sneak peek

Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar)
48 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-01
Tel: 63271203

Remember that Korean place I’d previously mentioned? Brought Jocelyn there for her long overdue birthday treat! I apologize for the super intense colour of the pictures k, their tables are red so it kinda made the picture coloration screwy -_-. So anyway, we tried the Cheese Corn which turned out to be freaking good! Usually not a fan of corn but I saw someone order it the previous time I was here and it looked mouth-wateringly luscious so I had to give it a try. Sweet kernels of corn tossed in melty cheese. Filling and a really kick-ass accompaniment to the equally awesome chicken. Definitely a must-try.

Had half the Spicy Up ($18), which wasn’t really spicy at all. It was, however, extremely juicy. Pair that with crispy skin and we have an absolute winner! If you look closely at the last picture above, you can kinda see the chicken, um, juice pooling at the bottom of the plate. Kinda. OKAY FINE VERY DARK JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION LA *irrational outburst*

Also had half the Yangnum Chicken ($22 I think!), which is my freakin’ fave thing to eat there. Imagine extremely crispy chicken skin coated with lipsmackingly good, sweet (think thai chilli type of sweet) sauce. I went to heaven so many times; it was too good T_T!

I previously said that they have a lot of good deals right? Like if you write them a review on their hungrygowhere page, you can get 10% off for an entire lifetime? I was wrong. IT’S 15% OFF! We ate like pigs and the bill came up to less than $60 (including 2 drinks). This place is fast becoming one of my fave places to eat. Try it if you’re in the area k :D !

On a side note, thank you all SO much for the tremendous amount of support for Foundry & Co :’) !! If you’ve any feedback, we’d definitely love to hear it so feel free to drop any here on my formspring.

These are some of my favourites on site:

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On a side note, magic is happening on Nakedglory tomorrow at 1pm! A MASSIVE restock, 9 new Casio models including one with a tiny little heart on one of it’s watch hands. Super gorgeous I CAN’T EVEN aosidfjoasdi ! Sneak peeks:

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the Casio watches cause’ the sun was going down too fast T_T. Will put those up tomorrow morning! So keep those wrists bare and those eyes peeled! See you guys tomorrow at 1pm, only on:

I couldn’t finish the shooting the selling post cause there were just too many things but here are some more sneaks :




Cotton On / Gojane / Payless / Blogshops

Will try try try my best to finish shooting but there are just so many things T_T ! Text me at 96716946 if you see anything you like here ~

Drugstore, Forever21, ASOS at my doorstep over the last 2 days! I ordered my ASOS stuff 2 days ago and received them today. How in the world did they deliver it so fast!?! Every once in a while, they send my parcel via Royal Mail. I assume it’s cause I hit the next thousand dollar mark lol.

On that note, I have much too much too much clothing zzz. Selling post soon! Just some things that I’m selling :




Topshop / Zara / Nastygal / Cotton On / Karmaloop

Aiya okay lazy to go find stock pics already but you get the gist, yes? Stay tuned! Or if you’re a regular, you already know my number so text me if you want anything :D

Roadhouse American Diner
13 Dempsey Road #01-07
Tel: +65 6476 2922

Brunch with my siblings at Roadhouse. Pleasant weather and great company but sadly, extremely mediocre food. We had Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale, a Bacon Log (bacon on brioche slathered with maple syrup – with that combination of individually awesome ingredients you’d think it’d be good but meh), a breakfast platter, Fluffy Pancakes and Steak. 2 beers, a pot of tea and a fresh OJ later, we racked up a total of $170 for the bill.

Filling as it was, I really can’t say I was impressed or blown away. I did particularly like their pancakes though! True to their name, they really were ultra fluffy! Came with a little jug of maple syrup, a pat of whipped cream and topped with chopped bananas and nuts. Extremely filling. That said, it was the only item that stood out in the sea of mediocrity that was (basically) their entire brunch menu. Will not visit again.

On a side note, spruced up my layout! Figured that since this is basically my portfolio of sorts, I might as well make it more appealing lol.

Speaking of revamps, please check out Joyce’s (the owner of The Tinsel Rack) newly (and lovingly) updated layout HERE! A simple, clean layout with hidden yellow accents (hover over the menu links and over her logo!). A happy layout for a happy spirit like her. She really was a joy to work with – I literally got approval for the design within 10 minutes of meeting her HAHAHA!

Although I really must mention this – when I uploaded her custom template into her blog, I got a damn huge shock ! Check out the image below LOL

(Click on the picture for the larger version)!

At first I thought I’d made a mistake with the coding of the layout, then I realized .. that’s her ACTUAL amount of tags. HOW CAN SOMEBODY HAVE THIS MANY TAGS?!?! Seriously just sat there and laughed for like 3 minutes straight LOL WTF JOYCE?!?! This is approximately 300+ tags, and I couldn’t even fit all of these into ONE screenshot! I had to take 3 to get them all in HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay I shall stop before she stabs me lmao.

Watch out for a collaboration between Nakedglory and The Tinsel Rack sometime soon! There will be several pretty watches available for an upcoming giveaway so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, here’s a sneak peek of a few upcoming watches ..

It’s a good mix of old and new, so stay tuned! Hmkay back to freelance T_T, ttys!

PS – You can let me know what you think of the new layout on my formspring! Don’t forget to test out the links on the side – my favourite effect is when you click on the ‘tags’ link, a little slide out menu pops right out!


Behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot with Lydia and our awesome model, the lovely Lynn. She’s a real trooper, seriously! Almost 9 hours of shooting without a single complaint, how awesome is this girl? All while towering in spiked Alexander Mcqueen heels, no less. We shot then ate then shot and ate some more, moving from one location to the next. So very thankful for the ridiculously good weather. It was sunny, sometimes too much so, but generally windy and pleasant. We were really beyond lucky to have such great weather, especially now that storms are abundant. The shoot went fucking fabulously :D !!!

Being the weakling I am, the mild cough and raw throat I had before the shoot imploded and became a full blown fever and cough after. I was basically a twitching mess the whole of yesterday. Boyfriend fed me my meds, put me to sleep and later woke me up for homemade bak kut teh with his family. Suddenly so sweet leh, I’m abit scared LOL HE MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING BAD LOR TSK HAHAHA *psychotic girlfriend moment*

On a side note, see anything you like in the pictures? That reversible striped top is damn Zipia-esque, yes/no? And that clutch bag can be worn three ways; comes with a detachable pleather strap AND a detachable chain strap. Or just detach the strap for a classy clutch! LOL FUCK I AM SO EXCITEDDDD CAN’T WAIT TO LAUNCH! While we were shooting, we were approached by a lady who wanted to purchase the dresses on the spot. If that’s not encouragement, I really don’t know what is lol.

Hope y’all are having a less phelgm-filled Monday than I am! Ciao

Topshop / Forever21 / ASOS / UO / Bershka / Zara / Pull & Bear etc!

These are just partial sneaks, I still have one pile of dresses and another small pile of tops @_@. Have also yet to take pics of shoes and bags but I don’t think I can finish in time for tomorrow so I guess we’ll leave those for another time. As for bottoms, it’s damn mafan to take pics so I might just use stock pics for those. Stay tuned k, launching tmr night at 10.30pm (to be safe)

There are some pieces that I am actually kinda undecided on whether or not to keep @_@ ! I’ll decide again tomorrow perhaps. See y’all tomorrowwww imma get some shut eye KTHXBAI

Allocated 2 hours of my time today to take selling post pictures. But barely 1/8 through I just got fucking frustrated whenever I looked at the giant pile because it’s just such a huge amount of fucking clothes and I kept thinking FUCK THIS SHIT I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS I NEED TO DO MY FREELANCE and semi-panicking so fuck it I stopped halfway. Not even halfway la honestly ! Barely 1/4 through tops and there’s still a pile of dresses. I guess I’ll finish up when I’ve completed at least half my freenlance la I can’t fucking do this right now tsk!!

Every fucking part of my brain is just occupied by freelance issues, fuck man I can’t wait for bangkok in December. Really need a break ):<

But anyway left to right, row 1 then 2 then 3 :

1. Kitschen Knit Sweater in Rust + Black Huge Ass Clutch
2. Topshop Peplum in Green UK10 + Mock Croc Huge Ass Clutch
3. Brown Hugeass Clutch
4. Indiesin Gold Studded Collar Tank
5. F21 Floral Bustier Dress
6. Indiesin Silver Button-up Top
7. Newlook Equestrian Print Sheer Top in Maroon
8. Nastygal Half & Half Top
9. Zara Studded Shirt.

The Zara shirt is fucking nice pls ! The collar and cuffs are studded + the buttons are tiny little skulls! FUCKING NICE!

Aiya okay so those are the sneak peeks for now, will put up more once I’ve taken more pictures or when I’m a lot less cranky LOL.

Oh and this is the new Accessorize Bag from the last loot post! Super love itttt *swoons* ! Worn with Peplum Top & Panelled Knicker Shorts both from Topshop.

Fuckkk more work to do and tmr there are 40 parcels to be mailed gg balls good night ya’ll !

15 Minutes
Block D, Laselle College of the Arts
1 McNally Street Singapore 187940
Tel: 6333 5915

Finally got to meet Chingy after so long! Ordered the Wasabi Prawn Pizza but they forgot about our order so we cancelled it as it was taking too long, thus no chio photos of pizza T_T. Beef stew was as yummy as the last time I had it! The Chicken Parmigiana that David had was pretty tasty too. Not a fan of the dense breading but the meat was really tender. Love the ambience of the place though. It’s really an awesome place to chill and people-watch!

(Hover over the picture for the coloured version :D !)

Chingy gave us a mini tour and brought us to view some exhibited art work! The cute typography poster above was made by her, btw ;P ! Hover over the image to see the coloured version :D

You use the twigs provided to create words and tag them as #twigtype on instagram! Quite an interesting concept. We made the word ‘贱’ hurhurhur!

(Sorry for the gifs, they’re very big so please give it some time to load! I just thought adding moving images might give you a better idea of what I see through my lens from time to time ^^)

End result / our interpretation heh heh ;P ! Credit for this pic goes to David on instagram (@thelimitdoesnotexist)

Went sourcing after that and managed to get my hands on true vintage watches!!!! Wah super excited to show ya’ll so I just randomly snapped a few pics hehehehe see see see :

If you look closely at this one, you can see that it has a very subtle patterned background. FUCKING CHIO IN REAL LIFE I ALMOST DIED FROM OVEREXPOSURE TO INTENSE AWESOMENESS PLEASE AOISJDAOISDJAOISDj

And this is my favourite, which I am TOTALLY FUCKING KEEPING. Okay la I’m not sure yet, I’m still deciding between this and the patterned one above. They are both so prettyyyy T_T ! Did I also mention that they’re ALL fitted with leather straps? DEAD LOL

Oh and btw, Tiptopstyle is having a little promo now before their site revamp :

Click on the pic to be redirected :D

Okay that is all, more and more and more work to do oh my tiannnnn okay ttylll !

Saigon Sandwich

93 East Coast Road
Singapore, Singapore 428792

Tel: 6345 3849

Wasn’t bad, tried the Chicken Pho Noodles, Pork Chop Rice, Pork Meatball Sandwich, Beef Sandwich and Prawn Wraps. Noodles weren’t bad but they weren’t fantastic either so give that (and the bland Prawn Wraps) a miss! Pork chop with broken rice was meh, interesting but passable.

The sandwiches were pretty good though! I love their ultra crispy baguettes! Roast beef was so-so, but the pork meatball sandwich (it wasn’t really a meatball, more like a oddly shaped, slightly flattened sausage LOL) was pretty good! They stuff lotsa SUPER crisp vegetables in there (cucumbers, carrots etc) and when you bite down, the sweetness explodes in your mouth! Really good. Their Mango smoothie wasn’t bad either :D

Ask for their sweet chilli sauce! I broke off pieces of the baguette and dipped it in the sauce; damn nice combo T_T! In conclusion, I’d go back there again just for the Pork Meatball sandwich :D ! And since East Coast road houses a plethora of interesting food places, we went into Mooshi/Joojoo/Awfully chocolate on the walk back to our car !

Awfully chocolate, Mooshi bakes & Joo Joo
131 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428816

Lovely ambience and the bread smelled goooood !

Equestrian printed top from Cotton On !

My retarded siblings LOL. We look nothing like each other leh rofl damn weird

Butterscotch Milk. GOOD STUFF. Tastes like warm, liquid vanilla ice cream. Sounds gross but it goes down damn smooth. Be sure to order this!

Awfully Chocolate’s Super Stacked Chocolate cake + Hei ice cream. Two words. Chocolate overdose.

Mooshi Cream Puffs ! Didn’t get to try these cause we were too fucking full by then but I ate one the next day and it was mediocre. Probably would have been better if we had had it on the spot I guess!

The Really Big Breakfast ($22). DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN NICE!!!! Comes with super fluffy (slightly bland) scrambled eggs, bacon strips, toasted bread, mushrooms (yummy), grilled tomatos, pesto and (i think) some sorta delicious salsa paste thing. The scrambled eggs were a little bland but they were pretty damned fantastic when mixed with the pesto/salsa. This was seriously good. And enough for 2 people! Make sure to try this if you ever happen to be nearby :D

Ah okay that’s mostly all for food pics, sneak peeks of an upcoming selling post :