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Din Tai Fung with my siblings for lunch today. My sister sneakily ordered this while we weren’t looking lol. Some sorta sour vinegar-y vegetable appetizer. Tasted surprisingly good given it’s super ugly colour lol. No more pics of food after this cause I was starving so I .. kinda forgot hehehe sorryyyy!

My personal watch collection! I may or may not be a centipede. I only have just the two wrists but I can’t help it! They’re all so pretty T_T. 2nd last Vintage watch was a gift from my boyfriend. It’s lovely but I can’t bear to wear it out cause the glass scratches so damn easily ): ! Last watch is my current favourite. It’s really ridiculously gorgeous, here’s a close up pic from a previous post:

That said, I’m honestly running low on supplies. I’ve sold over 3000+ watches to date, and each time the frames run out, I get new frames. Each time the straps run out, I get more straps. But what happen when the watch faces run out? Already, quite a few of the popular designs are completely out and I’d be lying my ass off if I said I wasn’t worried. Watch faces are produced in bulk, FYI. And not the printed kind, mind (more on that later!). It’s the type where they stamp or stud or spray paint the watch faces, something like these:

(These watch faces are sprayed black with raised gold details)

If I do order, I’ll have to order them in BULK. 500 pieces minimum and it’s scaring my freakin’ balls off. What if I order and no one buys them @_@? How long will 500 pieces last?? I don’t want to constantly stock the same watch faces 10 months in a row T_T. Fear aside, I get to design the watch faces. I get to pick numbers or roman numerals or strokes. The colour (Black? White? Blue? Green? Purple??), the watch hands etc. Beyond excited but frankly almost equally as scared. If you guys have any watch face suggestions, I’m completely open to it! Thinking of manufacturing that Aston’s vintage watch, but I’m not sure if they’ll allow the tiny mechanism for the seconds. Ah we’ll see, I guess! Fingers crossed for me please!

On that note, here’s some sneak peeks for tomorrow’s 1pm launch!

And yes, Karma is back in stock!! Super love, kept a piece for myself :D !

Close up of Karma

Hot fave: Savvy in Silver Glitter!

See you guys tomorrow at the launch at 1pm :D ! Only on:

Hmkay business aside, I finally got my hands on the perfect dress for the wedding lunch!

Chio right??????? Super like I CAN’T EVEN aosidaosijdfasdf !!!! Oh and that’s part of the hem that I had to get cut off cause a short dress is actually a midi dress on a midget like me. Woah okay that sentence was quite the mouthful lol.

The cut is super flattering and the texture in the front is fabulous! Plus, when I bought it, the sales girl said to me, “Miss, are you a Small or Medium?“.

WAHAHAHAH HAPPY LIKE TOAD PLS?!?!?! So I was like, “Um, have L?” (cause that’s my usual size; STUPID LOVE HANDLES / WEAKNESS FOR FOOD LOL) to which she responded by checking and coming up empty handed. So I tried the M and it fit freakin perfectly so plus another 100000000 points to this dress please HAHAHAHA!

Now I’m just searching for the perfect oxfords/heels and a nice black clutch to go with this. I know, I know.. the wedding is 1 month away and I’ve already started planning my outfit LOL kiasu much?? But hey, y’all know why I have to look completely fabulous/flawless when that date comes around right? HAHAHAHA okay just wanted to share my happiness! oh and a small selling post coming up soon, so stick around some time next week k :D

Okay enough talk, this is becoming too long a post lol TTYS!

Cupcakes once more from Plain Vanilla. Tried the salted caramel and fell so hard for it; it’s even more addictive than the Red Velvet ones D: !!! Oh and that’s a new cake cover thingy I bought for only $13 from Franc Franc (Jcube) :D ! Don’t ask me why, I really have no answer for that question lol. Sometimes I just see something I like and I just HAVE to own it. Once I do, however, it loses all meaning HAHAHA #expensivethrill

Also, restocking some and adding a few new Casios this weekend. Check out the silver couple watch :D ! Not as flashy as the gold set, yet subtly classy. Super like! Also, bringing in a digital watch for the very first time. How cute is that tiny little digital thing? At first I was like Hmmm this is pink, should I ? Peeled off the protective sticker and was struck by how, er, striking the pink was! Too adorbs not to stock this @_@. Very very very limited pieces available, if the response is good, will be opening a backorder :D

Hmkay I’m still sick, but a lot better. Hoping this stupid cold goes away so I can finally finish all my pending work T_T. Hmkay hope y’all are having a good Thursday! Ttysssss

Remember the table I’d previously been raving about? They just called me and said they’d made a mistake. THE TABLE IS OUT OF STOCK. Like seriously?!?!?! Fuck zzzzzzzzz Really uber uber disappointed and honestly quite pissed that they got my hopes up so high >:( !!!

Oh a happier side note, my instagram handle/username is now officially @Nakedglory!. It had previously been used by someone and said someone basically tried to make it the “official” account by uploading my product pictures. Honestly it’s quite …. I can’t find the words la. Who would do that???? Like try to pretend to be affiliated with a shop that you don’t own??? After a few months, the account went dead. I guess whomever had been using it simply got bored, which honestly really agitated me. If you’re bored of it at least hand the account over to the rightful owner? How can you randomly create an account for a webstore you don’t even own, then don’t even bother to upkeep it? Totally depriving me from using such a great marketing platform for MY FREAKING WEBSTORE.

I don’t know if that person as trying to be nice or what la but seriously it was the epitome of irresponsibility. I’d tried to leave comments a bunch of times asking said person to get back to me but they never did. I even tried the “forgot your password?” option in the hopes that he/she would receive an email and reply or something.

Fat freakin’ chance. No such luck. In the end after 2 weeks of trying I just wrote a direct complaint to Instagram. Their replies were very fast and I really appreciate that! I now own the freakin’ handle, so people who’ve purchased from Nakedglory can finally tag photos since the “#nakedglory” hashtag has been prohibited from use.

Okay enough ranting, the good news is, I’m thinking of offering something like free normal postage should you tag @Nakedglory in a picture of your purchase or something (: ? That would be a good idea I think, and a good way to spread awareness about the brand. Still in the brain storming stage for now, but any ideas and suggestions are very much welcome on my formspring.

As for now, stand chances (plural, because there are many LOL) to win Nakedglory timepieces simply my liking and sharing your top 5 outfits on an upcoming collab with Static Fumes!

Like their page HERE or click on the photos above to be redirected :D !

Also, another giveaway collab with the fabulous TTR girls is coming your way soon ;) ! Here’s a little sneak peek:

Picture credits to The Tinsel Rack!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I’ve been crazy busy with work so I haven’t left the house much recently T_T! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to visit a buffet place that I’ve heard a lot about recently :D ! Hmkay ttys

The custom leather key fobs arrived yesterday and will be mailed out later today (: ! Thank you all for the support! Have asked my supplier, they’ll only know if they can get their hands on the same leather by some time next week so do check back then!

More custom watch faces.. and finally:

How chio is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It’s fully functional, which means in future, Nakedglory will be able to make fully customized watches! Beyond beyond beyond excited (: ! Just placed an order for Petite watches, do look out for the new collection coming up soon!

Oh and on a side note, got my hands on Casio Amour once more, so if you missed your chance both times previously, now’s your chance to finally get your hands on it (: !

So yesterday I went sourcing and came across the fucking rudest shopkeeper EVER. Seriously pissed me off. I wanted to just walk out but I know I’ll be earning quite a bit of money off him so that alone kept me from yelling at his stupid face. Some people just have zero customer service skills seriously. Most times, when service is bad or the person behind the counter is shitty or gives me the what-the-fuck-do-you-want tone, I’ll just walk off. Hate it when people are rude for absolutely no reason beyond that they are having a shitty day themselves.

That being said, I went to meet Chingy for lunch at Nex (a place I rarely venture to) and ended up .. buying a fucking TABLE. Not that I regret buying it la. I’ve been looking for a table that uses raw/recycled wood for years now and the price tag has always been in the unreachable (not to mention, unrealistic as hell) price range of several thousand dollars. Imagine how crazy elated I was when I discovered the table at only $260+??? Best part?

Member’s price: $100
Price of membership: $21.40
Chingy’s expression when I went ahead and randomly bought a table on our lunch date: Priceless


The raw wood is soooo fucking pretty T_T! Unpolished wood just looks so fucking amazing in pictures!? Right now, all the macro pictures I take are always on wood (if you haven’t noticed). I’d been desperately trying to find a nice piece of wood to use as a background, finally I just thought out of the box; went to Cash Converter and started looking through all their pictures/paintings until I found one with a suitably “raw” looking piece of wood backing. I bought the picture for $3, ripped out the wood and threw said picture away.

The table arrives in 3 weeks though! I really am beyond happy, who knew I’d find such a treasure in the middle of godforsaken Nex of all places?! I got it from this furniture store called King and King Wong, a malaysia based company. Everything in there is gorgeous, from curtains to cutlery to furniture! Do drop by and take a look, it’s too good a find not to share (: !

Check out that Chevron print chair! It’s freakin’ $499 but I love Chevron print so much that I’m actually still trying to justify such a purchase. Maybe when I finally get my house la HAHAH It reminds me of the Ziggy Chair and Maidenform from Urban Outfitters:

My house is definitely going to have a shitload of Chevron printed things, boyfriend’s opinions be damned HAHAHA! Okay shit I have to meet the awesome Celeste from The Heart Affair in abit, ttys!

Canton Paradise
2 Jurong East Central 1
#02-09, JCube
Singapore 609731

Dinner with the bf at Canton Paradise! Had mediocre Yang Zhou fried rice and steamed grouper, awesome duck noodles and their really addictive ice milk tea. Felt a little cranky cause I didn’t get to eat anything crispy during my meal cause they’d forgotten to serve us our salted egg yolk prawns. -100 points HAHAHA okay very kua zhang I know but still TSK!

Finally got to take some pictures of my shelf at Miyoc. See those white watches? Available in cream as well, exclusively available at the Miyoc Branch :D! Do remember to drop by if you have the time :D!

It’s 2.10am and I’m freakin’ hungry! Trying to find a way to sneak food in without my bf noticing HAHAHAHA okay more pics tomorrow, didn’t get to take pics of my new loot cause I was kicked out of my favourite shooting spot by my parents T_T. More later!

All this gorgeousness up for sale on! Brought in couple watches, these awesomely tiny angular Casios, and a new super slim gold watch. All the Casios brought in today come with a year’s warranty. Happy as a clam right now, thanks you guys once again for the overwhelming response :D! My inbox is has basically been laid to waste and I couldn’t be happier! More photo updates in awhile :D ! Remember to get your hands on these awesome watches here on :

Today I walked past a crying toddler but my music was playing so loudly that I couldn’t hear him at all. In fact, it felt kinda surreal, like I was watching a music video unfold right in front of my eyes. I mean, there’s this kid bawling and bawling and bawling his little heart out in front of me, snot flowing freely and all that jazz; yet all I heard was the trippy sounds of Princess of China by Coldplay. Awesome. I have to admit I found it quite funny. I actually laughed out loud! I may or may not be sick in the head.

On a happy side note, I managed to restock Casio Amour sooner than I expected! Also brought in the brand spanking new just-as-chio Casio Twinkle featuring a little star on one of the watch hand. Also brought in the gold and silver versions of the recent Casio Sapphire, they’ll be up around 5pm tomorrow only on (:

Zhichar with the bf last night. He basically works 14 hours a day so the only time I get to see him is if I go over to stay or if I surprise him at his work site.. which is at Jurong. Tampines to Jurong = a 55 minute train ride which is so not fun tsk.

That said, Vday was a horrible mess for me. Honestly, I’m a pretty chill girlfriend. I don’t need hourly messages or calls nor do I feel the need to celebrate anniversaries or month-saries or what have you. I’m even okay with him watching porn. I know some girls mind very much and it just baffles me! How can one try to force someone to curb their natural instincts?!

Okay digression aside, Vday was a quiet affair for us. No flowers for me, no presents no nothing. I didn’t mind. I simply travelled to Jurong to surprise him so we could have a quiet dinner. Before we even got seated, he got called back to his work site (which is 5 minutes away), so he told me to just get seated and to order first. So I got a table at Canton Paradise, ordered a shitload of food and waited. Then waited and waited and waited and grew a beard and waited some more. Sent him a teasing picture of the massive amount of food that i’d ordered and he replied with a fabulous “Can’t leave, urgent work stuff. Tabao for me.“.

YOU SRS BRO?!?!?! There I was, starving, surrounded by couples lovingly (and not to mention ANNOYINGLY) feeding each other food, with my own table completely filled with noms and HE JUST LEFT ME THERE?! Wah freakin’ pissed. One of the things I detest the most is having to eat alone. Ultra pissed that he couldn’t text me earlier so at least I could have had the food packed to go instead of sitting there and having to eat my bloody share right?! I looked like some pathetic lonely glutton (in my head, anyway). Pissed as hell. I know it wasn’t his fault that there was a major hiccup at work, but still. Pissed off yet with no one to be pissed at; suffice to say the night did not end very well.

To make up for it, he bought me this buttery soft studded jacket from Stradivarius (for me to wear when we’re riding) and .. a Happycall pan just cause’ I mentioned I wanted it. Although frankly I think the happycall pan is more a present for him than it is for me since I’ll be cooking him a shitload of food from now on lol. I got him a fluffy bath robe and these ultra-cute customized couple key fobs! Am considering holding a pre-order for these key fobs, let me know if any of you are keen on these :D!

Oh and am working on 3 blogs for spectacular bloggers I’m so happy T_T !!!! Can’t wait to show you guys when I’m done! Hmkay my break’s over so back to freelance T_T. And lastly, I might be going back to study this September. Probably at SIM. Pretty excited to go back to school honestly :D! Hmkay see y’all on Nakedglory tomorrow around 5pm :D !