, that’s not a joke. Can I just say that they turned out so much better than I dreamed them up to be? Seriously, I teared up a little the first time I saw the outcome; they were so gorgeous T_T.

We’ve just hit 2.4k likes! That’s like likes over the span of what, a little over 2 weeks?? I’m so very grateful for everyone’s support, so I’ve started up the ‘Like & Share’ contest once more on our facebook page. 3 lucky winners will get their very own custom watches! You can choose any image you’d like. The possibilities are endless and so is our gratitude for the amazing support you’ve given us :’) !

Head over to our facebook page to like and share the album, and win your very own (and not to mention, completely customized if you so choose) printed watch from us (: !

P.S – We’re also giving away free iphone wall papers for some of the designs hehe so do stay tuned <3 !

Finally found a little time for myself and went shopping alone. Honestly I quite like shopping solo; there’s no need to wait around for other people to try on stuff. I especially enjoy it when I know specifically what I’m looking for. Ended up with that button down shirt in black from H&M ($17.90), the faux leather striped tank from Bershka ($59.90), and comfy oxfords from New Look ($63.90). I guess the only problem is when I shop alone a spend a bomb cause’ there’s usually no one to talk me out of buying stuff >_<

Met the boyfriend for lunch today at Din Tai Fung, his favourite. Here’s an example of our highly intellectual conversations:

Me: You still wanna get tattoos?
J : Not sure. You leh?
Me: I guess? But probably somewhere small and not visibl-
J : Put at your armpit lor.

WTF K SRSLY THIS BOY IS ASKING TO GET PUNCHED, IS HE NOT?! Of course, he then proceeded to laugh his stupid butt off. Irritant -_-.

After lunch, asked him to help me take an outfit photo. This is what ensued:

There’s more la but I can’t post those cause’ I’ll be laughed off the internet -_-. I asked him for ONE photo, do you know what he did?! He just kept tapping the shutter button, I ended up with 30+ super unglam shots of me blinking and yelling at him lol this toad tsk.

This is the best I could get out of him la LOL. Tank from Bershka, Boots from ASOS, Structured Bag from New Look, boyfriend from hell lol.

See the photo on the right? I stuck my tongue out, and he thought it’d be funny to place his FACE on my tongue. His sweaty, (i can now testify to this) SALTY face. BRB throwing up / dying.

Hmkay now on to something completely unrelated to heaving. I’m restocking Complex in Silver (both His & Hers) and Casio Illuminator in Pink. I’m also .. bringing in a new colour for the Illuminator :D !!

Complex in Silver (His & Hers)

Casio Illuminator in Blue

Hmkay ending that with a random picture of my face just because lmao. Some sneak peeks for the upcoming launch this weekend will be up tomorrow, featuring FREE iphone wallpapers :D ! Stay tuned ;) !