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Expendebles & 2am dims ! I think this is the first time that everyone drove their own vehicles LOL all trying to impress girlfriends or some shit pls HAHAHAHA STILL OPEN THE DOORS FOR THEM LEH WHAT IS THIS SHIT?! I asked my bf why he didn’t open the door for me and he was just like :


Aforementioned stupid boyfriend carrying my Rib & Hull Tokyo Tote (which is THE BOMB, btw! The awesome straps are made of good quality leather which makes everything I carry MUCH lighter no joke!).

Kissyface + i don’t know what fucking jiao bin I’m giving LOL

Spent Sat, Sun and (part of) Monday with him and it’s just such a rare treat! He works daily without a break, so even if he manages to squeeze out some time with me, it’s usually just for lunch or dinner. If we meet after his work, he’ll be asleep within 2 hours cause he’s so tired :/ ! So these 3 days have been so awesome i can’t even oaisdjfoaisjdf

SPEAKING OF RARE TREATS – WEE YOSHINOYA!!!!!!! Mad love it, and being the poor trapped soul I am that’s enslaved by the horror that is the ~low carb diet~, I can only eat like 5 spoons of rice and whack the ~liao~. Haven’t eaten this in DAMN long cause the Tampines branch closed down (WTF OKAY HOW DARE THEY ETC)! Not to mention they have the magic that is a perfectly wobbly semi-cooked ~Tamago~ egg omg brain crying right now

Brought my sister to try Poulet at Bugis Plus, but they only opened the kitchen at 4pm (SIMI SAI) so we had to pass the time and line our growling stomachs with these shitty fries. Obviously we didn’t know it was shitty till after ordering, but wah lao maximum shittiness leh these fries! Not crispy, cheese was CURDLED (SIMI SAI?!) and not ~melted~ at all. Potato skins were semi-soggy. Those potatoes died a horrifically meaningless death lol. One minute of silence for those poor potatoes please.

YAY POULET! So excited to try it cause like you know, it’s chicken and french and chicken so ya LOL.

201 Victoria Street
#04-12, Bugis +
Singapore 188067

Don’t bother looking for a number or anything, they apparently don’t currently take reservations.

Lovin the decor and ~vibe~ ! Okay now on to the good stuff we all loveeeee :

Oxtail De Bourgulgnon ($15.80), which is basically just .. Oxtail stew. Duh. Reasonably good, my sister thought it was just okay but you can really taste the ~wine~ in it so I guess alcoholics (HI ZIYING) will be all over this shit lol.

Escargot De Bourgogne ($8.80) for half a dozen escargot. It arrived sizzling, I burnt my tongue because obviously i’m the smartest person on earth, but i felt it was just middling. May or may not be biased against this cause a) it had some sorta tomato-paste thing inside it, b) it was basically drenched in oil and c) i burnt my tongue on this tsk!

Burnt tongue aside, THIS yumminess made the sorry-we-open-only-at-4pm-wait worthwhile. This magical pot of Mashed Potato ($3.80) was ridiculously creamy and oh-so-buttery. Magic!!! Or cocaine. Or unicorn blood or SOMETHING LA WHAT IS IN THIS seriously it’s like crack. Toooo good. You’ll get pretty jelat after a while, but it’s the omg-so-full-but-i-can’t-waste-a-drop-of-this kind of full, so you’ll still want to lick the pot clean even though you might possibly explode. You know what I mean? Okay maybe not, perhaps this only applies to gluttons lol. I may or may not need therapy.

Poulet Roti Half ($15.80), which is half a magical roasted chicken. I’ve been reading reviews of how fucking fabulous this was, so perhaps my expectations were far too high. But it’s still pretty good. The meat is soft, and the creamy sauce comes dotted with a few chunks of mushroom. I’d come back here for this and the mashed potatoes again. People have been exclaiming over the awesomely-crispy skin, but mine was just normal. Nothing to shout about, but still pretty damned moreish.

The total bill was about $57 for 2 mains, 2 sides and a Lemonade (sour max lol I didn’t like it at all), so this is a pretty affordable place. I’d go back again just to eat about 4 pots of their mashed potatoes LOL.

Okay so that sums up my last few days, I’m sorry i’ve been MIA. Been pushing out blogskins and webstore layouts like it’s my last few days on earth or some shit rofl. Ironically, I want to revamp mine some time soon. Getting sick of the gigantic photos lol.

Oh and here’s a nice little gif I made to put into Shanice’s newly revamped blog cute right cute right MASSIVE LOVE PLS :

You’ve never seen a gif like this before in gif banners right waahaha sometimes I surprise even myself lolololol SHAMELESS IS I LOL okay that is all kthxbai

Lugged all my props around in my super chio suitcase of chioness

Scrabble rings first~

Having trouble balancing HAHAHA

No i’m not dragging her -.- , she just can’t balance for nuts HAHAHA

Lego rings~

A few Gachapon rings lying around

I collect these handmade tulip thingies – you know the ones you buy at $2/stalk for a charitable cause etc? I think they’re cute leh~

Shooting is thirsty work! Always bring water else risk turning into a prune lol

Props / Shades / Hair Ties etc

Random rings from my personal collection

At this point, we spread the blanket cover on the floor and nua-ed for abit while waiting for the sun to set a little bit more.

Back to shooting again lol

Transfomer rings!

Spiderman rings

Darth Vadar / Storm Trooper Rings! Am loving the light flares~

Chiobu is chio~

Superman rings are also chio ;P

Giant ruby and giant diamond rings :D

Kitty rings~

Spongebob rings

Winnie The Pooh Rings~

Resting while changing rings lol

As we were packing up, she was like ‘EH i think i can fit inside the suitcase!’, and so we tested that theory out ! Bloody bitch damn pint-sized la basket! UK4 leh @_@


Aiy quite satisfied with how they turned out, hope you guys like em’ too :D !

If you do, the rings are for sale on NAKEDGLORY, and if you like said rings, do vote for me on the FML website by clicking on this button :

Freemansland | Forum

which btw, I designed lol. It’ll take you to a voting gateway, and just click ENTER AND VOTE ! Do vote for me if you’ve enjoyed this super chio picspam I painstakingly blogged out for ya’ll *wipes sweat/is kua zhang* rofl. Btw what do you guys think of the website? I designed their tiny little graphics etc like the banners etc ( the banner of the online portal took FOREVER to do I tell you. DO you know how many layers were in that gif?! *dies*) and it took up about 4 months of my life lol. Also designed the name cards and membership cards etc, can’t wait to get mine keke!

Wah okay I am like mega nua right fucking now and i think my eyeballs are about to melt from staring at all the photos for so long @_@ ! Gonna nua now, do let me know what ya’ll think on formspring ! XOXOXO ❤

Finding Nemo Series – Dory, baby squid

Left to right : Fat pooh, Thin Pooh, Tigger with clover, Tigger with Honey pot, Piglets (both reserved)


Big Eeyore, Small eeyore ( reserved)

Disney chars~

Chipmunk from dunno where. Snow white or something/ SOLD

Thumper the rabbit

Bambi! LOL ring base is stuck to it’s ass rofl

Buay song bambi stare rofl.

Monster’s Inc – Boo (Reserved), Mike (reserved), Stuffed toy that Boo carries around!

Raichu ^^ SOLD

Faves series of the lot : Stich rings *dies from overexposure to cuteness* !!

Left to right : Xmas Stitch, Batface Stitch , Dracula Stitch :D -ALL SOLD


And this one is my FAVE. HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THIS SHIT?!?! Look like it’s trying to gnaw on your finger T_T

Mad love this lololol might be keeping it for myself lolol aiya SOLD keke

Acting shu nu rofl.

Will be putting all of this up on Nakedglory (under Gachapon Rings) in a bit! If i may be shamelessly shameless for abit – I’m getting the NAKEDGLORY FACEBOOK page up and running, do drop by and take a peek at the photo album and tag yourselves/your friends if you’ve appeared in my fleamarket pictures before k ^^ ? You might also want to *AHEM* ~like~ it while you’re there yes/no ? KEKEKE ❤

Ah okay back to updating the site ttyl ❤ !

Shiok song to set the mood ! It’s Will Smith’s daughter, she’s like 9 or something la and I feel like a pedobear/ameer/gerald when I watch this, but it’s damn catchy la please don’t judge me T_T!


Gachapon stash #2 !

Poohs and tiggers and stitch OH MY! roflrofl ya la ya la I am of the gay la what you want rofl

Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland :D

This one makes me LOL til I want to die rofl. There’s a pole sticking out of Raichu’s ass HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA

My demonic trident HAHAHA

Got solid abs okay don’t play play HAHAHA

HOW BADASS IS MY SWORD? Got two skulls some more okay sibei hiong la HAHAHAHA

Also, super bloody f-ing happy ! Alteration-lady txted me today and told me to pick it up tomorrow, am super psyched I hope it turned out awesome (T_T) !

Oh and Kate spade is having a sale zomg faster run and order !!! And as with all sales :

Kate Spade NEDA wallet in Cherry !

Been waiting for it to go on sale for AGESSSSSS kekeke okay that is all KTHXBAI ❤