Rob Schneider Standup with Edward after the flea :D ! First of all, a heartfelt thank you to those who showed up for the flea! I was late – because obviously I’m the reiging queen of punctuality – and when I reached, our stall was completely SWARMED for at least 20 minutes. Swarmed, I say! So happy that the printed pretties were so well received :’) !

Wearing my new New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole, which I completely love to death. Makes me look skinny-ish HYUKHYUKHYUKHYUK! Bought a pair of grey canvas plimsolls from New Look before running to the flea cause I was wearing slippers. Who wears slippers to town???? Me, obviously, because an hour prior to my flea, my sister STABBED ME IN THE FOOT. With a DOOR. I’m not even fucking joking -_- .

Anyway, I got them plimsolls in my usual size (uk6/39) only to discover that they were FUCKING loose -_- . But I was running motherlate for the show so fuck it I just bought them. They’re the same pair as the black ones I bought from ASOS in the previous post, and I later came to find that those were a size too big as well ):< !

Loot from the previous post came. Within a freakin DAY. ASOS hires ninjas, apparently. I LOVE THESE!!!!! They are fucking cute, but once again too loose. Bought my usual size, but I can put a finger between my heel and the shoe when worn ):< ! Only worn once, selling these for $10 with meetup! Still in good condition, obviously. I’m not a barbarian. Mostly, anyway lol. Text me at 96716946 if you want them okay! Anyway, they are majorly cute and fun, and surprisingly easy to match! Bought them in one size down from ASOS once again lol.

As for the gash on my left foot? I was showering while my sister tried to enter the shower area. Our shower is closed off; like a glass enclosure with a door that opens inwardly. She was talking to me and I was looking at her while she droned on about something I can’t quite recall, and BOOMZ she jammed the GLASS DOOR CORNER into my fucking foot. I didn’t scream cause’ that’s not how I roll. I proceeded to shout my ass off instead lol.

Pretty sure I had this exact sequence of expressions going on:

My sister just kept giggling, being the fucking psychopath that she is. She was like HAHA SORRY HAHA YOU KNOW I CAN’T SEE WITHOUT MY GLASSES HA HA HA HA OOPS SORRY HEHEHE ^_^ !!! I thought you saw me opening the door cause you looking at me mah hehehehehe ^_^ !.

What the fuck lor HOW would I know that doom was about to befall my foot if I was looking at your face and not at my feet -_- ? What logic lol omg this woman is really one of a kind.

At that point it hurt like a little bitch but there wasn’t any blood. When I returned to my room to get dressed, I realized my skin had torn off and was dangling off one side of the wound -_____- . Now it hurts slightly when I walk cause’ it feels so damn bruised. The gash now looks like a smiling mouth, which is very ironic and quite fucked up. Thanks so very much, my lovely and kind (AND FUCKING BLIND) elder sister -_- .

Am wearing this right now, actually lol. Bf took this photo for me and I look skinny in it so I’m just going to ignore the dustbin (wtf bf?!) beside me.

Wearing ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot, perforated Supre cardigan (which I’m regretting to death, freezing my ass off in class right now >_< ), f21 shorts and New Look Maverick Black Slip On Flat Shoes.

ForeverNew Milla Frill Camisole in Deep Merlot · New Look Monochrome Daisy Camisole · New Look Black Oriental Floral Cami

I wanna get the Oriental one but it’s not in stores yet, annoyingly. Free shipping to Singapore for orders over £55, anyone wanna spree :D ? If yes please text me at email me or text me okay k ! 96716946 or whatthepong@Gmail.com, i need about £30 more to ship so priss lmk! Hmkay class ends only in 45 mins, afterwhich I’m gonna limp on outta here lol ttys!

Had Itacho Sushi again with the bf! It’s already my favourite go-to place for sushi, cause everything is just freakin’ delish!

This time, I tried the Roasted Dorsal Fin Sushi (bottom leftmost picture). It was pure heaven. All of their cooked sushi really just melts in the mouth, I think it’s because the fish is slightly raw in the middle? So the meat and rice textures just meld beautifully or something. LOL joking anyhow whack one la but seriously why is almost 90% of their menu so freakin’ tasty ?!?! I bet they contain like 2% fairy dust or unicorn pee or something lor wtf! Also a big fan of the Crab Meat Chawanmushi, and their Prawn Tempura as well! Just looking at the pics makes me hungry already T_T.

Total came up to $84++ for the both of us, but seriously I love it so much I’d go there everyday if I could T_T.


Tunic from Hollyhoque
Mint Satchel from Charles and Keith
Turquoise Bracelet from Theaccessoryreport.com
Vintage Titan Hexagon Watch from Nakedglory (Close up pics below!)

REALLY love this the bracelet FREAKIN chio but the clasp can be real bitch to close >:(

How chio is this?! Kept one for myself muahahha ;P ! Features a subtle honeycomb pattern, leather strap and a 2 year warranty. Comes with box as wellllllll!

That said, I’ve 3 revamps in progress and they’re looking real good T_T! Oh and I’ve been on a recent romper craze, and I’m pretty sure people will ask me where I got them so I’m thinking of opening a preorder for the things I’m getting :D ! Damn hard to find stuff for UK10/12 please?! Imagine how happy I was that I found awesome rompers that looked chio and FIT. Probably going to put it up tomorrow so stay tuned :D !