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All these and more available at 1pm on:

Worked til 4am in the morning, continued at 9.30am today and now I’ve to go help out in the kitchen for today’s family reunion dinner. See y’all at the launch at 1pm ^_^ !

On one last side note, I’ve recently started stocking at Miyoc Jcube (#04-14) so self collection will be available there as well! It’s my first time stocking at a physical store and holy balls it was so crazy i can’t even!?! I reached at 11am, started my set up and was only done by 5pm-ish. Almost died seriously. Tagged items like crazy lol! Displaying it prettily is a little difficult for me. I have so many ideas but so little time to execute so I kept feeling like it was lacking, thus the constant rearranging T_T. Do drop by and take a look, I’d appreciate any feedback you girls can give me (: ! Okay brb see y’all at the launch in a few (:

Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar)
48 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01
Tel: 63271203

Remember that Korean place I’d previously mentioned? Brought Jocelyn there for her long overdue birthday treat! I apologize for the super intense colour of the pictures k, their tables are red so it kinda made the picture coloration screwy -_-. So anyway, we tried the Cheese Corn which turned out to be freaking good! Usually not a fan of corn but I saw someone order it the previous time I was here and it looked mouth-wateringly luscious so I had to give it a try. Sweet kernels of corn tossed in melty cheese. Filling and a really kick-ass accompaniment to the equally awesome chicken. Definitely a must-try.

Had half the Spicy Up ($18), which wasn’t really spicy at all. It was, however, extremely juicy. Pair that with crispy skin and we have an absolute winner! If you look closely at the last picture above, you can kinda see the chicken, um, juice pooling at the bottom of the plate. Kinda. OKAY FINE VERY DARK JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION LA *irrational outburst*

Also had half the Yangnum Chicken ($22 I think!), which is my freakin’ fave thing to eat there. Imagine extremely crispy chicken skin coated with lipsmackingly good, sweet (think thai chilli type of sweet) sauce. I went to heaven so many times; it was too good T_T!

I previously said that they have a lot of good deals right? Like if you write them a review on their hungrygowhere page, you can get 10% off for an entire lifetime? I was wrong. IT’S 15% OFF! We ate like pigs and the bill came up to less than $60 (including 2 drinks). This place is fast becoming one of my fave places to eat. Try it if you’re in the area k :D !

On a side note, thank you all SO much for the tremendous amount of support for Foundry & Co :’) !! If you’ve any feedback, we’d definitely love to hear it so feel free to drop any here on my formspring.

These are some of my favourites on site:

Do remember to check us out on:


On a side note, magic is happening on Nakedglory tomorrow at 1pm! A MASSIVE restock, 9 new Casio models including one with a tiny little heart on one of it’s watch hands. Super gorgeous I CAN’T EVEN aosidfjoasdi ! Sneak peeks:

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the Casio watches cause’ the sun was going down too fast T_T. Will put those up tomorrow morning! So keep those wrists bare and those eyes peeled! See you guys tomorrow at 1pm, only on:

Most annoying photoshoot subject EVER. Finally convinced this toad to model for me and he couldn’t take instructions for nuts *insert facepalm here*.

Me : “Stand straight, shoulders back, tilt your head back a little please.”
J : Okay. *pulls a superman pose*

And he was all like :


I did have fun though and am damn glad that this is out of the way so I can put them up on Nakedglory soon. All shirts fit the usual guys size M very nicely and are going for $26 each. Looks especially good on slightly leaner, taller guys. The material is soft and awesome, not the shitty cotton kind that wrinkles easily. Just wash and hang up and it’ll dry straight with barely any wrinkles (tested and proven by my bf’s mom lol) so there’s almost no need to iron! Shiok balls. Text me at 96716946 to confirm a piece, limited pieces available :D !

On a side note, thank you all for the crazy response to the selling post preview. Almost all the footwear is already pending, the wallet has been sold and a few tops/dresses from F21 have also been snapped up. Will try to put up the post asap, thanks again for all your support T_T !!

Roadhouse American Diner
13 Dempsey Road #01-07
Tel: +65 6476 2922

Brunch with my siblings at Roadhouse. Pleasant weather and great company but sadly, extremely mediocre food. We had Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale, a Bacon Log (bacon on brioche slathered with maple syrup – with that combination of individually awesome ingredients you’d think it’d be good but meh), a breakfast platter, Fluffy Pancakes and Steak. 2 beers, a pot of tea and a fresh OJ later, we racked up a total of $170 for the bill.

Filling as it was, I really can’t say I was impressed or blown away. I did particularly like their pancakes though! True to their name, they really were ultra fluffy! Came with a little jug of maple syrup, a pat of whipped cream and topped with chopped bananas and nuts. Extremely filling. That said, it was the only item that stood out in the sea of mediocrity that was (basically) their entire brunch menu. Will not visit again.

On a side note, spruced up my layout! Figured that since this is basically my portfolio of sorts, I might as well make it more appealing lol.

Speaking of revamps, please check out Joyce’s (the owner of The Tinsel Rack) newly (and lovingly) updated layout HERE! A simple, clean layout with hidden yellow accents (hover over the menu links and over her logo!). A happy layout for a happy spirit like her. She really was a joy to work with – I literally got approval for the design within 10 minutes of meeting her HAHAHA!

Although I really must mention this – when I uploaded her custom template into her blog, I got a damn huge shock ! Check out the image below LOL

(Click on the picture for the larger version)!

At first I thought I’d made a mistake with the coding of the layout, then I realized .. that’s her ACTUAL amount of tags. HOW CAN SOMEBODY HAVE THIS MANY TAGS?!?! Seriously just sat there and laughed for like 3 minutes straight LOL WTF JOYCE?!?! This is approximately 300+ tags, and I couldn’t even fit all of these into ONE screenshot! I had to take 3 to get them all in HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay I shall stop before she stabs me lmao.

Watch out for a collaboration between Nakedglory and The Tinsel Rack sometime soon! There will be several pretty watches available for an upcoming giveaway so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, here’s a sneak peek of a few upcoming watches ..

It’s a good mix of old and new, so stay tuned! Hmkay back to freelance T_T, ttys!

PS – You can let me know what you think of the new layout on my formspring! Don’t forget to test out the links on the side – my favourite effect is when you click on the ‘tags’ link, a little slide out menu pops right out!


Pretty bracelet I got at the Accessorize sale for .. $4.90. Awesome or what?! I love Tampines seriously, it really has almost everything! I just need F21/ Berhska/ Pull & Bear / Zara / Stradivarius / Yoshinoya to set up shop here AND I AM NEVER LEAVING. EVER. LOL ok wishful thinking aside, do check out the Accessorize sale if you can! It’s 50% off selected items @_@!

Also, check out these spiked hairbands! Super love them, especially the navy ones :D ! Keeping one for myself. Coming to you on Nakedglory soon! Oh and a few new watch designs to be up soon as well (: !

Okay I have to wake up really early tomorrow to meet a new client, then another client, then I’m off to scout for photoshoot locations. I’m setting up a new webstore with one of my best friends and I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED. Our first collection has a shitload of designs in a myriad of colours T_T! Psyched max! Stay tuned :D !

Okay ttyl I need to get some shuteye asap for tomorrow’s jam-packed schedule @_@! Night y’all !

Currently having a rage baby because I can’t fucking find my 32gb SD card tsk! Really hate it when people randomly shift my shit. I don’t know how you neat people do it, seriously. WHO HAS THAT MUCH WILLPOWER??! To put everything back in it’s place; to code it by colour and size? I just throw everything everywhere but i memorize exactly where I left it. It’s not a mess. It’s organized chaos. MY organized chaos for fuck’s sake seriously don’t fucking touch my shit OAISDJHOAISDJ URGH damn pissed.

If it’s gone, so are the many videos I took in Bangkok. If it truly is missing I’m going to fucking flip the fuck out seriously. I spent 3 hours packing my room yesterday cause I couldn’t see the floor anymore from the excessive amount of clothes. I combed through a shitload of things and yet my SD card and it’s reader is still missing. I really think my new maid placed it somewhere cause I previously left it on the table and now it’s fucking gone. She keeps saying she didn’t move it but wtfffff when i came back the table was cleared what?! WHERE DID ALL THE THINGS GO THEN? STOLEN BY AN ELF?! GREW WINGS AND FLEW OUT THE WINDOW?!?! Fuck i need to calm the fuck down before my brain starts to bleed tsk.

Got this awesome arm candy from Lavina (it’s a shop in Bugis+), a little on the pricey side ($19.90 D:!!!) but it really is damn pretty. I may or may not be part crow. WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO SHINY THINGS WHY ?! It’s available in a shitload of colours, from royal blue to hot pink to white to brown and I think i saw it in shimmery gold as well. As if the chains weren’t bling enough LOL?? If you stare at the gold one you may or may not go blind in one eye. You’ve been warned.

Also something else I feel like I should warn ya’ll about – the bags there are DAMN chio. I saw quite a few that I wanted to sling across my shoulder and run away screaming with but a) i’d get arrested and b) I’d get arrested. So I refrained. Barely. Again, on the pricey side but oh-so-drool-worthy.

201 Victoria Street
#02-66 Bugis+ S188067

And sorreh I missed the launch yesterday, heng balls I didn’t give a definite date/time and hadn’t mass-emailed everyone yet @_@. In all honesty, I’ve moved :D !! To but it’s currently locked cause it’s a default layout layout and it looks a bunch of assholes mashed together. DAMN UGLY PLS and it’s also on a new platform which I’ve never freakin’ touched before in my life so whenever I look at the coding my brain just stops functioning D:<

 I won’t officially announce the shift yet, not until the website looks nicer but for now I will be using a shopping cart with automated invoicing (YAY TO NO MORE WAITING TIME :D!), so do bear with me as there’s bound to be some mistakes. I’m going over the site again and again checking in and out trying to minimize issues but there are only so many hours in a day T_T.

 Here’s a sneak peak of the restocked petites just to buy a little of your goodwill back:

Okay that is all, finished one corporate site so now I’ve one more left! Plus 3 blogs and 2 webstores roarrrrrr #neverendingwork okay byeeeee

Zara Skull Shirt with cute little gold Skull-shaped buttons and studded collar & cuffs, Made Plaited Friendship Bracelet and yet another Gogo Philip Triangle Pendent cause’ I’d accidentally squished mine. Boyfriend told me to just bend it back which resulted in my snapping off one corner. Ace decision, obviously.

Ah okay watch out for the tonight’s launch at 8pm !

See y’all on the other side!

The Casios are here and they are freakin’ BAD ASS! I’m so tempted to keep like half LOL but I only have so much wrist space so cue the sad music. Also restored Eternity (the vintage watch with the Moon-shaped details) and another vintage gem. Not too sure when I’ll be launching, but it’d better be soon cause my bank account balance is dipping dangerously low.

On a side note it’s 11.27pm, my brain is wired on caffeine and Windows Down by Big Time Rush (on repeat, no less) , so here’s to another night of no sleep and tight deadlines

lol i am retarded please don’t judge me. Just dorking around before my brain collapses in on itself

My new Apple Earpods! They’re 10x comfier than the usual earbuds. I tried them out once and I was completely sold. Bought one for my bf as well cause’ I’m an awesome girlfriend like that.

Some restocks and new arrivals up on Nakedglory! Oh and some true vintage ones:

And on one last side note, I’m thinking of holding a giveaway for Nakedglory since I haven’t done one in quite some time. These are two of the watches I’m considering as prizes cause’ they are fucking chio and they are fucking exclusive. Karma was sold out a long long time ago and this time it’s been fitted with dark red vintage straps that are in DAMN good condition, and the other one has a custom watch face. CUSTOM. No repeats ever again for it. It’s fitted with vintage orange-y brown straps. Mad. Chio.

Chio or what right??? Can’t decide which to sell, which to giveaway and which to keep. I AM LIKE FUCKING GREEDY LOL

Sorry for the absence, btw. I’ve been so fucking caught up in freelance that I barely have time for myself. Sleep at 4am, wake up at 1pm, work work work work til the early morning, fall asleep, wake up and the cycle repeats itself. My body clock is so fucked.

Also, selling post VERY soon, I promise! My fucking cupboard is so fucking full that I was almost buried in fabric when I opened my closet door lol. Fucking messy and full. Plus if I sell everything, I can buy more stuff. Which is totally not the point. Kinda. Okay fingers crossed I can squeeze out some time for the selling post :x ! Back to freelance now ttyl !